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Task 1 aspects of teen horror Scream I am looking at a film called scream which was made in 1996 and directed

by Wes craven. The creator/writer and screenplay was created by Kevin Williamson and the producer was bob Weinstein. The production company were well known names such as dimension films as well. The film was made in the America and they shot all around America such as Santa Rosa and California. Some of the reason why this film was such a great hit was because there were well known characters in the movie therefore if there were any fans out there they would want to see the film. On opening weekend they made $6,354,586 just in USA. This was good from the budget they had which was $15,000,000 but worldwide they made a huge profit and the gross was $161,600,000. It is the first type of movie of its kind where it s a slasher but also psychological as well and it also keeps going back to its self in representation in the other screams. Also what this film does which is clever is that it looks at horror movies and discuss how horror movies are portrayed which is ironic because they are in a horror film.

This analysis will inform me of my own production because it gives me an idea of what to include and what makes a good horror film. Such as if there are intense scenes, how to act them out and bring the true horror to the movie. I feel just like this film it would be for an older genre of people who are say between 16- 21 with more horror and intense in it with teen characters. The reason for this is because if it were for a younger audience then you couldn t have the movie too scary and if the audience were older then they might not

adapt to the characters and feel bonded to them because they are younger. I feel that to make a good horror movie with the right audience you need to have the characters in the movie around the same age as the audience so that the audience can connect with the characters. Just like this film the students are in collage/ university and the audience for this film is around that era. Also I feel that another way that they meet their target audience and genre which I could put into consideration is that they look back on other horror films of their age genre such as when they talk about Friday the 13th or a nightmare on elm street, both of these movies are in a way based around the same sort of thing as well which is a slasher movie. Furthermore another clever way that the film targets there audience is that they use comical things in the background which might only appeal to an older audience such as music in the background or TV on about someone dying which would be ironic because they were about to die.

Dead silence I am looking at a film called dead silence, it was made in 2007 and was directed by James wan. The people who created the film were Leigh Whannell (screenplay) and James Wan (story). To create this film they had help by quite a few production companies, yet again these were quite famous just like scream, these were universal pictures, twisted pictures etc. throughout the process of making this film they created different parts in different locations these were places such as Ontario and Canada. For the film the crew had a budget whi9ch was $20,000,000 and straight away within opening weekend they made $7,842,725 just in USA, but finally when they premiered it worldwide they made $22,217,407 so a profit of over $2,000,000 which was good. The reason why this film did so good was because it was just like the old puppet horror movies but newer, more up to date and more psychological than any other puppet horror film. Some of the reason why they did so good again just like scream is because they used well-known actors in the film and also how the portrayed the film to bring the audience in more such as advertisements , posters , books which all built up to the film. Just like I said before this will give me an idea of what to include and what not to include making a good horror movie. It will show me what people like to watch if it is in fact about a puppet or if it is actually just the pure horror of a woman back from the dead and her soul seeking revenge. The age range for this film was a 15 and I think that it was a sort of right age rating because of the slightly less killing in it, it was rather a mystery and thriller but the bad thing is that when I watched it the characters didn t really relate to me as they were adults in their 20-30s therefore there was a sense of distance between the movie audience and the characters. So this is what I

would have to keep into consideration when creating my movie. Another thing that I think I could consider which I think worked well but also was very disturbing and psychological which gave the film more mystery was the fact of the puppets/ ventriloquist dolls and the dark story behind them, this I could use in my film because it would give the audience a sense of why something has happened to know how gruesome it was.

A nightmare on elm street The third movie I am looking at is called A nightmare on Elm Street. It was created in 1984 and was directed by Wes Craven who also created the film. As this film was out a long time ago there weren t as many big names backing up the film as the production company but still a few big names which were just really starting out such as new line cinema and media home entertainment. Thought-out making this film different parts were shot around USA such as Hollywood, Los Angeles and California. There was a very small budget for the film which was $1,800,000 but this amount nearly caught up with them on the opening weekend which was $1,271,000 and when it was premiered worldwide it made a massive budget and the gross was $25,504,513. The reason it was such a high budget was because it was really one of the first slasher movies out because before you had story tales as horrors like Dracula or Frankenstein but this film was just about a man killing people in their sleep, and that was another reason it did so well, it was one of the first psychological movies of its kind as well as it was all to do about the mind and the mystery of why Freddie Kruger is killing in people s dreams. Another thing which made this a great film at the time it was made was the special effects, yes it looks rubbish now but when it first came out they were amazing and hardly never done before. This was the movie which basically created slasher movies in colour, psychological and special effects all included. I think that I could use so much information from this film to put into my movie because really the film had no ulterior motive persay . Well you don t find it out until a few movies after. But it has shown me that it needs to be new as people always want to find the new thing out. So I guess in my movie I could add references to slasher

movies like if someone were to just go around and kill lots of people. The target audience for this film was an 18 and I think that s it suited the film well as there were a lot of killing in the film with blood going everywhere. Also I think this wold appeal to the right audience as yet again just like scream it had high school teens in round about 18 years old and by using the age range of the charters to audience there was a connection. So that was another thing to think about when creating my movie which was to try and relate to the audience.

House of 1000 corpses

The forth film that I am looking at is called house of 1000 corpses. It was mad in in 2003 and was written and directed by rob zombie. To make this film just like the last films they had some well-known production names including universal pictures. The film was made in the USA and was mostly filmed at universal studios. The film also had quite a low budget of $7,000,000 but nearly met that with the opening weekend making $3,460,666 but finally made a profit when they premiered the film worldwide and made $16,829,545. Some of the reason I think why this film did so good was because of the actors in the film and also the director as rob is known for his gruesome horror messed up in the head type of gore and this is exactly what he brought to the film as not only is it intense and in the horror genre but it also get very confusing and just plain messed up right near the end, and for no reason. So this brought a new type of horror instead of slasher movies but instead well not even psychological it was more of the fact it was just plain gruesome. when I look at my own work I think I could take some of robs ideas and use them in my movie and see what works and what doesn t as right near the end he has disfigured monsters and character which really are disturbing but at the same time lots of people like that stuff so I could add in some disturbing scenes as well to create the ultimate horror movie. The age rating for this movie is and 18 and it fits it perfectly because of all the gore and all the things to get your head around. But also because of the characters and the audience which are both around 18 -30 and most of the characters were well known and around the same age as the audience this gives the effect that the audience are more involved with the movie and therefore

closer to the characters . I think that I could use this understanding and put it to good use within my movie. Yet I could also use the fact that it is just plain weird and that for no reason they have weird creatures makes the film that bit scarier and this is what I could use to put my views on edge.

The unborn The final film that I am looking at is called the unborn it was created in 2009 and was written and directed by David s. Goyer. As this was a new film out and they had a good budget they were able to get well known production companies such as rouge pictures and phantom four. The budget for this movie was $16,000,000 and within the opening weekend they made over the original budget making $19,810, 585 but worldwide made a massive $42,638,165. The reason I think it made this much was because of the whole movie itself, it had a good storyline, horror included. A thriller because you don t know why , a scary strange boy who is disturbing / disturbed, really all the things you need to make a good horror film. From this film there is a child who acts very strange and talks about the baby talking to him, he acts disturbing and to some people, frightening. This makes part of the movie scary because even though through some of the movie you can t see what the child is talking about the unborn you can still sense that it s there from the little boy. This is good way to portray horror because people say that children can sense danger and sometimes people say children see ghosts and because the only other person is a woman in the movie with the child she begins to think something is wrong and fears for her life. This brings a message to us all and makes us wonder if children can sense danger and see ghosts etc. also this film is good as it shows possession and how it is portrayed is very clever. Also using the special effects can make the film even better, this is one idea that I could take to use because it I can see that people like this sort of thing and also the sense of ghosts in horror are very popular and

are a good type of horror to go into when creating a movie because the truth is no one knows if ghosts exist and this makes us think that it could happen making us feel uncomfortable and frightened. The film is a 15 and I think is a good range because it shown character of all ages from a little child to a 20 year old woman in it and its these age differences that have a big impact on the story and how scary the film will be so this I could take into consideration using teens and also maybe little children to give it a spooky eerie sort of scene.

Task 2 representation The representation of women teen horrors. Now a days more and more horror movies are coming out and they normally, depending on the age rating have teen characters in the film such as for example in scream , a bunch of high school teens that all get killed or in jeepers creepers when they have high school teens who have to fend for their lives. The reason why this is coming more popular is because most of the horrors that come out now more teens aged 16-25 are interested in this type of genre compare to older people who like films about law and children which Disney, of course this could be very stereotypical but in some sense its true and the creators know this so they true to have teen characters so that the audience can relate to them and feel more involved within the movie.

Typically in most horror movies there is always a damsel in distress if you like who runs away from the killer and is the last girl standing usually this appears in slasher movies when everyone is dead but there is one woman lefty standing, examples of this could be house of 1000 corpse s where one girl is left running for her life. But this character of the last girl standing can be very easily mistaken for the helpless victim as the helpless victim would be the character that does nothing and knows she is going to die and doesn t try to stop it , she basically gets caught up in it all but whereas the final girl is the last person let who keeps fighting such as the film Nightmare on elm street where everyone dies except the final girl who goes to fight Freddie to try and kill him.

This all could be classed as very stereotypical because it s always that same as last women standing etc. But in some films there is the last woman standing but who takes on a different role at the same time just like in I spit on your grave the women comes back final girl and kills all the men in the film. This could give a different look into the representation of the women in the film because normally they are the helpless victim but this time she takes revenge and the role of killer and final person is switched. Many people say that you always need for a good horror to have a final girl in it and in some respect I think you do as it gives us a sense that will the last person survive and if so what happens next and is a perfect way to end on a cliff hanger. With the films that I have seen that have a helpless victim and a final girl they have all worked well and I think it is a good thing to have in a horror movie. I think that it would be good in my own horror movie to have one to build dramatic affect to think what will happen next.