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IRFAT KHAN 10 Concord Drive Kendall Park, NJ 08824 908-420-0965 ik133ab72@westpost.

net SUMMARY Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer with 16+ years of software QA experie nce, including Integration, System and Regression testing with Project and Relea se Management expertise in Waterfall, Agile and Iterative models. Highly experie nced in determining test strategy, developing and executing test plans. Hands-on experience in automating test scripts using test tools. Highly skilled and know ledgeable in NGN (Next Generation Network-LTE) MSN/SIAD, SONET, DWDM, Hybrid, CM ISE, DCS, EDSX, ADM Network Element architecture. TECHNICAL SKILLS Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows Vista/XP/NT/2008/2005/2000/98/95, Sun Solaris. Software: SQL, Unix Shell and Command, HTML, XML, C, Visual Basic, Basic, FORT RAN, Assembly language Platforms: UNIX, MVS, VOS Database: Oracle, SQL Server Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, CLI, TL1, PDS, CMISE, X.25 Networking: Client-Server, TCP/IP, SNMP, X.25 Network Products: Next Generation ALU 1677/1671SC, ALU 7705SAR-8, 7705, Tellabs 7100/532/5500/6500, Alcatel 1630/1633/1631/ 1648, Litespan 2000/2012,Lucent DACS II,/ III/ IV, Nortel SDH/OC Express/MX,/Express CX, Nortel 5100 /5200, Ciena On line Edge, Paceon, Adtran Quality Standards: ISO9000, Telcordia QMO, SEI-CMM Levels Telcordia Standards: SONET/SDH, Operation Support Systems (OSS) (TIRKS(R), SOAC , LFACs NMA, NSDB, Granite Systems) Testing tools: Silk, MYNAH, 4-Test Language and QA Partner Defect Tracking Tool: Telcordia*ONTRAC Others: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, Excel, Frame Maker, Lotu s Notes, Outlook. PeopleSoft PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE TELCORDIA TECHNOLOGIES, Inc Piscataway, NJ 1994 - 2011 (Formerly Bell Communication Systems) Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer (2000 - 2011) Senior Software QA. Engineer. Technical Lead for Transport Element Activation Ma nager QA group. Experienced in Testing Web-based applications. Experienced in te sting applications developed in Java/J2EE C/C+/++ and Object-oriented languages * Designed, developed, executed and automated test cases for validating various ADM, EDSX, DWDM, Hybrid, Sonet and Ethernet Network Elements resulting in high q uality software. * Performed End to End solution, Integration and System testing on Transport Ele ment Activation Manager using TIRKS, SOAC, LFACs, SWITCH and Granite Systems for POTS, Carrier, Special Service and Ethernet circuits reducing field faults by 7 0%. * Performed testing on Business Object based Reporting Tool for the measurement/ collection of reports and statistical data. * Participated in technical communications with System Engineers, Developers, Ve ndors and Clients analyzing the application and its implementation, resulting in an increase of quality up front, by 50%.

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Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, (Continued) * Provided in-depth analysis and diagnosis of software/system defects for develo pment to review reducing turnaround time by 60%. * Worked closely with development and System Engineers to analyze, re-work and r esolve field identified product issues, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction. * Installed, maintained and upgraded application and related software on QA envi ronments with 40% less downtime. * Planned, organized and setup quarterly Client Testing sessions, remote/onsite with ATT, Qwest, Bell South and Verizon accomplishing 90% customer satisfaction. * Provided onsite training on applications and features to end users (ATT and Ve rizon) increasing client productivity by 65%. * Presented Demonstrations for Vendors: Nortel, Tellabs, and Alcatel resulting i n new business and contracts for Telcordia. * Developed Vendor Reports on Test results for Osmine Certification of Alcatel, Tellabs, Nortel, Lucent, Adtran, Fujitsu, Ciena Online Edge and Paceon to NEPs, increasing the deployment of the Networks by RBOCs. Software Quality Assurance Engineer (1996 - 2000) * Software Quality Engineer for the OPS/INE Product Tester for Tellabs, Alcatel, Lucent and Nortel Network Elements. * Designed, developed, documented and executed test cases for ADM, EDSX, Hybrid and Sonet Network Elements. * Performed Integration testing from upstream systems, TIRKS, SOAC, LFACs, SWITC H, NSDB. * Analyzed TIRKS Carrier, Special Service and POTs circuits in conformance to re quirement specifications. Software Quality Engineer: Bellcore (1994 - 1996) * Quality Assurance Engineer in WFA Systems- (Bellcore Operational Support Syste m family: Work Force Administration) Developed test strategy and specification d ocumentation: STTS (Stage Test Testcase Specifications). * Executed test cases for the WFADO/WFADI and Control systems. * Developed and executed automated test scripts for the WFA applications using M YNAH automation tool. EDUCATION BS, Applied Physics and Electronics, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh Certification on Electronic Engineering, Mercer County College, NJ Mini MBA, Telcordia Technologies, Inc. NJ Recent Course work: Principals of Digital Technology, Digital Cross-Connect Systems, TCM Systems Adm inistrator, Introduction to Fiber Optics & PON Fundamentals, Synchronous Optical Network, Fundamentals of Visual Basic, Creating HTML Documents, Testing with 4 Test Language, UNIX Fundamentals, The MYNAH Systems: Introduction to Pastel, Eff ective Business Writing. AWARDS Peer Recognition Awards from Telcordia Technologies