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Christianity God: Abba is an intimate word meaning that jesus used to refer to god.

o god. God is the creator of all human beings and all living things. The holy trinity. God wants everyone to be save There is only one way to salvation The holy spirit is an image of god and works within each person

Prophets: Prayer and worship: Going to church on Sundays Donating to the church Being a kind person The rosary Reminding ourselves what god has done for us Beliefs: God is the creator of all human beings and all living things There is only one God and he is the creator Jesus is the son of god We are the image of god Jesus gave his life for us Morality: To act in a way that is good Morality is shaped through the scriptures It is a celebration of gods love of humans and the world God wants all to be saved To be greatful for the gift of love at the heart of all existence To give praise and thanks to live a good life Death and afterlife: When you die you go to heaven with god Judaism God: There is one God and he is the creator of all Prophets: Neviim (the prophets)

Most books were written after 586BCE when jews were exiled from their homeland There were written to keep faith during the hard times jews went through It was critical to stay faithful to the covenant It contains warnings to the jewish people to stay faithful, to practice justice and to be mindful of widows and orphans

Prayers and worships: They worship the torah The story of Abraham and the story of moses The ten commandments The story of david Jewish holidays Morality: Jewish people have to stay faithful to the convenant made between god and Abraham Mitzvah is the jewish moral path that jews must follow The mitzvoth are instructions of how to live at the heart of them are the ten commandments Failure to live the covenant is a sin Noahs covenant with god Sexuality is a blessing from god, sex should only be enjoyed after marriage Premarital sex is forbidden Abortion is forbidden Beliefs: God created everything Family is important (morality and beliefs are similar) Death and afterlife: The family gives a special prayer of sanctification when someone dies every morning and night for 11 months after the death This prayer makes everything sacred They go to heaven with god Islam God: allah means god in Arabic muslims worship the same god as jews and Christians the word allah is genderless therefore god isnt a boy or girl allah has no children, spouses or siblings

all things come from allah there is no god but allah

prophets: they believe jesus was only a prophet of god, he wasnt gods divine son or divine human being prophets were used to reveal allah to humanity important prophets: adam, moah, Abraham, moses, jesus Muhammad is seen as the last prophet and therefore everything has been revealed by god Prayer and worship: They have to pray at least 5 times a day The 5 pillars of islam A muslim leader of prayer and giver of sermons is an Imam Face the east because they is the direction of the shaabat Beliefs There is no god but allah Allah revealed himself to the prophets through angels The quran is the message revealed from allah through the angel Gabriel There will be a judgement day at the end of time The dead will rise up and be judged accordingly No one will escape judgement day There is a place after this life and it is either heaven or hell Morality: Shariah law is when a muslim has a problem they must look in the quran then the sunna or hadith Death and afterlife: There will be a judgment day that you cannot escape You will go to heaven or hell based on your past life on earth Hinduism God: They believe in one god Deities are images of god in many forms They have one higher being but worship the deity of their choice They have shrines in their homes

Prophets: They dont have any

They have deities which are images of god in many forms

Prayer and worship: They pray in a temple No shoes Have to wash before praying Go to shrine and bring offerings Beliefs: There is one god but he is shown in many forms You will be reincarnated into something after your first life The ultimate goal is moksha Morality: They live by samsara and to get out of samsara you have to reach moksha and life your live with dharma They believe you will be reincarnated into something based on your passed life and how you lived it Death and afterlife: You will be made into something else based on how your life has been lived. You go up and down on the caste system based on how you live Your soul is what is judged not your body Your body is just something your soul lives in until it is reincarnated Buddhism: God: There is no god They believe in buddhas Prophets: None Prayer and worship: They meditate They find peace when they meditate and dont think about the past or future just what is happening now Beliefs: You are reincarnated until you reach nirvana which is pure happiness They believe in the 3 jewels, the noble eightfold path, the 4 noble truths, the five precepts Morality:

You have to be a good person Karma is a bitch Find true happiness Be kind to others

Death and afterlife: When you reach enlightenment you have the choice to become a Buddha or a boddhitsattva