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TELENOR in context with HRM Main functions of HRM in Telenor

Recruitment Operation Payroll

Issue arisen from management perspective of Telenor due to HRM

No issue.

Sources for selection and recruitment

Online selection Job fairs

Selection Criteria Telenor

Jobs are planned focus on internal selection

Orientation criteria of Telenor

Orientation is given to every employee who is new in ZONG

Training criteria of Telenor

They give training to employees both internally and externally but 70% focus is on internal training and 90% on external training. The training methods telenor used are On the job training

Performance measurement/appraisal in Telenor

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Performance is measured on the basis of Annual appraisal

Process of performance appraisal in Telenor

appraisal system, managers and employees mutually understand appraisal then HR review it and give final approval

Compensation & benefits criteria in Telenor

Telenor gives Medical Insurance Bonuses inentives

Important information of Telenor

HRM participate in strategic decision making of telenor. Approximately 3000 plus contractual and permanent both. People are employed in telenor organization in which 80% are of males and 20% are of females. The scope of HRM function increased in telenor during last 3 years. Telenor using 360 DEGREE approach. The turnover ratio in telenor is 4% to 5%.To motivate employees they organize sports, occasions. And employee have right to share their problems with HR department regarding any situation.

Human resource assessment

The company has created 2500 direct and more than 25000 indirect employment opportunities with 100,000+ retail outlets and 200+ franchises in addition. 99.9% of these employment opportunities belong to Pakistanis.


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Telenor offers exciting and challenging careers with competitive pay, excellent benefits and exceptional advancement opportunities. Telenor care about its employees and provide them with a relaxed and enriching working environment. Telenor training and further education programs ensure a high professional standard amongst its employees. Telenor believe that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in the organizations ongoing business success. Equal opportunities for all Telenor maintains a policy of non-discrimination towards all employees and applicants for employment. All aspects of employment with Telenor are governed by merit, competence, suitability and qualifications, and are not be influenced in any manner by gender, age, race, color, religion, national origin or disability. Today, Telenor workforce proves that; with 18% women working at all levels in the organization, both foreign and local educational backgrounds. Focus on management development Telenor's management and organization is imbued with joint values. The Group Management has devised five leadership requirements that apply to all managers in the Group, and all management groups shall discuss what these requirements mean to them. The demands are: --Passion for business --Change and constant renewal --Operational excellence --Empower people --Integrity All managers are subject to annual evaluations based on these management criteria. HC at Telenor Pakistan Human Capital Division at Telenor believes in continuous improvement and is taking the standards of service to the utmost levels of excellence. From providing the best administrative support to facilitate employees work life to creating benchmark security solutions, Telenor is a team of enthusiastic, energetic young people who are geared to perform the best always. Telenor managed to create a culture of passion for business, operational excellence and constant renewal and committed to assisting employees in exploring, developing and maximizing their
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full potential, encouraging continuing education through internal and external training and development opportunities.

Human resources department

Employee services
Payroll information Leave and medical record Final settlements and provident fund Policies and procedures Employees record and recreation OD and effectiveness Training plan Talent management Performance management Employees retentation Orientation employee communication

Staffing and compensation

Staffing plan and HR budgeting Management trainee and internship program Interviewing and selection Headhunters 15 Compensation, benefits and incentive


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