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HemorPex System (HPS)

for the surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease

Cory Bros HemorPex System (HPS) Clinical Data

1,112 cases performed at San Martino Hospital, Genoa and Santa Rita Clinic, Cagliari 719 patients followed up (12-36 month)
Number of Patients

400 300 200 100 0

Grade II


180 72
Grade III Grade IV

456 patients male, 263 female with average age 47 years (range 20-87) 92% cases performed under local anaesthesia 20 minute procedure duration (range 15-25) VAS used to assess post operative pain at each follow up 95.5% patients judged post operative pain moderate to absent 96.5% patients discharged within 6 hours of surgery No significant complications 94% success rate (6% recurrence)

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Bibliography: Dennison AR, Paraskevopoulos JA, Kerrigan DD & Shorthouse AJ Int J Surg Science, 1995 Goligher C 1980; 4th Edition. Bailliere Tindall, London Loder PB, Kamm MA, Nicholls RJ, Phillips RK Br J Surg, 1994 Longo A Rome, 1998

Description HemorPex System (HPS)

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HemorPex System
for the surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease

The Cory Bros HemorPex System (HPS) enables the simple, quick, highly effective, pain free surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease through de-arterializing haemorrhoidopexy
HemorPex System (HPS)
Quick, simple, safe reproducible technique 94% success rate, for Grades II, III & IV, after 3 years Immediate visualisation of results Indicated for all grades of haemorrhoid, particularly Grades II & III Virtually pain free, with patients returning to normal activities immediately Complication free Allows concurrent skin tag and/or polyp removal Procedure may be performed using only local anaesthesia and mild sedation (Midazolam 2.5mg)

Introducer ensures atraumatic device insertion and intra-operative rotation

Operative window allows precise placement of sutures for ligation and mucosal repositioning

Fixed body maintains contact with anoderma, with handle turned towards the intergluteal furrow for simple orientation

Handle accepts Wolf/Storz light lead fitting for illumination of the anal canal and improved visualisation

Rotating wheel allows precise alignment of operative window at the terminal branches of the superior haemorrhoid artery

Cory Bros HemorPex System (HPS) Surgical Technique

The patient is placed in the dorsal lithotomy position. Any type of anaesthesia is suitable, but in the majority of cases it is possible to perform the procedure without anaesthesia. Intra-venous sedation (Midazolam 2.5mg) is recommended. The lubricated device is inserted into the anal canal with the handle orientated towards the intergluteal furrow, thus aligning the preset positions of the operative window in the 1 3 5 7 9 11 clock face positions i.e. the positions of the 6 terminal branches of the superior haemorrhoid artery.

Starting with the operative window at the level of the most voluminous haemorrhoidal pedicle, sutures are placed to provide ligation and immediate shrinkage of the pedicle.

Concurrently, sutures are placed to ensure the re-positioning of prolapsed anal mucosa and haemorrhoidal cushions.

After placing the introducer into the lumen of the HemorPex System (HPS) the rotation wheel is moved to the next preset terminal branch position and further sutures are applied. This process is repeated until all terminal branch regions requiring treatment have been sutured.


HemorPex System (HPS)

for the surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease