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Ryan J. Ellis 1631 Ivy Spring Drive Smyrna, GA 30080 (770) 310-3812 www.RyanJEllis.

com EDUCATION Bachelors of Arts, Liberal Studies, December 2003 University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL Major: Mass Communications Minor: Marketing EXPERIENCE URS Corporation , July 2007 - December 2010 - Atlanta, GA Project Manager , October 2008- December 2010 * Responsible for $1.9M consulting project providing employer based commuter ser vices for The Clean Air Campaign/ Georgia Department of Transportation's 882 emp loyer partners * Lead URS consulting team of 20 individuals, implementing telework, alternative work arrangement programs and commuter tax benefits for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies; increasing partnerships and participation by an industry leading 1015% annually * Managed daily project cost and controls, technology/supply procurement, staff hiring and on-going consultant development * Consistently exceeded contractual goals over 100%, while remaining 25% -30% un der budget for each contractual period * Provided management oversight of client's regional employer training seminars on commute options program implementation, attended by Georgia SMB to Fortune 50 0 executives * Tasked with driving use and information integrity of a 30,000 user commuter da ta base, used to calculate environmental impacts * Consulted on design and implementation of client's Salesforce CRM system and a lso maintained their previous ACT! database with software business partner. Deputy Project Manager, July 2007- October 2008 * Provided mentoring and guidance to consulting team of 16 providing employer ba sed Commuter Benefit services * Managed and approved weekly billable hour in adherence to federal contracting and URS/client contract guidelines * Conducted employer-based presentations for employers, business associations, m edia appearances and Executives on regional air quality to promote implementatio n of commuter benefits programs * Implemented on-going sales/marketing skill development for Atlanta consulting team , currently utilized by the URS national practice * Responsible for networking, coordination and program buy-in with state transpo rtation agencies including MARTA, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, Atl anta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Transportation * Hired and provided training for 8 staff members and assisted client with emplo yee selection for their state-wide program IBM-International Business Machines, December 2004 - July 2007 - Smyrna, GA Tivoli Software Sales Specialist * Liaison between IBM clients and engineers to build a complex software solution to provide data back up and system monitoring * Nurtured existing and new IBM client relationships within the Small and Medium Business market space in the US & Canada * Created and delivered series of product and brand training presentations for n

ew hire and existing IBM employees * Established relationships within the IBM Business Partner community to create strategic sales and marketing events Hewitt Associates LLC, April 2004 - November 2004- Orlando, Florida Benefits Administrator * Respond to inquiries from employees and internal HR professionals regarding he alth, payroll and pension programs * Served as a liaison between the employee and individual health and welfare pro viders to resolve complex questions * Verified and resolved employee payroll issues in regard to health and welfare benefit changes ADDITIONAL SKILLS / COMPUTER SKILLS * Graduated with honors from IBM Global Sales School and IBM Tivoli Top Gun Tech nical Training * IBM Manager Award Recipient for sales achievement * Experience in development and delivery of product/sales training * Proficient in Enterprise, One resource and project planning software, along wi th Siebel, ACT! and CRMs