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The Scarlet Pimpernel Music: Frank Wildhorn Lyrics: Nan Knighton Book: Nan Knighton Premiere: Sunday, November

9, 1997 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Marguerite St. Just Marie Grosholtz Percy Blakeney (Grappin and the Scarlet Pimpernel) Chauvelin Armand St. Just Marquis de St. Cyr Tussaud Mercier (Aid to Chauvelin) Coupeau (Aid to Chauvelin) Jessup (Butler to Percy) Percy's Bounders: Ozzy Dewhurst Elton Farleigh Hal Ben Hastings Leggett Neville Prince of Wales Robespierre Sentry (Royal Palace) SATB Chorus - Cupids of the Comedie Francaise, Soldiers, Prisoners, Paris Street Mob, Royal Ball Guests, Girl Servants at the Blakeney Estate. SCENES ACT ONE SCENE ONE - Onstage Comedie Francaise SCENE TWO - Backstage Comedie Francaise and outside the Prison where a

Guillotine is revealed, Place de la Bastille SCENE THREE - The Prison SCENE FOUR - Place de la Bastille SCENE FIVE - England, Blakeney Estate, The Wedding of Percy & Marguerite SCENE SIX - Blakeney Estate: The Library and limbo as scene is transformed to Percy's Schooner SCENE SEVEN - The English Channel - Aboard Percy's Schooner SCENE EIGHT - Place de la Bastille SCENE NINE - Blakeney Estate: The Drawing Room SCENE TEN - Blakeney Estate: The Garden SCENE ELEVEN - Blakeney Estate: The Library SCENE TWELVE - England, The Royal Palace ACT TWO SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE SCENE ONE - England, Royal Palace, The Ballroom TWO - A Footbridge in the garden near the Ballroom THREE - France, The Cafe FOUR - The Prison and a Paris Street FIVE - The Hideaway SIX - The Prison SEVEN - Outside the Prison EIGHT - Interior of a rumbling Carriage NINE - Guillotine TEN - The English Channel - Aboard Percy's Schooner

ACT I No. 1 Prologue (orchestra) SCENE ONE Onstage Comedie Francaise (MARGUERITE, alone in a follow spot sings) No. 2 "Storybook" (Marguerite & Ensemble) MARGUERITE Listen to me I have beautiful dreams I can spin you, Dreams to linger within you. Close your eyes and we'll ride my carousel. I'll tell you stories of lovers whose love used to fill me, And the lovers who will be, For you see, love is one thing I do well. Come let's believe love can be just as sweet as it seems.

Let's live on dreams . . . (A stage set appears as MARGUERITE is joined by a chorus of Cupids.) In my dreams, such beautiful lovers have found me. Storybook lovers surround me. Nothing is real, but I'm flying, Sighing 'where, where, where is my storybook ending? Why does my golden pretending Leave me with nothing to hold . . . but my dreams?' Oh, is it only in love that we find our ideal love? Are there lovers with real love? If you know how to feel love, show me how. Ah, but my prince, if you can't be as sweet as you seem, I'd rather dream! Come and wake me! Come be the love I can hold now. Storybook love leaves me cold now. Show me the way to stop dreaming! There is only one perfect storybook ending. That is the end of pretending. That is the moment I say: 'love me now!' (MARGUERITE addresses the audience.) MARGUERITE Mes amis - Thank you for sharing with me my last performance at The Comedie Francaise. And thank you to Citizen Chauvelin, who has so graciously allowed our theatre to remain open this spring. But now, I share with you my own storybook ending. Six weeks ago I met a tall and handsome "prince", and tonight he sweeps me away to England to be married. Sir Percival Blakeney! He is handsome, yes? Oh, I shall miss you all very much, but in my heart, how could I ever leave Paris? MARGUERITEEt sur mon manege, l'amour toujours est chantant. De mes reves, c'est le commencement, et j'espere une fin heureuse. MARGUERITE AND FRENCH GIRLS Mais la fin de l'histoire ne vient pas tres doucement, pour l'histoire il faut faire semblant. Certes je n'embrasse que mes reves, seuls mes reves. And on my carousel, love is always singing.Of my dreams, its the beginningand I hope for a happy end. But the end of the story doesn't come sweetly,for the story, one must make believe.Surely I hold nothing but my dreams, only my dreams. No. 2a "Chauvelin's Revenge" (orchestra)

(CHAUVELIN enters with his aides, MERCIER and COUPEAU. More soldiers enter as CHAUVELIN addresses the audience.) CHAUVELIN Citizens! By order of The Revolutionary Tribunal, this theatre is now declared closed due to exhibition of sentiments recalling The Old regime and non-compliance with Republican ideals, closure effective as of this moment. (The dancers exit slowly in confusion. MARGUERITE crosses to CHAUVELIN.)

SCENE TWO Backstage Comedie Francaise MARGUERITE How could you do this? CHAUVELIN Order of Citizen Robespierre. MARGUERITE Before the end of a performance! And on my last night. CHAUVELIN Ah, well, you see, I did not know this was to be your last night, Marguerite. You failed to inform me of your impending:nuptials. MARGUERITE You knew perfectly well I planned to marry. CHAUVELIN But this soon, my dear? And, quite frankly, I never thought you'd be one to turn your back on your homeland. May I offer my congratulations and inquire if you indeed have approved papers to leave France? MARGUERITE Stop it, Chauvelin. (MARIE enters, followed by ARMAND.) CHAUVELIN I believe you and I also have a piece of : unfinished business? MARGUERITE

Marie - :could you tell my brother I will be with him shortly? CHAUVELIN Wasn't there something you were going to deliver me, lest I throw a wrench into this sudden romance of yours? MARGUERITE Wait here. (MARGUERITE exits.) MARIE Armand - keep an eye on your sister tonight. (TUSSAUD enters.) TUSSAUD Marie - they've closed the theatre? COUPEAU Effective immediately. Please vacate the building. MARIE I will "vacate": when I am ready. TUSSAUD Marie: MERCIER Citizen. Your name and position. MARIE My name is Marie Grosholtz. I am an artist. I design costumes and scenery for this theatre, which should not be closed. (PERCY enters, overhears the following.) TUSSAUD Marie, please. I'll take you home: COUPEAU By order of the Revolutionary Tribunal: MARIE

I spit on the Revolutionary Tribunal! MERCIER Under arrest! PERCY Beg pardon? Uh - Monsieur Soldier:Citizen? Yes, I see you're about to arrest this young woman, as well you should. Most obstreperous creature. However, I feel it is my duty as a, uh, citizen...of the:world.. to urge you this way instead. Well, the flag burners! You didn't see them?! Five or six ruffians out there in the alley, burning and stomping upon the beautiful new Republican flag! You saw them, too, didn't you, Armand? ARMAND I did? I did. Yes, I did! 7 or 8 of them! Big huge men! MERCIER Citizen Chauvelin! Subversives in the alleyway! (On a signal from CHAUVELIN, MERCIER, COUPEAU and the soldiers exit. ARMAND follows.) PERCY On with you then! Save that flag! Le jour de gloire and all that! TUSSAUD Kind, sir- I have the misfortune to love an outspoken woman in outlandish times. PERCY Then you and I have much in common. But I assure you, sir there's no fire. You must leave quickly - before they return. TUSSAUD We thank you for your help. Come, Marie. (MARIE and TUSSAUD exit, followed by PERCY as MARGUERITE enters carrying a sealed note.) MARGUERITE Chauvelin - you promise me the Marquis and his family will only be deported? No harm will come to them? CHAUVELIN No.

(MARGUERITE hands the note to CHAUVELIN.) MARGUERITE I wish:never to see you again. CHAUVELIN Alas, I cannot return your sentiments, as I do:wish to see you again. (ARMAND enters.) ARMAND Marguerite - Percy's hired us a lovely carriage and the bags are all packed. (PERCY enters.) PERCY Now perhaps you should change costumes, m'dear? Well, you could travel like that, but it might distract the horses. MARGUERITE Oh, Percy, this- :is Citizen Chauvelin. My fiance, Percival Blakeney. (Music out.) PERCY Another citizen..Yes, demme, you're all citizens these days, aren't you. Fascinatin', what? CHAUVELIN Even more fascinating that you have so quickly managed to persuade Mademoiselle St. Just and her brother to forsake their homeland. No doubt it is painful for them to leave while cries for freedom still fill the French air. PERCY Even more painful to stay while innocent blood still fills the French gutters. (PERCY, MARGUERITE, and ARMAND exit, leaving CHAUVELIN alone, as the scene changes around him.) No. 3 "Madame Guillotine" (Chauvelin, St. Cyr & ensemble) CHAUVELIN I know the gutter and I know the stink of the street. Kicked like a dog, I have spat out the bile of defeat. All you beauties who towered above me,

you who gave me the smack of your rod, Now I give you the gutter, I give you the judgment of God! (A Guillotine is revealed.) Vengeance victorious! These are the glorious days! Women of Paris, come gather your bloody bouquets. Now gaze on our goddess of justice, With her shimmering, glimmering blade. As she kisses these traitors, she sings them a last serenade! (Prisoners are revealed being led from the prison through the mob.) SCENE THREE The Prison Sing! Swing! Savor the sting! As she severs you -- Madame Guillotine! Slice! Come, Paradise! You'll be smitten with Madame Guillotine! The world may be ugly, but each man must do what he must. Give in, pretty dear -- in a year you will be pretty dust. Now come let our lady possess you in her breath-taking, hair-razing bed. CHAUVELIN & MOB She will tingle your spine as she captures your heart and your head! (Soldiers push back a mob as the prisoners are led up to the guillotine.)

SCENE FOUR Place de la Bastille Sing! Swing! Savor the sting As she severs you -- Madame Guillotine! Slice! Come Paradise! Our Delilah will shave you razor clean! Swing! Savor the sting As she severs you, Madame Guillotine, Madame Guillotine, Madame Guillotine.

(As his hands are tied, one prisoner, ST. CYR sings.) ST. CYR God, when did man lose his reason? Save us, my God, if you're there! God, can you not feel the terror like a fire in the air?! (ST. CYR'S head is placed in the yoke.) Mob Flash! Slash! Glisten and gash! She will ravish you! Madame Guillotine! Split! Madame just bit! Give her more to bite! She's a hungry queen. Sing! Savor the sting as she severs you -- Madame Guillotine! Slice! Come Paradise! Chauvelin:(while chorus sings) Now Blow by blow We defy you Feel the glow Hear the cry Hearts will howl Blood will flow CHAUVELIN Hail Her Majesty! MOB Madame Guillotine! (The guillotine blade falls. Blackout. Applause, music segues.)

SCENE FIVE England, Blakeney Estate The Wedding of Percy & Marguerite (PERCY and MARGUERITE enter from opposite sides of the stage, joining at center.) No. 4 "You Are My Home" (Percy, Marguerite & ensemble) PERCY From this day on I give myself to you Here in my arms you will be free I only want you as you are Give me your trust Grow old with me MARGUERITE I promise you to cherish and to hold Now and as long as we both live I'll make you laugh, I'll keep you warm There is so much I want to give

BOTH You are my home You make me strong And in this world of strangers I belong to someone You are all I know, You're all I have I won't let go PERCY May god above shine through this love To make us man and wife BOTH This is what I've wanted all my life (The wedding guests enter.) You are my home You make me strong And in this world of strangers I belong to someone You are all I know You're all I have I need you so I won't let go You are my home (PERCY and MARGUERITE kiss.) No. 4 "Wedding Dance" (orchestra) PERCY Welcome to England, darling. Any questions? MARGUERITE Yes. In: -In England, Percy - when do the wedding guests leave the bride and groom:alone? (After a beat, PERCY whirls about to the guests.) PERCY Time to go! Tally-ho! Home, everyone! Bedtime for all! OZZY

Not bloody likely, m'lad. Not before we've danced with the bride! PERCY And so you shall, but if you think I'll relinquish my French jewel this quickly, you're quite mad! (PERCY and MARGUERITE begin to dance.) PERCY Darling. I hope you like our English style of dancing. MARGUERITE It's lovely, Percy- yes, but perhaps later tonight I shall teach you how we French:dance. PERCY Later tonight, we shall not:be dancing. (ELTON cuts in to dance with MARGUERITE.) PERCY Oh, all right then, Elton - you may borrow her for all of five minutes. But mind you don't tread upon her feet! She's made of crystal, my wife. (Dewhurst enters.) PERCY Oh, but I do love the sound of that: "my wife". DEWHURST Percival. PERCY Dewhurst! DEWHURST Percy, I've just returned from Paris. I must speak with you. Now. (The men take turns dancing with MARGUERITE as PERCY and DEWHURST step aside.) PERCY Dewhurst, though I do always relish a chat with you, I am at the moment a bit more eager to share my bridal night with my bride, so if this might wait --

DEWHURST Percy, the Marquis de St. Cyr is dead. PERCY What? DEWHURST Yes. By the guillotine. And his family killed with him. PERCY But - :how?! DEWHURST Denounced by Citizen Chauvelin, whose power grows in France by the day. PERCY Yes, I know, but - But my God, Dewhurst - how did Chauvelin find him? I arranged the safe passage out. DEWHURST Percy, someone betrayed St. Cyr. Delivered to Citizen Chauvelin a note with the exact whereabouts of his hideaway. PERCY Impossible. No one knew but you and Ozzy and myself, and I suppose Marguerite knew. I'd trust you and Ozzy with my life, and Marguerite - :.Don't be absurd. Marguerite feels nothing but disgust for this new French regime. DEWHURST Percy, how well do you know your wife? In six weeks time, how well could any man know a woman? PERCY I know her as I know my own heart. (DEWHURST takes a note from his pocket. It is the note Marguerite gave Chauvelin at the Comedie Francaise.) DEWHURST Then lay your eyes upon this. A note from your wife to Chauvelin. I was able to obtain it just before I left. I believe that is her hand. PERCY

Yes. And her seal: Dewhurst- go into my library. Write across this note: "Thank you for your help." Write it in French - and sign it with Chauvelin's name. Then have the butler deliver it to my wife. Please. Dear friend. Do as I ask. You suggest my wife is a French:spy. When she disavows this note, you'll see how wrong you are:won't you? (DEWHURST exits as MARGUERITE begins to dance with OZZY.) MARGUERITE Percy, do come dance with us! PERCY In a moment, m'dear. OZZY Oh, stuff, Lady Blakeney! Why would you want him when you've got me? MARGUERITE I must be stricken with some disease, Sir Osbert. For I do so deeply:want him. OZZY Poppycock. Let's hope by tomorrow you've come to your senses. (All the wedding guests dance. As the dance ends, DEWHURST re-enters and JESSUP, the butler, enters and hands the note to MARGUERITE.) MARGUERITE Your ladyship. OZZY Heigh-Ho! Time to go then! This is no doubt a note from the impatient groom: "Do dispense with these pesky guests now, my angel - the night awaits us!" (MARGUERITE reads the note, then places it in her bodice.) MARGUERITE No, no. 'Tis a note from an old friend. Wishing me well on my marriage. ARMAND From Suzanne de Tournay? MARGUERITE Yes - it's:from Suzanne.

PERCY No: DEWHURST Oh, Percy, dear God, I am so sorry: OZZY We, too, wish you well on your marriage, my dear. All the joy and blessings you both deserve, what? Goodnight, Percy! No. 4b "Wedding Exit" (orchestra) GUESTS Beautiful wedding! Welcome to England, Lady Blakeney. A lovely day! All the best, Percy. Goodnight, Armand! etc. MARGUERITE Percy? Are you unwell? PERCY No. Simply:tired. All that:dancing, I suspect. MARGUERITE Oh but: - you are angry with me? I'm sorry, Percy. I thought it would please you that I dance with your friends - but no, I should not have carried on so when they hardly know me. What must they think? PERCY No, no, m'dear. Sink me, I think you've won all their hearts. You are:such a demned remarkable:actress. MARGUERITE But I - wasn't acting, Percy. I was only happy. Oh, Percy do smile at me. Don't be the formidable Englishman. Why - you look just as you did on the night we met. PERCY Yes. Such a:short time ago. And you pegged me as a silly ass on the spot. N'est-ce pas? MARGUERITE No, Percy, I- :I only tease you sometimes for being English- You know how we laugh: you and I-: I think, we are both perhaps a bit tired and:not quite ourselves? Shall we go:inside, then?

PERCY Indeed- just the thing. Gad, you must be simply exhausted, twirlin' about in that costume all day. Yes, you go to bed now. MARGUERITE Yes, all right, but- :You will join me soon, Percy? We have been waiting all this spring: for tonight. PERCY I believe I'll take the air for awhile, m'dear. But you go on. All things in good time, what? (Confused, MARGUERITE exits, leaving PERCY alone onstage.) No. 5 "Prayer" (Percy) PERCY No -- stay. I don't care what you've said or done. Don't go away. Not now when life has just begun. Come back! And be the woman who I knew. Help me to believe in you. What on Earth am I to do? She's gone, this vision who was not quite real. I must move on, despite the pain. The pain will heal. Oh Lord, how could you let me love like this? No one dies upon a kiss, and only fools believe in bliss. Oh yes! God knows I am a fool, a man deluded by his wife, a figure ripe for ridicule who's lived a vain and useless life. So be it then. I'll play that game! I do not give a tinker's damn. I'll be a fool -- it's all the same! It truly doesn't matter what I am! God, no! I'm broken but I'm still alive. And slowly, I will feel my soul revive. With time, I'll find a way to right this wrong -if it takes my whole life long . . . Lord, I'll fight my battles all alone,

but make me strong. (The scene is transformed to Percy's library.) No. 5a "Morning Horn Call" (orchestra) Scene Six Blakeney Estate: The Library {and Limbo - then, Percy's Schooner} (PERCY sits, asleep in his chair, as JESSUP enters, followed by nine men: DEWHURST, OZZY, ELTON, FARLEIGH, HAL, HASTINGS, NEVILLE, LEGGETT, and BEN.) ELTON But, Jessup - it's our tradition! The morning after, the groom must leave the bride and play cricket with the boys! JESSUP Yes, but in this case the groom's been up all night. OZZY He's been up all night? Well- I should hope so! (JESSUP exits.) BEN But - he's still in his wedding clothes. Percy - what happened? FARLEIGH I suspect, Gentlemen, it's more a case of what did not happen. DEWHURST Leave him alone. PERCY No. Please. Don't leave me alone. Rather, tell me, lads, what should we do when the world turns upside down? OZZY Play cricket? ELTON Methinks he is not amused.

PERCY What:should we do when our dear friend, the Marquis de St. Cyr, is betrayed and butchered in France? When hundreds are massacred every day? DEWHURST Percy, this may not be the time: PERCY Then when is the time? Do you hear me? Neighbor denounces neighbor - oh, and no longer just aristocrats, but teachers, priests, poets! Off go the heads - blood soaks the stones of the streets! I tell you they've gone insane, and I ask you: what should we do? BEN Write a letter. PERCY Ah, good. Hal - take this down: "Dear Robespierre, we in England are simply aghast. Please stop chopping off all those heads. And then we'll say: "Best wishes," etc., etc. - Think that should do it, boys? ALL OTHERS Just the job! Capital! Here, here! (etc.) PERCY No more letters! No more civilized, half-hearted attempts to help a friend- This isn't just a French war anymore- it's a war against:humanity! And I for one am no longer content to sit back on my pampered British ass and do nothing. Now I say we fight them. BEN Did he say "fight"? As in fight the French? FARLEIGH Percy, you're mad. Can't just rush in. Gad, we've no training, no preparation: ELTON No preparation? Farleigh, we're accomplished men, all of us, with training inFARLEIGH In what? In Latin? ELTON

Well, yes - Latin! And French. Philosophy. Military history. FARLEIGH Opera, Oration, and the Fine Arts. Marvelous. We'll out-think the French. PERCY That, Farleigh, is precisely what I had in mind. We use our heads. Think you can use your head, Ozzy? OZZY Lud, Percy, simply want to keep my head, I do. PERCY Ruses, boys. Tricks and games. Outwit the bastards. Use diversions - And disguise! We'll blend right into the French, dressed as God knows what - traveling merchants, peddlers, cripples: HAL Gypsies! Cossacks! FARLEIGH Do stay calm. PERCY While at home, we would appear the least likely of heroes, la creme de la creme of fancy fops. Gad, boys, what do people think of us now? Useless dilettantes, what? Good! For no one must suspect us. FARLEIGH Well, perhaps they think of you as a fop, Percy. As for mePERCY Oh, rot, Farleigh- the last thing I heard you rage about was a crimp in your collar! FARLEIGH It was a dreadful collar! PERCY Splendid - Rage on! Don't you see, boys? We take what we are and go one step further, exaggerate ourselves into that breed of ninnies for whom injustice is a tough slice of mutton! Hal- what makes your blood boil? HAL Why, the French, Percy, this slaughter:

PERCY No, no! What makes your blood boil is a cold cup of tea! Follow? Elton, when they ask you where you've been the last two days, what shall you say? ELTON Why - off netting butterflies! PERCY Bravo! ELTON I was off netting butterflies. (Abruptly ARMAND enters, rushing forward.) ARMAND Percy - Let me go with you. (PERCY and the MEN attempt to cover.) PERCY Armand! Gave us a fright, you did. Been:pacing the hallways, have you? DEWHURST Cramp in the leg, mayhap? Well, it's this beastly weather. PERCY La, yes, brings on the gout! Makes a fella twitchy, restless. BEN Ghastly humid! ELTON Sticky, sticky, sticky! ALL BUT ARMAND Frightful humid! Zooks, makes the muscles ache, it do! Gad, sticky, sticky! Etc. PERCY Perhaps a touch of sherry: ARMAND Percy, I've heard everything you've said.

(A beat. PERCY drops out of fop-mode.) PERCY And? ARMAND And, dear brother-in-law, I stand beside you. It is my country that has lost its senses- I shall fight this evil with you! PERCY Where is Marguerite? ARMAND She's out riding. PERCY She must know nothing of this. Do you understand? :For her own safety. And it is against my better judgment to involve you at all, boy. DEWHURST Well, he is French, Percy. Should we embark on this lunacy, Armand could be quite helpful: HAL Yes! He'll speak the French for us. PERCY Are you mad? We must all speak perfect French! OZZY Oh, Lud- S'il vous plait:-how does one say, "Please, may I keep my bloomin' head?" ARMAND Please, Percy. I will be strong and loyal. PERCY All right, yes, but if you ever breathe one word of this to your sister, I'll flail you within an inch of your life. ARMAND I won't. I swear it. PERCY

All of you! Not a word to anyone - not to friends or valets, wives or sisters. DEWHURST And the Prince? PERCY No. this must not become a French-English war. This is our own private war. DEWHURST Well then, Percy- When do we start? PERCY We start right now. And may God be with us. ELTON Now, Percy? Well, but:November is a much better time for me: (The MEN gather around Percy's chair as he opens his ring, and stamps down into sealing wax on paper.) PERCY Be prepared to sail to France within the week. I shall communicate with you by sealed note only. Each note will bear this stamp. HAL What is it? A flower? PERCY My family crest. The Scarlet Pimpernel. Never act on any instructions unless they carry the seal of the Scarlet Pimpernel. OZZY Percy, demme, we're eleven men PERCY All the better. Secrecy needs limits. OZZY Eleven against thousands! FARLEIGH Percy, I welcome taking some:action as much as anyone, butPERCY

Christ, do you think I suggest this as simply a more thrillin' alternative to cricket?! Make no mistake: If you join me, you put your lives on the line, every one of you! We are all of us afraid. But, my friends, if we do not do this, who will? No.6 "Into the Fire" (Percy and Bounders) PERCY David walked into the valley with a stone clutched in his hand. He was only a boy, but he knew someone must take a stand. There will always be a valley, always mountains one must scale. There will always be perilous waters which someone must sail! Into valleys! Into waters! Into jungles! Into hell! Let us ride, let us ride home again with a story to tell! Into darkness, into danger, into storms that rip the night! Don't give in, don't give up, but give thanks for the glorious fight! You can tremble, you can fear it, but keep your fighting spirit alive, boys! Let the shiver of it sting you, fling into battle! Spring to your feet, boys! Never hold back your step for a moment! Never doubt that your courage will grow! Hold your head even higher and into the fire we go! (Music continues under as the MEN throw off their waistcoats, grab props and costume pieces, practice dueling with swords and a butterfly net. Gradually the library flies - they are in limbo.) Are there mountains that surround us? Are there walls that block the way? Knock them down, strip them back, boys, and forward, and into the fray! PERCY AND LEAGUE Into terror, into valor, charge ahead -- no, never turn! Yes, its into the fire we fly and the Devil will burn! (The scene is transformed to Percy's schooner, which the MEN now board, sail

billowing behind them.)

SCENE SEVEN The English Channel - Aboard Percy's Schooner PERCY AND LEAGUE Someone has to face the valley. Rush in! We have to rally and win, boys! When the world is saying not to, by God, you know you've got to march on, boys! PERCY Never hold back your step for a moment! Never doubt that your courage will grow! PERCY AND LEAGUE: Hold your head even higher and into the fire we go! (Lightning flashes.) PERCY Let the lighting strike! Light the flash of it shock you! (Lightning flashes.) DEWHURST Ready about! Heave to! PERCY Choke your fears away -- pull as tight as a wire. FARLEIGH Stand by to reef topsails! PERCY Let the fever spike! Let the force of it rock you! ELTON I just want to net butterflies! PERCY We will have our day, sailing into the fire! HAL Land ho!

PERCY This is it! (Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles as the MEN turn to put on their disguises. When they whirl about in unison, they have been transformed into a motley group of French townspeople.) PERCY AND LEAGUE Someone has to face the valley! Rush in! We have to rally and win, boys! When the world is saying not to, by God, you know you've got to march on, boys! PERCY Never hold back your step for a moment! Look alive! Oh, your courage will grow! PERCY AND LEAGUE Yes its higher and higher and into the fire we go! PERCY Into fire! LEAGUE Onward ho! (As the number ends, the scene is transformed from Percy's schooner to the Place de la Bastille:.When the applause crests, the music segues.)

SCENE EIGHT Place de la Bastille No. 6a "The Rescue Ballet" (orchestra) (Soldiers attempt to hold back an angry mob as MARIE and other prisoners are pulled onstage. Through a series of choreographed vignettes, PERCY and his MEN rescue the prisoners. During the course of the "Keystone Kops" ballet, PERCY, dressed as GRAPPIN, pins a "Pimpernel" note on the guillotine. At close, only MERCIER and COUPEAU remain onstage, bound together at the base of the guillotine as PERCY (GRAPPIN) stands casually to the side.) (CHAUVELIN enters, untying MERCIER and COUPEAU.) CHAUVELIN

You idiot soldiers! You utter, total, brainless, bungling, rattle-headed, halfwitROBESPIERRE Citizen Chauvelin. CHAUVELIN Citizen Robespierre. ROBESPIERRE Have we perhaps had another:incident? Five weeks:Five weeks now, Chauvelin, we sit like lame idiots as this Englishman taunts us! CHAUVELIN My soldiers were:abducted! ROBESPIERRE But of course. Just as last week we had a flash fire. And the week before, Chauvelin - What was that particular diversion:Hmmm? CHAUVELIN The geese. ROBESPIERRE Oh, yes. The geese. That was thrilling, wasn't it? All over the square, nipping, and pecking and squawking- How many geese did you catch? CHAUVELIN 123! ROBESPIERRE Good for you. GRAPPIN But no one ever caught that "blind" old goose woman, did they? ROBESPIERRE Did they?! CHAUVELIN She vanished into thin air! ROBESPIERRE And who vanished last month? A wet, foggy night and 30 prisoners escaped when our jailers ran away from-:?

MERCIER A ghost. It was the ghost:of Julius Caesar. ROBESPIERRE Julius:Caesar? COUPEAU It spoke Latin! ROBESPIERRE Ah. Chauvelin? Do be so good as to:.veni-vidi-vici your way up to the guillotine, and retrieve that slip of paper. Couldn't be the mark of the Scarlet Pimpernel, could it? (CHAUVELIN takes the "Pimpernel" note from the guillotine.) GRAPPIN But of course. A plain piece of parchment engraved with one red flower. CHAUVELIN Your name, Citizen? ROBESPIERRE I'll handle this, Chauvelin. Yes, your name? GRAPPIN Grappin. ROBESPIERRE Papers? GRAPPIN I am the Belgian. ROBESPIERRE You? You are the Belgian spy? Yes, of course - Grappin. I received a message from my sources just last week, recommending a new Belgian operative- Yes:I hear, Grappin, that you are a man who understands the use of terror :in defense of virtue. CHAUVELIN So. You know about this Pimpernel? And what do you say to all this? GRAPPIN Your men are fools.

ROBESPIERRE Citizen, come to my office. Now. (GRAPPIN exits.) ROBESPIERRE That, Chauvelin, is the man with whom you will henceforth work hand in hand. Is that understood? CHAUVELIN I will catch this Scarlet Pimpernel! ROBESPIERRE You will? Oh, good. A far better choice than living out your days in prison, wondering how one man could outwit the entire French army. (ROBESPIERRE exits.) No. 7 "Falcon in the Dive" (Chauvelin) CHAUVELIN Hunt for the man! Comb the city! Every street! Every grate! Set a guard at every gate! Drag him out! Shout the moment that you find him! Damn! (MERCIER exits.) Knock in the doors! Lock up the city! Track him down through this town! And be quick about it! Now! (COUPEAU exits.) How the devil do I ever prevail when I'm only a man? But I'll never be duped by this scurrilous phantom again . . . I wasn't born to walk on water. I wasn't born to sack and slaughter. But on my soul, I wasn't born to stoop to scorn and knuckle under. A man can learn to steal some thunder. A man can learn to work some wonder.

And when the gauntlet's down, its time to rise and climb the sky! And soon the moon will smolder and the winds will drive. Yes, a man grows older but his soul remains alive. All those tremulous stars still glitter and I will survive. Let my heart grow colder and as bitter as a falcon in the dive. (Soldiers enter marching in formation.) There was a dream -- a dying ember. There was a dream -- I don't remember. But I will resurrect that dream though rivers stream and hills grow steeper. For here in hell, where life gets cheaper -oh, here in hell, the blood runs deeper. And when the final dual is near, I'll lift my spear and fly. Piercing into the sky, and higher! And the strong will thrive! Yes, the weak will cower, while the fittest will survive! If we wait for the darkest hour 'til we spring alive, Then with claws of fire, we devour like a falcon in the dive. CHAUVELIN Grappin! Where is this Belgian - I want him now or (GRAPPIN enters.) GRAPPIN Yes? CHAUVELIN Get to England. We're sure this Pimpernel is British aristocracy- with connections to the Prince of Wales. Work your way into that circle of men, but begin with a womana French woman- the actress Marguerite St. Just. She is now Lady Blakeney, and undoubtedly moves within this same circle. She may be of use to us. Follow her. Follow them all! Find out who is the Scarlet Pimpernel! (GRAPPIN exits.) These are the days! Yes! Days of glory! Days of rage! And the dream -- the dream of Paris preys on my bones -gnawing night and day and -clawing through my brain and -No! Never kneel! Never bend! Rend him to bits! Bite! Now the beauty of the fight! Go!

(The soldiers exit.) I am not a man to hunger for blood, but the spirit can cry to be younger and fiercer and fly Piercing into the sky, and higher! And the strong will thrive! Yes, the weak will cower, while the fittest will survive! If we wait for the darkest hour 'til we spring alive then with claws of fire, we devour like a falcon in the dive! (Fade to Black - music segues on applause.)

SCENE NINE Blakeney Estate: The Drawing Room No. 8 "The Scarlet Pimpernel" (Percy, Marguerite, Marie & girls) FEMALE SERVANTS Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel? (Each servant separately) I'm told he swaggers on a heath With several daggers in his teeth They say he cracks the longest whip And has the stiffest upper lip I've heard he's had his skin tattooed And dances in the nude ALL Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel? PERCY Dances in the nude? But surely he wears shoes? Now really, girls- you can't believe just anything you hear For accuracy I look to the daily press Today they say the fellows a Venetian gondolier MARIE A lusty Latin lover

PERCY Yes, well, more or less And although he's feeble minded They report he's all the rage When he travels with his twelve foot spear He was seen the other day Hacking off a Frenchie's ear SERVANT An ear?! PERCY And two kneecaps? FEMALE SERVANTS He's always at it tooth and nail PERCY There's always someone to impale But he relaxes now and then To take a sail upon the Seine MARGUERITE I wish he'd sail away with me PERCY Or simply come to tea? FEMALE SERVANTS This plucky ne'er-do-well PERCY This lucky bloody swell ALL Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel? MARIE Sir Percy, do resume your pose. - Ladies: (All but two of the servants exit. PERCY resumes the pose for his portrait. JESSUP enters followed by ARMAND.) JESSUP

Lady Blakeney, Monsieur Armand has returned. (As JESSUP exits, MARGUERITE runs to embrace ARMAND.) MARGUERITE Armand? Armand, you're home?! Oh, I don't think I like all these trips you take of late, little brother. Where is it you go? PERCY Feeling his oats, m'dear. Youth and all that rot. Armand, I believe you know our guest- Mademoiselle Marie Grosholtz? She's just recently come. From Paris. ARMAND Yes, of course, Mademoiselle. You:made my sister's beautiful costumes. PERCY And what do you know, Armand? There she was, fresh off the boat with nowhere to go, and what do you think? Cleverest thought came to me: a companion for the wife! La, demned clever, I do think- puttin' two French friends together, pass the time, do whatever women do, eh what, m'dear? MARGUERITE This particular woman is an artist. (PERCY crosses to look at the portrait on Marie's easel.) PERCY Sink me, it's true! Mademoiselle Grosholtz is just finishin' my portrait, Armand, and I do believe it's - (seeing the portrait) Oh, but I'm breathtaking! And presently the Mademoiselle's vowed to do a bust of me. We'll put it in the garden, shall we? My head atop a flag post. La! We'll make a fountain out of it, water spittin' from my mouth, what? Well, for then I can water the roses! (MARGUERITE draws ARMAND aside as PERCY chats with the servants, and MARIE returns to her easel.) MARGUERITE Armand, I do wish you wouldn't go off and leave me alone quite so often. ARMAND Wasn't Percy here? MARGUERITE Percy's never here. Even when he is:he won't speak with me, he makes jokes, he

walks away. He isn't who I thought he was. ARMAND You're wrong, Marguerite. Percy is lighthearted, yes, but he's a good man, strong and braveMARGUERITE Oh, darling, I know you're fond of Percy- but don't idealize him into some shining knight, some- ..Scarlet Pimpernel. ARMAND The: Pimpernel..? ButPERCY The Pimpernel?! Zooks, Armand, I believe 'twas that very fellow snatched Mademoiselle from the mouth of La Guillotine! Sink me, makes a fella shiver! GIRL 3 Oh, Mademoiselle - The Scarlet Pimpernel saved you?! GIRL 4 Does he really carry daggers in his teeth?! PERCY No doubt he's got stilettos in his toenails. Armand, do spare me any more nightmares- :by never mentioning that jackanapes again. Girls, take him off and give him a bite to eat- The boy's giddy with hunger. (ARMAND exits with the two servants. MARGUERITE crosses to look at the portrait.) PERCY :Recognize me, Marguerite? Ah, but then I don't suppose you would - What was it you said t'other day, m'dear? MARGUERITE Percy: PERCY Wife gave me a good look-over and said- what was it, then? MARGUERITE "Why have you changed? I barely recognize you." PERCY

Yes, demme, that's it, and I said, "La, m'dear, would you have me wear the same breaches to dinner as I wore to luncheon? A gentleman always changes!" MARIE Sir Percy. (PERCY returns to his pose as MARIE turns to MARGUERITE.) MARIE I think, Lady Blakeney, should you look in his eyes:you will recognize him:. (The room darkens around Marguerite, as she sings.)

No. 9 "When I Look at You" (Marguerite) MARGUERITE When I look at you, what I always see is the face of someone else who once belonged to me. Still I can hear him laugh, and even though that melody plays on, he's gone. When I look at you, he is standing there, I can almost breathe him in like summer in the air. Why do you smile his smile? That heaven I'd forgotten eases through in you. If you could look at me once more with all the love you felt before -if you and I could disappear into the past and find that love we knew, I'd never take my eyes away from you! When I look at you, he is touching me. I would reach for him, but who can hold a memory? And love isn't everything. That moonlight on the bed will melt away Some day! Oh, you were once that someone who I followed like a star. Then suddenly you changed and now I don't know who you are. Or could it be that I never really knew you from the start! Did I create a dream? Was he a fantasy?

Even a memory is paradise for all the fools like me. Because I miss him so. . . When I look at you. (Lights back up as JESSUP enters.) JESSUP Lady, Blakeney, you have a visitor in the rose garden. MARGUERITE In the garden? (JESSUP exits.) PERCY No doubt it's a frog, m'dear. Toads and frogs do prefer meetin' a princess in the garden- Always hopin' for that kiss, don't you know: No. 9a "Playoff: When I Look at You" (orchestra) (MARGUERITE exits) PERCY Marie, a letter's just come from Paris. We've made contact with your fiance. (MARIE crosses to PERCY.) MARIE With Tussaud? PERCY Yes, and not only is he safe: MARIE Oh, thank God! PERCY :but we now make our headquarters in the poor bloke's cellar! Can you do your work there? MARIE In his cellar? Yes, of course! Tussaud will work beside me. (ARMAND enters, crossing to PERCY and MARIE.)

PERCY Armand - there you are. I wouldn't bother to unpack your bags, my boy. We must get Marie back to Paris in the morning. You'll take her straight to the hideaway and tell Dewhurst- Oh, didn't I tell you? She's working with us now. ARMAND You, Mademoiselle? But I had no ideaMARIE Nor did I. Until last evening. Your leader is very persuasive. PERCY We can't speak here. MARIE I will fetch my shawl and meet you both by the river then? (MARIE exits.) ARMAND Tomorrow morning, Percy? But - what shall I tell Marguerite? I've only just returned. She worries so for my safety, and if she finds out I go to FrancePERCY Don't let her find out. Give another excuse. Lord only knows what new excuse I'll give her - Perhaps I should "go fishing in Scotland" again: ARMAND She'll believe it. She has no idea who you really are. Lord, Percy, why don't you just tell her the truth? PERCY Armand, she is to know nothing. ARMAND But- :why don't you trust her? PERCY Odd's my life, boy, who trusts anyone in this slippery world? Better to play the game, what? Be on your guard. Zounds, when the heart goes soft, that's when the dagger plunges in. Off with you then. I'll meet you be the river. (ARMAND exits as the scene changes to the garden.)

Scene Ten Blakeney Estate: The Garden No. 9b "When I Look at You" (reprise) (Percy & Marguerite) (PERCY and MARGUERITE, in different parts of the garden, stand alone and sing.) PERCY Oh, you were once that someone who I followed like a star Then suddenly you changed and now I don't know who you are MARGUERITE Or could it be that I never really knew you from the start? PERCY Did I create a dream? MARGUERITE Was he a fantasy? Both Even a memory is paradise for all the fools like me MARGUERITE Now remembering is all that I can do PERCY Because I miss her so MARGUERITE I miss him so BOTH When I look at you (As the song ends, PERCY exits. JESSUP escorts CHAUVELIN into the Garden.) MARGUERITE Chauvelin,: What in God's name are you doing here? CHAUVELIN I've just arrived in England, milady.. What could be more natural than to pay a visit

on an old friend? MARGUERITE You're no friend of mine, Chauvelin. You lied to me. CHAUVELIN Ah, yes, that poor man you denounced- St. Cyr. Robespierre made the decision to execute. What could I do? MARGUERITE Do you think I ever would have given you information had I known you'd kill the man?! I'll have that family's blood on my hands as long as I live! CHAUVELIN It's unfortunate, yes, but how pleasant to see you no longer suffer, having:transplanted:like a rose:to such surroundings. MARGUERITE Chauvelin, if you came here to apologizeCHAUVELIN I am not in the habit of sailing the Channel to make apologies, Marguerite. No, I'm here on state business. I did, however, also wish to speak with you. The Revolution seems toMARGUERITE The Revolution is out of control. I have cut all ties with that murderous regime, and with you, Chauvelin. Please go. CHAUVELIN Yet:surely your heart is still loyal to the Republic. Work with me again, Marguerite. You will do your country the greatest service to help discover the identity of this Scarlet Pimpernel. MARGUERITE What?! That is why you come here? You're mad! CHAUVELIN Not at all. I now know you travel close to the Prince of Wales, as does the Pimpernel. It would be easy for you: MARGUERITE What, you- you've had me watched?

CHAUVELIN Oh, Marguerite:shall we dispense with the indignation? You, also, are quite the clever spy, and I suggest you return to that occupation or there may be:trouble. Perhaps in your marriage? MARGUERITE Blackmail, again, Chauvelin? Go ahead. Tell my husband about our "liaison." Believe me, what he feels for me today will never change, no matter what you do! (PERCY enters.) PERCY Marguerite? It seems that tomorrow Marie will be leaving us- : (Seeing CHAUVELIN) but lovely to see that: others : join us. MARGUERITE Percy, you remember Citizen Chauvelin- from Paris? PERCY How do. Indeed- the Citizen! Oh, but that name. Citizen Sh- uh- Shew- : Forgive meHave a bit of trouble with the French language, I do. Spell the name for me, will you? CHAUVELIN C-H-A-UPERCY C-H-U- yes:Chew- Ah-choo! Yes? CHAUVELIN No, no- Show- Show- A-U-V: PERCY Ah, Sho-sho! Like a little dog name! Got it, yes- and V- ? CHAUVELIN Yes, V-E- No- Only one Show- just one- Show! V-E-LPERCY One-Sho-Sho- yes, then VCHAUVELIN One Show! Then V! E! L!

PERCY Ah, Vel! So: Chew-One-Sho-Sho-Vel! CHAUVELIN What?! PERCY What?! MARGUERITE Honestly, Percy. Chauvelin. C-H-A-U-V-E-L-I-N. PERCY Ah yes, Shove-Lynn! That's a stunning name! Won't you come in and have a sip of tea with us then, Monsieur Shovelynn? Bit sticky out here, isn't it? MARGUERITE He was just leaving. PERCY Oh, blast. And me yearning to discuss a bit of Paris fashion. Tell me, is it true you're no longer wearing lace on your jabots? CHAUVELIN We have little time or use for lace in Paris these days, Sir Percival. PERCY Sink me! Makes a man fear for the future- Oh, it do, don't it? No lace at all? Oh Good God! CHAUVELIN How reassuring, Marguerite, to see you've married a man of such discerning values. And now I'll take my leave of you. (As CHAUVELIN kisses Marguerite's hand, PERCY crosses in behind him.) PERCY But you'll be staying on in England, I do so hope. Small holiday for you, is it? MARGUERITE I'm sure Citizen Chauvelin returns to France immediately. He has no reason to remain here. CHAUVELIN

Actually(CHAUVELIN turns, almost colliding with PERCY. PERCY Oh! Give warning before you heave about! You frightened me. It's: all that black so close up. You wear black rather incessantly, do you? No, no, I love black. Just not on me. But you were saying? CHAUVELIN I'll be in England one week, Sir Percy. Actually, I've been invited to attend a royal ball. ThePERCY & CHAUVELIN (together) Prince's ball. PERCY But how simply thrilling! CHAUVELIN Yes. PERCY Why, we, too, shall be there! CHAUVELIN Ah! PERCY The wife and I! La, but is it so soon? I must see to my attire straightaway! (PERCY starts to leave. CHAUVELIN follows him.) PERCY Jessup! Summon my valet! (PERCY turns back, again almost colliding with CHAUVELIN.) PERCY Oh! How you do creep up on a person! We'll have to hang a bell about your neck. But we'll make it black. I think perhaps my ruby satin for the royal ball, Margueritewhat? Oh, yes- it do shimmer so! (Into CHAUVELIN'S face) Mmmmmmmm:. (PERCY exits.)

CHAUVELIN I could:book you passage with me on the boat back to France, my dear: MARGUERITE This:is my home. CHAUVELIN I see. So. You have traded Rousseau for rose gardens, and I, apparently, am replaced by:that. Most intriguing. Tell me, Marguerite, how do we compare? Exactly what sort of lover is your husband? My God:you:don't know! Do you? Yes: Of course: a man like that would simply be lost in your bed. MARGUERITE What do you know of it, Chauvelin? You and I never loved each other. Go now. Leave me. CHAUVELIN How can I leave you? Marguerite. You do not belong in this cold land- with no one to understand you, to touch you:The girl I knew could not bear this another moment: No. 10 "Where's the Girl?" (Chauvelin) CHAUVELIN I remember I remember I remember I remember

days full of restlessness and fury. nights that were drunk on dreams. someone who hungered for the glory. her, but it seems . . . she's gone . . .

Where's the girl? Where's the girl with the blaze in her eyes? Where's the girl with that gaze of surprise? Now and then I still dream she's beside me . . . Where's the girl? Who could turn on the edge of a knife? Where's the girl who was burning for life? I can still feel her breathing beside me And I know she remembers how fearless it feels to take off with the wind at your heels -- she and I took this world like a storm! Come again! Let the girl in your heart tumble free.

Bring your renegade heart home to me. In the dark of them morning I'll warm you, I'll rouse you . . . Marguerite, don't forget I know who you are. We were cut from the same surly star, like two jewels in the sky, sharing fire. Where's the girl, so alive and still aching for more? We had dreams that were worth dying for. We were caught in the eye of a storm! Come again! Let the girl in your heart tumble free. Bring your renegade heart home to me. In the dark of the morning, I'll warm you, I'll rouse you . . . Where's the girl? Is she gazing at me with surprise? Do I still see that blaze in her eyes? Am I dreaming or is she beside me . . . now . . .? MARGUERITE No- :Get out- : No. 10a "Exits and Entrances" (orchestra) (CHAUVELIN exits, as MARIE and ARMAND enter from another part of the garden.) ARMAND Marguerite. MARGUERITE Marie- what is this Percy tells me? You are leaving us? MARIE Yes, Marguerite. I leave tomorrow for France. But I promise you, this time, to come not quite so close to the blade of La Guillotine. MARGUERITE But why go back? This is lunacy. MARIE Marguerite, my fiance needs me now. There is:important work we must do together.

MARGUERITE But- to travel there aloneMARIE Oh, not alone, no. Armand will be with me: MARGUERITE Armand?! No! ARMAND It- It is only to: see Marie safely home. IMARIE I will- :leave you both and say goodbye in the morning. Marguerite- :I shall never forget the kindness you have shown me- you:and your husband. (MARIE exits. MARGUERITE Armand- No more of this traveling about, do you hear me? And to France- Mon Dieu! How can you think it? You are all the family I have in this world- Dear God, what would I do if you were- : ARMAND I swear to you, I won't die. MARGUERITE How can you swear such a stupid thing?! Of course you'll die, we all will, only I don't want you to go and do it now. Oh, be careful, my little brother. Please: be careful: No. 11 "You Are My Home" (reprise) (Marguerite & Armand) MARGUERITE You are my only brother and my friend What would I do if you were gone? ARMAND Why are your eyes so full of fear? I will be here We will go on BOTH You are my home

You make me strong And in this world of strangers I belong to someone You are all I know You're all I have I need you so I won't let go (As darkness falls around them, ARMAND and MARGUERITE slowly back away from each other and exit.)

SCENE ELEVEN (Blakeney Estate: The Library) (As the lights come up, PERCY stands in his library, wearing an outrageous outfit. JESSUP enters.) JESSUP Sir- The Gentlemen have been:readied. PERCY Send them in. (JESSUP exits. DEWHURST, OZZY, ELTON, FARLEIGH, HASTINGS, LEGGETT, NEVILLE, HAL and BEN enter, wearing equally outrageous outfits.) DEWHURST Percy, really now- there is a limit. PERCY Patience, lads. There's a method to my madness. DEWHURST But 'tis madness! Spies and cutthroats surround us and we play dress-ups? PERCY Precisely. FARLEIGH Percy! I demand to know why I'm forced into this get-up! Upon leaving my house, the footman giggled - right in my face! ELTON

Well, I think it's rather nice for a change. Quite:summery. PERCY Elton, sometimes you frighten me: But- we shall all continue to look "summery" for a while yet, boys. Desperate times call for desperate measures, what? We've been summoned to the palace. BEN The palace? FARLEIGH By the prince? PERCY Yes. He has his suspicions. If he finds us out, he'll shut us down straightaway. British-French relations are tenuous enough these days without rabble rousers running about. HAL Is that what he calls us? Rabble Rousers? PERCY That is how he refers to "the Pimpernel and his men", whomever they might be. But he'll never think it's us, will he? Naturally not, for the mere mention of that scoundrel makes us: ALL :Swoon? PERCY Indeed! Such ruffians besmirch the very name of manhood. Nay, 'tis our duty as males not to rush to the battle, but to the tailor! No. 12 "The Creation of Man" (Percy & "Bounders") PERCY Peacocks! ELTON Sink me! PERCY Think ye, sir, How those feathered boys

Love to flaunt their tails! Stallions! FARLEIGH Zounds, sir! PERCY Hounds, sir! Stags! DEWHURST Of the goosie and the gander, sir Which gender is the grander, sir? PERCY To render total candor, sir: The splendor is the male's! OZZY But Percy, I simply can not hop about wearin' pink chiffon. PERCY Ozzy, whatever we must do to deflect suspicion, we shall do- which in this case is: to shimmer! PERCY Be an example to your sex. Give your boot a dapper strap. And it's smarter if your garter has some snap. Cravats should be flounced about our necks. Wear a nightcap when you napBe bewitching with some stitching on your cap. Now drape your cape and puff you cuff! Embroider those lapels! Be the king of the beasts in pastels! La, but someone has to strike a pose And bear the weight of well-tailored clothes! And that is why the Lord created men! DEWHURST Percy. Armand and Marie await us in Paris. Conditions are more dangerous than ever, and in the face of all this, you expect us to-

PERCY -to convince all of bloody England that we're nincompoops! PERCY Strut, sir! DEWHURST What, sir? PERCY Roosters do. Give a cock his comb and the hens will pale. Buck, bulls! ALL More, sir! PERCY Boars, sir! Rams! DEWHURST Of the nanny-goat and billy, sir, Whose beard is fully wooly, sir? PERCY It's bully for the billy For he's willy-nilly male! OZZY Lud, Percy, you're the best-dressed man in London. You can get away with this, but the rest of usPERCY Sir! Be a lion-hearted prig! Fill those pantaloons with light! OZZY I could dangle down a spangle: out of sight: PERCY Oh yes! PERCY

Be bold! FARLEIGH When it's cold, slap on that wig. BEN Draw your breeches in quite tightPERCY Even more so and your torso will ignite! HAL Now smock your frock! ELTON Perfume your plume! OZZY I'll let my waistcoat swing! ALL And the jungle will bow to its king! La, but someone has to strike a pose! And bear the weight of well-tailored clothes! PERCY And that is why the Lord created men: Yes! ALL That is why the Lord created men! "Dance Break" (PERCY pulls a handkerchief from his sleeve and begins to instruct the MEN in how to behave like a fop.) ALL And the jungle will bow to its king! PERCY La, but someone has to strike a pose! And bear the weight of well-tailored clothes!

ALL And that is why the Lord created men! Men! That is why the Lord created men.

"Dance Break" PERCY Gentlemen, remember what we're here for, Why we must be dressed:to kill. ALL If we have to look like Cleopatra, Then we will! If you're out to make a splash, cheriDo know your haberdashery! Buttons, buckles, ruffles and lace Represent the human race! (The scene changes to the Royal Palace.) SCENE TWELVE England, The Royal Palace SENTRY His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales! (The PRINCE OF WALES enters, as PERCY and his MEN make a grand entrance, closing out the song.) PERCY & BOUNDERS La, but someone has to strike a pose! And bear the weight of well-tailored clothes! Each species needs a sex that's fated To be highly decorated! That is why the Lord created men! PRINCE OF WALES Is that you, Percy? PERCY Highness! How well you're lookin'!

PRINCE OF WALES I protest, you lie, Blakeney, smooth as a cat. PERCY You've caught me out. PRINCE OF WALES No more lies, my lad. No, called you here for a bit of candor. I have reports you fellas sail back and forth to France at a dizzyin' pace these days- what's that all about then? PERCY Frou-frou! PRINCE OF WALES Beg pardon? BEN Frou-frou! ELTON Frills! DEWHURST Fabric! PERCY Where else can one get the finest but France? FARLEIGH Even in these days of butchery, the French do still turn out such rickrack! OZZY Gad, but we must have their trim, tassels, taffeta! HAL Whatever the cost! PERCY So back and forth we goALL (singing) Row, row, row your boat:

PRINCE OF WALES Yes, but- :you're sure you're not hooked up with this: Pimpernel fellow? (The MEN'S reactions range from horror to hilarity.) PRINCE OF WALES Hmmmm. Well, I must say you are all lookin' quite:quite: PERCY Summery? PRINCE OF WALES Yes. Quite. Summery. Oh, very well. You may continue certain brief and politic trips to France for the purposes of uh- :'frou-frou' only. Oh, and next trip, pick me up one of them silly hats, what? (SENTRY enters.) SENTRY Citizen Chauvelin, Agent of the French Republic. (SENTRY exits as CHAUVELIN enters with his two aides, MERCIER and COUPEAU.) PRINCE OF WALES Oh, yes. Citizen Chauvelin, we've been expecting you. PERCY Shovelynn! CHAUVELIN Sir Percy. PERCY You here to see the Prince? Zooks, Highness- what larks! Most stimulatin' fella, Shovelynn. PRINCE OF WALES We have agreed to meet with the citizen in hopes of finding a common ground between our two governments, though I must tell you, Chauvelin, as long as your regime follows its current bloody course, I have little hope. PERCY And speaking of "hopeless", perhaps, Highness, you might suggest to Shovelynn

that he, too, pick up a new hat. But no- then we'd have to re-do the whole thing, head to foot. Never mind. CHAUVELIN I believe we have more important things to discuss. PERCY Ye God, yes! The Royal Ball! Highness, what are you wearing? PRINCE OF WALES Wearing? No idea, Blakeney. What about my ruby satin? PERCY Oh, blast, blast, blast! No, but you simply can't. I'm in ruby satin. Isn't that right, Shovelynn? Because it shimmers, yes? BOUNDERS Mmmm: PERCY Oh, do forgive us, but we must speed straightaway to the royal closet and help the Prince select his garb for the ball this evening. Come, Highness- quickly! Oh, no, he doesn't mind. Do you, Shovelynn? You wait right here 'til his Highness returns, and then he'll chat with you all about revolutions and so forth. But, well, I mean: first things first! PRINCE OF WALES Very well then, uh- :.Shovelynn- I'll be with you shortly. (The PRINCE OF WALES exits.) PERCY Come, boys! We've but hours to choose the right cravat!

No. 12a "Creation of Man: Exit" (orchestra) (PERCY exits with his men.) CHAUVELIN (to his aides) Go. Stay in the shadows, but find what you can. Bring me papers, documentsanything that might pertain to this Pimpernel. Now! No. 13 "The Riddle - Part I" (Chauvelin)

(MERCIER and COUPEAU exit.) CHAUVELIN Stick to your purpose and don't let the fire burn out An eye for an eye and to hell with those shadows of doubt No one blinds me with tricks and diversion No one quickens my heart on the sly I am here for one reason And all other reasons must die (Music segues.) No. 13a "The Riddle - Part II" (orchestra) (MARGUERITE enters.) CHAUVELIN Ah, I see you received my message, Lady Blakeney. And you came. How:cooperative. MARGUERITE It's not often I receive a message informing me that I hold someone's life in my hands, Chauvelin. Would that be my life:or yours? CHAUVELIN Your brother's. Yes. Unfortunately, my dear, it seems your brother has been arrested in Paris. MARGUERITE You-:you think I'll believe this? CHAUVELIN I suggest that you do. MARGUERITE Why would they arrest him? CHAUVELIN For conspiracy against the French government. Your brother is a member of the league of the Scarlet Pimpernel. MARGUERITE It's not true!

CHAUVELIN Ah, but it is. And now I put it to you, Marguerite: Will you use what great influence you have to uncover the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel? For if you do not, Armand will be guillotined. MARGUERITE Chauvelin! My God! But- you can stop this: you have power in FranceCHAUVELIN What do you care about this British rogue? Betray him! MARGUERITE You ask the impossible! No one knows who he is! How on earth am I to do this? Where? When? CHAUVELIN Tonight. At the ball. The Pimpernel, I am certain, will be there, and nothing is impossible for the "greatest actress in Europe". MARGUERITE Damn you, Chauvelin! :And:if I can do this thing, you will release Armand? CHAUVELIN I swear it. MARGUERITE Can I trust you? CHAUVELIN Can I trust you? No. 13b "The Riddle - Part III" (Percy, Marguerite, Chauvelin & chorus)) CHAUVELIN See the moon slink down in the sky, darling. Let your fantasies fly, darling. Life is cold and the game is old. MARGUERITE Just see how virtue repays you -you turn and someone betrays you. Betray him first and the game's reversed!

BOTH For we all are caught in the middle of one long treacherous riddle. Can I trust you? Should you trust me too? CHAUVELIN We shamble on through this hell, MARGUERITE taking on more secrets to sell, BOTH 'til there comes a day when we sell our souls away. (PERCY enters) PERCY La, m'dear- I heard you'd been seen in the palace, but I said, "No, quite impossible. The wife's at home:waiting for me." Apparently not. Is:.something wrong? MARGUERITE No. No. Citizen Chauvelin has simply brought me:news. News from Paris. PERCY I see. Well. I was:on my way home. To change for the ball, don't you know: You'll be happy to hear, Shovelynn, I've found something lovely for the Prince to wear tonight. And now I'd be only too happy to turn my hands to you- Ah, but no. You'll be wearing:black, won't you? CHAUVELIN I am quite:resolute, yes. And now I go to meet with the Prince. PERCY Are you :coming with me, Marguerite? MARGUERITE In a moment. I- :am not sure what:to do: CHAUVELIN Sometimes quick decisions are best. PERCY Ah yes. Bring on:the moment of truth:

PERCY Through the mist your lover is beckoning . . . comes that moment of reckoning, faces change, even smiles grow strange. ALL And we all have so many faces the real self often erases. Enticing lies flicker through our eyes! Feel the terror draw ever nearer the more you stare in the mirror, but hold your own, face the wind alone. CHAUVELIN Reel on, love! Toughen your scars! Year by year, we're falling like stars ALL 'til there comes a day when we sell our souls away! PERCY Can I run to you? Are you true to me? CHAUVELIN I'll do unto you as you do to me! MARGUERITE And we slowly learn someone has to burn. ALL Better you than me. PERCY Oh, every Judas once loved a Jesus. MARGUERITE But finally treason will seize us! CHAUVELIN And only fools follow golden rules! ALL We all are caught in the middle of one long treacherous riddle

of who trusts who . . . maybe I'll trust you . . . but can you trust me? Wait and see! End of Act I ACT II No. 14 "Entr'acte" (orchestra) SCENE ONE England, The Royal Palace, The Ballroom (The curtain rises on a masked ball in progress. Present are the PRINCE OF WALES, CHAUVELIN, and assembled guests.) No. 14a "Opening Act II - The Scarlet Pimpernel" (Percy, Marguerite, ensemble) GUESTS Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel (PERCY and MARGUERITE enter.) PERCY Lud love me Such conjecturing could drive a man insane And I'm the one to set this gossip quite to rest The Pimpernel is me MARGUERITE Indeed, and I'm the queen of Spain PERCY She's disguised herself but now she has at last confessed MARGUERITE I confess to nothing more than admiration for a man Who so gloriously risks his life PERCY Did you hear that, one and all?

Why, the Pimpernel's bewitched my wife MARGUERITE The man's a hero PERCY He's a drunk A fiddling Nero MARGUERITE He has spunk PERCY What bunk! The man's a lazy lout... MARGUERITE And still I long to find him out BOTH This secret simply will not keep For England's losing sleep MARGUERITE It's time to break the spell PERCY Won't someone bloody tell? ALL Who is the Scarlet Pimpernel? (Music immediately segues.) PRINCE OF WALES Lovely Sir Percy, but I'm afraid that's one question we won't answer tonight. The man's not here. CHAUVELIN Ah, but I suspect: he is. PERCY Sink me- it's the Citizen! Oh, and look how he do scan this room. Cover yourselves, men! Methinks he seeks the Pimpernel.

No. 15 "They Seek Him Here" (Percy & ensemble) PERCY They seek him here They seek him there Those Frenchies seek him everywhere Is he in heaven or is he in hell That demmed elusive Pimpernel PRINCE OF WALES Is that true, Citizen? You've come all the way to England to look for this Pimpernel?

PERCY Because, HighnessPERCY He meddles with the Frenchie revolution Popping in and out each week Spoiling every lovely execution La, what cheek! They seek him here They seek him there Those Frenchies seek him everywhere MARGUERITE If you should see him Please do give a yell BOTH That demmed elusive Pimpernel CHAUVELIN The rumor is the Pimpernel is British PERCY A Brit who's playing peek-a-boo Ooh, were I the Pimpy I'd feel rather skittish CHAUVELIN It's not you PERCY

Oh, Thank God! BOUNDERS It's possible our hero flirts with danger MARGUERITE Oh, I wish he'd flirt with me! PRINCE OF WALES Methinks I feel the evening growing stranger CHAUVELIN Ah, mais oui PERCY Oh, such an accent! What those Frenchies can't do! And what else do they do? ALL They seek him here They seek him there Those Frenchies seek him everywhere PERCY Is he up yonder or down in the dell? PRINCE Where is this blasted Pimpernel? CHAUVELIN I believe he's here upon your own shore PERCY Dancing round these hallowed halls? PRINCE Well, after all, we Englishmen are known for splendid balls ALL They seek him here They seek him there PERCY The ladies seek him everywhere

PERCY Marguerite, what should you say to him? MARGUERITE Please tell me how I might identify you There are many things I 'd like to ask PERCY Were I the Pimpy, tell me, what should I do? BOUNDERS Drop your mask! PERCY No need for vulgarity: ALL They seek him here They seek him there Those Frenchies seek him everywhere Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That demmed elusive Pimpernel No. 15a "Ouilles Gavotte" (orchestra) (Music for the Gavotte begins under.) PERCY Marguerite? Will you:dance? MARGUERITE Oh, Percy- I don't know what to do. IPERCY I see. You've promised this dance to someone else. (PERCY turns away.) MARGUERITE No- Don't go. Always you leave, you put me off: PERCY Ah, but that gives you all the more time to spend with your other:friends.

MARGUERITE Stop it. Percy. Oh, God, what have I done that you should hate me so? PERCY And what have I done that you should turn and live another life behind my back?! MARGUERITE Oh, I don't know what to say to you anymore! PERCY Then say nothi ng, my dear. Simply dance. (PERCY and MARGUERITE dance. Partners change and MARGUERITE dances with CHAUVELIN.)

CHAUVELIN Marguerite, you know a man by the name of Farleigh? And another who goes by the name of "Izzy" or "Ozzy"? MARGUERITE Why? CHAUVELIN I've learned that just before your brother was arrested, he spoke these namesnames perhaps of his confederates? (Partners change again, as the dance continues. MARGUERITE now dances with OZZY.) MARGUERITE Ah, Sir Osbert, what am I to do? OZZY Do, my dear? Why- you're not ill, are you? MARGUERITE Only ill with curiosity. Is it possible that: - Might you perhaps be a member of- Oh, Ozzy- do you know the Pimpernel?! (As the dance continues, PERCY and OZZY dance adjacent to one another.)

OZZY Ah, there you are, Percy. Your wife asks a great many questions tonight. PERCY Is that so? OZZY She thinks perhaps I know the Pimpernel. I assume that I don't? PERCY Shhh! (As the dance continues, PERCY and OZZY move away from each other. MARGUERITE once again dances with CHAUVELIN.) MARGUERITE Chauvelin, if you suspect these men are in league with the Pimpernel, why not seize and question them yourself? CHAUVELIN Ah, my dear, if but I could. You forget we are on English soil. What power have I here? MARGUERITE None:save your power over me. CHAUVELIN A pretty state of affairs, is it not? Go to work, Cherie. Now. (MARGUERITE moves toward FARLEIGH as PERCY and DEWHURST pass each other.) DEWHURST What's Chauvelin up to? PERCY Not sure. DEWHURST And:your wife? Percival- your wife? (MARGUERITE is now dancing with FARLEIGH.) FARLEIGH Lady Blakeney-

MARGUERITE It shall be our secret: FARLEIGH But I tell you, I have no idea who the Pimpernel is. Even if I did: what makes you think the man is here tonight? MARGUERITE Dear God, we both know he is here - I see it in your eyes! Farleigh, now I beg of youIf you know him, pray find him, tell him I must speak to him tonight- soon. What hour is it? FARLEIGH Near midnight, Milady. MARGUERITE At one o'clock then. Tell the Pimpernel I shall wait for him outside. On the footbridge. You must deliver this message, Farleigh. I tell you- it is a matter of life and death. (FARLEIGH moves away. Both CHAUVELIN and PERCY hear as MARGUERITE says) MARGUERITE The footbridge. One o'clock. (The scene is transformed to the Footbridge.) SCENE TWO A footbridge in the garden near the Ballroom (MARGUERITE paces on the Footbridge. Percy enters from behind, careful to never let her see him.) PERCY Lady Blakeney? No:stay as you are:If you turn and look on me, you will endanger the lives of those you love. MARGUERITE :You are the Pimpernel? PERCY I am. You asked to meet with me?

MARGUERITE Yes. I- No. No- go. And quickly. Is it one o'clock yet? PERCY We have some time. But did you not promise Chauvelin that I would be here at one? MARGUERITE Yes, butPERCY Then we don't want to disappoint him, do we? MARGUERITE Do you know:my brother? Armand St. Just? I've heard he is one of your band. PERCY And? MARGUERITE They've arrested him. Oh God, I would never have done this for Chauvelin- only he made it a condition of releasing my brother. They'll kill him. PERCY They won't kill him. They'll:question him. MARGUERITE But Chauvelin told mePERCY Don't trust Chauvelin. (A beat.) This is not the first time you've done dirty work for Chauvelin, is it? MARGUERITE No. He has forced my hand before. Please- go. He'll be here any moment. PERCY How has he forced your hand? MARGUERITE He threatened to tell Percy - my husband - certain things about my past, butPERCY Such as?

MARGUERITE Dieu, they seem so petty now, compared toPERCY Tell me. MARGUERITE In France, I lived as a:free woman. You understand? I met Chauvelin the day we stormed the Bastille. He became my lover. It was brief- it was:mad. But it happened. This spring, when Percy and I were about to be married, Chauvelin came to me: "How would you like your husband to know what sort of woman you are?" PERCY And:would your husband have left you if he knew about:your past? MARGUERITE I was so afraid he would. But if he knew now:I doubt he'd care one way or the other. PERCY Go on: MARGUERITE Chauvelin promised silence if I found out where the English had hidden away the Marquis de St. Cyr. But Chauvelin lied. He promised not to kill St. Cyr. He's killed so often now- he won't hesitate with Armand. Can you save my brother? If you cannot, then somehow I will. Clearly, I'm beyond scruples. PERCY You would never be so foolish as to sail to France alone? MARGUERITE Armand is my brotherPERCY Do you think I would ever let harm come to that boy? (Recovering his composure.) Lady Blakeney, I will save Armand. MARGUERITE Oh, if you can- yes! But leave now- Please, before Chauvelin comes- save yourself, dear sir. Go. PERCY That decision is mine. But you must go now. Go- and find your husband:

(MARGUERITE turns to leave.) PERCY You're- :wrong, you know. I believe the poor sot loves you: (MARGUERITE exits.) No. 16 "She Was There" (Percy) PERCY So many nights I have stood in the moonlight, watching it fade into dawn, wanting her back with me, warm in the moonlight, knowing that moment was gone -out of mind, out of sight -- 'til the moon rose . . . tonight . . . All at once I felt a chill. In a spill of moonlight . . . she was there. Though we both held very still, there was something pulling in the air. When she whispered through the dark, I tried hard to hold my ground. I believed I had a choice 'til the music in her voice turned my whole world around. I would like to understand, but the stars and I begin to blur . . . If she never touched my hand, then what filled me with the feel of her? In between us stood a wall. In a flash it fell apart! Is it possible she heard every last unspoken word racing out of my heart? She never turned to me, but suddenly we had so much to share! I never took her in my arms, but she was there! Oh, she was there! No, I never pulled her in! Still her tenderness was everywhere!

Oh, she slipped beneath my skin, just as if she'd always been right there! Has she been there all along? Was I too far gone to know? What a fool I must have been, for how could I pull her in, when I've never let her go? (As PERCY turns to exit, he collides with CHAUVELIN.) CHAUVELIN Blakeney?! PERCY Shovelynn! Demme, then you're the Scarlet Pimpernel! CHAUVELIN What's that? PERCY I heard he was to be here at one o'clock. The Pimpernel! Everybody said so, you know. I wanted to catch a glimpse of the fellow- it's you then, is it?! CHAUVELIN Good God, Blakeney- please move along now. I have- :business here. PERCY But of course you do! You're meeting your band of merry men! Demned clever of you, posing as this ass Shovelynn over there in Paris, when all along you're a hero! CHAUVELIN Blakeney, I am not the Scarlet Pimpernel, and will you kindly return to the ball? PERCY But if you're not-: CHAUVELIN Now! PERCY Well! (PERCY exits, then quickly returns.)

PERCY Ah! Got it! A rendezvous! You're meetin' with the Pimpernel! But where is he? Oh, Pimpernel! (lurching forward) Pimpy! (Excited, CHAUVELIN leans over the bridge railing.) PERCY April fool! (Shouting again, into the dark) Come out, come out, wherever you are! Shovelynn wants to talk business with you and I'm simply longing to see your costume! CHAUVELIN Merde! This man is a nincompoop! (As CHAUVELIN exits.) PERCY And proud of it, sir! (Looking about) Boys! Boys- Where are you? (Music starts under as Percy's MEN run on.) DEWHURST Percy! Word's just come from Marie in Paris- they've got Armand! PERCY Yes, I know. Hal- do we still have our contact within the prison? HAL Armand's not in the prison, Percy. We don't know where they've taken him. PERCY Right. Then we'll just have to go find him, won't we? Oh, you ninnies- they won't kill him. They want him alive as much as we do! Off with you then! Ready the boat! We sail to France tonight! (The MEN run off leaving PERCY alone.) No. 17 "Tag: She Was There" (Percy) PERCY Has she been there all along? Was I too far gone to know? What a fool I must have been, for how could I pull her in, when I've never let her go?

(Percy runs off.)

SCENE THREE France, The Cafe (Lights up on a cafe, a military hang-out where soldiers are entertained by tarts singing rowdily from "Storybook". MARGUERITE, disguised as a tart, sits with MERCIER and COUPEAU, all three slightly drunk.) No. 18 "Bistro Reprise: Storybook" (Marguerite & ensemble) TARTS La- la- la- la- (etc.) MARGUERITE But you are lying to me! COUPEAU No! We captured the boy last week. He is a member of the band of The Scarlet Pimpernel. MARGUERITE And he is here?! MERCIER We interrogate him here secretly- so the Pimpernel can't find him. MARGUERITE Oh, you soldiers tell such stories. Just because I am new to Paris, you think I'll believe anything. COUPEAU But it's true! MARGUERITE Oh, then prove it to me- : You show me this boy- this, this-: MERCIER St. Just. He's a Frenchman. Armand St. Just. MARGUERITE Yes, yes, but if it were true, you would show him to me. If he does exist, Dieu, what

fun to tell my friends I have seen this prisoner: And later tonight: what fun we three have together, hmmm? COUPEAU I'll get the keys. (COUPEAU exits as the tarts continue "Storybook".)

FRENCH GIRLS Listen to me I have beautiful dreams I can spin you, Dreams to linger within you. Close your eyes and we'll ride my carousel. (CHAUVELIN enters, spots MARGUERITE.) Come let's believe love can be just as sweet as it seems. Let's live on dreams . . . (CHAUVELIN crosses to MARGUERITE and pulls her forward.) CHAUVELIN Mes amis! Please welcome back to France, in her first return engagement, Mademoiselle Marguerite St. Just! (yanking off her wig) And now perhaps she will sing the song for us as it was meant to be sung. That is- :if she still:speaks:French! MARGUERITE Et sur mon manege, l'amour toujours est chantant. De mes reves, c'est le commencement, et j'espere une fin heureuse. Marguerite and French Girls: Mais la fin de l'histoire ne vient pas tres doucement, pour l'histoire il faut faire semblant. Certes je n'embrasse que mes reves, seuls mes reves. And on my carousel, love is always singing.Of my dreams, its the beginningand I hope for a happy end. But the end of the story doesn't come sweetly,for the story, one must make believe.Surely I hold nothing but my dreams, only my dreams. CHAUVELIN Welcome home, Marguerite. (The scene transforms to a prison.) No. 18a "Into the Prison" (orchestra)

SCENE FOUR The Prison and a Paris Street

(CHAUVELIN confronts MARGUERITE as MERCIER and COUPEAU stand guard.) CHAUVELIN You do know, Marguerite:that I admire you- yes? Coming here to find your brotherthat shows spirit, courage: But did you truly think I could be near you and not know you? Even you: are not that great an actress. Will you sit:milady? MARGUERITE Armand is here? CHAUVELIN Ummm. MARGUERITE He is:well? (PERCY enters, disguised as GRAPPIN.) CHAUVELIN At the moment. Ah. Grappin. Do you recognize Mademoiselle St. Just? She has taken off her British:costume, and dressed herself more in her:true colors. Marguerite, allow me to introduce the man who has been tracking your every step these many weeks. The Belgian Grappin. (MARGUERITE turns away.) Tsk-tsk, Marguerite. Such bad manners and from an English lady. MARGUERITE Enough games, Chauvelin. You know why I am here. I will do anything to save my brother. Name your:price. But release Armand. CHAUVELIN Grappin, you go. You question the boy. I find I have better things to do tonight. GRAPPIN But- there may be a better way- :to question the boy. CHAUVELIN My men get nothing from him! Mercier, lead Grappin down to the boy. Do whatever you have to butMARGUERITE NoGRAPPIN

You catch a fly with honey, Citizen. A brother will confide in:a sister. CHAUVELIN Umm. Coupeau! Bring the boy! (To Marguerite:) You want your brother to live? (COUPEAU exits.) MARGUERITE You have to ask this? CHAUVELIN Two things- Tonight: Who is the Pimpernel? Where does he hide while in Paris? Armand will not live another day if you fail. MARGUERITE I will not fail. CHAUVELIN And:you will also be a:friend to me again, yes? (COUPEAU reenters with ARMAND. MARGUERITE runs to her brother.) MARGUERITE Armand! CHAUVELIN Well, St. Just- your sister has come to "save" you. Perhaps you will talk:to her? GRAPPIN Citizen, you must leave him alone with his sister. ARMAND I will not talk. MARGUERITE No, Armand, you must! Dear God, tell them about the Pimpernel, and you and I walk away from here! ARMAND No. I have not slept, I have not eaten- They have tortured meMARGUERITE No-

ARMAND -but I will never betray the Scarlet Pimpernel. Nor will you, Marguerite! Do you hear me? A finer man never lived. I love this man- who is worth ten of you, you pig! (ARMAND lunges at CHAUVELIN. CHAUVELIN pushes him to the floor. MARGUERITE tries to slap CHAUVELIN, but he grabs her arm.) CHAUVELIN I would say, Marguerite, that you will live to regret that. Alas: You will not live. Prepare them for execution. GRAPPIN No- Let me take them, Citizen, and we have done with it now. Two quick cuts. CHAUVELIN No. (To MARGUERITE:) You are a stubborn fool! Think what you might have had here with me in France, in your own country. Instead you die as a traitor, and quite alone. MARGUERITE No, Chauvelin. It is you who are alone. (COUPEAU and MERCIER exit with MARGUERITE and ARMAND. PERCY, as GRAPPIN, starts to follow them.) CHAUVELIN Grappin! You:stay. GRAPPIN You are wrong to put them in prison. The PimpernelCHAUVELIN Yes- the Pimpernel! My sources- they say he's in Paris. And what do you know about this ring? It bears the crest of the flower? GRAPPIN :Yes. And the fool:never takes it off. CHAUVELIN And apparently he carries Swiss papers. Every soldier in Paris must know the Pimpernel bears these papers and- this ring! GRAPPIN But the brother and sister- let me take them now before-

CHAUVELIN NO! Grappin, you:do not kill your bait until your mouse:steps into the trap. Let it be widely known that the St. Justs are to die. Spread it through Paris! GRAPPIN The:guillotine then? CHAUVELIN Yes. But:not in Paris. No, the Pimpernel's tactics work too well within the crowded streets: Another guillotine. Elsewhere: GRAPPIN Why not the seacoast? Guillotines line the French coast. The Pimpernel- he must use a secret harbor. If we could find a way: CHAUVELIN :for the boy to lead us to their harbor: If the boy were to:escape: GRAPPIN If he were to receive a flowered note from the Pimpernel: CHAUVELIN Instructing him to go to their harbor- yes! If only we could do it in the Pimpernel's hand: How are you at forgery, Grappin? GRAPPIN This one, I think I could manage. CHAUVELIN Excellent! We go to the seacoast then: where we kill all the pretty birds with one stone! GRAPPIN But you no longer have need of the woman- Let me take her nowCHAUVELIN Out of here, Grappin! Do as I've told you! (GRAPPIN exits.) No. 19 "Where's the Girl" (reprise) (Chauvelin) CHAUVELIN


remember remember remember remember

days full of restlessness and fury . . . nights that were drunk on dreams . . . someone who hungered for the glory . . . her . . .

(As CHAUVELIN sings, the scene is transformed to the street.) Let her go! Let her live, let her die on her own! We are all of us bruised and alone. Now we both will have nothing to hold! Let her know! Hurl it into her renegade heart that the best of our dreams fell apart! And the dark . . . of the morning . . . grows cold . . . (CHAUVELIN runs off - music immediately segues.) No. 19a "Into the Bat cave" (orchestra)

SCENE FIVE The Hideaway (PERCY, dressed as a friar, stumbles into a darkened room. As lights come up, we see members of The League, hard at work. MARIE and TUSSAUD are busy at a make-shift waxworks. DEWHURST studies maps. BEN and HAL clean and load muskets. FARLEIGH models a soldier uniform for ELTON who acts as a tailor. OZZY sorts through costumes hanging on a rack.) DEWHURST Percy! OZZY Did you find them? PERCY Yes. In the prison. FARLEIGH Dear God. And your wife? She is:? PERCY My wife's not the fainting sort, Farleigh. She'll hold up and spit them in the eye 'til her last:breath.

ELTON But did you get near them, Percy? Were you able to(PERCY removes his friar's robe to reveal his Grappin disguise.) PERCY No. No "visiting friars." Even "Grappin" is not allowed near them. (PERCY removes part of his Grappin disguise.) ELTON Chauvelin doesn't suspect- ? PERCY No. But he no longer confides in Grappin either. All I know is he'll follow Armand to the seacoast, and there they hope to trap:all of us. FARLEIGH Dear Lord- what if Chauvelin brings full armies-: BEN Percy- what if they arrive by daylight? PERCY Ah, Tussaud. I see your new bride has put you to work already? Good. Marie, how goes it? MARIE We work as quickly as we can, my friend. We will not sleep tonight. PERCY None of us will. We must be finished by morning. Ben- this demned contraptiondoes it work? BEN We think so, Percy. WePERCY Think so?! We cannot afford guesswork! No. 19b "Street Drums" (orchestra) (Several SOLDIERS enter and cross through upstage.)

HAL Soldiers! (They all freeze until the SOLDIERS exit.) They've gone. PERCY But they'll be back. Tussaud- can you stand watch? Marie- check the front! (MARIE and TUSSAUD rush out.) PERCY Quickly! And lock the doors! Blast! Where did you put the bloody uniforms, Eltonand the hats?! Find them. Dewhurst, you've tried this second route to the coast? It's quicker, then? What do we save- close to an hour? DEWHURST But we can't take that route. Remember? The new barricades went up. Percy, it'sit's bad this time. Very bad. Chauvelin's got the city crawling with soldiers. OZZY Zounds, Percy- they're tossin' people up against the walls, willy-nillyFARLEIGH Searching pockets, checking passportsHAL Grabbing hands. Percy, they're seizing the rings off people's fingers! BEN They're looking for your ring. ELTON Get rid of the thing, Percy. PERCY No, I can't! Oh, this is madness! No. This must stop. And now. The danger is too great. I will continue. I have every reason to, for if my wife and her brother die, my life: will be over. But that is not true for the rest of you, my:dear friends. I cannot- : I will not ask you to go forward with me in this reckless plan one moment longer. I insist that you:go home. Back to England. Tonight. As for Marguerite and Armand-: I will find a way-: I will-: OZZY And we:will be beside you.

No. 20 "Into the Fire" (reprise) (The Bounders) OZZY Into darkness Into danger Into storms that rip the night DEWHURST Don't give in, Don't give up OZZY But give thanks for the glorious fight ELTON Someone has to face the valleyRush in, we have to rally and win, boys HAL When the world is saying not to By god, you know you've got to march on, boys FARLEIGH Never hold back your step for a moment BEN Never doubt that your courage will grow BOUNDERS Hold your head even higher and into the fire we go: (Fade to Black - music immediately segues and continues under dialogue.)

SCENE SIX The Prison (Prisoners crowd the cell. Among them are MARGUERITE and ARMAND.) MARGUERITE Armand: ARMAND Believe me - we will be saved.

MARGUERITE The Pimpernel will not come. No one's coming. We turn to God now. ARMAND You don't understand. Percy would never let us die. MARGUERITE Percy?! Armand, don't do this - it's only harder for both of us. Percy has no idea we're here, and even if he did- No, don't make me think of Percy. Not now. (ARMAND turns away to leave her in peace for a moment.) No. 21 "I'll Forget You" (Marguerite & ensemble) MARGUERITE I'll forget you The more you stay inside of me, The weaker I grow I'll forget you Tomorrow I will turn and let you go I'll grow colder I'll lose myself in anything but you now For there is nothing I can do now But forget I'll forget you I won't remember arms that pulled me in soft and slow I'll forget you There has to be a way to let you go No more shadows No dreams of leaning in the dark above you I will forget how much I love you any day But every time I close my eyes, you come to me again I swear I feel your touch upon my skin You haunt me everywhere Till I reach into the air Trembling to think of all the nights that might have been I'll forget you I hear you whisper to me in the dark, still I know: I'll forget you God help me see a way to let you go I do not want you

And still you steal each breath I'm breathing from me With just a touch you overcome me And I let you I will forget you When I die (Music continues under as a Soldier enters.) COUPEAU Citizens! The tumbrels are here! As your name is called, move forward- out and into the carts! (As the names are read, the prisoners rise and slowly exit.) MERCIER Citizeness Bibot-Mouret! The former Duc de Pressy and family! The Widow Bridier. Citizeness Helene Dessin and daughter! Citizeness Josephine de Beauharnais! The poet Andre Chenier! Citizen Jean-Baptiste Fauconier! Madame Lucille Desmoulins! The former Vicomte de Lillet! The former Duc de Challis! Armand St. Just! MARGUERITE I will forget you: SOLDIER Marguerite St. Just: MARGUERITE When I die: (MARGUERITE crosses to ARMAND. They exit hand in hand.) (Music segues on applause.) SCENE SEVEN Outside the Prison No. 22a "Chauvelin's Ruse" (orchestra) (Outside the prison, CHAUVELIN enters followed by ROBESPIERRE. Music continues under dialogue.) ROBESPIERRE Well?

CHAUVELIN They near the cart: ROBESPIERRE And the carriage? CHAUVELIN In position. ROBESPIERRE You realize, Chauvelin, our heads are on the line over this plan- your head and mine: The Committee grows ugly: Do you think they would hesitate to denounce us? CHAUVELIN Our men are in place. ROBESPIERRE Then give the signal. Now. (CHAUVELIN fires a gun.) VOICES OFF They escape! Stop them! Stop that carriage! They're escaping! Etc. ROBESPIERRE And? CHAUVELIN It seems, Robespierre:we have had another:incident. ROBESPIERRE They've escaped?! A pretty plan, Chauvelin! Stylish. CHAUVELIN They're in the carriage! Heading for the West Gate! ROBESPIERRE Just so! But the note? The paper with the scarlet flower? CHAUVELIN Thrust into the boy's hand. He took it. ROBESPIERRE Yes- Let the St. Justs escape. Make the boy think his own men have rescued him-

CHAUVELIN And he will lead us to Calais perhaps? Boulogne? Whichever port the bastards use! He'll lead us straight to their boat and to the Pimpernel! Robespierre, I vow to you, before a new day dawns, it shall be recorded that the Scarlet Pimpernel fell to Madame Guillotine! (Blackout.) No. 22b "In the Coach" (orchestra & chorus) (Music continues as scene is transformed and under following dialogue.) SCENE EIGHT Interior of a rumbling carriage (Lights up on the interior of a rumbling carriage. MARGUERITE calls to ARMAND. Music continues underscoring dialogue.) MARGUERITE Armand! What are you doing?! Come back! (ARMAND climbs through the carriage window.) ARMAND I had to give the driver directions. MARGUERITE But where are we going? ARMAND To Miquelon. On the seacoast. MARGUERITE And the driver doesn't know the route?! ARMAND Apparently not. Well, he must be someone Percy:hired:But couldn't speak with. YesSo:he left the directions up to me. What did I tell you, Marguerite? I knew they'd save us! MARGUERITE Someone Percy hired?

ARMAND What? MARGUERITE You said Percy must have hired the driver. ARMAND Well, I- I haven't slept in three days! Naturally I meant- the Pimpernel. MARGUERITE Really, Armand, I am still aghast that you would recklessly throw yourself in with the PimpernelARMAND Marguerite, look! The West Gate! We've cleared the barricades! From here, it's open road to the coast. MARGUERITE And you're sure we are not being followed? ARMAND Marguerite I've told you - 'Twas our men saved us! (Showing her the note.) This is our sign: the scarlet flower. MARGUERITE But I hear other horses- several horsesARMAND Then it is Percy- why do you worry so? No doubt he set off right behind us- with Dewhurst, for he's the fastest rider, though I'm getting faster every week, Marguerite. You should see me- : Now, isn't that the strangest thing:I said "Percy" again:didn't I? MARGUERITE How:did you meet the Pimpernel, Armand? ARMAND Meet him? IMARGUERITE Yes, for it would:have to be someone close by you, someone you could:meet with:easily, someone you tell me- over and over- is good and strong, even though IARMAND

You're wrong, Marguerite. IMARGUERITE Someone no one on God's green earth would suspect, not even his wife! ARMAND No, but I swore: MARGUERITE Tell me! ARMAND Mon Dieu! How am I to keep this secret?! MARGUERITE Is it Percy?! You tell me! ARMAND YES! MARGUERITE OH MY GOD! (Blackout. Music continues for Storm Scene Change. The offstage CHORUS joins the orchestra singing a wordless [Ah-] addition to the melody; then orchestra continues under dialogue.)

SCENE NINE A remote spot on the French Seacoast (Visible are a rickety pier and a rough-hewn guillotine. Thunder and lightning as ARMAND and MARGUERITE run on. Music continues under dialogue.) MARGUERITE Percy! Percy, where are you?! ARMAND Ozzy! Dewhurst! MARGUERITE My God, Armand. There is a guillotine:in Miquelon? (THUNDER.)

ARMAND No. No. I have never seen this before- But:this is Miquelon:isn't it? MARGUERITE Armand, where are we? ARMAND No, this is Miquelon. There is the pier, the rocks. And look- out there- our boat! And now-: a guillotine. Oh, god, what has happened to our country, Marguerite? (Thunder as CHAUVELIN appears from behind the guillotine - music segues.) CHAUVELIN Traitors- this is no longer "your" country. (Thunder.) No. 22c "Chauvelin in Miquelon" (orchestra) ARMAND Oh, Lord: What have I done:? CHAUVELIN Oh, I think you know what you've done, St. Just. Led yourselves and your leader into a tight little trap. MARGUERITE No: CHAUVELIN So. Miquelon, is it? (Regarding the guillotine.) Yes, of course. Much easier to come and go in a modest little fishing village. And what a pleasant surprise we have here. The French Republic grows more efficient by the day. Mademoiselle Guillotine: tonight you shall kiss the neck of their beloved Pimpernel. (THUNDER.) ARMAND You'll never catch him, Chauvelin! CHAUVELIN I believe you're right, Armand. On my own, I never would. But actually I do bring:Company! (THUNDER.)

(As CHAUVELIN shouts this last word, soldiers enter and line the seascape.) MARGUERITE Percy! Percy- Run! Run! Wherever you are-: CHAUVELIN Percy? Why- : do you call for your husband, my dear? MARGUERITE No:No: CHAUVELIN Is it even:remotely possible(PERCY, dressed as GRAPPIN, runs on.) GRAPPIN Chauvelin! CHAUVELIN Grappin! GRAPPIN It's Blakeney! (THUNDER.) The Pimpernel- it's that fool Percy Blakeney! CHAUVELIN Dear Christ- right in front of my eyes- : Do you have him?! MARGUERITE God, no-: GRAPPIN He got away! Took off on his horse with two other men! CHAUVELIN Heading where? GRAPPIN Toward Calais! CHAUVELIN Quickly! The entire division to Calais! Leave me only this squadron- After them!

(THUNDER. All but 10 of the soldiers exit.) You're sure it was him? GRAPPIN It's your man. CHAUVELIN Did he have Swiss papers?! GRAPPIN Yes. (PERCY hands the papers to CHAUVELIN.) CHAUVELIN Good! And the ring! Was he wearing the ring?! GRAPPIN He was. (PERCY shows the ring on his hand.) CHAUVELIN Good! You got the ring: You: got the ring. How:did you get the ring:from a man who: "took off on his horse":? (Music segues..) PERCY Yes. Well, you've got me there. Can't plan for everything, you know. Enchante, as always, Shovelynn! No. 22d "The Duel" (orchestra) (PERCY removes the Grappin disguise. CHAUVELINE grabs a sword from one of the soldiers and takes a swing at PERCY.) MARGUERITE Percy! Oh God, Percy- look out! (PERCY ducks. CHAUVELIN grabs another sword.) CHAUVELIN Not: a one of you:is to interfere. This fight is:mine. Have a sword, Blakeney-

because it do shimmer so! (CHAUVELIN tosses a sword to PERCY.) MARGUERITE Percy, don't fight him! Run! ARMAND Honestly, Marguerite- Percy can fight. MARGUERITE He can? PERCY That's right. I can fight! (PERCY and CHAUVELIN begin their duel.) CHAUVELIN So! A hero! You think the world loves you? PERCY Not at all! But I think: Marguerite loves me. CHAUVELIN Marguerite. Yes. And such a good lover she is. Ah, but I forget- you wouldn't know about that- would you, Blakeney? (For a moment CHAUVELIN gets the better of PERCY, and MARGUERITE grabs a sword, rushing at CHAUVELIN.) MARGUERITE You bastard! (MARGUERITE and PERCY fight CHAUVELIN, until MARGUERITE is disarmed. PERCY and CHAUVELIN continue fighting.) PERCY Run, Marguerite! (Finally, CHAUVELIN disarms PERCY and holds a sword to his throat - music out.) MARGUERITE No! Don't kill him! Percy!

(MARGUERITE runs to PERCY.) I love you. PERCY I love you, oh God, I love you: (They embrace.) CHAUVELIN Separate them! Pull them apart! He dies now! PERCY Yes, Chauvelin. Do it here and now. With your sword. Have the decency to let me die on my feet. By God, I will not lie down for your bloody guillotine! CHAUVELIN Your head will fall! Take him! PERCY No! Let me die like a man! CHAUVELIN To the guillotine! Now! No. 22e "The Death of Percy" (orchestra) (Six of the soldiers drag PERCY up to the guillotine. The executioner enters as four other soldiers restrain MARGUERITE and ARMAND.) MARGUERITE No! No Chauvelin! Don't kill him! I'll do anything! Percy, no! ARMAND Percy! No! CHAUVELIN Does the Scarlet Pimpernel:have any last words? PERCY Only this, Chauvelin:You may kill me:But someone else shall take my place. There will always be someone eager to sail into this fire:

(The EXECUTIONER forces Percy's head into the yoke.) MARGUERITE NO! No, you can't! CHAUVELIN Look at him- laid on his belly like any worm! MARGUERITE NoCHAUVELIN Citizens, I give you the Scarlet Pimpernel! MARGUERITE Nooooo(The blade falls. Percy's head drops into the basket. MARGUERITE collapses in tears - music out.) CHAUVELIN So:it is done: It is:done. Coupeau, Mercier- follow the division to Calais and end them back. Michel, you and Arenot, head to Paris directly. Inform Robespierre and the Committee of this execution. The rest of you:remain: (The four soldiers guarding MARGUERITE and ARMAND exit.) CHAUVELIN So, Marguerite. Are you ready now:to come home? PERCY (Off.) Not with you, old boy. She's coming home with me! No. 22f "Return of Percy" (orchestra) (PERCY leaps onto the guillotine.) PERCY Ah Marguerite- I'd never leave you on such short notice. Indeed, I shall never leave you again- not for one moment. As for you, Shovelynn, we're finished. Really- all that business about worms on their bellies- such poor taste! (MARIE and the EXECUTIONER appear on the guillotine behind PERCY.)

CHAUVELIN No, but:Not Possible- How in God's name: PERCY Well, Shovelynn. It's actually rather hard to kill us nincompoops. CHAUVELIN Saw it with my own eyes! The head and: No- it went down- The bladePERCY Do try to articulate. The blade- yes- what about the blade? CHAUVELIN The blade fell! That's your head! (MARIE takes PERCY'S head from the basket.) MARIE I believe he has a question: (Holding up the head.) :about the head. (PERCY takes the head from MARIE.) PERCY Oh- the head! Yes. La, but you are breathtaking! Beastly good likeness, ain't it? All the work of my friend here, Mademoiselle Grosholtz. (The EXECUTIONER removes his hood revealing that it is TUSSAUD.) Beg pardon- they were married just last week. Now she is Madame Tussaud. And quite a clever artist, what? Think there may be a future in it for her. CHAUVELIN (To the remaining six soldiers.) Seize him: Seize him! (None of the soldiers move.) PERCY No, no, Shovelynn. Like this. Seize him. (The soldiers surround Chauvelin.) You see? One has to say it with authority. That's what this world needscommitment, conviction, courage. (Sings) And that is why the Lord created men!

(Laughing, the soldiers now reveal themselves to be DEWHURST, OZZY, ELTON, FARLEIGH, HAL and BEN.) PERCY Tie him up, boys. So good of you, Shovelynn, to have sent your soldiers away and left me mine. Infinitely more convenient. Boat ready then, is it, Ben? BEN Yes, Percy. PERCY Well done! I believe we have now tied up all our loose ends- No, wait! I'm forgetting one thing. Shovelynn- any "last words" from you? (PERCY stuffs a gag into CHAUVELIN's mouth.) No? No open confessions? Ah, but they will find you, old boy, carrying those infamous Swiss papers, and: (Slipping the ring onto Chauvelin's hand) wearing the ring of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Outright confessions are so much more efficient, don't you think? Boys- deliver our hero to the town square, will you? And hang a lovely sign about his neck: "God help me, I am the Scarlet Pimpernel!" (As most of the men carry CHAUVELIN out, laughing) Ozzy! Dewhurst! Break out the dorries- we sail for England! No. 23 "When I Look at You" (reprise) (Percy, Marguerite & ensemble) BOUNDERS For England! Home! Etc. (MARGUERITE and PERCY are alone on the stage. They just stare at each other. Then slowly MARGUERITE walks to him, reaches up and touches his face. His lips graze her hand. They are both trembling.) MARGUERITE Percy:Take me home: (Music continues as they move forward onto the boat.) SCENE TEN The English Channel - Aboard Percy's Schooner OFFSTAGE VOICES Aaaaahhh: (Alone on Percy's schooner, PERCY stands behind MARGUERITE as he did on the

footbridge.) PERCY Lady Blakeney: Your husband would not have left you: had he known about your past: MARGUERITE Does:my husband know:how much I love him? PERCY Marguerite- :Forgive me- can you:? All these months, unwilling to let you see into my heart(MARGUERITE turns to face PERCY.) MARGUERITE But I did see. PERCY Past the ruffles and lace? MARGUERITE I always recognized you, Percy. The measure of a man is on the inside. PERCY As is the beauty of a woman. MARGUERITE Percy- Is it time yet:to leave the bride and groom:alone? "When I Look at You" (reprise) PERCY Let me look at you There's so much to say MARGUERITE Oh, how wonderful I look, and you don't turn away PERCY I can't take my eyes from you BOTH

God help me now I want you even more Than before Now you come home to me Never again to hide MARGUERITE Now when I lie awake at night There will be someone by my side PERCY Now you know, but then I guess you always knew BOTH I am so lost in love When I look at you (As PERCY sweeps MARGUERITE down to kiss her, the curtain falls.) End of Act II

No. 24 "Into the Fire" (reprise) (Company) CAST Someone has to face the valley rush in we have to rally and win, boys! When the world is saying not to, by God, you know you've got to march on, boys! Never hold back your step for a moment! Never doubt that your courage will grow! Hold your head even higher and into the fire we go! PERCY Into fire! CAST Onward . . . ho! No. 25 "Exit Music" (orchestra) THE END Top