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RESUME OF QUALIFICATIONS JUSTIN DEAN ALDERSON 3416 Taylor Street Honolulu, HI 96818 (808) 422-5463 (H) ...

(808) 471-2131 (W) Email: OBJECTIVE A challenging and responsible LAW ENFORCEMENT/SECURITY MANAGEMENT position that will utilize and develop a wide range of abilities, education, training, and exp erience. Position preferred should provide opportunities for continued career growth and advancement. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS U.S. Navy trained Security Manager/Law Enforcement Specialist Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) by Department of Homeland Security 4 Years Management/Administrative Experience 4 Years Personnel Supervision Experience 3 Years Training/Instructing Experience 15 Years Law Enforcement/Security Operations Experience 15 Years Weapons Handling Experience 7 Years OSHA/Safety Regulations Experience Highest Annual Operating Budget Administered = $500,000 Maximum Number of Personnel Supervised = 45 personnel Highest Asset Accountability = $1.0 million Qualified: Pass and ID Security Manager ... Chief Master-at-Arms ... Anti-Terror ism Training Supervisor Instructor (NEC 9501) ... Command Urinalysis Program Coo rdinator (UPC) ... Command Safety Program Assistant ... Force Protection Trainin g Team Member ... Damage Control Training Team (DCTT) ... Command Training Team ... Divisional 3MA ... Officer-of-the-Deck (inport) ... Quality Assurance Crafts man ... Repair Electrician ... Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist ... Instructo r ... Security Operations Division Leading Petty Officer (LPO) ... Small Arms In structor (NEC 0812) ... Armed Sentry ... Electrical Mechanical Equipment Repaire r (NEC 9769) ... Fireman ... Electrician's Mate ... Navy Law Enforcement Special ist (NEC 9545) ... Weapons: M16 Rifle ... M14 Rifle ... M9 Pistol ... M500 Sho tgun. Computer experience: Hardware: IBM PC Compatible Software: Windows XP ... Microsoft Office. Background includes solid practical experience in the following important areas: Law Enforcement Operations ... Management ... Antiterrorism Operations ... Inves tigation ... Administration ... Security Operations ... Personnel Supervision .. . Advising ... Instruction/Training ... Lecture Preparation and Presentation ... Testing ... Negotiation ... File Maintenance ... Evaluation ... Planning ... Sc heduling ... Interviewing ... Liaison ... Evidence Collection and Storage ... Br iefing ... Troubleshooting ... Organization ... Coordination ... Weapons and Equ ipment Accountability ... Inventory Control ... Crime Prevention ... Surveillanc e Operations ... Physical Security ... Counseling/Mentoring ... Manpower, Suppli

es, and Equipment Needs Assessment ... Problem Identification/Solving ... Analys is ... Patrolling ... Testifying ... Documentation ... Interrogation ... Communi ty and Public Relations ... Computer Operations ... Policy and Procedure Develop ment and Implementation ... Escort Services ... Monitoring ... Protocol ... Tech nical and Administrative Report Preparation. Security Clearance: Secret Communicates effectively with the public, staff, and all levels of management. Capable of training and motivating personnel for cost-effective and efficient pe rformance; leads by example Learns quickly -- easily grasps new ideas and concepts and applies them to work in progress. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PASS AND ID SECURITY MANAGER/CHIEF MASTER-AT-ARMS/SECURITY OPERATIONS DIV ISION LEADING PETTY OFFICER (LPO)/INSTRUCTOR/COMMAND SAFETY PROGRAM ASSIST ANT/COMMAND URINALYSIS PROGRAM COORDINATOR (UPC)/ANTI-TERRORISM TRAINING SUP ERVISOR INSTRUCTOR/SMALL ARMS INSTRUCTOR/PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR U.S. Navy, various duty stations - July 1991 to Present During the course of a nearly twenty-year U.S. Navy career, generated extensive experience and professional-level skills in several important areas in progressi vely responsible positions. Current assignment as PASS AND ID SECURITY MANAGER at the Naval Station Pearl Harbor Security Department, involves managing and dir ecting overall daily operations of the Pass and ID Security Department. Duties include: managing and coordinating all related Pass and ID Security programs; s upervising, scheduling, and evaluating 5 military and 8 civilian personnel; dete rmining workload, establishing priorities, and assigning tasks; conducting perio dic and annual performance evaluations; setting performance standards; counselin g/mentoring personnel in personal, financial, and professional areas; training n ewly assigned personnel; implementing and enforcing U.S. Navy policies and proce dures regarding admittance to base facilities and restricted areas; reviewing an d ruling upon contractor, vendor, civilian employees, and active duty military p ersonnel Pass and ID applications; revoking privileges for individuals and vehic les failing to comply with requirements; acting as liaison with other related mi litary and civilian agencies; implementing appropriate policies and procedures; conducting physical security inspections, crime prevention surveys, and performi ng community relations-type activities; preparing comprehensive safety and secur ity plans for large events; and preparing periodic technical and administrative reports. Assignment as a CHIEF MASTER-AT-ARMS involved enforcing the Uniform Code of Mili tary Justice (UCMJ), command policy, and other relevant security and safety regu lations for 360 personnel onboard a large Naval command surface vessel. Duties included: investigating, tracking, and resolving complaint reports and report c hits; patrolling assigned areas of ship; serving as the COMMAND SAFETY PROGRAM A SSISTANT, ensuring compliance with safety and security regulations; improving be rthing and messing standards; conducting crime prevention programs; conducting p reliminary investigations; organizing and training personnel assigned to securit y in the areas of anti-terrorism force protection; supervising, scheduling, trai ning, and evaluating 250 personnel; determining workload, establishing prioritie s, establishing performance standards and assigning tasks; conducting periodic a nd annual performance evaluations; mentoring/counseling personnel; identifying p otential crime threat areas, security deficiencies, and non-compliance situation s, recommending workable and cost effective solutions; providing traffic control during ship tours; maintaining assigned weapons; escorting prisoners during cou rts-martial and transfers; serving as the COMMAND URINALYSIS PROGRAM COORDINATOR (UPC), managing and coordinating drug testing program; keeping supervisor appri

sed of problems and progress; and preparing periodic technical and administrativ e reports. As SECURITY OPERATIONS DIVISION LEADING PETTY OFFICER (LPO), responsible for man aging and coordinating daily operations of a security operations division with 4 8 Navy Security Force (NSF) and 54 Antiterrorism Security Force (ASF) personnel providing law enforcement and force protection services for more than 7,500 pers onnel. Duties included: directly supervising 45 security personnel; determinin g workload, establishing priorities, and assigning tasks; conducting periodic an d annual performance evaluations; setting performance standards; mentoring/couns eling personnel in personal, financial, and professional areas; identifying prob lem areas and potential problem areas and providing solutions; reviewing police reports, inspections, and other documents, noting any discrepancies; planning an d organizing security operations for events and activities; assessing manpower, supplies, and equipment needs; procuring equipment and supplies; maintaining inv entory control of weapons, ammunition, and other supplies; ensuring all weapons and related equipment maintained in good working order; and preparing periodic t echnical and administrative reports. INSTRUCTOR assignments consisted of common elements and specific elements to the particular assignment. The common elements included: implementing established curriculum; planning and developing lesson plans; preparing and presenting forma l lectures and practical training demonstrations for up to 70 personnel; selecti ng course materials and visual aids; developing, administering, and grading test s; evaluating student's overall performance; counseling students in problem area s; making recommendations to management; updating and maintaining personnel trai ning records according to appropriate Navy policies and procedures; and preparin g administrative reports. As an ANTI-TERRORISM TRAINING SUPERVISOR INSTRUCTOR, responsible for providing training in weapons and antiterrorism tactics to activ e duty military personnel and other instructors. Duties included: providing in struction in antiterrorism operations, use of force policies, defensive tactics, pepper spray, use of deadly force, boarding vessels, close quarter battle tacti cs, searching vessels and persons, handcuffing, detention and interview policies , identifying weapons, drugs and bombs, how to de-escalate hostage situations, s hipboard defense, and rifle and pistol marksmanship classes; certifying personne l on non-lethal weapons; assisting Anti-Terrorism Officers (ATO) with readiness and vulnerability assessments; enforcing firing safety regulations; and qualifyi ng and requalifying individuals on pistols, rifles, and other weapons. Briefed command personnel and watch teams on potential criminal and terrorists threats. As a SMALL ARMS INSTRUCTOR involved conducting range qualification tests. Some lecture topics included: preventive maintenance on small arms, firearms safety , mechanical training on small arms, basic range operations, qualification firin g, and records and reports. Also assumed the duties and responsibilities of PRIM ARY INSTRUCTOR for the "Navy Rights and Responsibilities" course. Collateral assignments included: KEY CONTROL OFFICER, PHYSICAL SECURITY REVIEW C OMMITTEE MEMBER, CRISIS/DISTURBANCE RESPONSE TEAM MEMBER, FORCE PROTECTION TRAIN ING TEAM MEMBER, DIVISIONAL 3MA, COMMAND TRAINING TEAM, DAMAGE CONTROL TRAINING TEAM, and OFFICER-OF-THE-DECK (INPORT). SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: * Instrumental in USS Lake Erie receiving Antiterrorism Force Protection (ATFP) certification. * Conducted an investigation and provided information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers to screen hundreds of contractors for illegal alien employ ees. * Processed more than 200 legal cases for non-judicial punishment and 6 courts m artial with no cases being overturned after review. * Successfully conducted 65 range periods with zero mishaps.

* Instrumental in department personnel maintaining 100% weapons qualified. * Led 106 personnel during four general public visits with more than 100,000 vis itors. * Implementing the command's Anti-Terrorism plan with no incidents. * Spearheaded an installation traffic discrepancy project which pinpointed hazar dous areas with missing, worn, and damaged signs. * Division successfully completed 210 anti-terrorism measures, 1,000 police repo rts, 182 traffic stops, and more than 10,000 vehicle inspections. * Considered as the #1 Urinalysis Program Coordinator (UPC) on the waterfront recognized by COMNAVSURFGRU MIDPAC as the most effective program manager. * Collected more than 450 urinalysis samples with zero administrative errors. Throughout enlistment consistently received excellent evaluations and recognitio n for superior performance; highly recommended for advancement and retention. AWARDS Navy Achievement Medal (4)... Good Conduct Medal ... Sea Service Ribbon ... Over seas Service Ribbon ... Humanitarian Service Medal ... Armed Forces Expeditionar y Medal ... Global War on Terrorism Service Medal ... Global War on Terrorism Ex peditionary Medal ... Navy and Marine Overseas Service Ribbon. EDUCATION Completed the following U.S. Navy schools and training programs: LLW Basic Inst ructor ... Antiterrorism Training Supervisor ... Antiterrorism Officer (ATO) Lev el II ... ATFP Level I Awareness Training for Service Members ... Trafficking in Persons Basic Awareness Training ... M16 Weapon Safety ... Non-Lethal Weapons B asic Instructor NLW Basic Instructor ... Armed Sentry/Security Reaction Force-Ad vanced ... Operations Security-The Next Generation ... SRF TM - Basic ... Custom s Border Clearance Agent - Afloat VTT ... Naval Security Force Sentry ... Comman d Management Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Program Manager ... Primary Leadership Dev elopment Program ... Distance Support Portal Training ... POSH ... M500 Shotgun Weapon Safety ... M9 Service Pistol Training ... Contentious Tactics and Conflic t Escalation .... Shipboard Security Engagement Weapons (SSEW) ... Antiterrorism Training Officer (ATTO) ... Damage Control Petty Officer ... Urinalysis Program Coordinator (UPC) and Navy Drug Screening Program (NDSP) ... Brig Afloat ... Fi rst Line Leadership Development Program ... Law Enforcement ... Advanced Shipboa rd Fire Fighting ... Safety Program Afloat ... Electrician's Mate Surface Ship E lectrician Advanced Maintenance ... General Shipboard Fire Fighting Training (OB A) ... Electrician's Mate, Class A ... Basic Military Training. Graduated Capitol High School, Boise, ID -- 1991 PERSONAL DATA Age: 37 ... Marital Status: Married ... Health: Excellent ... Height: 5'10" ... Weight: 215 lbs. Willing to travel and relocate ... Salary and benefits package negotiable. REFERENCES References will be furnished upon request. JUSTIN DEAN ALDERSON 3416 Taylor Street Honolulu, HI 96818 (808) 422-5463 (H) ... (808) 471-2131 (W) Email: