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Worship Rotas Sunday 15th January

10.30 am Readers: Intercessor: Welcome/Coffee: Counting: Morning Prayer & Baptism. Ann Preston. Dawn Gilkes. Ann Bucktrout, Christine Steels, Janet Robinson, Judith Townend. Sally Dinsdale, Deb Atkinson, Gerry Newton.

Vicar: Revd. Don Gilkes 01924 893100 07821 325350

Sunday 8th January 2012

Sundays Service: Epiphany
10.00 am 10.30 am Readings: Prayer. Communion. Ephesians 3: 1-12 (p1174) Matthew 2: 1-12 (p966) Readers: Dawn Gilkes, Ron Young. Intercessor: Elaine Wells.

TLG Centre Manager: Gavin Budby 01924 220868 07969 089959 Community Development officer: Jenny Farrall-Bird 01924 892410 07872 551640

Wednesday 18th January

10.00 am Reader: BCP Communion. Mrs J Clarkson.

Tues Wed

7.00 pm

Weekly Action

The Aftershock in Parish Rooms Traditional Communion in church Mums, Dads and Tots in Parish Rooms Rock Solid High in Parish Rooms Rock Solid Junior in Parish Rooms Youthy in Well@Woodhouse 0-2 years under the East Window

Churchwardens: Phil Atkinson John Dracup

01924 223507 07753 987668

10.00 am 1.00 pm 6.00 pm

Church Office
Admin: Barbara Teece 01924 220868 Open weekdays 9.00am-3.00pm except Wednesday from 10.00am Call to book Parish rooms Baptism and Weddings Tuesday 7.00-8.00pm Parish Rooms Registered Charity No 1135324

Wednesdays Service: Epiphany 1

10.00 am Readings: BCP Communion. Romans 12: 1-5 (p1139). Luke 2:41-52 (p1029) Mr J Brennan.

Thurs 4.00 pm 7.30 pm Every Sunday

Sunday Morning Kids Groups


Every Sunday except the 3rd 3-5 years in Side Chapel Every Sunday except the 1st 6-11 years in Parish Rooms

Creator of the heavens, who led the Magi by a star to worship the Christ-child: guide and sustain us, that we may find our journeys end in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Christmas Card Thank you to everybody who contributed to the collection for Wakefield Hospice, we raised 114.40. Well Wishers We have had a very positive response to Well wishers please keep your pledges coming in. We launched our Well Wishers charitable giving in Church for the Well. On the welcome desk there is further information. Church Walking Group Our next Saturday walk is on 14th January, we have not decided on our route yet but it may be in Wharfedale. We will meet as usual at the Parish Church Rooms, leaving at 9.00 am. Our next Monday afternoon walk is on the 16th January and we will be walking near Methley Lanes, we meet at the Parish Church Rooms at 1.00 pm. Please let John and Kate know if you are coming on either of these walks (tel: 223893). Our next Health Walk is on Friday 13th January at 10.15 am from The Well.

Women on Wednesday 2012 programmes are on the welcome desk. Please come along and have some social time with other women. If you want to know more speak to Anne or Pat. Ilwana Project Dear All, this is a quick update from the Ilwana Project: The Lord God, whom we all pray to, has given us an early Christmas present. After four years of waiting, we have this day got an allotment letter from the government of Kenya for the Morokani School plot. From January 2012, we plan to start mobilizing building materials and to start actual construction work on this property. Thank you all for praying with us through this issue and for being patient with us when nothing seemed to have been happening. May the Lord bless you and Merry Christmas - Njagi. Dear All, I cant say how excited I am to hear this! We have prayed and even fasted for many days for God to open the door which was tightly shut. I praise God that he has finally done it. Praise be to his name. Getting this allotment letter before the pending land reforms in January is a pure miracle. As I had already made some of you aware, I am well informed that it is going to become harder to get such a letter from January as the new land commission begins to take shape. Thank you all for praying and having faith in God that thou it tarries, one day it will come. Till the Ilwana people know Him - Peter Muguti.


Peace in our world

Christingle Service We raised 900.57 for the Childrens Society. Thank you to everyone who helped to make the two services such a success. Food Cupboard Thank you to everyone for all your support and donations. We were able to make some wonderful Christmas food parcels. Christmas Cards We have had some boxes of Christmas Cards donated, they are on the bookshelves and available for anyone to take, please leave a donation in the money box next to them.