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WILLIAM SHUMATE 17 Main St. Hurley, NY 12443 / 404 E 88th ST APT 5E New York, NY 10128 a (702) 355.

0105 Experienced, skillful, dedicated Executive Assistant with extensive experience i n the coordination, planning, and support of daily operational and administrativ e functions supporting CEO of Non-profit cooperation. Highly accomplished, prove n communications skills (verbal and written). Long-term, proven, team-developmen t and leadership skills in pursuing target objectives and working to execute all tasks with excellence. Energetic liaison balancing team needs and expectations while challenging team to excellence. Conscientious analyst using resources and tools to understand the drivers for reaching goals. In-depth experience in tra vel management, travel logistics, office and administrative tasks and personal security. Lifetime evidence of loyalty and trustworthiness. Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support for executive-level staf f including scheduling meetings, coordinating travel, and effectively managing a ll essential tasks. Proven track record of accurately completing research, reporting, information m anagement, marketing, and business-development efforts within budget requirement s. Adept at developing and maintaining detailed administrative and procedural proc esses that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organ izational objectives. Highly focused and result-oriented in supporting complex, deadline-driven opera tions; able to identify goals and priorities and resolve issues in initial stage s. Extremely proficient Computer skills including Microsoft Office System, Micros oft Windows(R) operating system; type 40 wpm with complete accuracy. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Senior Executive Assistant to Dr. Jack W. Hayford, (President, International 4SQ Churches; Chancellor, The Kingas University14800 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 9140 5 (818) 779-8535 (8/2004 a" 6/2010) Managed Dr. Hayfordas office at the College and Seminary - overseeing 4 other as sistants. Traveled with him (nationally and internationally), handling all of h is personal logistics and security. Served as his personal liaison to the 15,000 + member Church on The Way, in Van Nuys, CA. Served as his personal liaison to t he Central Offices of the International Foursquare Churches (55,000 churches wor ldwide/6 million constituents) while he served as President from 2004-2009. Deve loped and maintained all of his office and personal computer systems and managed all protocol. Stewarded multiple relationships with leaders across the nation & world on his behalf. Managed all requests for endorsements, book forewords, and speaking requests. Managed all requests for personal appointments at the Semina ry. a- Provided counseling to multiplied dozens of leaders at Dr. Hayfordas request. a- Provided research on vast arena of topics at Dr. Hayfordas request. a- Represented Dr. Hayford to all publishers of his books when required. a- Managed all communications and documentation with publishers on Dr. Hayfordas books. Jack Hayford Ministries a Executive Director (07/2004 a" 06/2010)(Spirit-Form ed TV Broadcast; Living Way Radio Broadcast: JackHayford.Com; Jack Hayford Minis tries Regional Conferences; 9000+ Online/Available Products; 20,000+ Donor Data Base Monthly Mailings) 14800 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91405-2233 (800) 776-8 180 a- Led a Production staff of 8 team leaders and oversaw 33 positions (15 F/T, 5 P/T & 10 volunteers). a- Directed Weekly Production Staff meetings. a- Responsible (in conjunction with Director of Finance) for $1.5 million annual

budget. a- Monitored Production Staff responsibility for weekly production of aSpirit-Fo rmed TVa, broadcast via satellite on TBN, Cornerstone TV and His Channel weekly across the continental US on 456 TV station affiliates; and internationally on 2 7 station affiliates, and via Internet worldwide. a- Monitored Production Staff responsibility for weekly production (in conjuncti on with KTLW production staff), of aLiving Way Radio;a broadcast daily across th e continental US, on 87 station affiliates and worldwide via the Internet. a- Provided an atmosphere for re-visioning, focus, simplification, and change. a- Developed, clarified, and implemented a new vision for the next 5-10 years mi nistry in conjunction with Executive Leadership Team and Production Staff; inclu ding a structured organizational charting to minimize micro-management of tasks and personnel. a- Met individually with staff regularly to encourage skill development, and man agement of expectations, vision alignment, and conflict resolution. a- Developed strategic plan using the Internet as master platform for the future . a- Partnered with a Web Development firm to customize and implement Internet Str ategy, starting with development of new, state-of-the-art Web Site projected to be online in June 2010. a- Devised Stage 2 of Internet Strategy a" development of a structured, cross-re ferenced data base for the Jack Hayford Online Library (a culmination of all of Dr. Hayfordas media including teachings, broadcasts, books, articles, music, poe try and other collaborations) spanning his 50+ years in ministry. a- Created and implemented comprehensive listing of all of Dr. Hayfordas publish ed books, briefs,articles and collaborative works. a- Created and implemented a 3 Tier Donor Contribution Grid (based on 5 year giv ing trends), for strategizing more effective partnership and communication with donors and intensifying relationships with Key Donors. Resulted in increased Don ated Income of $17,390 from 8/08a"08/09. a- Created and implemented a more efficient, cost-effective Communications Strat egy with our 20,000+ person donor base, streamlining our monthly ministry mailin gs based on calendar year trends and a consistent monthly approach to a yearly t heme. Resulted in decreased Operational Expense/Costs of $47,310 from July 2008 a" August 2009. a- Copyrighted and patented all necessary trademarks (6 in total) for Jack Hayfo rd Ministries with the United States Trademark and Patent Office. a- Drafted agenda for Annual Board meetings, Executive Directoras Report on mini stry direction, strategies, goals and accomplishments. Prepared and presented F inancial Report for the annual0B oard Meeting. a- Mentored my associate and successfully trained and prepared him to assume my position, which he did effective June 1, 2010. OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CEO/Director/Life Coach, Living Pathway Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada. Self-Employed: 03/1997-8/2003 Systems Programmer: Nevada Power Company, Las Vegas, Nevada: 03/96 - 03/97 Systems Engineer: Bank of America, Las Vegas Nevada: 08/95- 03-96 Systems Programmer: American Federal Savings Bank Las Vegas, Nevada: 11/92-11/94 Systems Programmer: RCG Information Technology, 111 W. 40th St, NY, NY. 6/91-11 /92 RCG Consultant assigned to Mobil Oil Corporation Northeast Computer Center, Prin ceton, N.J. (07-10/92) RCG Consultant assigned to Merrill Lynch Data Center, NY, NY. (8/91 - 3/92) RCG Consultant assigned to IBM Sector Services Division, Manassas, VA, (6/91 - 8 /91): Systems Programmer IBM Corporation, Kingston, NY. 1983 - 1991 Administrative Management: United States Air Force 1974-1981 (Honorable Discharg

e). Clearance=Top Secret. EDUCATION: IBM Education 8/1983-5/1986: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Equivalent Over 7000 hours of internal IBM Education including Programmer Technician Traini ng I, II & III; Basic Programmer Education; and Systems Programmer Education. Ho urs and the courses completed surpass the equivalent of a Bacheloras Degree in C omputer Science. United States Air Force School of Administration Management, Biloxi, MS. Grad. 1978. United States Air Force NCO Leadership School, Tampa, FL. Graduated 1977. United States Air Force School Communications/Electronics, Wichita Falls, TX. Grad. 1976. Free