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BSNL Chapter 1:


Telecommunications infrastructure was established in India for the first time in1855, with telegraphic data communication links principally for government and military use. It has since grown to include pure voice across the main population centers and, in the recent past, to a fair extent in relatively thinly populated rural areas as well. India, the worlds largest democracy has institutions that are deeply rooted in the principles of democracy and justice to ensure a transparent, Predictable and secure environment for development of telecommunication by domestic and foreign private investors. The telecommunications sector in India is being steered by ministry of communications and information technology through the Department of telecommunications (DoT). The telecom service operating wing of the DoT was taken out of the ministry and formed into corporation since 1st october 2000. The research problem chosen for the study is to know the customer satisfaction towards Basic Wire line in Basavan Bagewadi city and measure the diffusion and success of BSNL. Emphasis was laid on the usage pattern, factors that lead to service acceptance or rejection, the level of awareness, and sources of awareness.

BSNL Chapter 2: HISTORY OF BSNL On October 7, 2000 the Department of Telecom Operations, Government of India became a corporation and was christened Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). Today, BSNL is the No. 1 Telecommunications Company and the largest Public Sector Undertaking of India with authorized share capital of $36000 million and net worth of $ 13.85 billion. It has a network of over 45 million lines covering 5000 towns with over 35 million telephone connections

Official communication addresses: BSNL Registered office ( with effect from 4.8.2004) 10 th floor, Statesman House, B 148, Barkhamba Road, New Delhi 110 001

BSNL Corporate Office

Statesman House, B 148, Barkhamba Road New Delhi 110 001

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board comprise of 12 Directors, of which 6 [including the CMD] are whole time Directors; 2 Government Nominee Directors and 4 Non-official Part Time Directors. Thus, the Board has the optimum mix of 50% Whole-time and 50% part-time Directors. The composition is as per Corporate Governance Norms for the unlisted CPSEs, laid down by the Department of Public Enterprises. 2


1) CMD/Director (HR) & (Finance)- Shri Gopal Das

2) Director - Consumer Fixed Access(CFA)- Shri Rajesh Wadhwa

3) Director - Consumer Mobility(CM) & (Enterprise)-Shri R.K.Agarwal

4) Shri R.N.Jha, Govt. Director

5) Dr. S.K.Kak, Director

6) Shri Mahesh Shah, Director

7) Shri Sanjiv Gupta, Director

8) Shri Ashish Guha Director

Assets: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has got net fixed assets valuing more than Rs. 54,321 Crores (US $ 10.67 billion), which are in the form of Land, Buildings Cables, Apparatus & Plants etc.

Aspiration: 1) Be the leading Telecom service provider in india with golbal presence. 2) Establlish efficient business processes enabled by IT. 3) Provide a conductive work environment with strong focus on performance. 4) Create a customer focused organisation with excellence in sales, marketting and customer care.

BSNL Chapter 3:


The National Internet Backbone of BSNL consists of 432 Point of Presence (POP) that gives it the capability of transporting IP Traffic from every hook and corner of the country. This network providers Internet services to more than 1 million dial-up customers including about 3.5 lakh customers on CLI basis. 2nd in the line of IP network, BSNL commissioned a state of the art Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) NETWORK TAKING India into the next stage of the IP evolution. This network has 10 physical nodes with all district headquarters designation as virtual nodes. This network has opened up an new market segment of secure and reliable Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Corporate customers. The latest endeavors of BSNL are a world class multi gigabit multi protocol, convergent IP infrastructure, which will provide voice, data and video services through the same backbone. In terms of infrastructure for broadband services this would put India at par with more advanced nations.

BSNL SERVICES: BSNL provides comprehensive range of telecom services in India: Wireline, CDMA mobile, GSM Mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP services, IN Services etc.

BSNL Chapter 4: CORPORATE MISSION Vision, Mission & Objectives: Vision: To become the largest telecom Service Provider in Asia. Mission: 1. To provide world class State-of-art technology telecom services to its customers on demand at competitive prices. 2. To Provide world class telecom infrastructure in its area of operation and to contribute to the growth of the country's economy. Objectives: 1. 2. To be the Lead Telecom Services Provider. To provide quality and reliable fixed telecom service to our customer and there by increase customer's confidence. 3. To provide mobile telephone service of high quality and become no. 1 GSM operator its area of operation. 4. To provide point of interconnection to other service provider as per their requirement promptly.

BSNL Chapter 5: FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS: Findings: 1) Findings show that most of the customers are using Basic telephone service from more than 10 years; this is because from so many years this service is in to the market. 2) It is interesting to find that majority of customers are BSNL subscribers, BSNL has created a large customer base. This has happened because of absence of other service provider for long time. 3) Findings show that BSNL is offering many service other than Basic telephony, but all customers are not using them. This is because customers are aware of few services but not all the services provided by BSNL. 4) Majority of customers are satisfied with present service provided by the BSNL. 5) Majority of the customers are receiving their phone bills regularly in time, but few are frustrated, as they are not receiving their phone bills in time. 6) BSNL has facilitated many options for its customers to pay their bills like payment counters, post office, and banks and electronic clearance system, but majority of them are paying their bills in payment counters. 7) Majority of customers are aware of electronic facility available for STD and ISD. 8) Majority of customers indicate good performance of BSNL towards fault repair service,STD/ISD locking facility, Quality of Service,,network performance and help services.

BSNL Suggestions: From the finding of the survey conducted, below mentioned areas could be strengthened by BSNL so as to perform effectively and to be on par with its competitors, to check customers. 1) BSNL should take care of frequent disconnections and also provide customer back up services. 2) BSNL has cut down the activation time. As soon as the installation is over, line should be activated instantly as other service provider is doing in the market to attract customers. 3) BSNL should make their customers aware regarding new services offered to them as many of the customers are not aware of most of the services been offered to them. 4) Bill generation system should be improved and care to be taken so that bill are dispatched in time and reach the customers in time. 5) BSNL can adopt discounts strategy and also price cut strategy. 6) Customer care aspects in BSNL are to be improved by imparting training to the staff in customer care aspects, introducing interactive voice response system for various enquires that the frequently made by the customers. CONCLUSION: A market survey titled Customer Satisfaction towards Basic Wire line was carried out among customers in Basavan-Bagewadi. This study was carried out to find out what satisfaction level of customers is and what they expect from the service provider. There would be no problem to BSNL if it was sole player in the market, but it is not so. Now market is full of similar operators who are providing same kind of services economically and with on par quality. 7

BSNL This is causing BSNL to loose its market share to its competitors. Since competitors are new in the market, they want to establish themselves fast in the market. To do this they have adopted several strategies. Firstly they are providing better quality service compared to BSNL and that too at economical process. No doubt BSNL is providing a world class service to its customers, but it is necessary to customers know what it is providing. It too should utilize price cutting and discounts strategy, and other marketing mix tools. It is found that customers satisfaction is a broad perception influenced by feature and attributes of the products as well as by customers emotional responses, their attributes and their perception of fairness. Service quality, the customers perception of the service component of a product is also critical determinant of customer satisfaction. The findings/ suggestions of the market research if taken in to consideration, there are chances of BSNL to overcome the gap existing between it and the customer. REFERENCES: