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Patricia A Brown 7810 N. 14th Place # 1081 Phoenix, AZ 85020 956-227-5709 pb114bce4@westpost.

net Objective; My objective is to obtain an exciting long lasting position in the Administrati ve Management field. By utilizing my education, experience and knowledge in all of these areas I feel I could and would be a great asset within your organizatio n. Employment History: Hollywood Nites 710 N. FM 493 Donna, TX 78537 07/2010-01/2011 Administrative accounts and Human resource manager: handled all A/R, A/P, payr oll, interview processing and hiring. I as well complete preparations of all fin ancial sheets of business operations and ordering of products necessary for oper ations. This position as well requires knowledge with the companys POS system, E xcel, Word, TWC, Mixed Beverage and sales tax for Federal, State and county and all quarterly tax reporting. Great attention to detail for all operations, as we ll as its employees is required and is effectively carried out. RGV Careers 1200 west Polk Pharr, TX 78577 08/2008-09/2010 Medical Office Specialty/Medical Billing Program Instructor/Director of Human R esource: Accepted by the state of Texas as a qualified educator for RGV Careers. I built the programs curriculum which included Medical Billing Specialties and Medical terminology. I as well have held the position as Director of Human Reso urce to assist in the administrative areas of the school; this position included all aspects of Human Resource duties and helping with updating qualifying emplo yees and students for positions within their classifications. I as well acquired medical billing opportunities as a consultant for various physicians in the are a succeeding in their need to follow ups and retrieving Billing receivables with in their aging reports. Brasfield & Gorrie 3021 7th Ave South Birmingham, AL 02/09-03/10 Job Site Administrator: - Provided support to the Job site superintendent for the Donna,TX Border Bridge.I exceeded in general clerical, job start up, human resources,payroll and construction. Safety detail of job site operation and clos e out of the finished project was met effectively. Attention to detail in all a reas was a must and met with this project. It was an honor to work with this com pany in building a project that will forever be a part of Donna, TX Sharyland ISD 1106 N. Shary Rd. Mission, TX 78572 01/2008-08/2008 Substitute teacher: Assisted in preparation and the management of all classroom activities and administrative requirements. My major requirements and duties we

re conducting instructional exercises assigned by the teacher and working with s tudents individually or in small and large groups. Special knowledge and skills for this position is the ability to work well with children and communicate effe ctively. Advance Health Resources and Billing 816 Travis Ste # D-36 Mission, TX 78572 01/07- 10/08 Administrative manager: Staff leasing and medical billing facility. We offere d temporary staffing and outsourced medical billing to medical facilities. I man age all prospects of the business including Payroll, Marketing, and Implementati on of the medical billing program. I as well controlled and operated the staffin g and Human resources departments. I have had great accomplishments within a sta rt up business and this position has given me the opportunity to use my educatio nal knowledge with in the medical billing, accounting and the human resources fi elds. Advance America: Cash Advance Coldwater, MI 10/05-10/06 Financial Manager: Manager of a cash facility offering small up front loans to individuals. High de tail of management and record keeping were a must in keeping and receiving reven ue to a high standard. As well dealing with the public and networking with local businesses helped to achieve the long term goals of the company.

Home Depot Coldwater, MI 06/02/10/05 Dept. Store management: Managed a two million dollar a year business in several departments includin g lumber,paint, special services and contractors department. Managing of employe es in every department as well as training needed for those under me for their d evelopment. The knowledge in accounting, inventory control and gross margin prof its were a necessity for this position and met with success with profit in all d epartments ran. As well I achieved great success in the control of loss preventi on for the stores departments. Walgreens Coldwater, MI 03/2000 - 12/2001 Department Management: This Position required Responsibility for managing and operating customer serv ice of all departments. This included placing orders, controlling and placement of inventory. Training and placement of all new associates in the right departme nt was a requirement along with great communication and management skills.

Gull Lake Schools Richland, MI 07/1995 - 12/2000 Transportation/Special Education/Substitute teacher aid: This position require d the ability to work with children of all ages and special needs which included

problem solving, time management and overall understanding of child development . This Position was a rewarding challenge of inner personal relationships with children.

Education: Western International University Phoenix, AZ 09/05-03/07 Degree in Associated Accounting Program Major: Accounting, Business,HumanResources Departments. U.S. Careers Institute Fort Collins, CO 09/01-06/02 Certification in Medical Billing Major: business administration and Medical Billing Software and program Bellevue High School Bellevue, MI 1982 Graduate General Studies to complete for diploma Skills and abilities:I am knowledgeable in several computer systems including Mi crosoft, Medisoft,Power Point and Excel as well as other accounting programs. I have strong organizational skills with attention to detail. I am excellent in wr itten and oral communications. I work well with others and I am confident in ins tructing and learning new skills in new environments.