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* 704-754-4507 * * 139 Young Street * Elkin, NC 28621

with 8 years of experience and expertise in
* Leadership & Management * Tracking & Recording * Communication & Coordination
* Security/Safety Management * Researching & Planning * Problem Solving & Analys
* Project Development * Customer Service * Relationship Management
* Demonstrates consistent achievement of organizational objectives & goals
* Retains the ability to assess most situations quickly and adapt into the style
that most fits the situation
* Commits to quality service while performing responsibilities with professional
ism & ethics even under extreme pressure while implementing established standard
s and procedures
* Ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status an
d to utilize Radio Phonics
* Skilled in training, supervising and evaluating staff
* Working background of mechanical and interior service to newly built tractor t
railer vehicles to ensure customer satisfaction
* Dynamic communication/interpersonal skills. Maintains exceptional interpersona
l and communication skills. Builds and maintains healthy relationships while int
erfacing confidently with people of diverse levels and backgrounds.
* Excellent organizational skills. Develops specific goals/plans to prioritize,
organize, and accomplish work.
* Active listening and problem sensitivity. Applies deductive/logical reasoning
to solve problems and makes independent decisions while providing full attention
to details.
* Dedicated, innovative, and self-motivated team player. Initiates action and fo
llow through procedures to conclusion of any commitment. Reacts flexibly to chan
ges in priority and direction, assumes increased responsibilities as needed, and
motivates others to achieve objectives.
* Computer skills. Knowledgeable in PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word, Word Perf
ect 6.0, Window 98, Window XP
SOC 2010 - Present
Administrative Officer (2010 - Present)
* Assist the program manager with general administrative task to include word pr
ocessing, copying, and other general task in support of Site Security.
* Participate in security staff meetings and attend other meetings as directed b
y the Site Security Manager.
* Maintain employee/instructor files, to include current certifications and othe
r pertinent information related to contract performance.
* Prepare and analyze reports that are necessary to carry out the functions of t
he department and company.
* Prepare periodic reports for management, as requested and assist Site Security
Mgr with instructor time tracking and recording to insure timely payroll functi
* Assist Instructor staff with travel scheduling through SOC's travel manager, t
o insure timely contract performance and compliance.
Security Supervisor (2010)
* Responsible for the day-to-day armed or unarmed security activities for princi
pal or place.
* Identified problems and implemented solutions in coordination with team leader
* Supervised all aspects of security to ensure location and/or personnel can ope
rate in a safe and secure manner.
* Gathered intelligence as required. And complied with all federal, state and fo
reign government laws.
* Assisted team leaders with planning and organizing activities to meet client n
Security Guard
* Controlled all vehicular and pedestrian traffic into the U.S. Army Compound.
* Performed complete and thorough searches of all vehicles and personnel request
ing entry (U.S. and Non-U.S. personnel).
* Fully responsible for all entry procedures and performed searches on baggage a
nd packages using the Rapiscan X-Ray 522B.
* Certified to use M-4 & 9mm weapons as well as with DBIDS (eye scan).
KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT 2007 - 2009
Laundry Foreman (2007 - 2009)
* Coordinated and oversaw the services line work of laundry facility.
* Managed over one hundred Sub-contract workers, three satellite, and two facili
* Assisted in inventory and quality control checks throughout the entire process
* Responsible for providing guidance and direction to the labor staff and Laundr
y Attendants while promoting excellence in work ethics and attitudes.
* Ensured that daily production and quality were consistently met.
* Responsible for providing customer service, including issue resolution and cla
ims investigations.
Laundry Room Attendant (2007 - 2009)
* Assisted with the care of personal items. Conduct inventory thought out the la
undry facility on a daily basic.
* Conducted transactions in a professional manner to build customers trust and c
onfidence while performing maintenance of corresponding records, ensuring accura
te and timely processing of transaction, and daily work in accordance with the e
stablishment policies and procedures.
* Participated in investigations to determine causes of inventory discrepancies
by reviewing and analyzing receipt and memo reports.
FREIGHTLINER 2006 - 2007
Offline Mechanic
* Conducted routine inspections on all newly built Eighteen Wheeler.
* Corrected deficiencies on newly built Eighteen Wheelers such as: Installing In
terior Panels, Dash Boards, Gear Shifts and Knobs, Seats, Seat Belts, etc.
* Installed Doors, Door Seals, Locks, and conducted mechanical maintenance to ne
wly built tractor trailer vehicles such as: Installed Fuel Lines, repair air lea
* Performed air and water tests, front end alignment adjustment, and all other d
eficiencies to ensure customer satisfaction.
Engineer and Heavy Equipment Operator and Transporter
* Responsible for preparing, loading, unloading movement/shipment of government
property by air, rail or amphibious vehicle.
* Oversaw secure loading to prevent loss/damage to government property.
* Operated all wheeled vehicles for transport such as: M113 APC, Hemmit Fuel Tan
ker, 5 Ton 900 Series, Hemmit Wrecker, SS150 Bobcat, 2-2 Ton and Below, LMTV 2
Ton Vehicle, FMTV 5 Ton Vehicle, MTV 5 Ton Dump Vehicle.
* Conducted mechanical maintenance, pre maintenance checks, and pre maintenance
inspections for the listed vehicles.
* Responsible for maintaining 100% accountability of all government assets in ac
cordance with the FAR .45 and 710-2.
* Responsible for maintaining all loss prevention method to include but not limi
ted to damaged equipment and theft.
* Enforced rules and regulations to maintain military discipline.
Performed physical security duties, conducted preliminary investigations, and pr
ovided Anti-terrorism force protection (ATFP).
Conducted crime prevention programs, operated brigs (jails), and assisted in cro
wd control and confrontation situations.
* MHE certified for all forklifts/equipment up to 30k.
Carpentry & Masonry; First Aid; CPR; Marksmanship Training (Riffle);
Leadership and Team Building Training; Counseling; Unarmed Combat Training; Code
Of Business Conduct Training (COBC); Rules Of Engagement (ROE) and Escalated Fo
rce Training
Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War On Terrorism
Expeditionary Medal, Global War On Terrorism Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal
, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal W/ M Device, Overseas S
ervices Ribbon, Army Accommodation Medal, Combat Action Badge (CAB), Marksmanshi
p Badge, Army Service Ribbon, Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)