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Delivering Video to Mobile Subscribers with Reduced Costs, Increased Scale, and Superior Experience
Video presents a unique conundrum for mobile operators. On the one hand, the ability to deliver video efficiently to mobile devices presents a significant opportunity for Challenge new services, revenue generation, and competitive differentiation. Services such as Video is an increasingly important interactive video, anytime and anywhere delivery of premium video content, and realapplication for mobile subscribers, yet time surveillance are only a few of the possible value-added services that rely on mobile operators are challenged to efficient delivery of video to mobile devices. cost-effectively scale the network to On the other hand, the sheer volume of video traffic is straining mobile operators deliver the growing amount of video networks to their breaking pointmaking it difficult to deliver video with the quality traffic at the quality levels subscribers that users expect. As mobile access becomes more ubiquitous and devices more expect. capable, subscribers will be less likely to tolerate degraded qualityrather they will Solution expect an experience similar to that which we now enjoy on wired networks. This means that to capitalize on the growing demand for mobile video, operators must first By combining Media Flow, Services optimize their networks to deliver video efficiently, at scale, and with exceptionally Delivery Gateway, and Openwave high quality. Junipers unique solution combines the advantages of Juniper Networks Media Optimizer, Juniper Networks Media Flow, Openwaves Media Optimizer, and the Juniper Networks Services Delivery Mobile Video Optimization solution Gateway (based on the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers) to optimize the network can help operators optimize video for for mobile video deliveryreducing costs and enabling profitable new services. delivery across the mobile network to reduce costs and grow revenue. The Challenge

Benefits The increasing popularity of mobile video applications is straining operator networks. RAN capacity limitations hinder operators ability to cost-effectively deliver video with the quality Reduced capital and operational that subscribers demand. If not dealt with soon, the challenge could become even greater costs by lowering traffic across the in the futureby all estimates, though video already accounts for a significant portion of Radio Access Network (RAN) traffic on mobile networks, it is only expected to increase further. yankee Group predicts Improved quality of experience for that by 2013, mobile traffic will be dominated by video, with video accounting for over video sessions, increasing subscriber 65% of total traffic.1 Delivering all this video can be challenging for mobile operators, satisfaction especially across the RAN where bandwidth can be limited and upgrades costly. Superior scale and performance, yet while video presents traffic growth challenges, it is also the current killer app. Video enabling operators to deliver more can often be the reason a consumer will upgrade to a more powerful device or a higher simultaneous video sessions tier of serviceboth of which generate revenue for the operator. with a network that Foundation for new revenue can efficiently deliver video, an operator could potentially introduce a range of new and generating services based on profitable services. This means that delivering video with the highest possible quality of premium content delivery experience is clearly in the operators best interest. Mobile operators are looking for new technologies that will help them more efficiently deliver the video that consumers demand, keeping costs at a minimum while at the same time providing a foundation for future revenue growth via innovative new services. with its Mobile Video Optimization Solution, Juniper is addressing both of these goalsmobile operators can drive down costs, and they can also more efficiently and rapidly introduce new video-based services. 1preparing for the 4G Video Tsunami, November 2009 1

The Juniper Networks Mobile Video Optimization Solution Juniper is delivering a unique solution that enables operators to deliver video more efficiently, at greater scale, and with a superior quality of experience. Junipers solution uniquely combines the complementary capabilities of Media Flow, the Openwave Media Optimizer, and the Openwave Traffic Controller application for the Services Delivery Gateway to address the diverse challenges of video delivery (Figure 1). One of the primary challenges video presents to mobile operators is the amount of bandwidth it consumes in the RAN. This is primarily a result of the high per-session bandwidth required of video services. Adding to the amount of bandwidth needed is the fact that many videos are encoded at bit rates appropriate for wired devices and networks. Often a mobile device lacks the resolution to fully benefit from the high bit rates delivered to tethered devices, and often the RAN lacks the performance to support such a stream. when the RAN lacks sufficient bandwidth, subscribers see a noticeable impact to qualityvideos can be unwatchable, and connections can be dropped entirely. Openwave Media Optimizer addresses this by employing a transcoding and compression engine that can adapt the rate of video content to optimize video for mobile environments. By rate adapting video content in reaction to real-time network conditions, operators can reduce the impact of video on their networks, while ensuring a superior user experience for customers. This rate adaptation can be performed in real-time, however Media Optimizer also tracks the popularity of content, so that popular content can be pre-fetched and optimized offline. The combination of real-time and off-line optimizationespecially when combined with the caching of Media Flow (below) ensures operators get the same benefits for long-tail content as they do for the most popular content. To maximize performance and efficiency, the Media Optimizer also includes an intelligent policy engine that monitors conditions in the RAN. It only optimizes a video if there are bandwidth 2 Figure 1: Junipers Mobile Video Optimization Solution combines Media Flow, Openwave applications, and the Services Delivery Gateway

Services Delivery Gateway GGSN RAN Optimized Video Content Media Flow High performance caching and delivery content constraints, and if it is determined that optimization will not have a negative effect on viewing experience. These unique capabilities reduce load on the optimization engineenabling industry-leading scaleand it ensures that subscribers receive the highest possible quality of experience. Media Optimizer also leverages a unique just-in-time delivery capability that limits video downloads to only the amount required for smooth playback. This eliminates the unnecessary transmission of an entire video when a user might only watch the first portion of a given videoagain reducing traffic across the valuable RAN. Just-intime delivery provides significant bandwidth savings for the operator without any negative impact to quality for the viewer. In addition, the Mobile Video Optimization solution relies on Media Flow to provide highly scalable caching. Media Flow can locally cache popular content after it has been optimized, which has two primary benefits. First, caching content after optimization reduces the load on the optimization engine for subsequent requests increasing scalability of the solution, and it also alleviates traffic across the Ip core network. Second, caching and delivering content locally improves a subscribers viewing experience by reducing response times, latency, and jitter. Media Flow also enables operators to set bit rate limits per session or per subscriber to ensure that content is only delivered at a bit rate suitable for the mobile environment. Combined with the optimization engine outlined above, setting rate limits enables operators to support a higher number of sessions and users on a given network without fear of quality degradation. Media Flow is the highest performing content caching and delivery platform on the market. It converges support for virtually all content protocols and formats into a single, consolidated solution. This superior scalability and converged architecture dramatically reduce the power, space, and cooling costs associated with competitive caching systems. To direct traffic to the optimization engine and cache, Juniper is

delivering an Openwave Traffic Controller application that can Openwave Tra c Controller Intelligent tra c steering Openwave Media Optimizer Context-aware video rate adaptation Internet

determine be deployed on the Services Delivery Gateway. The Services which destinations and types of content can most Delivery Gateway is based on the industry-leading Juniper benefit from optimization, and it steers this trafficand only this Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers. It consolidates trafficto Media Flow and the optimization engine. Because not many critical network services on a single platform, which reduces all traffic is suited for optimization, having the intelligence to costs, simplifies network design and operations, and improves direct only certain traffic to the optimization engine dramatically performance. The new Traffic Controller application enables improves the scale and performance of the solution. the Services Delivery Gateway to intelligently and dynamically Features and Benefits FEATURE DESCRipTiON BENEFiT Video rate adaptation Adapts the bit rate of a video stream to a given value appropriate to mobile networks and devices. Decreases bandwidth across the RAN Increases quality of experience in the presence of congestion Video caching Caches and delivers popular content after optimization. Reduces load on video optimization server and lessens transit traffic Improves quality of experience through decreased response times and latency policy enforcement engine Determines optimization parameters based on subscriber, content, and network conditions. Ensures that optimization only occurs when network conditions and subscriber experience will benefit Intelligent traffic steering The Traffic Controller application running on the Services Delivery Gateway steers only select traffic that can benefit from optimization and caching to the solution. Improves scalability of solution Enables flexibility to optimize traffic based on diverse technical and business requirements Congestion detection, management, and avoidance Ability to automatically detect congestion in the Delivers the best experience possible for given network network and apply appropriate optimization techniques. conditions Improves efficiency of optimization engine Dynamic adaptation Solution continuously monitors the Internet for sites that can benefit from optimization and modifies policies accordingly. Enables the solution to dynamically adapt to changes in consumer viewing habits.

Just-in-time delivery Limits video downloads to only the portion of the video required for smooth playback. Eliminates wasted downloads of entire videos in the case where a user only watches the first portion. In the near term, the solution provides immediate benefits. By reducing traffic across the RAN, mobile operators can support an increased number of subscribers per geographic area. Costs are reduced because operators can defer investments in upgrading the RAN infrastructure to deal with increased traffic growth. Longer term, the solution can lay the foundation for many new business models and revenue opportunities. with a network optimized for video, mobile operators can confidently deliver premium video content to their subscribers. Operators can also potentially work with content providers to develop new offerings that deliver video content with an assured level of quality and viewing experience. Solution Components The Mobile Video Optimization solution consists of Juniper Networks Media Flow, Services Delivery Gateway, and the Openwave Media Optimizer and Traffic Controller application. The functionality and benefits provided by each are summarized in the table below. pRODUCT DESCRipTiON BENEFiT Media Flow Controller highly scalable platform caches and delivers content locally, increasing response times and reducing transit traffic. Scalable, converged system reducing number of servers required Reduces load on video optimization server Openwave Media Optimizer Includes the optimization engine that reduces the bit rate of the video, and the policy engine which makes optimization decisions. Reduces traffic across the RAN Ensures superior user experience by eliminating congestion Services Delivery Gateway provides the foundation for the Traffic Controller application, as well as other router-integrated applications. provides a platform for future services, applications, and capabilities Enables intelligent traffic steering Openwave Traffic Controller application An application that runs on the Services Delivery Improves scalability of solution Gateway and steers only select traffic for optimization

Enables flexibility to optimize traffic based on diverse and caching. technical and business requirements 3

Summary Juniper Networks Mobile Video Optimization Solution can dramatically improve the efficiency of delivering video content over mobile networks. with this solution, operators can immediately reduce the costs of transporting video across their networks, and deliver an improved experience for subscribers. Additionally, this solution can be the foundation for many new revenue generating services. Networks optimized for video delivery can enable new services based on premium content delivery, and can also open up new business opportunities through partnerships with video content providers. Next Steps Customers interested in learning more about the Mobile Video Optimization Solution are encouraged to contact their Juniper Networks account representative. Additional information can be found on the Media Flow page at products-services/software/content-media/media-flowsolution. EMEA Corporate and Sales Headquarters ApAC Headquarters Headquarters Juniper Networks, Inc. Juniper Networks (hong kong) Juniper Networks Ireland 1194 North Mathilda Avenue 26/F, Cityplaza One Airside Business park Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA 1111 kings Road Swords, County Dublin, Ireland phone: 888.JUNIpER (888.586.4737) Taikoo Shing, hong kong phone: 35.31.8903.600 or 408.745.2000 phone: 852.2332.3636 EMEA Sales: 00800.4586.4737 Fax: 408.745.2100 Fax: 852.2574.7803 Fax: 35.31.8903.601 Copyright 2011 Juniper Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Juniper Networks, the Juniper Networks logo, Junos, NetScreen, and ScreenOS are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks, service marks, registered marks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners. Juniper Networks assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in this document. Juniper

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