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Michael D. Kilgore 3376 South Holly Street | Denver, CO 80222 | 303.358.6961 www.linkedin.

com/in/michaeldkilgore PHILANTHROPIC EXECUTIVE New Program Development Ambassador Process Improvement Strategies

Non-Profit Organizational Recalibration Strategies Accomplished, Results-Driven, and Innovative Professional leveraging proven stre ngths in educational program and human resource development, launch, funding and management of process improvements. Proven organizational leadership skills. Demonstrated ability to deliver wisdom to successfully complete complex nonprofit business strategies and relationships . Solution-oriented Analyst with proven success directing, coordinating, and imple menting growth initiatives, project planning, and implementation of enterprise s olutions in direct support of mission objectives. Over twenty five years of experience and wisdom in organizational development, s trategic planning, volunteer resource allocation and motivation. Public spokesperson and professional trainer mentor. Key contributor with exten sive experience in communications and public relations. Polished, persuasive com municator forming productive funding and collaborative relationships with indivi duals and companies. KEY TRANSFERABLE COMPETENCIES Donor Relations Market Penetration Multi-Site Management Project Management Ambassador Mission Development Specialist Research & Product Development Cross Functional Team Leadership Progressive Change Management Operations Management Public Speaker/Presenter Strategic Planning Staff Leadership & Development Corporate Trainer Process Improvement Strategies Program development Financial Stewardship KEY CONTRIBUTIONS * Catalyst for Organizational Growth instrumental in playing a key role in Nonpr ofit Business Process Recalibration and Management. * Program Development Specialist * Nonprofit Funding Strategist * Organizational Servant Leadership as Board Member, CEO, COO, Director MICHAEL D. KILGORE PROFESSIONAL CAREER TRACK _____________________________ Ambassador / Mentor Lifechangers Fathers House


/10 4/11 For over 50 years Lifechangers, with an international office located in Cookevil le, TN., has reached the nations with educational materials. Their Fathers House project is an approved Ugandan NGO in Kampala as an international center for me dical missions, educational outreach, and home for adopted and orphan children a ges 2 to 24. From the 14,000 square foot facility teams serve the needs of chil dren in various districts in the region and particularly in the Namuwongo slum. Director: Career and Organizational Development Spectrum Life Management 1/10 11/10 Working closely with middle and senior level executives, specifically-designed i nnovative processes were taught using materials and counseling / coaching sessio ns. Using experienced gained from over 25 years of senior level leadership roles in multi-discipline environments, passionate motivation and sage wisdom were de livered to clients assisting them with personal, family, career and business dev elopment. Executive Director Rachels Challenge 1/0 6 2/09 This international educational movement which was inspired by Rachel Joy Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton, Colorado. As the fi rst Executive Director and later fulfilling the Director of Program Delivery res ponsibilities, this culture change youth movement of kindness and compassion rea ches 1.3 million K-12 grade students annually with video presentations, programs and curriculum. Key Accomplishments: Designed operational methods and procedures to sustain steady growth to a budge t of $4.1 million in 3 years; Implemented financial stewardship processes that resulted in over 80% of expens es being used for mission driven program delivery. Only 15% of expenses were use d for administration and 5% for fund raising; Built a presenter certification process with quality control management measure ments; Trained presenters to effectively deliver the presentation and represent the co mpany in all possible public and private scenarios. Customer satisfaction report s ranked the presenters 9.4 out of 10 and presentations resulted in over 100 do cumented student suicide preventions each year. Executive Director Shiloh Place Incorporated 8/04 12/05 As the Executive Director of this international teaching and retreat center, org anizational consultation was provided to the founders. Plans were developed and implemented which reorganized the business providing increased efficiency and im proved culture. During this period, the challenge of a five-month-long neighbori ng land-use infringement battle was successfully defeated while representing the organization with county officials and community leaders. MICHAEL D. KILGORE Director of Finance and Operations Charlotte Christian School 8/0 1 6/04 Served as the Director of Finance and Operations and member of Leadership Team. Reported to the President/Head of School. Established effective sales and manage ment processes in order to establish financial stability. As the controller of t

he $8.4 million budget and collaborating with the board member finance committee , a solid foundation was established. Managed 9 of the 11 operational department s, $3.3 million budget, for this nationally accredited, 52-year old college prep aratory school located on 54 acres with over 960 students. Oversight for the sa fety and security teams of the entire campus as well as supervision of all maint enance teams for buildings, land, and sports fields. Key Accomplishments: Established a budgetary process which empowered department heads and identified unused available funds; Rectified payroll allocations (a $6.6 million budget item) and 6 payroll catego ries at Charlotte Christian School in order to make timely hiring and dismissal decisions with year end projections based on these changes; Controlled accounts receivable increasing collections significantly; Negotiated with bank loan officers actions that reduced debt service cost and e xceeded mandatory loan ratios; Active stewardship influenced the reversal of a three-year net loss trend. Director of Operations Derek Prince Ministries, International 4/95 1/01 Vice Chairman and Treasurer St. Xenia Hospital Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia 9/87 4/94 Education and Credentials University of Phoenix B.S. Human Services Management (completion 2011) University of San Francisco Special studies, 3 years, Organizational Development Palm Beach Community College / Florida Atlantic University Associates Degree in Business Administration Phi Beta Kappa Association Memberships / Community Service / References Extensive list available upon request