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Using Open Office spreadsheet complete the following assignment.

Create a new spreadsheet and graph for each table. Save to your folder with the unique name GRAPH. It is important to read your instruction sheet. 1. The following table gives the number of people for every vehicle in different countries around the world. Country Brazil France Poland United Kingdom Canada Japan Portugal United States People per vehicle 9.6 2.4 7.8 2.9 2.2 3.8 6.5 1.7

Display the data on a column graph; the X and Y axis must be displayed. X axis = Country Y axis = People per vehicle Display grids for X and Y axes Do not display the legend Right mouse click Sheet 1 and rename to display Vehicle

2. The table gives the average daily temperature in degrees Celsius, for each month in Vancouver and Sydney Australia. Average Daily Temperature C January February March April May June July August September October November December Vancouver 2 3 5 9 12 15 18 17 13 9 5 2 Sydney 22 22 21 18 15 13 12 13 15 18 19 21

Display the data on a double broken-line graph; that is, as two broken-line graphs on the same set of axes.

Type January in cell A1. Once this step is completed please raise your hand and await further instruction.

Select A1; hi-light cells down to A12;

Click edit; from the drop down menu select Fill Series Await instruction


Select cells A1:A3;

Type Average Daily Temperature into cell A1 (AL T 0176) C Select cells A1:C1; Format Merge cells; Format cells and align text horizontal centre X axis = Month Y axis = C Rename Sheet 2 to display Temperature Title Average Daily Temperature Display legend


Display the following data within a graph entitled Burlington Water Temperature. Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Water Temp Survival time minutes C 0 0 1 2 5 10 18 21 19 12 7 3 10 10 12 18 30 80 300 360 300 120 45 20

Type Month into cell A1; Water Temp into B1; Sur vival time minutes into C1 C Type January into A2 await instruction.


Fill handle The lower right corner of the active cell has a small box called a Fill Handle. Your mouse changes to a cross-hair when you are on the Fill Handle. The Fill Handle helps you copy data and create series of information. For example, if you type January in the active cell and then drag the Fill Handle over twelve cells, Open Office automatically inserts February, March etc.

X axis = Month Y axis = Minutes Chart type is column and line Title Burlington Water Temperature Right mouse click inside chart area


Select Insert/Delete axes as indicated Tick secondary Y axis Right mouse click the secondary Y axis and select format axis Ensure the scale tab is selected and remove all automatic ticks Input these numbers from top to bottom: 0,25,2 and 1 Right mouse click the August data point to edit the chart Select Format Data Series Secondary Y axis Insert Titles inputting within the Secondary Y a xis box C

Await instruction Save your work regularly. Rename Sheet 3 as H2O Do not print your work. Once the assignment is complete please email to: