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Workplace Learning

for managers

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Knowledge is necessary, but not enough

Usually, companies help managers gather the necessary knowledge to solve generic problems. They offer training. And then, companies expect that those managers have the ability to solve real problems. Usually this works badly.

After the training the manager is not ready to better solve tasks, because she didn't learn how to apply knowledge in particular situations. What she would need now is temporary support for coping with new tasks.

What is Open Improvement Project?

OIP is a framework that uses learning by solving job problems (focused learning) within a knowledge sharing culture.

When a manager has a deficit of knowledge or skill, or her attitude towards goals prevents her from being successful, superiors ask her to solve a job problem that requires the use of what she needs to

Then, they assign her a learning facilitator, and give her access to learning resources and resource people. The manager is asked to develop a systematic learning project in a definite time-frame.

Working on task is the best way to acquire competency. However, this type of learning usually requires years of experience and just a few employees can carry it out with total success.

That is why learners need support: learning facilitators as guides, and resource persons as technical experts for certain skills

Open Improvement Project relies on leaders' collaboration for solving job tasks

Learner Facilitator Cooperation

1. Start learning project after superior's decision 2. State learning objective(s) related to the task given

3. Identify competencies possessed - competencies to acquire. How competencies possessed help the acquisition of new competencies 4. Identify resource persons and start collaboration with them

5. Make learning schedule 6. Apply simplified problem-based learning methodology 7. Meet to discuss quality of project after each deliverable 8. Report when project is done and celebrate

Project features
awareness of customer needs Managers discover learning opportunities from customer requirements, engage in personal learning projects and bring them to an end motivated self-development They continuously monitor and improve their learning activities continuing learning in the workplace They learn and are assigned to facilitate and promote peers' learning. collaboration for job problem solving They make presentations of their achievements, participate in non-formal panel discussions, workshops, and seminars