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Pete Murphy

828 Stackhurst Way Wake forest, NC 27587

Home Phone (919) 435-1517 Cell Phone (919) 745-9107



A position as a District Loss Prevention Manager in a progressive
organization where I can support both the stores and the organization.

Loss Prevention Professional

Personal Summary:

I am an ambitious and optimistic Business Executive with over 20 years
of visible achievements in the Retail Industry. I'm a Visionary leader
and team player with a Stella track record of superior performance in
Retail Management, Store Operations, and Shortage and Safety
Initiatives. I have proven abilities in managing projects, improving
efficiency of operations, process management, and team building. I am
able to identify areas of strength and weakness and implement company
policies, standards, changes in operation, and systems that optimize
productivity to the bottom line.

Areas of expertise

Manager/Motivator Interview and Interrogation techniques Safety
Fiscal Management Internal and External Investigations OSHA
Store Operations Cash Management Procedures Report Writing
Shortage Control Inventory Process and Reconciliation CCTV Systems

Work History:

District Loss Prevention Manager, Rite Aid Pharmacy

November 2006 to Present

Durham District

My work history with Rite Aid started after I moved from California to
North Carolina. I managed 54 Stores as a District Loss Prevention
Manager. My responsibilities with Rite Aid Pharmacy included managing
the stores shortage programs, internal and external investigations,
and safety. I oversaw the stores front end and pharmacy operations,
managed the store cash management process and deposit process, mark
out stock processes, vendor management, return to vendor process,
recalls, pricing accuracy, freshness programs, transfers, Store use,
inventory processes and reconciliation, shrink action plan development
for the districts, safety programs, physical security, alarm system
management, and auditing programs, etc...

Loss Prevention Manager, Sears

November 1997 - September 2006
Modesto, East San Jose, Oakland and Stockton, Ca.

My work history with Sears started in the Modesto store where I
lowered the shrink from 1.8% to .9%. I was promoted after 18 months
to the East San Jose Store and worked with them for about 4 years.
While in this location I averaged about 60 internals each year and was
promoted again to an inner store in Oakland. This was a high rise 10
story building in a high shrink high risk market. The shrink when I
took over the store was $1,400,000.00 and was reduced to $615,000.00
in one year which I sustained for the two years I managed
the building. After 2 years I was promoted again to the Stockton
location. While in the Stockton location my Loss Prevention Metrics
consistently operated above average rating of 114% to 118%. The top
score on this rating is 125% of plan. This score was the fifth best
in California and the eleventh best through out the company. The LP
metrics measured Internal and External Case Resolution, Staffing, Over
and shorts, Ink tagging, Safety auditing, and Workers Compensation and
General Liability Claim Expense, and Accident Frequency, etc...

My basic duties with Sears were extensive. My roles and
responsibilities where organized into 4 major areas Shortage Control,
Internals, Externals and Safety.

In the Shortage Control area I managed the Shortage Reduction
Strategy, Merchandise Protection Standards, Operational
Auditing called the Shortage Control Training Review, I partnered in
the store processes such as Cash Management, Safe and Fund Balancing,
Return To Vendor Process and Return to Vendor Credit Process,
Merchandise Return Notifications, Product Maintenance Repair Process,
Clearance Markdowns, Price Changes, Inactive Inventory
Process, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Process and Reconciliation,
Credit Charge backs, Alarm Tests, Physical Security, POS
Return/Cancellation and Reduction Percentages, UPS and Receiving
Receipt Process, High Risk Receipt Process and Auditing Program, UPS
Out Bound Auditing Program, Craftsman Tool Barrel Auditing Program,
Stores Shortage and Safety Awareness Program, and Automotive
Operational and Safety Auditing, Hiring Process, Background Checks,
Drug Screening Process, Orientations, and Team Development.

Internally I have been very productive. I process any where from 30
to 60 Internals a year. Internally I have worked many Exception Based
Reports and have closed many internals in the area of: Refunds, Voids,
Gift Cards, Associate Discount Violations, PLU Overrides, Time Theft,
Merchandise Giveaways, Cash Theft, Credit Fraud, Stock Room
Concealment, and Merchandise Pick Up Delivery Theft, and Pay Check
Fraud, etc... I am very efficient with the Ifind Exception Based
Reporting System. I am trained, certified and highly experienced in
the Wicklander-Zulawski Interview and Interrogation Techniques. I am
efficient with the cold interview process as well. Sears frequently
utilized my interviewing skills to conduct integrity based interviews
of managers and associates in other Full Line Stores as well as
Product Services and Automotive Centers.

Externally I have been very productive managing Shoplift Programs in
free standing inner city market stores as well as stores in mall
settings. My Teams average about 30 shoplifts cases a month. My Team
size has been 8 PT and 2 FT associates for the majority of my time
spent with Sears. I am the stores trainer for all Loss Prevention
Programs including training new detectives on the shoplifting
principles. I have been selected to train District Teams on the
Shoplifting Classroom Session as well.

In the Training area I have trained many new Loss Prevention Managers
as well new associates on the complete Sears Loss Prevention Program.
I am also known in the markets that I have worked as the