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ED BELL 2533 Royal Boulevard / Carmel, IN 46032 317.292.3494 / eb129f88e@westpost.

net EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Operations Management & Business Development Transportation - Logistics - Distribution - Supply Chain Executive Summary Provides strategic organizational structure to Corporate Transportation to estab lish competitive advantage. Consistent track record of leading process and performance improvements in fast paced environment. Drives productivity and cost savings through executive leadership and strategic planning skills. Establishes executive level presence to achieve strategic market positioning. Continually optimizes ROI by leading contract negotiation process. Core Skills: Matrix Management ROI - Cost Containment $MM Contract Negotiations Strategic Business Development Best Practices Positive Cash Flow Short/Long-Term Goals Acquisitions / Divestitures Regulatory Compliance North America Operations Cohesive Team Development Performance Improvement Metrics Key Accomplishments: * Grew annual revenue 107%. * Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) 50%. * Reduced capital costs by stretching equipment purchases and increasing cash fl ow. * Increased revenue 40% from DoD and negotiated favorable contracts with major o il companies. Professional Development Executive Master of Business Administration / Cleveland State University Bachelor of Arts-Business Administration / Capital University Board of Directors for Fountains of Hope International 501c3 which provides relief to world's most needy through safe water missions Career Progression & Select Accomplishments Jet Star, Inc. / Zionsville, IN / 1995 - 2010 Transport enterprise for jet fuel, aviation gas, diesel fuel, gasoline and ethan ol to customers from coast to coast serves airlines, airports, military aircraft and automotive travel business in 13 locations across North America. Advanced throughout enterprise with increased responsibilities. Progression as f ollows: PRESIDENT (2003 - 2010) Strategy development & planning: * Led overall transportation strategy and execution throughout North America.

* Proactive in forming future strategic objectives; converted strategies into op erational activities, goals and metrics. * Created new approaches in adverse situations; ensured standard operating proce dures in place to foster controlled and structured environment. Leadership: * Directed 6 senior management-level professionals. Demonstrated passion and ent husiasm for vision; created positive and winning culture within team by training , recognition and leadership development. * Motivated/led/empowered others to achieve organizational goals, inspiring high level of performance. * Demonstrated intellectual/professional leadership style that supported attainm ent of respect and credibility. Finance: * Provided strategic direction and oversight of $25M spend. * P&L responsibility for entire organization; prepared annual operating/capital budgets and developed performance reporting, including capital expenditure and c ash flow. Problem solving & analysis: * Analyzed complex issues; drew correct conclusions and articulated clear and fo cused actions. * Understood issues and made systematic and rational judgments based on relevant information. Business development: * Grew company organically; built customer relationships and matched operations to meet customers' needs. * Developed/maintained collaborative and positive relationship within industry; developed markets in new locations through both new and existing customer base w ithin market. Ed Bell / Executive Resume / Page 2 Jet Star, Inc. Continued: Key Achievements: * Grew annual revenue 107% ($27M+) from 2003-2007. Increased revenue 40% from Do D and negotiated favorable contracts with major oil companies, while decreasing operating ratio from 98.2 to 92.4. * Received award from ConocoPhillips for exemplary service provided in emergency situation. Formulated plan to divert manpower/assets from Indianapolis, Ft. Lau derdale, and Corpus Christi to Louisiana (post Hurricane Katrina) without distur bing service to customers. Negotiated premium rates for ConocoPhillips, Chevron and BP for providing emergency service. Generated $500k+ revenue with 22% prof it. * Negotiated 3-year contract providing $1.3M in annual revenue, increasing net p rofit 7%, and offset decline in competitive market. Provided dedicated 24/7 ser vice to major oil company. * Reduced capital costs by stretching equipment purchases for tractors from 4 to 5 years, effectively reducing initial investment cost while increasing cash flo w and ROI. * Partnered with IT Department to provide customers with same day information to allow them ability to bill their customers more quickly. * Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO) 50% in collaboration with billing departm ent. * Led executive team in achieving profitability every month post Chapter 11 (13 months). Formulated communication plan to employees, customers and vendors; esta blished process for payables, and created daily reports to monitor financial sta tus and measure equipment/manpower productivity. * Led/negotiated $1.8M divestiture of Northwest Region's assets to competitor. Sale allowed debt payoff, and provided significant premium over asset value and future net profit.

DIRECTOR of OPERATIONS (1995 - 2003) Staff management & leadership: * Directed 3 management level professionals. Built/maintained high performance c ulture through effective performance management, communication and coaching. Fos tered team culture consistent with core values. * Improved hiring process by involving teams from HR, safety and operations. Imp lemented minimum standards, ensured recruitment of appropriately skilled staff t o positions and establish salary levels for staff. Safety & training: * Rewrote safety training program; held quarterly driver safety meetings; reduce d incidents/accidents 40% during 1st year; established driver orientation progra m. Operational management & compliance: * Ensured effective day-to-day operations; developed driver performance evaluati on and recognition program. * Implemented processes to ensure timely and effective management of customer re quests. * Ensured compliance with DOT, EPA, OSHA, Hazmat and other regulatory agencies. Key Achievements: * Raised driver productivity 14% via creation of trip standards; met 1-on-1 with drivers to discuss progress. * Improved equipment utilization 30% while allowing additional gain in revenue. * Decreased number of incidents (spills, cross drops, etc.) by new hires 75%. De veloped new hire orientation program effectively boosting company knowledge, saf ety and efficiency. * Grew customer service satisfaction through increasing weekend schedule 150%. S trategized with dispatch staff to create driver schedule with weekend flexibilit y. * Performed root cause analysis and acted as key liaison between driver and atto rney to exonerate driver of any errors in fatal accident (and praised for his im mediate actions following accident). BP Oil / Cleveland, OH / 1991 - 1995 DISTRICT TERMINAL MANAGER Operational management & compliance: * Directed 3 managers in day-to-day operations. Coordinated/implemented/conducte d receipt, storage and delivery of light oil products to 600+ accounts within Gr eater Cleveland area. * Ensured compliance with DOT, EPA, OSHA, Hazmat and other regulatory agencies. Forecast/manage budget: * Forecasted and managed $4M budget; achieved 3% reduction in 1994 budget. Capital Improvements: * Teamed with company engineers in development of operational improvement projec ts in alignment with corporate strategy; ensured design safety and maintained co ntinuous work flow during construction process. Safety/Training: * Presented bimonthly safety training programs for drivers. Covered topics e.g. accident/injury prevention, product contamination, and productivity; conducted w eekly meetings with staff to build teamwork. Key Achievements: * Coordinated/coauthored Q101 Status Project with Ford Motor Company. * Cofounded Emergency Assistance Cooperative for spills, leaks, fires and disast ers in greater Cleveland area; and participated in writing policies/procedures f or Coop.