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THOMAS E. ESSLINGER 353 Cristaudo CT. MT. Royal, NJ .

08061 856-292-3687 Personal Data Educational Background Height: 5a10a Pennsylvania State University - BS Degree 1976 Weight: 190 lbs. Major Subject: Operations Management Health: Very Good Minor Subject: Personnel Management Birth Date: 08-03-53 Overall GPA: 3.25 / Major GPA: 3.75 Deanas List on Three Occasions Employment Experience Since February 15, 2010 I have completed a C.N.A (90hrs.) Training Program and b ecame a certified C.N.A as of April 29, 2010. Currently working part-time (poolbasis), at Innova Health & Rehab in Hammonton , NJ. 10-94 to 09-01-2010 Sony Music, Pitman , N.J.

Duties: Various positions started as a General Worker, CD packaging OPR. , Rep lication OPR. , Que Opr.-prepared artwork & discs to be delivered to lines for assemb ly ,Com Opr.prepared completed orders for shipping lanes, Packing Group Leader, Packaging Trainer and last position was as a supply chain Material Handler & F orklift Operator. 07-85 to 10-94 Holman Enterprises - Pennsauken, NJ Assistant Director/ Director of Human Resources Duties: Developed and administered Personnel Policies and Procedures. Initiat ed an In-House Training Program through Zinger/Miller for management, supervisi on, and working personnel as a Certified Facilitator authorized to conduct the training sessions. Ensured understanding and compliance with new legislation in Personnel areas. Interpreted and relayed benefit information/changes to the em ployees. Company spokesperson during labor negotiations and assisted management in responding to employee grievances. Assisted various locations in meeting th eir hiring needs or exempt and non-exempt personnel. Also, worked with an outsi de consultant in establishing a program to ensure compliance to New Jersey and Florida Regulations on Underground Storage Tanks. Established and monitored pro grams to ensure compliance with New Jersey and Florida Employee and Community R ight-to-Know Laws. Various Personnel projects such as the Business, Industry, a nd Government (BIG) Council of Pennsauken Township and also participated on the Health and Issues Committee of the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce. 02-84 to 07-85 Harrahas at Trump Plaza - Atlantic City, NJ Employee Relations Counselor Duties: Established close personal identification and relationship with employ ees at all levels. Maintained records and a program of regular review of employ ee attitude and morale. Conducted training for supervisors in matters pertainin g to Employee Relations. Assisted Training Department in the preparation and pr esentation of supervisory and management developmental programs. Conducted Boar ds of Review and prepared written reports for the record. The Board of Review wa s set up to ensure fair treatment for all non-union employees. Assisted supervi sors and employees in preparing developmental plans for employees. Gave guidanc e and direction to supervisors in disciplinary matters. Performed various Emplo yee Relations functions as assigned. This position reported directly to the Gen eral Manager.



09-82 to 02-84 Mobil Pipe Line Company - Plainfield, NJ Senior Employee Relations Coordinator Duties: Hired for exempt and non-exempt positions, administered labor contract s for three unions, administered disciplinary action, trained first- level supe rvisors, administered and interpreted benefit plans, prepared and administered salary compensation. As a member of the Division Staff, responsibilities includ ed informing all Division personnel of Company policies and procedures.

01-82 to 09-82 Mobil Oil Corporation - Paulsboro Refinery, Paulsboro, NJ Advanced Employee Relations Advisor Duties: Salary Administration for 400 salaried employees and over 1,000 hourly employees. Conducted surveys and recommended salary and wage increases. Worked with computes system to update and retrieve personnel information. Recruited a nd made recommendations for foreign assignments. Kept all manpower information current and accurate. 12-80 to 01-82 Mobil Oil Corporation - Paulsboro Refinery, Paulsboro, NJ Employee Relations Advisor Duties: Labor relations, prepared various labor reports, administered attenda nce improvement program, assisted in preparing for arbitrations, partic ipated in area wage and benefit surveys, recommended disciplinary action, and p erformed various other functions assigned. 05-79 to 12-80 Mobil Oil Corporation - Paulsboro Refinery, Paulsboro, NJ Employee Relations Advisor Duties: Recruited, relocation assistance, benefit explanation and assistance, familiarized new hires and transferees with the area, coordinated Red Cross an d other visits to the Refinery, conducted U.S Savings Bond drive, and performed various other functions assigned. 10-77 to 04-79 Pennwalt Co., Stokes Div., Philadelphia, PA Employment Manager Duties: Personnel generalists, hired salary and production personnel, particip ated in and conducted area wage and benefit surveys, prepared and administered Affirmative Action Program, assisted in the preparation for the participated in contract negotiations, kept OSHA records, evaluated and suggested pay levels f or position, and assisted Industrial Relations Manager in answering grievances .



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06-76 to 10-77 Warner & Swasey Co., Wiedeman Div., King of Prussia, PA Personnel Trainee to Personnel Administrator Duties: Personnel generalist, hired office and production personnel, participa ted in area wage and benefit surveys, prepared and administered Affirmative Act ion Program, assisted in the preparation for and participated in contract negot iations, kept OSHA records, and assisted the Industrial Relations Manager in va rious other personnel functions.

Salary requirements are negotiable. Personal references are available on request.