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Dt : 3-11-2008



Dear Sir,

Sub : proposal for the Air conditioning your premises at GUNTUR.

With reference to the above subject and the discussion we had with you regarding the above

subject, we are pleased to quote the probable cost estimate for the same.

Trust our offer is in line with your requirement and we now await your valued order.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention at all times. Kindly call on us for any

clarification and for further information on the above proposal.

Yours faithfully,

Authorized signature

Room Temparature : 24+/-2 degree centigrade

Relative Humidity : Not exeeding 60%

Internal load : 2.0 Watts per sft

Out side design condition : 43 degrees CDB temp

25.6 degrees CWB TEMP

No. of occupancy : People


1. All the exposed glasses will be covered with sun control film /thick Curtain / Venetian
2. The air conditioned premises should be made airtight.
3. The incoming electrical power supply has to be provided by your near our unit.
4. All the civil works shall be done by you at your own cost.

1. a ) 11.0 TR HITACHI Ductable split unit : 9no : 1.30.000/- X9 = 11,70,000/-

b) 5.5 TR HITACHI Ductable split unit : 3no : 78.000/- X3 = 2,34,000/-

2. GSS Ducting fabricated Out of

a)24 GA Sheets(Zindal) : Lot
Including vanes dampers if required etc.

3. Refrigerant piping interconnecting

Condensing unit and indoor units using
7/8th and 1/2inch tubes for suction and
liquid lines duly insulated with 6mm thick
thermoform : Lot

4. Electrical panel with scanner for phase

Sequence ,under voltage , over voltage &
Single phasing preventers on/off indicator : Lot
For condenser fan /compressors

5. Drain piping using PVC pipes from indoor

Units to the nearest drain point for each indoor unit : Lot

6. Aluminum grills/ diffusers, return air grills/diffusers

Of our standard design : lot

7. Acoustic insulation of 12mm thick fiber

Glass crown 300 covered with tissue paper : Lot

8. Therminal insulation covered with 25mm

thick fiber glass wool : Lot

9. Electrical copper cables

Interconnecting indoor and outdoor units : Lot

10. Initial charge of refrigerant gas and oil : Lot

Tax 12.5% = Rs. 1,75,500/-

Insulation , testing and commissioning for : 11.0Tr -9No& 5.5 Tr -3 No = Rs. 6,90.000/-

TOTAL =Rs.22,69,500/-


1. The above prices are inclusive of all taxes .

Order to be placed on SRI RAM AIR CON , Vijayawada.

2. Payment terms :100% Advance by DD in Favour of SRI RAM AIR CON payable at Vijayawada .

3. Warranty : 1 Year which including compressor and other parts of any manufacturing defects.

4. Exclusions : Our scope of works will not include any kind of civil works , carpentry work
Termination of electrical power coated grills , MS structural work for supporting the Units,
Masonry bed for condenser , drain points , false ceiling return air boxing etc.

5. Angular for Errection of machines and In case of shifting the machines is naot our scope.
The charge will have tobe paid by your self.

6. Delivery : 10 to 20 Days from the date of receiving purchase order.

7. Duties : Duties at prevailing rates have been included . Any statutory variation will be on
your account.