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BRET MARTIN 12 Edgewood Rd, Orinda, CA 94567 bm126e234@westpost.

net 510-593-3976 SKILLS SUMMARY Data Analyst: 12 years experience using Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, TOAD, Data Dictionar y, MS Access, Excel, and VBA. Design experience creating ER diagrams, table rela tionships, and schema objects. Create/tune complex SQL, functions, procedures, p ackages, triggers, reports, and indexes for optimum performance. Create ETL data conversion applications using Access, SQL Loader, and PL/SQL. Sybase and SQL Se rver experience. Design powerful "SPIDER Data Web" ad-hoc query, reporting, and analytical tools. Software Engineer: 18 years experience in Visual Basic, C#, .NET, PL/SQL, ASP, H TML, JavaScript, jQuery, C, Java, Crystal Reports, Windows Forms, and Object-ori ented and event-driven programming, and for simulation and database applications . Innovative and optimized GUI design for input, validation, reporting, and anal ysis. Soft Skills : Excellent verbal and written communication skills, good listener a nd team player. Much experience working with clients, training, and mentoring. General: Creative, productive worker with strong analytical, software, GUI, and database design skills. Uncommon ability to design and write robust software qui ckly to meet deadlines while providing excellent customer relationship skills. EDUCATION Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Aug 1987, University of Washington 3.9 GPA. Master's thesis research investigated many properties of vibrating quar tz crystals in liquids, including sensing viscosity, density, motion, and mass s ensitivity. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, May 1985, University of California at Berkeley 4.0 GPA. Graduated top of class with interest in energy technologies. WORK HISTORY Data911, Alameda, CA (Apr 1998 - May 2010) Software Engineer/Sr Data Analyst, Design and enhance more than 200 normalized Oracle tables capturing more than 30 00 data fields needed for police reports. Create and support hundreds of PL/SQL triggers, procedures, functions, and packa ges to handle business requirements. Use PL/SQL for middle-tier business logic such as report checking/out, auditing, validation, report routing, team maintenance, and user permissions. Create and maintain PL/SQL scripts to download/upload reports to/from external O racle Lite and Access databases running in police cars. Create PL/SQL scripts to perform upgrades, tuning, and maintenance on databases. Use SQL Loader, PL/SQL, Access for data conversion and migration of RMS data. Use .NET, C#, VB to develop software for police data-entry, analysis, and report ing applications than run in-station and off-site in police cars. Use .NET, Crystal Reports, Access, Excel to create customized police reports, th e Uniform Crime Report for the FBI, and the Arrest and Citation Register for Cal ifornia DOJ. Create TOAD-like ad-hoc reporting tool for RMS queries, reports, statistics and graphs. Design GUI in .NET, C#, and VB for report entry, case management, dictionary mai

ntenance, report routing, team maintenance, form templates, dynamic forms, and s oftware customization. Use C# to enhance and maintain personnel scheduling and calendar software for sh ift assignments, vacations, training, court subpoenas, etc. Use C# and VB to create criminal booking software for digital mug shots, lineups , fingerprints, and missing/wanted person posters. Use C#, VB, Crystal Reports, Active Reports to develop traffic collision, arrest , DUI, and other reports compliant with CHP requirements. Integrate .NET and VB applications with MS Word, Excel, Access, Visio, magneticstripe readers, file attachments, Windows services, and FTP. Create "SPIDER Data Web" data-mining technology to easily search and link fields in relational databases. Environment : PL/SQL, Oracle, .NET, C#, VB, Access, Visio, Excel, Crystal Report s Pharmaceutical Research Scientist March 97 - Mar 98 Bayer Corp, Pharmaceutical D ivision, Berkeley, CA Process R&D on cell clarification and ultra-filtration for mammalian cell cultur e to produce Factor VIII for hemophiliacs. Investigate how process variables affect filtration quality Performed assays on proteins, DNA, and cellular properties Research revealed product recovery improvements that can save over $1 MM/year Petroleum Refinery Software Engineer June 91 - Feb 97 Chevron Technology Center, Richmond, CA Chemical engineering work on process simulations using C/C++ programming to deve lop dynamic simulations for operator training Developed automatic tuning algorithm for process controllers. Developed automatic trending of random simulation variables. Developed dynamic training exercises with scoring features. Improved vapor-liquid flash calculations (speed, accuracy, stability). Improved heat-exchanger modeling for better accuracy and faster speed. Improved distillation simulations for control courses and operator training. Completed detailed dynamic simulation of a crude unit in 4 weeks (normally a 6 m onth project). Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Student Aug 87 - June 91 University of California, Berkeley, CA Research on silicon-based Lamb-wave multi-sensors to measure liquid properties, including viscosity, density, temperature, pressure, mass deposition, and coagul ation. 4.0 GPA, past preliminary examinations for Ph.D. with highest score. Did not complete Ph.D. thesis. Chemical Engineer June 87 - Aug 87 Boeing Electronics Company, Bellevue, WA Research on coated surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices for gas analysis. Laboratory Assistant Jan 85 - Aug 85 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA Evaluate thermal stress and oxidation properties of silicon-solar-cell electrica l contacts. Refinery Simulation Engineer May 84 - Aug 84 Chevron Research Center, Richmond, CA Chemical engineering computer modeling of distillation columns for refinery opti mization.