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Introduction Farms as well as urban areas have crime involving vandalism, burglary an d thief.

Residences and farms are some of the main targets for burglary. About 60% of farm operators report that they have been victimized at least once durin g their farming years. Many of these farmers were victims of several different k inds of crimes and multiple instances of the same kinds of crimes over their yea rs in farming. The most frequently damaged property involved Residence on Farmla nd and farm fences or gates. Other types of burglary and vandalism include Farm building(s), farm machinery, farm equipment, woods, livestock, and crops. Lack of surveillance capability is a cause of a cause of a higher incide nce of crimes of this type. For example, Amish do not have electricity and thus no electric lights. For this reason they have higher incidents of these crimes than those with electric lights on the property because it is easier for people to sneak up on the property in the dark when there are no electric lights. Ways to Deter Criminals There are some simple steps you can take to deter, deny, and delay a cri minal from committing burglary on your property. Lock doors - You should Install secured dead bolts on all exterior door s to your residence, barns, and other buildings on the property. You need to tak e steps to keep your property, trailers, stables, farm buildings; machinery, and livestock safe and protected from criminals. Protect your buildings and machine ry from thieves by keeping them locked up when not in use. Make sure your equipm ent is kept in a building behind a sturdy locked door, or use a locked metal enc losure when unattended. But having locks installed is only part of the job - you must use them all the time to be successful. It is also imperative to add comme rcial locks for any sliding glass doors or use a rod in the track to stop burgla rs from prying it open. Secure windows -- Windows are another entry point of burglars so inspec t your windows.- Windows can provide thieves with an open enticement, use metal grilles or bars to protect them from being points of entry. Add a sliding bolt t o improve double-hung window safety. You need to pay particular attention to bas ement windows. Windows at ground or below ground level provide easy access point s for burglars. Install lighting -- Illuminate your home, driveway, barns, and other bu ildings at night. Consider motion alarm sensors that turn on light when there is motion. Bright lights and good illumination will detour criminals causing them to think twice about approaching because they don't want to be seen. It is also a good practice to use timers on a number of indoor lights in the home giving th e impression that somebody is at home and active. Secure perimeter -- Securing the perimeter of your property and out bui ldings to help discourage thieves. Trim landscaping to increase visibility. Try to eliminate hiding places for possible burglars. This adds another level of pro tection. Check the fences and hedges around your property to locate weak locatio ns that could provide criminals or vehicles with unobserved access. If possible make less vulnerable. Think about restricting admission at the entry to your pro perty to stop unwanted vehicles entering. Secure your machinery, vehicles and tools -- Equipment, machinery and t ools are very important to thieves so try to maintain them secure. Keep your veh icles locked or immobilized when they're not being used. You should by no means

leave your keys and valuables in cars, tractors and other vehicles or equipment. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. If burglars don't see a reason to break in your vehicle they won't. Do not leaving machinery in secluded locations or fields primarily next to roads where they can be taken without notice. Keep tools locked up when you're not using them to prevent them from bei ng stolen or having a burglar use them to gain entrance to your protected posses sions. Keep records -- Keep a list of your tools along with any identifying mar ks and serial numbers. Mark your tools and machinery so they are easily visibly identified. Th is not only acts to deter thieves, and also helps the law enforcement capture th e criminals and reunite recovered stolen possessions to the rightful owner. Assess your vulnerability - Evaluate the possible risk for burglary to better understand your situation. You might start an area watch group, and hightech electronic alarm systems. Use animals to help provide security - The use of a barking dog and oth er animals such as guinea fowl can help detour intruders and alert you of their presence. Summary This article has presented just a few basic options that can be used to assist you in making your property secure and reduce the likelihood of being tar geted by burglars.

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