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NURSING CARE PLAN Risk for Infection Date Identified: ASSESSMENT Objective data  Wounds present in the right

foot located between the toes  The patient dont know that he has a wound that ants able to go in the wound site  No actions by the relative are done to clean the wound. NURSING DIAGNOSIS Risk for infection as manifested by increased environmental exposure to pathogens secondary to presence of wounds at the right foot. BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE PLANNING Long term goal: To completely heal the wound without any infection on it. Short term goal: After 2 hours of comprehensive nursing interventions the client will be able to:  Recognize the presence of the wound and the risk for infection  Clean the wound  the relative of the patient will know and demonstrate how to clean the wound and reduce the risk for infection INTERVENTION The student nurse:  Noted to the client and his relative to the presence of wound and its risk for infection  Demonstrate to the relative how to clean the wound  Clean the wound by using hydrogen peroxide.  Use iodine solution to wound RATIONALE EVALUATION Goal met.  For the patient and his relative to recognized the risk for infection

 For the relative to know how to clean the wound and to do the cleaning  To clean the wound and kill the pathogenic agents present to the wound  To place a protective layer to the wound against pathogenic agents

Impaired Dentition Date Identified:


NURSING DIAGNOSIS Impaired dentition related to poor / ineffective oral hygiene secondary to smoking cessation and (dib a nag sisipilyo) as manifested by (depende sa pe?)

BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE Due to poor oral hygiene, plaques and other bacteria in the mouth were not cleaned away that cause oral problems specifically tooth damage.

PLANNING Long term goal: Display healthy gums, mucous membranes and teeth in good repair. Short term goal: After 2 hours of comprehensive nursing interventions the client will be able to:  Recognize the importance of good oral hygiene  Report adequate nutrition and fluid intake  Learn and demonstrate some of the proper oral hygiene.

INTERVENTION The student nurse:  Evaluate the current oral / tooth status of the patient



 To determine the need for instructions, and to be able to know the appropriate teachings to be done.  To inspire the patient to participate to the health teaching of the student nurse.  For the patient to have idea how to took care of his tooth.

The patient able to recognize the problem and able to understand the importance of good oral hygiene. The patient also able to learn the techniques of proper oral care and started trying to quit smoking not just for the oral hygiene but also for his health.

 Explain the importance of good oral hygiene and proper dentition  Teach proper oral hygiene to the patient like proper brushing of teeth and stop smoking.  Ask the patient to demonstrate the activities being done.

 To assess if the patient able to understand what was being taught.