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MARK IRVING 104 High Street Amesbury, MA 01913 Cell: (978) 500-2310, Home: (978) 388-1388 mi12823ce@westpost.


PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Results oriented manager / supervisor with progressive, extensive experience in many functions in rapidly changing call center environments. Practical, hands-on leadership experience, blending management of others with high level resolution of customer service and technical issues. Served as a lead on projects, trainin g manager, absence administrator, quality analyzer, team lead, resource manager, regional staff support capacity, and as team member on a national operations le vel for call centers for major telecommunications companies. Provides superior c ustomer service, vast experience understanding customer needs and developing str ong positive customer relationships, responding to customer needs and delivering exceptional client / customer satisfaction. Adept at learning new and changing technologies. * New process implementation * Client satisfaction * Exceptional leadership * Documentation skills * Customer service * Coaching and motivating * Budgeting and scheduling * Communication skills * Technical training * Managing multiple priorities * Strong computer skills * Strong interpersonal a bility EXPERIENCE COMCAST, Manchester, NH BUSINESS SERVICES SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL CALL CENTER REP (2010-2011) UNITED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, Dover, NH CONSULTANT / TRAINER - FAIRPOINT COMMUNICATIONS REPAIR CALL CENTER (2008 - 2009, 2010) VERIZON, Andover, MA PROJECT MANAGER, ACD IMPLEMENTATION / CALL MANAGEMENT (2007 - 2008) STAFF AND SYSTEM SUPPORT MANAGER - DSL AND FIBER CALL CENTERS (2006) SYSTEM / STAFF / OPERATIONS SUPPORT MANAGER FOR NE / NY REGION CALL CENTERS (20 05 - 2006) TEAM LEADER / MANAGER - VERIZON REPAIR RESOLUTION CALL CENTER (2001 - 2005) CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANT - VERIZON REPAIR RESOLUTION CALL CENTER (1997 - 2001) CALL CENTER ENVIRONMENT * Team Leader (20-25 associates), Training Manager, Force / Resource Management Assistant, Quality Analyzer, and provided coverage for the Workforce / Resource Manager and Absence Administrator for call center of 150 associates and 16 manag ers. * Measured employee performance to ensure center objectives were met. Conducted performance evaluations. Monitored calls for training purposes and quality contr ol. Set goals and action plans for team members and determined training needs. P rovided coaching and feedback. * Experience writing Methods & Procedures, creating online process and system jo b aids for call center Customer Service Associates to utilize, and supported all corporate processes and initiatives. * Provided system support for Call Center Management, IT Development Teams, Admi n Teams, and other internal organizations to resolve troubles and ensure service levels were met. Worked extensively with call center systems during implementat ion and new releases, and for analysis / feedback purposes. * Teamed with the center Quality Analyzers and Trainers for the Repair and Order Inquiry centers to reduce misdirected trouble reports to internal departments, and miscoded front-end closeouts on custom calling feature troubles. Assisted wi th development, implementation and monitoring of related goals, policies, progra

ms, and practices to ensure call center service levels and key objectives were m et. * As member of regional process team, worked to standardize the online job aids into a single version for use in all regions. Coordinated with training personne l to develop strategies for the launch of projects / products to the workforce. Project lead on the national deployment of disaster recovery for front-end troub le entry systems. * Managed multiple projects throughout the national Verizon footprint for the in stallation / implementation of ACD switches (Aspect and Nortel), tested switch u mbilicals and ACD applications for Verizon call centers. This was achieved throu gh phased moves of work groups. Ensured correct ACD call routing for centers. * Executed call center routing involving switch work and transfer of centers due to sales or group consolidations. * Forecasting / scheduling system SME for Verizon DSL and Fiber Centers national ly & internationally. Built new call groups and call centers into systems when n eeded. COACHING/TRAINING/MENTORING * Conducted blended training sessions for FairPoint call center associates and m anagers on new trouble entry systems, databases and processes prior to the cutov er from Verizon proprietary systems to ensure a smooth transition. Provided cont inuous feedback to management on associates' progress and proficiency with new s ystems. * Provided onsite system support and continuous training for call center teams o n new FairPoint systems and databases. Trained associates and managers on additi onal systems and updates implemented post cutover. Trained new associates who jo ined the call center team post cutover and summer hires on processes, systems an d databases. * Trained (Verizon and FairPoint) Customer Service Associates and Managers on ne w processes, systems and upgrades. Identified areas of need for coaching / train ing, implemented lesson plans, scheduled continuous training programs, provided regular feedback to Team Leaders and Call Center Management Team on associate pr ogress, and maintained and distributed attendance records for training activitie s. * As Team Lead and Training Manager for Verizon, measured employee performance t o ensure center objectives were met. Conducted performance evaluations, setting goals and action plans for team members and determined training needs. Provided coaching and feedback. * Coordinated with training personnel from other Verizon call centers regionally to develop strategies for the launch of projects / products to the workforce. P roject lead on the national deployment of disaster recovery for front-end troubl e entry systems. Team member of development / deployment team for new switch acc ess system used in call centers. * Member of regional process team, worked to standardize the online Job Aids int o a single version for use in both the East and West regions. CUSTOMER SERVICE, REGIONAL / NATIONAL OPERATIONS * Led ACD weekly project calls attended by clients and all required Verizon orga nizations. Ensured that all project requirements and issues were identified, res olved, and deadlines met. Distributed call minutes and action item lists to proj ect teams for follow-up as needed. * Provided associates / managers with on-site Pset support and functionality tra ining when converting work groups to the Corporate ACD Network, with a track rec ord of being 100% operational on "go live" dates. * Coordinated with other FairPoint organizations / departments and with CAP GEMI NI - (system designers) to troubleshoot and resolve system issues, customer comp laints and service order errors. * Coordinated with client vendors, Aspect and the Verizon DSL team to resolve sy stems issues. Provided continuous remote and on-site support, and tracked / dist

ributed data to appropriate teams. * Team member for National Operations E-mail based solution and worked with staf f support nationally. Introduced a solution for appropriate Verizon organization s (i.e. Repair, Business Office) to respond to customer e-mails to, and reduce incoming traffic to call centers. Provided daily web inquiry support, testing, and feedback. * Customer service rep for Verizon, National Grid and Comcast. Provided platinum customer care, technical troubleshooting, data entry, account management / bill ing, trouble ticket entry, peer coaching, and Supervisory Assistant handling cus tomer escalations form other reps. Provided manager coverage when needed. * Sale support for Verizon and Comcast sales teams. COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project Plan. Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes, Peoplesoft, Aspect eWorkforce Management and Enc ompass, Witness Blue Pumpkin, various call center data tracking, reporting and t rouble entry systems (used by Comcast, Verizon, FairPoint, and National Grid). EDUCATION The University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science, 1993