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Chapter-11 Mairas eyes were closed for the entire moment,Manav kissed and drank her tears,he caressed

her hair,kissed her brows and when the wind blew fast and took away her pallu she didnt felt shy this time because her whole body and soul belongs to one and only Manav.Manav looked at her body for the first time.He saw that childlike beautiful innocent face which had its eyes closed,he saw her long and graceful neck and kissed it softly,saw her tender breasts and touched it for the first time,his hands trembled when he touched,he ran his hands slowly over it and kissed softly.Tears began torolll from her eyes again this time,his deep warm touch on her cold body made her glow inside from his warmth.Her body shivered from inside as he was touching her all overfor the first time and she didnt hesitate she knew he would go away the next morning to serve the nation and it was totally uncertain if he would come back or not she wanted him to touch her more and more she wanted to feel his love more deeply and she felt it and felt his tear drop fall in her belly as he kept on kissing her.He felt that he was complete today,he was united with his Mairu with his hole body and soul.The place was toally silent since night was approaching,the sun already had set nothing could be heard only the chirping of the cuckoos and beautiful scent of the newly bloosomed flowers.He went up to her and said,"Meri Mairu ankhen kholo ek baar bhi mujhe nahin dekhogi?".She opened her eyes and saw tears in his eyes too she sat up and ruubed his tears sotfly and kissed it and hugged him tight like a baby andkept on repeating the words,"Mujhe bohot dar lag raha hai Mannu,tum vapas aaoge na Mannu aaoge na,mat jao mujhe chod ke Mannu,mat jao".Manav felt like crying too seeing her cry but he couldnt help he kissed her forehead,caressed her hair and looked at her eyes and said,"Dhet pagli,main vapas kyun nahin aaunga,kuch nahin hoga mujhe,tum to chal hi rahi ho mere saath yahan,he said placing her hand on his heart".And just then it started to rain heavily.They were completly soaked in rain.Their thirst of wanting each other was more tempted by the rain.He looked at her,she looked more beautiful in the rain.He caressed her hair and said "Chalo Mairu ghar chod deta hun,thand lag jayegi" and he escorted her all way in the rain.Rehan was outfor two days as his school had scouts camping.He opened the door of her house,picked her in his lap and took her to her bed,maira felt like a princesson his lap.he slowly laid her on her bed and was about to go but Maira suddenly held his hand tightly and

said in her softest and helpless tone as she was about to cry,"Mat jao Mannu,mat jao,mujhe pura kar do".Manav couldnt help from looking back at her.He looked at her intense eyes and she was soaked in the depth of his intense look at her.he sat on her bed and held him close to her chest,he kissed her eyes and finally their lips locked again.He caressed her face,her hair and she was numb all over withhis touch.She squeezed his wet kurta and he slowly removed her pallu,he saw her thirsting breasts and slowly unbuttoned her blouse,then her inner garment and saw her beautiful body for the first time,those sensuous tender breasts,fleshy hips and waists drove him mad.he removed his kurta and his wet masculine body was driving her insane.he lay on her and she felt warmth all over her body,it burned her from inside out.She kissed his chest and he squeezed her waist.He touched her breasts and her body shivered from inside.he kissed it and tears rolled down from both of their eyes.Maira closed her eyes again.he went on touching and then kissing her all over her neck,her chest,her belly and then slowly slid his hands inside her saree and opened the knot of her peticoat.The saree was removed from her body.He felt he was in heaven when he felt her soft touches all over his chest,his waist and then she slowly removed the knot of his pyjama.Bothhad no idea of what they were doing they were just too much absorbed in their love.He caressed and kissed her feet all over slowly proceedind upwards,he touched her baby soft thighs and kissed it.Maira shivered each time he kissed her and finally the became one body one soul.Tears began to roll continuously and uncontrollably as the became one body,one soul.Manav looked at her and she opened her eyes slowly,he looked at her eyes and asked her,"Am I hurting you my Mairu?".She couldnt say anything just hugged him back,she wanted this moment to stay forever,she wanted him never to leave her,she wanted to be his forever.And they were asleep.Maira awoke after 2 hrs,she tied her peticoat and wore her blouse,her whole world just turned upside down infront of her,she didnt know what to do when she regained her senses.She covered Manav with her saree and went to the bathroom and took bath as the water ran down her,she fell down and cried,cried like a child and kept on repeating the words,"Abbu mujhe maaf kardo Aabu mujhe maaf kar do,main pyar mein hosh kho baithi thi,maaf kar do mujhe Abbu,maaf kar do!".Her wail woke Manav up and he sat up wore his clothesand cried,cried so badly,"Yeh maine apni Mairu ke saath kya kiya,kyun kiya,kyun kiya maine yeh,kyun hosh kho baitha

maine,maine abbu se kiya hua vaada kyun tor diya",he kept on repeating these words and cried,he was ashamed to show his face tohis Mairu.When Maira came to her room she saw that he left,it broke her heart and she sat down crying,she felt alone in this world. There manav went home with a dead face.His mother was surprised to see he neither called her once nor did a single mischief with her,she wondered what was wrong with him.He took his bath and came to eat with the same dead face.His mother asked him gently,"Puttar Mairu ki bohot yaad ayegi na,ja aaj raat usike ke paas waqt bita,usike ke haath ka khana kha,dil ko sukun milega.Mere paas to tu har waqt reheta hi hai,subha bhi to mere saath khana khakar hi jayega,ja aaj apne pyar ke paas ja".He hugged his mother tight and cried like a child on her shoulders to which his mother said "Aare pagal ladki ki tarah rota hai ab jaldi se ja varna mein hi tujhe ghar se bhagaunga".He kissed her forehead and ran "main jaldi aaunga mai". On his way he saw Rehans bus on his school,they had finished their camping and since it was very night the children would sleep the night in school only.So he went inside and took the permission to take him.When asked who was he he replied,"Main uska jija hun".And as soon as Rehan heard it he came shouting to him"Mannu bhaiya tum aa haye!".Manav picked him up on his lap ang kissed him and took him home.And there Maira lay on the ground,with her head rested on the wall and tears rolling down her eyes constantly.She trembled with shock when the door bell rang,Her heart leaped at once when she saw Rehan withManav.He shouted didi and she cried seeing him it was almost 11pm at night and she never expected this to happen.She picked him up and kissed her baby brother,he hugged her and said"Mujhe tumhari bohot yaad aayi didi kash tum bhi wahan hoti bohot maza aata" and it made her cry and kiss him again,she asked him"acchaab jao fresh hokar aao main garam garam khana lagati hun thi hai".And he went tofreshen up and then she stared at Manav.her silence and his silence spoke volumes.Manav broke to tears and hugged her tight and Maira brusted out on his shoulder.She spoke with shaken voice,"Mujhe laga maine tumhe humesha ke liye kho diya"."Aye meri pagli aisa kabhi ho sakta hai kya jab jab mein saas leta hun,tum mere paas rehti ho".He kissed her eyelids and her forehead and she huggedhim tight.Both went inside and Maira bit her tounge and said,"Maine to kuch banaya hi nahi hai Mannu!".Manav felt so guilty because just for him she wouldnt have eaten anything

today and havespent the whole night crying in empty stomach.Manav then warned her when she was about to go to kitchen,he said that she always fed them today he would feed them.Maira said,"tum hath kaat aur jala baithoge Mannu chodo main banati hun","Mannu ko koi kaat aur jala nahi sakta",he said this winking at her and went to cook despite several warning and finally Maira gave up and said,"Thik hai jao karlo manmani".he didnt even give her to enter the kitchen and so she gave up and went inside to bathRehan with hot water and freshened him up nicely with warm clothes.Rice was already there and so he made dal,fish fry and omlette and as expected he cut and burned himself,It took him half n hour to finish and befor he could finish Maira entered the kitchen and before he could speak a word she tore her dupatta and tied it on his hand and put an antiseptic on the burned portion,Manav looked at her and asked"Itna janti ho mujhe?"."She gave that innocent smile and kissed his cheek and said," Mere Mannu ho na kaise nahin janungi?".he picked her up and she shouted,"Mannu gira doge kaise pakde ho chodo",and brusted to laughter.He the naughtily said as usual,"Itna pyar karti ho sabsekabhi kabhi mujhe tension ho jata hai ke hamare bacchon ko to tum datogi bhi nahin!".Maira poked him on his shoulders and said"Badmaash kahike kyun datungi main apni nanhe munhe bacchon ko,tumhare tarah thode honge woh woh to mere jaise honge shaant aur shushil'."Aacha dekun to kitni shaant aur shushil hai tu",he said brusting to laughter and she ran to beat him and he went inside to Rehan and said,"Aare mera baccha apni didi se mujhe bachale".And they all ran after each other.They then sat to eat Manav asked very scaredly"Kaisabana hai?", Seeing his scare face made Maira pull his cheeks and he shouted"Oouchh!"and he pluued her cheeks back in return and it made her scream"Eeeeeemaaaa!"and Rehan shouted"Bilkul first class bana hai Jiju".Hearing the word jiju the food slipped out of her mouth and she looked at manav with curoius big eyes and he said to her acting very innocent ,"Maine aaj school mein yeh parichay diya tha!" and bit his tounge and Maira brusted to laughter and as usual her wholehearted laughmade him stare continuously at her and it took him to heaven.His heart leaped and pained at the thought that from tommorow he couldnt hear that heartwarming playfull laugh again.It was almost 1 pm and they lay together inside a quilt with Rehan in between them and all of their three hands crossed against each other together on top of Rehan.And they slept in their last moment spent together.

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