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GeoVision Product Overview

with new GV IP Solution

Products Overview
GeoVision DVR GeoVision IP Camera GeoVision NVR

Video Analytics
Advanced Video Analytics Standard Video Analytics

General Setting GeoVision Solutions

Central Monitoring Solution POS Integration License Plate Recognition Integration Access Control Integration

The GeoVision DVR System

GV- HotSwap Series DVR
GeoVision Software Ready D1/2CIF/CIF Resolution 30 FPS 16/8 Channels H264/MPEG4/MPEG4 ASP Raid Capability (Optional) Redundant Power (Optional) Data storage: 6 TB (Optional)

GV- Mini Series DVR

GeoVision Software Ready D1/2CIF/CIF Resolution 30 FPS 16/8 Channels H264/MPEG4/MPEG4 ASP Embedded HotSwap Bay Embedded IR Controller Receiver Data storage: 2.25 TB (Optional)

GV- Mini Series DVR

GeoVision Software Ready 60 % smaller than 4U server D1/2CIF/CIF Resolution 30 FPS 16/8 Channels H264/MPEG4/MPEG4 ASP External HotSwap Case Included Data storage: 750 GB (Optional)

GeoVision IP Camera
Support 1.3 Mega-pixel CCD Support progressive scan Video CompressionMPEG-4 / JPEG Video Streaming Dual stream Single stream Selectable Frame Rate : MPEG-4 30fps@VGA ; JPEG 15fps@1280x960 Support : Two way Audio and one I/O Integrate with DVRNVRControl Center and Center V2 Supporting PIP view on Web Interface


Pure IP solution without GV HW Support up to 16 IP cameras Same capability as V8.2 Hybrid software Support GV IP Camera, GV Video Server, and 3rd party IP cameras from Sony, Panasonic, AXIS, JVC, IQEye, and Mobotix

GeoVision Video Analytics

Panorama View Defogger Stabilizer Picture in Picture Picture n Picture
Privacy Mask Object Detection Face Detection Scene Change Detection Intruder Detection Object Counting

Visual Automation
E-Map Monitoring

Advanced Motion Detection

Panorama View

New in V8.2/NVR Stitch multiple cameras together Vertical/Horizontal stitch Stitch up to 16 cameras Panorama View in Viewlog

Video Stabilizer

New in V8.2/NVR Reduce camera shake Video Stabilization during playback

Defogging Live Video

New in V8.2/NVR Enhance visibility of the video Available in Viewlog

Picture-in-Picture View

Sub screen

Taking full advantage by integrating with mega pixel camera Zoom to the specific area Available in viewlog Available in Webcam New in V8.2/NVR

Picture-and-Picture View

Taking full advantage by integrating with mega pixel camera Up to 7 split video sub screen Available in Viewlog
Available in Webca

New in V8.2/NVR

Visual Automation


Control the output device by clicking on the screen Automate any electronic device by triggering the connected output Remotely trigger the output device on the internet

Object Detection Unattended Object Detection

Missing Object Detection


Scene Change Detection

Scene Change Detection

Focus Change Detection


Intruder Detection

When someone walks from zone 1 to zone 2, alarm will be triggered. Two-way alarm User-defined regions. Two intruder alert mode New!

Object Counting

Calculate the incoming/outgoing customers. One way counting V.S. Two way counting

Privacy Detection
To better protect customers confidentiality.

ATM Keypad

Access Keypad

Private House

Multi-Sensitivity Detection
Smart Surveillance of Wide Area with Multi-Level of Sensitivity

5 Different Sensitivity Level For Different Camera!

E-Map Monitoring

Create, edit and view E-Map without GV-System Remote view E-Map from IE

Face Detection
Face Index Capture all customers faces at the counter Differentiate people from objects when motion is detected Easy playback by faces index


General Settings
Geo Codec New System Configuration Settings More Recording Options Alarm Triggering Password Setup Options System Idle Protection Keylock Mode VS Windows Mode Remote View

Geo Compression Codec

Small is definitely better!

Geo H.264

Utilize resource of multi-core CPU 3 Times smaller than Geo MPEG 4

Geo H.264 V2

Utilize resource of multi-core CPU ~30% more compressed than Geo H.264

Day & Night Recording

Customized motion sensitivity level Customized frame rate Customized recording quality
New in V8.2/NVR

Data Storage Setting

Dedicated HDD for specific camera(s) Increase performance for network storage New in V8.2/NVR

Video Noise Solutions

Reduce false alarm Reduce video storage which is triggered by noise Two types
Noise Tolerance Noise Detection

New in V8.2/NVR

Customized Frame Rate

Customize frame rate for different camera Customize frame rate with motion and without motion More Benefits
Save harddisk Reduce CPU usage

Various Alerts Notification/Events

Send Alert Approach

E-Mail Hotline SMS

Various Alert Events

Multiple Alert Events
Video Lost Record Error Disk Full I/O Error Intruder Event Missing Object Unattended Object POS Loss Prevention Scene Change

System Idle Protection

The More Secured Surveillance System

Protect the system Auto logout when idle for certain time Auto switch account Auto start monitoring

Keylock Mode Option

GeoVision Keylock mode ensures maximum security Prevent users from accessing file system Dedicated security system

Remote Multiview (Webcam)

Internet IE

Customize multiview with cameras from different hosts. Two-way audio Record to local drive

Webcam New Features

User friendly controller Customized FPS Bandwidth meter PIP/PNP Components/ Codec page for download

Webcam New Features Cont.

System Log on Web Easy query for the event User friendly playback

GeoVision Solutions
Central Monitoring Solution POS Integration Solution License Plate Recognition Integration Access Control Integration Solution

Central Monitoring Solution

Dispatch Server Group Center V2 Server Group

Offline for Maintenance

DVRs 30FPS @ D1 on All Channels

VSM Server Group

Center V2 Servers
Support to 800 live channels from 500 DVRs Storing redundant video clips on demand at the Center V2 Server Remote control of PTZ Camera and I/O devices Live 2 way audio Live log all the events and store them in the database Alarm report that links with video event Instant playback of the video Perfect for the security operator in central room!

Center V2 New Features

Support video server, GVIP Camera, and AXIS IP Camera Direct video log burning Support simultaneous playback of multiple clips One DVR to Two Center V2

VSM Servers
Instant text-based log (no video) Require low network bandwidth Support alarm/event report Respond to event alerts of Video Lost Motion Detection I/O Module Lost I/O Triggered POS Loss Prevention Connection Lost System Abnormality Intruder Missing/Unattended Object Disk Full Notification options E-mail SMS text message Perfect for the system administrator!

Control Center Servers

Digital Matrix View to view up to 384 cameras at one time on 4 monitors (Standard) Remote DVR connection to offer remote modification of DVR features, camera settings, and DVR system configurations Remote Desktop allows you to take full control of the DVR Remote Play Back of recorded videos PTZ Control Perfect for IT Personnel to troubleshoot on the DVRs.

Control Center Digital Matrix

Each monitor can show up to 96 channels by your own selection

16 channels

8 different layouts

52 channels

64 channels

Control Center New Features

Support IP devices including GV IP camera, video server and many 3rd party IP cameras Support GV Joystick for PTZ control IP matrix allows the operator to watch up to 36 matrix in 9 client computers. (3840 cameras) VDM monitoring notifies the operator when the motion is trigger

IP Matrix

CMS Diagram
Dispatch Server Group Center V2 Server Group

Offline for Maintenance

DVRs 30FPS @ D1 on All Channels

VSM Server Group

POS Market Research

Security report shows

Sources of Inventory Shrinkage

U.S. Retailers Loss 31.3 Billion Annually for the Inventory Shrinkage


POS Integration Solution

Retail Industry
POS transaction monitoring Abnormal events notification End-users
Albertsons (Nationwide)

Banking Industry
ATM transaction monitoring Teller window transactions monitoring End-users
Bank of France (France)

Industry Solutions
Text overlay on camera Transaction monitoring over the web Easy video playback with transaction Detect abnormal activities and trigger alarm Support up to 16 POS per DVR Integrate with Central Monitoring Solution

POS Live View Window

Other than POS text overlay on video screen, GV system allows users to have a separate window to view all POS transaction text. Users can have clear video image and each POS transaction data.

Separate live view box for authorized persons only.

Text Transaction Search

Two Easy Ways of Search Advance Search Users are able to view all POS transaction event, or POS Field Filter Users are able to search specific transaction data by using: Keyword, e.g. Coke, Juice... Event Type, Start / Stop / Void Transaction; Cash Drawer Open; Filter 1 15 (by user defined) Time

POS-DVR Structure

License Plate Recognition Integration

Key Features
< 0.2 second recognition speed Supports up to 8 I/O Trigger or 4 Motion Detection lanes Up to D1 resolution to provide higher accuracy Integrates with GV-DVR to retrieve video footage by license plate number

Key Features Cont.

Vehicle Counter feature tracks traffic flow or number of vehicles remaining in parking lots PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature provides the last recognized image and camera overview to focus on the driver Quick playback and advance search for license plate Digital Watermark technology applied to verify authenticity of video clips

User Interface Overview

Recognition Image Recognition PIP Window

Camera Caption

Recognition Result & Registered Image

Recognition Records

Control Panel

Database Management

System Integration
GV-LPR System provides multiple I/O points for connection to devices such as gate controller, infrared detector, loop detection system, or alarms By exporting the database, LPR can be seamlessly integrated to systems such as GV-DVR or ticketing system

Integration Diagram

Single lane non-pc LPR solution Wide working temp range (-20 ~ 70 C) Web interface setup Recognition triggered by motion or I/O device Working with LPR center for license plate central monitoring

GV-LPR Center

Receive the recognition result from GV-DSP LPR and GV-LPR Support up to 1,000 lanes for LPR

Access Control Solution

Access Control Integration
Seamless integration with GeoVision DVR Search video by events Remote access monitoring Access report creation Access Control HW AS200 Access Control SW ASServer ASClient ASWeb

AS200 Key Features

Support 4 doors via Wiegand and 8 doors via RS485 Configured by ASServer via TCP/IP or RS485 Optional backup battery (6 hr max) Support 4 inputs and 3 outputs Inputs: sensor, button, fire, force Outputs: door, alarm, urgent Support Hitachi Finger Vein Technology GV-Reader supports both Wiegand AND RS485

ASServer Key Features

Integration with DVR, and video server Live video monitoring, alarm monitoring, and event monitoring Remote monitoring via the client software of ASClient Remote report access via ASWeb on IE Support event notification alert via Email/SMS Support anti-passback Support Two-Men Rule Customized access schedule for different access group Four ways of authentication Release mode, card mode, card or password mode, card and PIN mode


GeoVision Access Control System

DVR Integration

Wiegand (GV-Reader) RS485 (AS200)

RS485 or TCP/IP TCP/IP (ASServer)



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