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OUFC Links, Partners, & Colleagues

Web address ON

Organization Ancient Forest

Exploration and Research Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Function Publications Ontario's Oldest

Native Trees, Modern and profit that Non Historic stats archives and clones ancient trees


Leslieville Tree Project Toronto Parks & Can Trees Forest Urban Stewardship Network coAlabama operative extension Colorado Tree Coalition

charitable resource to sustain foundation volunteer urban tree created by maintenance and Leaf care programs Identifying Hazardous Trees Conservati on Authority affiliate

U.S. U.S. ON

Conservation Ontario network Ontario gov't ON Borer Planning Act Emerald Emerald ask borer University- videos, info site Ontario articles, links Can/U.S. Eastern Developing



Watershed Protection & Watershed Reducing stormwater U.S. Forestry Resource Forestry runoff, Forest friendly Guide development Service

Model Forest Network

charitable Sustainable Forests Centre for foundation and Communities

Pacific Southwest Research U.S. Research Station Therapeutic Landscapes The International Networkof Society Arboriculture ON Ontario Jane Goodall's Can. Roots and Shoots.

OUFC Links, Partners, & Colleagues

Conservati on Landowner Authority Extension Notes Resource Centre affiliate (Forestry) gov't USDA Forest organizatio Maintenance of Service Established Guide to n gov't A technical Trees USDA Forest organizatio Urban and Service n Community Forestry gov't USDA Forest organizatio Values of Urban newsletter, Service Trees North American information sheets, Native Plant Society registered reference book list charity etc. resources & tools to support landowners with stewardship


Int'l ON ON ON

Ontario Municipal Board Ontario WoodlotOntario Stewardship A Forest Services Directory for Landowners National Association of Network of Ontario

U.S. State Foresters Stewardship ON ON Wide array of downloadable guides charitable Tree facts, planting foundation tips

Trees Ontario The Urban Natural Resources U.S. Institute (UNRI) UK Woodland UK Trust Local Enhancement & Appreciation of ON Forests Alabama co operative U.S. ds/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=182 extension

charitable Policy brief- greening foundation the concrete jungle Not for profit org school curriculum resources, Preserving Old Heritage Trees: Is It Worth Our Time and Action?

OUFC Links, Partners, & Colleagues

Toronto policy to Increase shade in Toronto contributes Toronto Shade to a healthier and Guidelines & more sustainable ON City. Policy City of Dedicated to restoring natural habitat in the Rouge 10,000 Trees for Not for ON the Rouge profit org Valley ON UK Regulator Ontario of Professional Profession Links to Forest Mgmt. Foresters al forestry & Conservation Docs ON Association Industry & Sites Links to Forest Mgmt. Advocacy & Conservation Docs group for & Sites including http://www.tcfCanadian Compendium of Best Canadian Urban Urban Management Can. s.php?lang=en&page=home Forest Network Forestry Practices. includes Tool for Natural Resources gov't evaluating pros & Canada - Canada organizatio cons of treating ash Can. apm/index.php?lang=e Forest Service n trees vs. removal