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SIM905 Senior Consultant

QA Manager Program Management Senior Project Manager Business Process Redesign Change Management Software Development Assessment/Implemen tation Migrations Team Leadership Technical Architecture Package Selection/Vendor Management

Experience Summary
Sophisticated, results-driven information systems professional with a demonstrated ability to successfully lead business or technical initiatives with demonstrated experience in program management, senior consultant, project management, ITIL, ITSM, Change Management, Software Configuration Management, Release Management, Enterprise Solutions with BMC and HP, SME in key areas leadership, and infrastructure management covering full life-cycle application development & integration, strategy & IT architecture implementations/roll-outs. Accustomed to large, complex initiatives ranging in budget/resources from $1 million/5 - 7 resources to approximately $32 million/100 resources to the implementation of IT projects. Has a proven track record of using varied technologies enabling clients to achieve their overall strategic and tactical goals. Ensures strategic alignment of information resources with business priorities and comprehensive assessment and management of project scope, risks, communications, and requirements for the enterprise portfolio of projects. Focus on effective business and technical leadership, facilitating consensus and understanding the business needs, as well as, an ability to work with executive leadership and line management has complimented his development and implementation of solutions. Strong ability to provide leadership and build effective, high-energy teams has supported him in developing workable solutions for clients as well as coaching and mentoring team members under his direction.

ITIL V2 and V3 CobiT Agile CMMi IEEE ISO 20,000 Software Development Life Cycle Microsoft Project NIKU (Project Workbench) BMC ITSM Remedy IBM Rational Enterprise Tools HP Service Manager HP PPM HP Demand Management WebSphere Java .Net

Skills Inventory
Program Management/Project Management
Program Planning ERP Oracle E-Business and SAP Implementation and Health Checks IBM Rational Implementation Evaluation of BMC, IBM and HP products in the industry Strategy Planning & Development (tactical and strategic) Project Planning & Development Risk Management Executive Health Checks Assessments Gap Analysis - Implementation Communication Management Scope Development and Management Resource Management ITIL Service Strategy Implementation and Deployment Industry Standard Tools Mergers and Acquisitions Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Industry Application

Analysis/Design Skills
Rapid Application Development (RAD)

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Banking IBM Cap Gemini Insurance Manufacturing Government DoD (Navy, USAF) Software and Hardware Companies Telecommunications Health Care Energy Companies Joint Application Design (JAD) Technical and Business Use Cases Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

BA, George Mason

Additional Training
PMI - PMP Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) CobiT Controls Leadership/Management ITIL V2 and V3 ITSM Remedy IBM Enterprise Suite Tools CMMi

Chronological Summary of Experience

Functional Areas
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ERP Implementation Change Management Quality Assurance (QA) Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Policies and Procedures Development Business Development Contract Negotiations Sarbanes-Oxley CMMi Assessment and Implementation ITIL Assessments and Implementation Configuration Management (CM) BMC ITSM Remedy Implementation E-Commerce (B2B and Supply Chain) Personnel Management (Coaching, Mentoring, & Guidance) Strategic Planning Vendor Management Process Improvement

Software Process, Inc. (08/1999 - Present) Owner/Principal Consultant Atlanta, GA

Software Process, Inc. is a Southeast based consulting firm specializing in ITIL, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Software Configuration Management with focus in developing key processes and implementing enterprise tools with focus in Service Level Management, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Continual Service Improvement which includes Customer Relationship Managements (CRM), Project Management, and review of IT systems for business cohesion. Below are all of the clients serviced by Suzanne Simpson over the last 10 years.

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

BMC Software Houston, TX Principal Consultant Wrapped up on February 15th 2009 BMC Software, Inc. is 1.9 Billion dollar company with focus in developing the leading ITIL Tools in the industry such as ITSM Remedy and other BMC Productions in the market. The scope of this engagement was to meet with the Service Level Management Team and CIO to develop an Actionable Service Catalog to align business services and IT Services and track the cost of IT Services for both the CIO and PMO.

Met with Key stakeholders throughout the Globe via interviews and remote conference calls to obtain requirements to develop ITIL V3 capacity management processes and other ITSM key processes. Met with CIO to obtain his Vision and Goals of ITIL V3 Actionable Service Catalog and documented these conversations into detailed Service Catalog Requirements. Developed a detailed ITIL V3 Road Map Document and Strategy to support Capacity, Availability, Performance based on interviews with key business units. Responsible for interviewing and assessing the offshore model for Service Desk Support and Incident Management. Met with the CIO to provide weekly progress updates on identifying the requirements to develop a costing model. Met daily with the Service Level Management team to provide leadership, mentoring, assistance to team members in regards to ITIL V3 key processes in the area of Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Capacity Management, Performance Management, SLAs, Business IT Continuity. Developed comprehensive blueprint detailing the decomposition of the Business Services and IT Services throughout BMC Met with PMO to obtain requirements to customize ITSM Remedy 7.5 to track the cost of each IT Service against each of the business services worldwide/business units The goal of this initiative was reduce overall cost of IT Services and improve overall quality. Mentored the Service Level Manager and provided my expertise in the area of Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Asset Management Provided guidance in the area of the integration of ITSM Remedy, SRM, Configuration Management, CMDB, Incident Management, Change Management, and Problem Management. Provided guidance and examples in the area of developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics to start collection of these in the area of Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Asset Management.

SunTrust Bank Atlanta, GA Principal Consultant The goal of this engagement was to develop an overall Environment Management Road Map to identify pain points and recommendations with a focus in Quick Wins 30 Days, 60 Days and 90 Days phased approach. This engagement was 4month contract and sponsored by both EDS and E-Commerce. Reported directly to E-Commerce Executive VP and Work Stream VP
Met with stakeholders throughout both EDS and E-Commerce with specific questions identifying gaps in the current process and procedures across Environment Management. Liaison between EDS and E-Commerce in driving functional and technical questions and obtaining agreement on Environment Management. Provided recommendations to the offshore team in regards to managing the builds, configuration managing and coordinating work efforts in parallel based on the time difference. Developed key roles/responsibility documents details roles and SLAs for offshore and US support. Met with sponsors to obtain their Vision and Objective of the Assessment. Documented their Vision and Goals, which were captured and documented within Vision document. Developed a detailed Road Map for executive management and obtained approval to implement the recommendations Updated Build Management and Configuration Management Policies and Procedures Developed a BEA Plum tree Process and Procedures Guide for offshore support Developed a requirements specification document specially focusing on Lab Manager and VMware Participated in weekly meetings with the Proof of Concept Lab Manager product Participated and provided expertise in the risk and subject matter background with weekly deployment meetings.

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) ECSS Program Oracle E-Business Implementation Dayton, OH ECSS Program was awarded to CSC to Implement Oracle E-Business for the United States Air Force (USAF) for Supply Chain and P2P.
Served as liaison between the functional and technical teams in driving requirements in workshops and building partnership upon CSC, USAF and outside vendors. Responsible for working with the blueprinting team in integrating financial and logistical requirements based on Supply Chain and P2P. Developed key processes in tracking requirements and documenting them in RequistePro and ARIS Modeling Tool. Attended the weekly Steering Committee with executive management and presented changes to requirements and change orders.

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Developed the overall topology of the setting up and implementing the IBM Rational Products, HP PPM, Demand Management and Quality Center products Implemented and configured HP PPM and developed the key work flows for Portfolio Management and Demand Management. Developed processes to supporting the processes and use cases for detailed blue print requirements which was part of the implementation of IBM Rational Enterprise Tools. Provided leadership within the Change Management and Configuration Management Teams around best practices with the ITIL Framework. Developed the overall Configuration Management Plan, which included the decomposition and mapping of CIs across the program. Reported weekly to executive management on the Earned Value of deliverables to USAF Developed Key deliverables for the program which included: Communication Plan, Systems Engineering Plan, Change Management Plans, Oracle E-Business Functional and Technical Blue Prints Developed IBM Rational and HP Administrative Guides, Users Guides, Training material for all staff members throughout the Program. Lead the weekly Change Control Board Meetings and Software Configuration Meetings which included developing minutes, updating the change control system, and documenting risk and mitigation Liaison between Business and IT to communicated the vision and perform as change agent to introduce change and negotiate and obtain agreement across executives and team sponsors. Developed key process documents to support defect management, change control and state transition for ClearQuest.

GTL Telecommunication, US Wide Executive Consultant GTL was a division of MCI , which spun off with a focus in the pay phone industry. GTL requested my services to perform Technology assessment, which was part of consolidating corporate locations and data centers. The goal and strategy of this ITIL assessment was in the following areas: Organization, Process, Technology and Operations. This engagement required me to travel to remote locations throughout the US.

Developed the key questions and matrix for the team to divide up the core areas of the process, organization and operations ITIL assessment. Interviewed key stakeholders throughout GTL organization based the key questions and matrix developed as part of the overall assessment. Interviewed key offshore resources to determine skill sets and consolidation. Developed key deliverables in the area of Detailed Road Map and presentation detailing the gaps and recommendations and examples based on best practices. Presented the final deliverable to the CIO and key executives as part of the SOW. Provided key metrics and key performance indicators based on ITIL best practices in the gaps identified in the overall assessment as to benchmark and measure performance, availability, RFC in the future. Provided my expertise in the area of Change Management, Software Configuration Management, PMBOK PMO Project Management Practices, Data Center Consolidation

Lockheed Martin, Baltimore, MD - Executive Consultant Lockheed Martin was in the process of implementing SAP worldwide for their organization and they required my expertise in the area of developing health check and pulse check questions for all the change agents and executives throughout Lockheed Martin.
Developed key health check and pulse check questions which were presented to the change agents Participated in weekly conference calls provided updates and feedback from the executives. Developed Organizational Change Management Plan and Communication Plan Trained the executives in the area of Organizational Change Management.

Concentra/Viant Naperville, IL Principal Consultant Responsible for arriving on site and performing and implementing SCM Solution for Concentra.

Viewed the configuration of Visual Source Safe and the early recommendations to migrate to Subversion. Assessed the current build management and automation using VSS and VB Scripts. Assessed the structure of VSS and release structure. Met with key stakeholders and Operations to provide recommendations and best practices in the following areas: Release Management, Build Management SCM Model, Parallel Development, Version Control and Automation. Mentored and educated executive management and key team members with ITIL V2 Developed SCM requirements specification document based on investigation and interviews and documented VSS documentation. Developed key presentations to executive management on quick wins and long-term strategy in implementing Enterprise SCM

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Solution. Structured and set up Windows Service to prototype ClearCase/UCM and ClearQuest Structure Subversion using standard structure of working copies and files using trunk and branching strategies using Subversion. Compared functionality of the tools based on the identified SCM requirements and recommended based on the release structure and number of maintenance releases deployed daily that ClearCase/UCM and ClearQuest would meet the needs of the business and specified SCM requirements. Presented my findings to executive management and operations and recommending implementing the IBM Rational Tools. The contract ended due to the merger and acquisition of Viant.. Viant has called me back on specific recommendations and ongoing support.

Earthlink, Pasadena, CA Responsible for performing ITIL Release Management assessment for EarthLink for Value Added Services (VAS) business Unit.
The focus of this engagement was Engineering, QA and Management team to improve in their overall Release Management Process. Assessment was performed bottom up with a focus in reviewing the key process documentation in the area of Software Configuration Management, Release Management, Build Management and packaging and deployment. Identified key gaps throughout the key processes across Engineering, QA and Operations. Gaps were documented and presented to management in Road Map document and best practices and recommendations to improve overall Quality and Improve Release Strategy. Responsible for meeting with Executive Management and presenting my finds in a detailed deliverable and metrics that could be collected to start measuring performance, availability, quality and cost. Final deliverable was Road Map document documenting the as is and gaps and recommendations based on best practices in the industry with a combination of ITIL and CoBiT. Mentored FTEs in the area of best practices around Release Management and rolled off the project.

IBM Harrisburg, PA Principal Consultant - Responsible for arriving on site and partnering with IBM in developing key deliverables for Pennsylvania Unemployment Commission. I was responsible for 8 RUP core disciplines in the area of Business Modeling, Requirements Management, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Test, Deployment, and Project Management. Developed the following key deliverables:
Developed the Change Management Polices and Procedures Developed key deliverables based on the ITIL Framework. Developed the Configuration Management Plan Developed detailed project plans the implementation and training of the IBM Tools. Set up and implemented the IBM Rational Tools which included customization of ClearCase, UCM, ClearQuest, RequistePro and training and mentoring FTEs throughout IBM. Developed training material and users guides

National City Corporation (NCC) Cleveland, OH Principal Consultant Responsible for arriving on site and supporting the Quality Assurance Organization and interviewing and developing key strengths within the Quality Assurance Organization.
Reviewed subcontractor agreements and Sows from outside vendors to hire contractors to support the quality assurance organization. Developed detailed project plans and Quality Strategies for Executive Management. Interviewed contractors to support the Quality Assurance Organization to develop test plans, automate performance and load testing scripts using HP Mercury tools Worked with various projects in implementing Agile and working the areas of requirements management and testing cycles. Evaluated HP PPM and Demand Management for Executive Management Developed training material and presentation to team members on best practices in implementing Quality Standards and Improve overall Quality throughout your organization.

Capital One, Richmond Virginia Cap Gemini - Senior Consultant Responsible for supporting the Program Level Change Management Control Board for 80 Million dollar program to support Change Management/Configuration Management team of 17 FTEs and 3 Consultants that are part of Capital One migrating from internal billing system to TSYS billing system.
Managed the key team of Project Configuration Management Analysis (PCMAs) responsible for supporting the gates and deliverables for each phase of the lifecycle.

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Develop root cause analysis reports for executive management based on key metrics and KPIs in the area of change control, defect management, change management and root cause analysis based on ITIL Framework. Prepared all decks and presentations for TSYS Executives and Capital One Executives based on the weekly progress updates which included KPIs and Root Cause Analysis reports. Facilitated the Weekly Change Control Board Meetings and developed the agenda and minutes from these meetings. Provided recommendations in the area of Change Management, Release Management, Configuration Management based on the ITIL Framework. Change agent for the program with all key personal with residence to change.

Brook Automation, Boston, MA Principal Consultant Brook Automation engagement was part of 5-week assessment in the area of migrating from Telelogic Synergy to IBM Rational Enterprise Tools ClearCase/UCM/ClearQuest that was part of CMMI Scampi assessment. To improve overall quality, introduce repeatable processes and improve overall cost of deploying changes and improve overall quality across the enterprise.
Directed and analyzed the conversion of migrating from Synergy to IBM Rational ClearCase/UCM Developed key deliverables in the area of Road Map and gap analysis with key processes across the Development, QA and Configuration Management Organization. After 5 weeks on site sold the SCM Solution and the client signed off on my recommendations for 6-month engagement. Developed key scripts to automate from Unix Environment to Windows based Environment Developed detailed Project Plans, Requirements Specification Documents, Cross comparison of functionality from Synergy to ClearCase UCM Model for the user community. Developed Training Material and Trained both Upper management, Development, QA, BAs, Configuration Management Organization. Migrated 465 Releases over to ClearCase UCM and developed the scheme to support the implementation of ClearQuest Developed process and procedures document with focus on parallel development, release management and change management.

Liberty Mutual, Boston, MA Executive Consultant This engagement was part of reviewing Liberty Mutual Impact Analysis Process and provides recommendations in the area of implementing an End-to-End Enterprise Solution with focus on Mercury ITG, Demand Management, Portfolio Management, and Change Management.
Met with key stakeholders throughout the organization to identify gaps in the current process and provide recommendations in the area of Impact Analysis Documented my findings in gap analysis document and developed a Road Map document with recommendations based on Best Practices using ITIL and CoBiT framework and the Implement of HP Mercury Products. Provided straw man documents and trained the user community on best practices around impact analysis

Royal Sun Alliance, Charlotte, NC Principal Consultant SOX IT Governance Audit and partnering with PwC and E&Y to establish the baseline of IT general controls for testing and identifying and key controls for legacy systems throughout RSA.
Met with SMEs and business units in identifying risk management and key controls throughout all financial and IT General Controls Lead the testing effort for all IT General Controls and met with PwC and E&Y to obtain feedback and guidance when required from 404 SOX compliance. Developed Test Plans and mapping of key controls based on ITIL, COSO, PCAOB, CoBiT as a framework for compliance. Responsible for updating the Change Management Policies and Procedures, Release Management Process Documentation based on our auditing findings.

PRG Schultz Atlanta, GA Principal Consultant SOX IT Governance engagement leading the effort of PeopleSoft 8.8 compliance.
Lead the effort of SOX and IT General Controls and PeopleSoft 8.8 Compliance Developed the project plan identifying all the Key Controls and Financial Modules Responsible for implementing PeopleSoft key controls enforcer which included identifying key controls for Fixed Assets, GL, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing Developed the risk management matrix identifying gaps in the work flows and key processes

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Updated Change Management Plan, Configuration Management, PeopleSoft SOX Compliance Manual

Wells Fargo, DeMoin, IA Project Manager Project Management engagement for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Partnership with two experts in the industry with Modeling and forecasting Home Mortgage Foreclosures.
Developed key executive presentation for upper management in regards to Foreclosure Forecasting and Financial Modeling. Developed statistical reports on forecast of rate of loss from SAS reports. Customized financial reports for executive management based on extractions of data from Home Mortgage archives. Developed Project Plans based on the projections and major milestones of the project

SunTrust Atlanta, GA, Richmond, VA and Orlando FL Executive Consultant ITIL Assessment and Process Improvement Initiative with focus in reducing overall cost and improving quality across the Enterprise Change Management, Problem Management, Incident Management, Capacity, Availability, Configuration Management and Release & Deployment.
Performed gap analysis an assessment on site for the first 8 weeks which included developing executive assessment for CIO and VP of EDS in the area of ECM Enterprise Change Management. Developed executive justification documents to obtain funding for the program from CIO and Executive VP of EDS Developed ROI to show the saving of 8 million dollars per year by implementing this solution. Executive Management signed off on my recommendation to implement an end to end Enterprise Change Management Solution over a period of 12- 18 months. Developed key KPIs based on both ITIL and CoBit best practices. Developed an End to End Change Management Process which included the combination of ITIL V2 and CoBiT framework. Developed WBS and detailed Project Plan based on the End to End Change Management Implementation. Developed 34 key processes both from Service Delivery and Service Solution and partner with internal Audit. Mapped ITIL, COSO, PCABO and CoBiT controls to master project plan. Facilitated process workshops required to map processes and sub-processes across the Enterprise. Developed change management model which included the Top Level Guidelines of ITIL. Mapped all requirements to STSC Change Management Policies and Procedures. Documented the as is and to be processes for Enterprise Change Management. Performed SOX Compliance Audit based on the 2002 SOX compliance bill. Performed Proof of Concept based on Enterprise Tools using Endevor, CCC Harvest, Workbench and HP PPM Identified out of the 182 SOX applicable CoBiT controls 22 CoBiT controls relating to Change Management. Developed 22 Processes and integration of these Processes across SDLC, Acquisition & Implementation and Delivery and Support.

Sears, Chicago, IL Executive Consultant Enterprise IBM Rational Implementation of 2002.05.20 and the customization of 2003.RUP Plug-ins based on developing Solution Delivery Framework for Sears Roebuck.

Developed the ROI to show the return on investment and savings of 5 million dollars per year based on implementing new processes and IBM Rational Enterprise Tools. Migrated from Sun Solaris Environment to AIX 5.1 Managed a core team of 18 consultants performing various task across the enterprise. Developed the detailed project plan to implement Enterprise IBM Rational Implementation. Provided daily support with the expertise in the area of ClearQuest, RUP, ClearCase, RequitePro and Test Director. Performed Proof of Concept with UCM to determine based on identified requirements and iteration to determine if it would fit the SDF Framework. Developed overall training strategy and training material to roll out IBM Rational Tools to key team members> Developed 10 iteration and steps through the proof of concept of the Rational Unified Process. Worked with WSAD IBM Webshere to integrate with IBM Rational Tools. Performed the analysis on the current use of Rational licenses and determined the best approach to purchasing enterprise licensing. Provided Technical Advice and provided expertise in Change Management, Software Configuration Management, Project Management and developing end to end Framework based on RUP .

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

SunTrust, Atlanta, GA Executive Consultant Planned and strategically planned Re-organization Implementation and return from Enterprise Change to Change Management Implementation

Continued with the End to-End Enterprise Change Management Engagement based on new CIO Vision and direction. Met with the new CIO to obtain his Vision and Goals for continue on with the End to End Enterprise Change Management Solution. Attended the weekly steering committee meetings and developed key minutes and agendas based on executive decisions. Developed Project Definitions Document to move forward with the End-to-End Change Management Solutions. Met with key stakeholders to identify the new direction of the CIO and new path of implementing best practices with Change Management. Developed additional 11 Processes to support ITIL and CoBiT Processes which included Change Management, Configuration Management, Problem Management Incident Management, Capacity Management, Vendor Management, Asset Management, and Release & Deployment across the enterprise. Developed gap analysis work shops to identify the as is and to be showing the gaps and assisted the team in developing ITIL key processes in the area of Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Asset Management, SLAs, Release & Deployment, Vendor Management, IT Business Continuity

Pinnacle West Electric, Phoenix, AZ Principal Consultant Responsible for partnering with IBM in joint effort to one of the first .NET based application rewritten from VB based on Pinnacle West Trading System.
Stood up and implemented the IBM Rational Enterprise Suite of tools 2002.05 for Trading System for Pinnacle West. Met weekly with IBM to discuss strategies and approach to the development and implementation of the IBM Rational Enterprise Tools. Planned the implementation for 8,000 users world wide. Migrated from VSS and CVS to ClearCase/UCM. Developed the detailed Defect Management and Change Management Processes. Developed key scripts to support the ClearQuest Schemes. Mentored IBM Staff and FTEs in the area of using the IBM Rational Tools and Best Practices and RUP. Partnered with the Microsoft Team in developing .NET coding standards policies and procedures relating to Unit Level Testing. Integrated the IBM Rational Enterprise Tools with .NET integration. Developed Build Documentation and Build Procedures for Microsoft Team Members> Developed weekly updates to executive management and provided status reports and metrics on progress Developed detailed project plans to support the implementation.

SPX, Corporation, Owatonna, MN/Kalamazoo, MI Responsible for arriving on site performing ITIL Change Management and SCM Assessment in the area of Software Configuration Management, Version Control, Parallel Development, Release Management.

Responsible for performing assessment over the first 6 weeks and then providing a SCM Road Map and Recommendation to implement IBM Rational Enterprise Tools to support their software development process for Genisys 2001 Application. SPX accepted my recommendations and new SOW was signed for additional 8 months to implementation. Developed SCM requirements specification document. Developed a detailed project plan to drive the prototyping and the implementation. Lead the effort and was both the technical on-hands expert in the area of IBM Rational Tools. Migrated over 1,000 releases from VSS, PVCS to ClearCase Developed IBM Rational Administrative and User Guides. Developed Training Material and trained the end user community Met weekly with executive management to provide updates and progress reports and any road blocks. Problem solving and resolved any issues with automating the build process Implemented omake and clearmake to replace basic make files with automated embedded build process.

GE Medical Corporation, Brookfield, WI Responsible for performing Oracle 11i assessment in the area of applying mega patches and best practices

Arrived on site and met with key team members and stakeholders that shared the current configuration and events of worldwide implementation of Oracle 11i for 19 sites worldwide and 17,000 users. Assessed Oracle Support tickets and when patches were applied.

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Set up numerous meetings and discussions with Oracle to obtain a clear understanding the number of mega patches and what was required. Assessment was performed in Six Key areas: Instance Management, Capacity Management, Stress Testing, Regression Testing, Defect Tracking, Oracle Support and provided detailed recommendations on next steps. Obtained benchmark data from Fortune 100 corporations worldwide on Oracle 11i specifically focusing on patch process and when the mega patches were applied. Developed a detailed end to end patch process with detailed Road Map based on applying Oracle Patches and how other corporations are applying the patches based on the environments and modules.

Capital One Responsible for managing a team of 18 consultants for E-Commerce Credit Card Division

Responsible for supporting multiple projects and divisions with focus in Quality Assurance and Tools Division.
Provide technical expertise in the area of IBM Rational Tools and Mercury Products to team members. Reported to the Director, QA and CIO for Credit Card Division Developed high level project plans, SLAs Migration Plans, Software Configuration Management Plans. Developed architecture document to integrate PeopleSoft and ClearCase/ClearQuest. Trained team members on best practices in the industry with CMMi and ITIL. Performed assessments in the area of Release Management and assisted with the implementation of RUP. Provided leadership and problem solving abilities for my team. Performed as change agent with projects resisting change and was a negotiator has required. Developed key change management and quality assurance processes to support CMMi Scampi.

Lexis Nexis, Dayton, OH Strategically planned Enterprise Implementation of ClearCase 4.1/UCM/RUP/ClearQuest

Planned and scoped the implementation and migration from RCS, CVS, SCCS, VSS and PVCS to ClearCase 4.1 Implemented RequistePro and Rational Unified Process (RUP) for the user community of 600 Developers, 55 BAs, 100 Management. Converted all build scripts to omake and clearmake from standard make and nmake. Developed executive overview presentation to upper management Road Map detailing the phases of the program and roles/responsibilities. Mentored 20 developers in the area of omake, clearmake and ClearCase Developed training material and users guides. Developed a detailed Configuration and Change Management Plan detailing approach to support parallel development and branching and merging.

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SIM905 Senior Consultant

Schlumberger, RMS, North America, Atlanta, GA Sept 1999 April 2000 Implemented Enterprise Solution world-wide Change Management Worldwide Implementation across the World from France, Germany, Italy and US. Cisco Systems, Richmond, VA May 1999 August 1999 Strategic Planning and Implementation to migrate from Sablime 5.0 to Enterprise Suite of tools. WinStar Telecommunication, Reston, VA December 1998 April 1999 Performed Assessment and Implemented Enterprise Solution with IBM Rational Tools BellSouth Cellular Corporation, Atlanta, GA June 1998 November 1998 Program Manager Oxford Health Plan, Trumbull, CT April 1998 June 1998 Implementation and Roll out PVCS Version 6.0 and Tracker 5.0 Blue Cross Blue Shield, Jacksonville, FL December 1997 April 1998 Enterprise Implementation of Change Management and Process Workshops ADT Security, Catalina Marketing, CSX Railroad Decision Consulting, Inc. Managed teams with resources of 150+ team members, Managing Director for Testing Strategies and Configuration Management Practice Managerial Services December 1996 December 1997 Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta, GA, Managed a team of 17 Consultants and 25 FTEs Director of Change Management, December 1995 December 1996 Bell South Planning & Provisioning Re-Engineering Program Managed a team of 75+ FTEs and 18 Consultants Senior Program Manager, July 1994 December 1995 Systems Engineering Management Associates (SEMA), Director QA and CM June 1993 1994 TANO Automation, Marine Systems, Responsible for building Naval Ships with cost of 800 Million dollars, Director, Infrastructure and Planning Services New Orleans, LA January 1992 June 1993 Planning Research Corporation, Managed and Reporting to the Federal Government on cost of 50 Million dollar programs Director, McLean, VA and Hawaii 1989 1992 TRW Systems Division, Security/Quality Assurance Engineer, 1986 1989 Chief of Naval Operations, Naval Intelligence Senate and House Appropriations Committee, Pentagon and Capital Hill 1980 1986 Worked for Sean OKeefe Professional Staff Member and Admiral Cooper Chief of Naval Operations.

References Available Upon Request

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