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Half-blind Horoscope

Pt Bhooshan Priya

Half-blind horoscope, is yet another of the Lal Kitab concepts. I am not quite happy with the word half-blind. It is a loose translation of the Hindi word Ratandhra which means one who can not see at night. In the North-west India the word for ratandhra is nheorata. In the Lal Kitab the reference to this half blind horoscope occurs thrice.

[ 1 ] Farman 14 : teve ki kismein

{ page 226 line # 2 urdu ed 1952}

saat shani ho sooraj chauthe, aadha andha nheorata ho

[ 2 ] There is again a reference to it in the section on Sun in the 4th house:

{ page 324 line # 8 urdu ed 1952 }

mand papi aulad ho mandi, nheorata shani ghar saat ka ho

[ 3 ] A foot note # 14 on the section for Saturn in the 7th house

[ page 620 urdu ed 1952]

hijara nikamma aadmi- nheorate wala teva

{ aise teve mein raat ke waqt grah kaam nahi karte } - sooraj # 4

Now how does a Saturn placed in the 7th house effect a Sun placed in the 4th house ? Saturn in the 7th house is considered as exalted { LK concept}. In Vedic astrology the Saturn in the 7th becomes digbali {directional strength }. Saturn becomes all the more powerful at night because of kaal bal [ time strength].

Now such a strong Saturn from the 7th has its 10th aspect on the Sun in the 4th {vedic astrology aspect }.

Thus an aspect of the Saturn on the 4th house [ domestic peace & comforts ] will have adverse effects on the significations of the 4th house. The aspect of the Saturn on the Sun [ soul ], its enemy, will destroy the significations of the Sun. The same aspect of the Saturn on the 4th house , a house of the moon [ peace of the mind ], will weaken the moon. Sun placed in the 4th has an aspect on the 10th house, this aspect could also adversely affect the profession.

Summarising : this combination would adversely affect the significations of the 4th house, of the sun, of the moon , and even of the 10th house to some extant.

Now why the term andharata or ratandhra or getting blind at night has been used for such an horoscope?

Saturn is the karak of vision, sight, nazar. Sun and the Moon are the karak of the eye balls. The Sun represents light, the moon the light at night. The 4th house is the mid-night. When the Saturn over shadows these two it would adversely affect the vision, nazar. Here the words vision and nazar are symbolic, it means perception, ability to think clearly In this way, not only the peace and comfort of the home will be jeopardized, even the perception could be warped. A person with a half blind horoscope will not be able to take a right decision specially during the night.

The result of this combination :

A person with this combination should not start any new project or venture at night. He should not make plans for any new project at night. Such projects might run into difficulties and may not be successful.

Therefore a senior executive of a firm, with a half blind horoscope, should never have business meetings at the dinner time. Such an executive should always avoid any decision taking at night.

Upaya :

In this situation the Sun is already well placed in the 4th house and will not need any upaya. It is the Saturn in the 7th for which an upaya will have to be done.

The upaya for the Saturn in the 7th and their logic has already been discussed in the group and can be read from the archives.

Bhooshan Priya