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Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park


For a Greener Industrial Community

Ba Thien 2 IP Strategic Location

Ba Thien 2 IP At The Heart of Northern Economic Region

Hanoi - 50km (1hour) Noi Bai Airport - 20km (30mins) Hai Phong Seaport - 150 km Cai Lan Deep Seaport - 180 km Noi Bai Lao Cai China Expressway - 6km National Road 2 and 18

Piaggio Vietnam - 08km Honda Vietnam - 18km

Vinh Phuc Province - With the strength in Automobile Industry

Toyota Vietnam - 18km

Ba Thien 2 IP Master Plan

Total Area: 308ha - Industrial Park: 212.40ha - Common Area: 95.85ha Developed in 4 phases Phase 1: 40ha est. completed by QII-2012 Topography: solid ground favorable for industrial construction. Free from flood.

Phase 2 40 ha

Phase 1 40 ha
Leased 6ha

Ba Thien 2 - Land Use Plan

1 Industrial Land (69%) 2 Office and Services Areas (4%) 3 Green Areas (14%) 4 Infrastructure Areas (2%) 5 Roads (11%)
2% 11%

Phase 3 72 ha

14% 4% 69%


Total Area: 308ha

Ba Thien 2 IP - Infrastructure

Power transmission lines: 110/35/22 kV sub-stations, capacity up to 126 MVA for phase 1, installed to the fence of tenants. On-site waste water treatment plants: meet type A standards (TCVN 5945-2005). Clean water supply: capacity of 2000 m3/ day and night for phase 1. Transportation system: two-to-four lane road 27.5m 39.0m in width. Telecommunication: international standard services ( broadband Internet, telephones, fax, etc.)

Ba Thien 2 IP Developer

Vietnam Infrastructure Limited (VNI) (90%)

CPK Vinh Phuc (10%)

Vina CPK
Is a closed-end fund launched in July 2007 and traded on the London Stock Exchanges Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Invest in infrastructure and infrastructure related assets in Vietnam, namely energy, transport, telecommunications, industrial park and water/ environmental utilities.

Having unrivalled experience in developing and managing industry parks such as: Ba Thien urban project in Vinh Phuc Thanh Lanh Water Supply Factory in Vinh Phuc.

A joint venture between VinaCapital and CPK Vinh Phuc JSC

Ba Thien II IP Labour Force

11 Vinh Phuc 35,009 18,055 Universities and Colleges University/College Graduates/ Year Vocational School Graduates/ Year

2010 Statistics: Labor Force: Wages: - Unskilled workers: USD 100-120/person. - Engineer/ Technician/ Office staff: USD250-300/person. - Chief Division/ Chief Accountant/ Manager: Above USD 400/person. 700,000 Currently working: 600,590

Ba Thien 2 IP - Labour Force

Labor Force in Ba Thien 2 IP region (Binh Xuyen Dist., Vinh Phuc Prov.)

Ba Thien 2 IP on Vinh Phuc Map

108,063 68,722 9,220 10,427 1,265 1,824 29,424

Population: Labor force: No. of college students: No. of high school students: No. of grade 12 students graduates/year: No. of grade 09 students graduates/year: Current labor force in regional IPs:



Population 189,512 94,883 92,898 119,167 95,002 69,376 108,063 145,421 88,725

1. Vinh 2. Phuc 3. Lap 4. Tam 5. Tam 6. Binh 7. Yen 8. Vinh 9. Lo Yen City Yen Thach Duong Dao Xuyen Lac Tuong River Town district district district district district district district

Source: - Research Dept., Vina-CPK Co., Ltd, 2011. -Vinh Phuc Industrial Management, Workforce in Vinh Phuc Industrial Park General Report, 2011.

Ba Thien II IP - Facility services

24h/7 Security/ Access control. On site fire station. Logistics. Maintenance services. Waste collection. Banks, post offices. Convenient stores, restaurants, ect.

Ba Thien II IP - Surroundings

Dai Lai Lake: The 525 hectare lake just 3km from Ba Thien 2, serves as a reservoir/ recreational spot for Vinh Phuc Province. Dai Lai Golf Resort: Located just 3km from Ba Thien 2 IP, 18 holes, 298.8ha. Tam Dao Resort: Located 27km from Ba Thien 2 IP, Tam Dao is a wonderful resort with fresh, clean and cooling air, beautiful scenery, 235ha lying at the attitude of 900m above sea level. Tam Dao National Park: Located on the Tam Dao Mountain Range, the park covers an area of 36,883ha, with sauna and other facilities. The community surrounding Ba Thien 2 is further enriched by a range of facilities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets and so on, to ensure comfort and convenience for its residents.

Vinh Phuc Province at a Glance

Area Population Regions capital city Labour force Average GDP Growth Export turnover for foreign industrial enterprises Leading Industry Notable tenants Rank Number of tourists Regional Climate 1,371 km 1,003,047 people. Vinh Yen. Approx. 1 million young and skilled local workers. 19.11% per year (according to 2010 statistics). USD403 million, accounting for 88% of the provinces total export turnover. Auto and motorbike industry Toyota, Honda, Piaggio, Foxconn, Compal, Fullpower, G.O Maxx, Kumho, etc. the 5 nationwide in investment attraction. Approximately 2 million visitors Tropical monsoon climate with 4 seasons in a year. Annual average temperature is about 20.510C. Annual average humidity is approximately 83% Rainy season is usually from May to October with the annual average rainfall of 1.407 mm. National Hydro-Meteorological Service - 2008

Economy of Vinh Phuc

Vinh Phucs economic growth always ranks high among the Red River Delta Provinces and the northern key economic zone and is twice against the countrys average economic growth. Vinh Phucs Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) is always ranked in the top 10 nationwide.

GDP per capita: USD1,630. Vinh Phucs per capita GDP ranked third in the northern key economic zone, just behind (USD2,059) and Hai Phong (USD1783.9). FDI in Vinh Phuc: - Number of projects (year 2010): 10 projects. - Register investment (year 2010): USD248.1 millions.


2010 Report Vietnam General Statistics Office

Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park


For a Greener Industrial Community

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