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Sissy Baby Goldilocks, and the Three Teddy Bears .................................................. ...

On a bright summer day, in a little cottage in a forest, there lived an adult ba by girl named Silvia Ringlets. She was born with glistening silver hair, and alw ays loved being a sweet baby girl at heart. She Lived with a couple who wanted t o be her AB Mommy, and Daddy. Silvia Ringlets called them Mommy Bela, and Daddy Benny. In her nursery Mommy Bela dressed her in a short lavender satin baby doll dress with a pink petticoat underneath showing her fluffy diaper. Mommy Bela al ways loved to style Sivlia's hair in ringlets, and at the moment Silvia was lavi shly dressed to play tea time. She had the most distinguished guests, three larg e mommy, daddy, and baby teddy bears. Mommy Bela came in for tea time wearing a tiara, and an elegant corset dress garnished in organza. Daddy Benny wanted to j oin in too! He came in with a white tuxedo cane, and a top hat. Suddenly they re alized they were all out of rasberry, and peppermint tea. It just wasn't tea tim e without them. It was their favorite! They decided to all go out to the local t ea shop to buy some, and it will give them a chance for everyone to see them in their gorgeous outfits! As they left the cottage someone with long golden blonde hair was walking throug h the forest, and his name was Glenn. Just out of a college, he has walked a lon g way to go back to his home. He was exhausted, and needed to rest. So he sat do wn, and reached out the last bagel in his pack. He thought about how he met so m any beautiful girls at the college, and they wanted to play with his golden blon de hair a lot. He didn't mind so much getting such attention from them. A little squirrel walked up to him with big cute eyes. Glenn said, "Aww are you hungry? You want a piece of my bagel?" Glenn tore off a little piece from the bagel, and reached out his hand. Then the squirrel looked at him like it was thinking, "Ar e you kidding me?" The squirrel leaped on him and ran all over his body until he grabbed to big piece of the bagel, sprinting away as fast as his little legs co uld go. Glenn said, "Hey! My bagel! I say! If you could kindly bring that back t o me I'd appreciate it very much!" People always say he can be overly polite som etimes. Glenn then chased after the little furry thief. He chased him through thick bushes, and on the other side revealed the little co ttage, and saw the squirrel run inside. He gasped, and was happy to see some peo ple may live here. He pondered for a minute, and thought maybe they will be nice people to help a traveler without food, or a place to rest. He cautiuosly walke d around to the front of the cottage, and saw that the front door was left open. He knocked on the door, and yelled, "Um, please excuse me? Is anyone home?" He waited a minute and no one replied. He continued, "I'm just a weary traveler, an d I was just wondering..." but he was interupted by suddenly seeing the squirrel in the house who seemed to be chowing down on the bagel, and leaning against wh at looked like a very expensive vase, about to tip it over. Shocked, and not sur e what to do he tried to get the squirrel's attention. "Pst! Pst! Um squirrel? Helllooo?" "Squeak?" said the squirrel, not changing much of what it was doing. "Yes, please stop that." The squirrel nodded it's head "Squeak." it replied, however it only leaned on th e vase more which made it fall. Glenn jumped in the cottage, and caught the vase in the air, and the squirrel am azingly leaped out of the cottage. Carefully setting the vase up again, then his jaw dropped at what he saw. Chocolate covered strawberries, orange blossom infu sed chocolate truffles, lime curd mini tarts, scones, biscuits, cucumber finger sandwichs, and three bowls of porridge. They were all on a cute table that looke

d like it was made for a dollhouse. Glenn thought he probably shouldn't do what he was thinking of doing, but he cou ldn't resist after walking such a long way with no food. He felt so naughty slow ly reaching for a chocolate truffle, and taking a teeny bite. Suddenly he threw care to the wind, and dived right in! Oh he was in chocolate strawberry heaven, and the curd tarts were simply 'le magnifique'! He tried the first bowl of porri dge, but it was too hot, and it burnt his tongue, and the chair was too hard to sit on. Then he took a sip of the second bowl of porridge, but it was way too co ld. "Hmm, it might have been sitting out too long." he thought, and the chair wa s way too soft. It was like he sank into it. He then tried the third bowl. It wa s strawberry flavored, and the tempature was just right! Infact it was so good t hat he ate it all up! He noticed the childish chair had springs under it which m ade it bounce. He felt a bit silly, but he had fun bouncing away on it, but sudd enly he was shocked when it broke apart. He felt so sorry about that. He stepped backwards, and fell into another chair which was different, and made some sort of helmet come down on his head. It turned on something, and he felt a wind rush through his hair, and then a mist was sprayed into his hair. Then the helmet lifted. He got up, looked in a mirror, and gasped. His golden blonde hai r was put into girly ringlets! He watched them bounce as he swished his head bac k and forth. He was in disbelief, but suddenly his sleepiness overcame him, and he saw three big fluffy teddy bears by the table, and thought they were like gia nt pillows. He saw the big daddy teddy bear, and let himself drop onto it, but it was so lar ge the cushion was like a quick sand which covered his whole body. He tried to p ush the cushion out of the way, and get up. Then he let himself fall onto the mo mmy teddy bear, but it was almost too big, and about right, but he was suddenly covered in a pretty silk, and satin dress. It made him have wonderfully lovely f eelings he hasn't really felt before. It made him feel a bit confused, so he got up, trying to block that out of his mind. Then he tried out the baby teddy bear . He loved it! The cushion was just right, so he cuddled up against it as he bli ssfully drifted into sweet dreams. The cottage family finally arrived with a new batch of lovely rasberry, and pepp ermint tea in hand. Baby Silvia Ringlets got a new dolly to play with. However i mmediately they noticed something was amiss. Daddy Benny said in his deep boomin g voice, "Someone has been eating my porridge." Mommy Bela said in her lovely an d graceful voice, "Someone has been eating my porridge as well." Then Baby Silvi a Ringlets said in her cute high pitched baby voice, "Oh my, thomeone hath bien eating my powwidge, and it aww gone!" Daddy Benny then looked at the teddy bears and said, "Someone has been laying on the daddy teddy bear." perhaps without being very observant. Then Mommy Bela lo oked, and said, "Someone also was laying on the mommy teddy bear." Baby Silvia R inglets walked up to the baby teddy bear, and said, "Thomeone hath been waying i n tee baby teddy weddy an here she is!" Mommy Bela, and Daddy Benny looked at the adorable vision in golden curls they s aw before their eyes, cuddling a big teddy bear. Baby Silvia said, "She also ith a wetsy betsy just wike me. *giggle* Thee Mommy Bela, she hath a wet spot." Gle nn didn't know when he ate Baby Sylvia Ringlet's porridge it had extra ingredien ts that make her wet her diaper. "Goodness, if she is an AB girl like you sweetie maybe she needs a panky wanky o n my lap for coming into our cottage like this. Then sent to her AB Mommy and Da ddy." said Mommy Bela. "Oh but Mommy wommy I've been wanting so bad anoter baby girl to pway wit. Can she thay, and be pampered wike a pwincess wike me? Tehe!" Both the Mommy and Daddy said she could stay. Daddy Benny looked a bit closer an

d said, "I think the new adult baby girl is maybe a boy, but a very pretty one." Mommy replied, "Oh, or better yet maybe she is a sissy baby who wants to be a g irl. Well we certainly don't mind helping her with that." Mommy Bela thought it would be a good idea to change her into some dry clothing, maybe borrowed from B aby Sylvia Ringlets closet, and that she be thickly pampered. Later that day, Glenn slowly opened his eyes from a very nice sleep. He got up, and walked feeling thick cushion between his legs. He thought, "Oh my gosh! I'm wearing a diaper! Where's my pants? The people who live here must have caught me , and did this to me as a punishment! Aww now I'm in a pickle!" He had a pacifie r in his mouth that had a ribbon that tied around his head, and with thick baby muffin gloves. He couldn't untie anything. He thought he couldn't leave with no pants on, and a wearing a thick diaper. "What must I do?" he thought as he felt himself suddenly wetting his diaper like a baby. The formula he had earlier was still working. "Oh dear! Now they really will think I need diapers!" Mommy Bela came in the room, and Glenn saw a beautiful lady in a gorgeous dress holding a very baby girlish dress in her hands. "Oh baby is awake! I'm so happy! Now we saw that you entered into our little home without asking. Maybe because baby heard of another baby girl in the village, and got a bit too excited hehe. However, that is still a big no no, and very rude, so you'll need a punishment s weetie. It will start with some pank wankies on Nanny Bela's lap. Now hop on sis sy girl." Mommy Bela was able to easy make Glenn lay on her lap with Glenn's bot tom way up ready to be spanked. With many whacks Glenn now had a pink bottom. Mo mmy Bela flipped Glenn around opening a lid on the pacifier, and she was able to attach a baby bottle to it where he had no choice but to drink up. "Now this is a drink especially for naughty sissy baby girls. You just won't be able to help but make wetsies for months." Glenn thought, "Oh no!" as he could already feel him wetting his diaper some more. Once Glenn was finished drinking it all Mommy Bela let Glenn off her lap, and to ld Glenn to lift his arms as she slipped the cute and pretty baby doll dress on him. It was in lovely lace, and pink satin with a fluffy petticoat underneath. G lenn felt surprised at how beautiful, and sweet he felt wearing it! Like he felt a part of him that was missing for a long time, and he kind of liked the tender and loving care from Mommy Bela. He looked in a mirror, and saw how much of a c ute baby girl he makes! Mommy Bela wanted Glenn to hold her hand, and she walked him to Silvia Ringlets nursery. As they entered Glenn heart skipped a beat as he saw how adorable her n ursery was with an adult baby sized crib. He wondered if he was dreaming. Silvia Ringlets said, "Hi I simpwee wuv how pwetty you look in one of my dwessies. Goo dness, your hair is as shiny as mine! I was born wit silver hair, and you have b eautiful long golden hair. What an amazing match! May I caw you Goldilocks?" Gle nn's face lit up with joy! Glenn, now Goldilocks loved the idea of being called that! Since Goldilocks was fresh out of college she thought she could move out of her old house, and finally move into any one she wanted, so she eventually moved in with the lovely AB family in the cottage, and lived happily ever after.

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