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Thaddeus S

HIGHEST POSITION OUTSIDE FDIC:President of Self Owned Company, 19
Taylor Southwest Services, 8/1999 to 04/2007 (Supports Grades 12-14)
Compliance Analyst,05/2010 to Present
Senior Project Manager with twenty five years of experience in
commercial bank operations, thrifts and mortgage banks managing
functions such as originations, sales,
underwriting,processing,servicing, funding,quality
control,compliance,secondary marketing,due diligence. Personal
strengths are problem solving, creating strategic plans, implementing
short term and long term goals of organizations. Adapts to various
situations, able to communicate with people at all levels, provides
organization,leadership and energy to all working projects.
DSC 05/2010 to Present
Compliance Analyst CG303-11
Supervisor-Pat Farrell-215-591-9820x4815
Current Salary $69,000
DOA 02/2010 to 04/2010
Administrative Support - MWTSO Setup Team
Supervisor-Cindy Miller-972-761-8630
DRR 11/2008 to 05/2010
Customer Service
Dallas Regional Office
Technician, CG303-7
11/2008 to Present
40 hours/week
Salary: $54,250/year
Supervisor: Jim Parrish-972-761-2872
DSC-Performing bank examination functions, testing open active banks
in NY Region for compliance with bank regulations, TIL, RESPA, ECOA,
HMDA, CRA. generates examination summaries that are part of the
overall Compliance Report. Interact with Senior Bank personnel, Bank
President, CEO, COO, CCO in interview, Q assist the RIC or CM in
documents needed from Legal Department, Settlement or Proforma.
Complete and upload Closing Manageras Book and Asset and Liability
Book in SharePoint.
DRR-Requested by Training Department to facilitate and create
materials for Data Management Services (DMS) training for Dallas
Regional Office and Irvine WCTSO Office using Live Meeting and audio
conferencing.(Supports Grade 12-14)
DRR-Received FDIC STAR AWARDa"Initiative and knowledge in
contributing to successful integration of Customer Service
utilization of the Data Management System(DMS) Subject Matter Expert
in DMS
DRR-Customer Service average 165 calls per month, provided 88 lien
releases, transfer deeds and assignments for real estate and personal
DRR-Completed 400 research requests, in the first 11 months, for
bank customers,FDIC departments utilizing NAIS,DMS,4C, ARMS and other
databases,retrieving off-site storage boxes from Iron Mountain.
DRR-Coordinates with MERS involving MERS transfers,updates and
invoices.creating spreadsheets of outstanding items.Subject Matter
Expert in MERS
DOA-Administrative Support for Midwest Temporary Satellite Office.
All duties related to hiring of 350 FDIC employee to fill staffing
needs of the MWTSO. Setting up interviews, interviewing candidates,
processing hiring packages.
Due Diligence/Underwriting Division
Bellevue,WA 98005
Due Diligence Underwriter
09/2008 to 11/2008
Salary: $63,200/year(Supports Grades 11-14)
Due Diligence Underwriter
02/2006 to 10/2007
Salary: $72,600/year plus bonuses
Supervisor:Christine Cross 425-747-7398
Reviewed credit quality and legal compliance of new construction,
residential and commercial loans that were purchased,sold in
secondary markets for FNMA,FHLMC, GNMA,private investors such as
Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Indy Mac,WAMU, Bank of America,JP Morgan
Chase,Credit Suisse,Countrywide,Lehman Brothers,Taylor Bean and
Whitaker,SunTrust Bank and smaller institutions.
Due Diligence A-Paper,Alt-A and sub-prime loans.Determinations were
of credit worthiness based on risk formulas predetermined by
acquiring institutions. Final analysis included credit
grades,compliance to state and federal regulations and remedies for
any deficiencies in loans. Included reviews of applications
(1004),credit reports,income statements,tax returns,settlement
statements,appraisals hazard insurance,flood certificates or
insurance,notes and riders,Deed of Trusts,Title Commitments or
Policies,Assignments, Allonges,Initial Disclosures,Fair
Lending,Regulation-Z,Truth-in-Lending.Provide verbal and written
input into noted trends of the lending institution and
recommendations for areas that needed to improve or to put audited
institution within compliance of federal,state rules or ethical
practices.Supports Grades 12-14)
Retail Lending Division
Austin, Texas 78759
Loan Officer
07/08 to 09/2008
Salary: $59,200/year plus commission
Supervisor: Tom Brown
Managed 2 people
Performed origination and initial automated underwriting review for
residential loan applicants in the Central Texas area. When Retail
Division of GMAC was closed,was the #1 loan officer in Central Texas.
Provided credit counseling to prospective borrowers by reviewing
credit reports,alternative credit sources,income documents,bank
statements and tax returns.Performed credit and mortgage workshops
for non-profit community based organizations on behalf of
GMAC.(Supports Grades 11-13)
Diversity Segmentsa"Retail Lending Division
Austin, Texas 78759
Home Mortgage Consultant
01/08 to 07/2008
Salary: $67,600/year + bonus/commission
Supervisor: Ramon Valeriano
Originate and underwrote purchases and refinances of residential and
commercial loans with an emphasis on the minority communities.
Credit counseling to prospective borrowers,reviewing credit
reports,alternative credit,income documents,bank statements and tax
returns.Supports Grades 11-13)Facilitated mortgage seminars in the
Austin area that included credit, home buyer information and
explained special government lending programs, FHA and VA
loans.(Supports Grades 11-13)
Retail Mortgage Division
Austin,TX 78757
Mortgage Consultant
Salary:$62,400/year + commission
Performed origination and initial underwriting for both purchase and
refinances of residential and commercial loans with emphasis on the
minority communities.
Mortgage Broker and Lending Support Services
Austin, Texas 78752
Round Rock, Texas 78664
President and Co-Owner
Annual Earnings $110,000/year
08/1999 to 10/2007
Employed 19 people
Brokered and originated tasked initial underwriting of both purchase
and refinanced residential and commercial loans. Relationships
included title companies, real estate agents,brokers and other
mortgage support industry specialists such as appraisers, inspectors.
Credit bureaus, private construction contractors and lenders to
coordinate closing of loans.Facilitated mortgage seminars in Central
Texas including credit, home buyer information and special government
lending programs, FHA and VA loans.Evaluated and interviewed
staff,performed hiring, training disciplinary actions and termination
activities as needed.
Audits/Due Diligence/Banking Support/Front-end Origination Banking
Bellevue, WA 98005
Due Diligence Underwriter
Private Services Contractor
06/2005 to 10/2008
Salary: $93,600/year
Special Project Manager
Private Services Contractor
06/2003 to 05/2005
Salary: $93,600/year
Supervisor: James Zelden
Managed up to 30 personnel
Reviewed credit and legal compliance of new construction,
residential and commercial loans that were purchased and sold in
secondary markets for FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, private investors such as
Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns,Indy Mac, WAMU,Bank of
America,Chase,Credit Suisse,Countrywide, Lehman Brothers,Taylor Bean
and Whitaker,SunTrust and smaller institutions.Due diligence
performed included A-Paper,Alt-A and sub-prime loans.Determinations
were of credit worthiness based on risk formulas predetermined by the
acquiring institutions.Final analysis,credit grading, compliance to
state and federal regulations and remedies for any deficiencies in
loans,included reviewing applications (1004),credit reports,income
statements,tax returns, settlement statements,appraisals hazard
insurance, flood certs or insurance, notes and riders, Deed of Trust,
Title Commitments,Assignments,Allonges,Initial Disclosures,Fair
Special project management included managing the East Coast Section
of Correspondent Underwriting Division for Aurora Loan
Services/Lehman Bank in Denver, Colorado from June 2003 to December
2003,project development and oversight of court settlement between 48
states Attorney Generals and Household Finance, Elmhurst,Illinois from
December 2003 to May 2004.Created automated system that measures
productivity of underwriters based on portfolio,loan types to
determine effectiveness in performance and accuracy of reviews for
Austin, Texas 78704
04/2000 to 11/2000
Small Commercial Real Estate and Business Loan Broker
Salary: $52,500/year
Supervisor: Steven Dallas
Brokered small commercial real estate and business loans nationally
as a third party vendor to larger institutions such as Bank of
America,Compass Bank,InterBay and Imperial Bank.Completing these
broker functions,involved compiling financial statements,commercial
appraisals,Stage 1 environmental studies and loan packages submitted
to lenders.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19004
03/1999 to 11/1999
Quality Control Manager/Portfolio Manager
Salary: $52,500/year plus annual bonus
Supervisor: Dottie Haws
Manage 13 personnel
Credit and Compliance underwriting review of residential and
commercial loans,100% of loan portfolio.Pre-closing and post-closing
review of all documents,credit and final closing documents.Managed
the securitization process of all loans in the secondary
markets.Performed all employee evaluations,disciplinary actions both
of company employees and private contractors
Hatboro, Pennsylvania
10/1996 to 03/1999
Trailing Documents and Assignment Manager
Managed 3 subdivisions and 32 people
Quality Control Manager
Salary:$52,500/year plus bonus
Managed 18 people
Supervisor:Janet Green
Managed staff processing preclosing,post closing review,residential
loans that,new originations and loans being purchased on Secondary
Market.Reviews included document review for completion,compliance and
conforming to credit guidelines of the programs under which the loans
were approved or sold.Approved and completed wires that funded
loans.Prepared the HMDA and CRA Reports on all loan applications
approved,declined or turned down by prospective borrowers.Managed the
staff that prepared intervening assignments on mortgage loans being
sold and purchased in the Secondary Markets.Supports Grades
12-15.Managed quality control functions the included reviewing every
aspect of the application, underwriting, approval and sale of loans.
The evaluation includes appraisals,title work and compliance to
federal and state regulations.Performed all employee evaluations and
disciplinary actions both of company employees and private
Mortgage Lending A-paper and Sub-prime Lending
Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania
01/1998 to 05/1998
Quality Control-Compliance Manager a" Eastern Region
Salary: $ 45,500/year plus bonus and commission
Managed 12 personnel and 5 contractors
Supervisor: Susan Pawaleski
Managed quality control functions the included reviewing every
aspect of the application,underwriting,approval and sale of loans.The
evaluation includes appraisals,title work and compliance to federal
and state regulations.The quality control review includes loans sold
in pools and loans sold in flow basis.The loans were originated in
all states east of the Rocky Mountains.Performed all employee
evaluations and disciplinary actions of company employees and private
Wayne, Pennsylvania
02/1992 to 10/1995
Secondary Marketing Manager
Sales and Record Retention
Salary: $46,000/year
Managed 14 personnel
Managed all records retention functions that included both paper and
imaged documents for the mortgage company.
Coordinated the sales of servicing to private investors by gathering
the hard copies of accounts being sold and packaging them for
prospective buyers. Managed the sale of whole loans to government
agencies,FNMA,GNMA,FHLMC,private investors such as
Countrywide,Greenpoint,CitiGroup,First Union,Bank of America and
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
08/1984 to 02/1992
Oversight Manager (During RTC Conservatorship)
Administrative Services Manager
Escrow Manager
Special Projects Manager
Quality Control Manager
Inventory Control Manager
Packaging and Delivery Supervisor
Loan Set-up Review Supervisor
Records Supervisor
Salary: $38,500/year
Managed a maximum of 80 personnel during 8 year career
Managed 8 departments in 8 years.Expedited merger acquisition and
consolidate operations of 6 institutions that became Atlantic
Financial.Wrote operating procedures,created documents for personnel
evaluation,review and productivity: for the Administrative Services,
Tax and Insurance/Escrow Department,Loan Set-up, Packing and
Delivery,Records Management and Quality Control.Planned and executed
the acquisition of other banks in West Virginia and the West
Coast.Coordinated between the bank and purchasers, sale and
collateralization of lending portfolios that included residential
real estate,commercial real estate,personal property such as
boats,mobile homes,recreational vehicles,credit cards,student
loans,personal loans.Coordinated between the RTC and purchasers,
sales and liquidations of Atlantic Financialas lending portfolio
with the RTC.
Philadelphia Bible University, Langhorne Manor, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Degree 4 years a" Biblical Studies
University of Texas, Austin, Texas
1971 a" 1972
Liberal Arts
Northeast High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aerospace Science Academic Diploma 1971
Appraisal Review, QC Functions, 1997, FNMA, FHLMC
Appraisal Writing & Underwriting Review, National Assoc of
Managing By Objective, 1990
Powerful Presentation Skills, 1994
Team Building, 1996
Diversity in the Workplace, 1995
Employee Evaluation For Managers, 1997
Setting Goals and Objectives, 1996
MERS and Assignment Preparation Secondary 1997