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Dears Sir/Madam: The enclosed resume will portray significant achievements in Operational Account ing, Systems Management in computers

and overall operation flow, as well as Prod uction Control/Customer Service Area and Project Management. In addition to the achievements outlined on the resume, I have been successful i n acquiring other skills in government contracts, task and project management, a udit preparations, personnel administration, risk management, collections and sy stem analysis and Product R&D. Also, I take pride in utilizing and enhancing my skills in automation of operational processes, computer-user training, analysis of system enhancements and improvements. Challenges are my driving force and are considered opportunities, not difficulti es. I am a team player and believe in strong communications and visual skills. I am an achiever and can guarantee that your organization will receive substanti al returns on their investment in me as an employee. As a Manager with over 20 years of hands-on experience in various environments, I strongly believe in proper planning and implementation. I rely heavily on fol low-up and feedback with a conservative usage of resources. I have walked in to each position with little or no training and have been able to be self-taught on any computer systems used. My initial education and job experience was in comp uters and led to my interest in Accounting Operations and expanded to Systems Ma nagement in Business Structure and Operations and Workflow. I am very comfortab le with any computer environment and hunger to learn more. I have strived to in crease the value of all personnel with hands-on involvement and training towards their success. I have supervised staff from 5 to 25 people and worked with Exe cutive Management teams, Independent Sales Organizations and Corporate Boards in meeting objectives and developing business plans. You will note I have only GEas left to finish my Bachelors degree in the field of Accounting. I have been completely anitea schooled for my college education while balancing home, family and outside activities. I am continuing my educati on with a strong interest in Online Marketing and Systems Management. My last t hree professions were positions that the job description required degrees and my reputation and experience allowed the waiver of that requirement. I enjoy cooperating with my employer towards meeting the organizationas goals an d objectives and doing what I can to go beyond their expectations. Flexibility and diversity are counted in my attributes, as well as an ongoing education and broadening of my abilities. I would like the opportunity of meeting with you to further discuss the possibilities of working together. Please feel free to cont act me at the contact information given below. Sincerely, Kerry Vega 805-804-0517 SALARY HISTORY: 90K + BENEFITS - Chief Administrative Officer, Controller, EBS a" STARKART/NALA 65K + annual bonus + BENEFITS a"Controller a" Alliance Finishing and Mfg REFERENCES: Rick Rollino a" C.O.O., Starkart 805-650-5278 or 805-701-1766 Mike Robbins a" C.E.O Robbins Media Group 704-641-6119 KERRY VEGA 8645 Fairford St., Ventura CA 93004 805-804-0517 OBJECTIVE: To work in a Professional and Growing environment in order to contri bute skills in Management, Organization, Automation, Product Development, Custom er Relations, Project Management and System Analysis. CAPABILITIES: Automate and Streamline Operational Processes Product Management from Concept to Implementation Strong Organizational Skills and Attention to Detail Audit and Financial Statement Preparation

System Operations and Enhancements Project Management Strong Communications, Team Focus and Training Strong Leadership and Decision Making Develop and Integrate Work Flow Systems Develop System controls for Problem Identification ACHIEVEMENTS Create Forms and Systems to Automate Quality and Production Requirements Develop Online Product from Conceptual Stage to aLivea Launch Setup Troublecall System for IT Maintenance Setup CRM System for Client Product TroubleCall Developed Several Sales Initiative Programs Worked with Webteam in Website Development and Social Media Environments Coordinated Automation of a Fixed Asset Inventory Program Personnel Assessments for re-organization and down-sizing New System Program conversions for Accounting Operation & Report Generation EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Executive Management a" 7+years Managing Accounting Operations a" 20+years Manage Production Operations a" 7+years IT Maintenance a" 8+ years 2005 a" Present Chief Administrative Officer, Controller EBS Executive Business Services, LLCa"founder of STARKART and NALA; Ventura, C A 1996 a" 2005 CONTROLLER Alliance Finishing & Mfg, Oxnard, CA 1992 - 1996 ACCOUNTING MANAGER Camrosa Water District, Camarillo, CA Previous Years: ACCOUNTING & DATA OPERATIONS Hailwood, Inc a" Staff Accountant, Fairfield, McDonald a" Bookkeeper/Sys O perator, ITI a" Accountant Vanguard Tech - Client Relations & JR Programmer EDUCATION B.S. in Accounting a" University of LaVerne and Ventura College, Ventura, CA ( note: all upper and lower requirements; continuing education of only GE courses left to complete} 1986 a" 2001 Computer Programming, Certificate of Completion a" Pacific Career College, Ox nard, CA 1984 Environments: Accounting: Syspro, Peachtree, Quickbooks Microsoft: Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint Utility: Basecamp, Zendesk, various CRM and Report Writer programs