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William R Lacey Jr 231 Vauxhall St New London, CT 06320-3823 USA Contact Phone: (860) 608 -6009 Work Phone:

Email Address: EXPERIENCE 06/04/2009 to Present ; Part-Time Employee varying hours travel involved ; In structor/Trainer Navy Security Forces,; Homeland Security Solutions Inc. 3130A N asa Dr. Hampton, VA. 23666; may contact supervisor. Work with a group of highly trained instructors to provide Navy Security Forces with their initial and annual training. The training is extensive and proprieta ry of Navy Security Force Training Curriculum and ranges from Laws, Patrol Proce dures, and Security posturing and requirements, anti terrorism force protection; weapons handling firearms, pepper spray (OC), baton, and proper use of force. Further areas Self Defense methods and tactics, mandated State Security requirem ents. All training must meet Operational Naval Instructions, known as OPNAV INS T. Further additional training as per each separate Naval Military Facility. T hey are taught to Navy Personal Qualification Standards (PQS) and Job Qualificat ion Requirements (JQR). Currently hold a US Government Secret Security Clearance 11/2004 to 07/2009; 45-60 hours per Week; Supervisor Armory / Training permanen t contract employee; Hui O Ka Koa Security Services ,;; may contact supervisor. Division of HANA GROUP, Honolulu, HI Supervisor / Navy Contract Armorer Weapons Handler / Training Supervisor / Hazar dous Material Coordinator Handler Provide Connecticut State mandated Security Officer Training requirements with a ll Company Security Officers. Security Officer Course Trainer CT. State Certified NRA Firearms Instructor and Training Counselor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Perso nal Protection, And Home Firearms Safety. Providing basic course and Instructor Courses., NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Pistol, Shotgun Conduct Navy Auxiliary Security Force and Master At Arms Training, as per Navy a nd Contract requirements of Company employees. Phase I & Phase II all PQS & JQR Work closely as Liaison with Navy Armory and Training Department by integrating Contract employees with Navy Master Arms and Department Defense Police Personnel . Supervisor of Training, Maintain training records according to Company and Navy standards. Supervise subordinate officers, during activities in handling all AA&E arms ammu nition & explosives in Armory / Ready Issue Room and on site. Maintain weapons and munitions in operational condition for daily use. Accountab ility, issue, receipt, cleanliness, maintenance and serviceability of all weapon s and ammunition as well as any nonWeapons maintenance and repair. (ARMORER) Coordinate continually training requirements as per Navy Operation Naval Instruc tions, procedures, and contract requirements. Train Officers in Anti Terrorism F orce Protection. Maintain accurate inventory of all AA&E and other properties belonging to Compan :

y and Navy. Maintain accurate and orderly records. Perform other duties as directed by Contract Site Managers and Navy Security For ce Command.

08/1996 to 2008 ; Varying hours per Week; Owner Defense Technology Of New Englan d, 231 Vauxhall St Suite 2;; may contact DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY OF NEW ENGLAND For over two decades DTNE has been an acknowledged leader in the field of small arms weapons. Its superior techniques and instructional methods have been credit ed with saving the lives of law enforcement officers, military personnel and civ ilians alike. Founded and Directed by CEO William R Lacey, a decorated Law Enforcement Officer Veteran of over 30 years, I have been involved in the training of numerous poli ce departments, tactical response teams, numerous military personnel, contract s ecurity for Dept. of Navy, police units and thousands of civilians. In addition, my techniques have been compiled from over 25 years as a firearms training inst ructor and counselor using past and current law enforcement tactics from most of the top training academy's in the country. My unique background, accomplished a bility and devotion to perfection of results have permitted me to develop an ins tructional program exceptional to none. Students attending a DTNE class will find the latest techniques currently in use with a large number of retired Military trainers from the United States Navy Se als, Army Rangers, Navy Master at Arms and Law Enforcement Personnel. Most training in this field by other companies is based on theory or competitive concepts and techniques, or even worse was devised to keep students entertained with slick looking, but irrelevant, drills or by the expending of large quantit ies of ammunition. That they will find with DTNE has a training regiment that has been refined over the last 25+ years with only one goal in mind - keeping our students alive and uninjured. Our techniques have been developed from my personal experience and my study of shootings. The several hundreds of DTNE students, both civilian and mi litary, who have been victorious in all types of weapons encounters, and have pr oved them successful. In today's society, to truly be the winner of a potentially deadly encounter, mo re than shooting and weapon handling skills are needed. DTNE courses include app ropriate reviews of the legal requirements to use deadly force, force continuum, tactics, de-escalation, mental conditioning and much more. DTNE approach to training methods eliminates the need for students to remember d ifferent concepts for different weapons and greatly enhances their efficiency un der stress. Its unique training methods consistently produce exceptional levels of performance from our students, both on the range and in potentially deadly en counters. DTNE courses are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, no boot camp attitudes, and no overblown egos. Whether you're a novice shooter or have 30 years experience, male or female, arm ed civilian or police officer you'll find that DTNE classes will fulfill all you r training needs. 09/1984 to 2007; 30 hours per Week; Owner; last promoted Not Specified; permanen t employee; not on a temporary promotion; Laceyas Guns, may contact supervisor. Owner and Chief Operations Officer of Federal Firearms Licensed Business. Proces sed Sales of Arms, Ammunitions and Accessories related to Firearms. developed and implemented a business plan for business operation involving recor d keeping of all transactions, procurement order system, quarterly financial rep orts and required State Federal documents

implemented proficient computerized system utilizing QuickBooks, Excel, PowerPoi nt, Office Suite, Access, Internet developed building security plan to control access, egress, using state of the a rt Electronic Security System to include IDS, CCTV, and access control. Excellent comprehensive knowledge of Federal, State and Local procedures, laws a nd regulations pertaining to firearms possession, sales, ownership. Documentatio n on all required associated forms and records with no reported discrepancies {l isted with Dunn & Bradstreet} proper handling, storage, distribution of small arms and associated ammunitions {Followed all OSHA and Hazard mitigation procedures, all items were monitored by a security system and local jurisdiction have a full layout and response plan developed professional relationship and personal liaison with Dept. Public Safet y Weapons Div. CT. State Police, BATFE, Bureau Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, Contine ntal United States Licensed Distributors of Arms, Ammunition developed weapons repair center at facility implementing latest gunsmith and amo rer maintenance and procedures. Working with mechanical and electronic associate d equipment, hand tools, repairing various weapons as factory trained Armorer 08/1977 to 12/2004; 50+ hours per Week; Shift Commander Lieutenant;; last promot ed Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; New London P olice Department , 5 Governor Winthrop Blvd New London, CT; Law Enforcement Officer / Shift Commander / Rank Lieutenant Supervise subordinate supervisors, patrol officers during one of three shifts an d special events. Responsible for accuracy and timeliness of all reports and investigations genera ted by subordinates. Directed and planned daily activities, Major crime scenes and special events. Operated under a uniform command system Conducted Internal Investigations Critical Incident Management Security of Police HQ and other Public Buildings Investigated civilian complaints by public against officers Interact with Public Interact other Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Public Serv ice Agencies Trained Officers Enforced State and Local Laws and Ordinances Assigned to special investigative Units Selective enforcement assignments high crime areas DUI enforcement and Supervision of DUI check points Police Mountain Bike Patrol Marine Patrol Unit Trained and Trainer in use of force continuum Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer Maintained Firearms and ammunition inventory Repaired Firearms and related equipment Requisitioned and selected firearms and ammunition for Law Enforcement use Conducted testing and evaluation on Firearms and ammunition Prepared and collected ballistic information on Firearms Supervised the Vice and Intelligence Section for two and a half years, working p lain clothes, undercover. As Department Training Instructor: CT Police Officer Standards Training Certified following: Identifying Suspicious Persons Constitutional Law Search & Seizure Laws of Arrest Patrol Procedures Use Of Force

Accident Investigation Domestic Violence High Risk Building Entries High Risk Motor Vehicle Stops Interviewing Subjects Crime scene Procedures Sexual Assault Investigations Stress Management Alzheimer*s Awareness Driving Under Influence Gang Violence , Jail Suicide, Police Ethics Supervisor / Subordinate Relations Armorer Instructor / Trainer / Counselor Trained as Trainer in use of OC spray, straight baton, collapsible baton, handcu ffing, riot crowd control Trainer in Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing, Control Techniques Certified Trainer US NAVY Security Force Protection Certified Trainer Security Officers. Certified Navy Range Safety Officer and Line Coach Computer Skills Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, Excel, Word, Power Point, Wi ndows 95,98,NT,XP, Internet, CAD, NIBRS, IBM36, AS400, Supervise group of employees Armorer certified for Glock, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, and Colt. Certified to train at NSSF (Navy Submarine Support Facility Range, and US Army N ational Guard range at Camp Fogerty, RI. And Army Camp Rell, CT Expert Marksman Rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver , Machine gun Trained as trainer in use of OC spray, straight baton, collapsible baton, handcu ffing techniques, riot and crowd control Respirator certified Latest Investigative Techniques Intoxilizer Certified Radar / Laser Certified by CT. DOT CPR / First Aid, AED Red Cross Instructor Maintain Safe and clean work place Neat Penmanship / number writing / filing / Inventory Control Excellent Interpersonal Relations Telephone and Radio Communications Communications Dispatch Trained EDUCATION St.Bernards High, Uncasville, CT; High School Diploma University New Haven , New Haven,CT; Master in Public Administration / Bargaini ng Negotiations , ; 3.7 out of 4 Point GPA; 48 Other Hours University New Haven , New Haven, CT; Bachelor in Law Enforcement / Police Admi nistration , ; 3.6 out of 4 Point GPA; 96 Other Hours Police Academy , Meriden, CT; Specialist in Trained Law Enforcement Officer , ; 3.6 out of 4 Point GPA; 30 Other Hours Thames Valley Tech College, Norwich,CT; Associate in Associates Degree in Engin eering / Elect , ; 3.2 out of 4 Point GPA; 48 Other Hours PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROFESSIONAL LICENSES/CERTIFICATES Navy Range Safety Officer, Line Coach 2004-present,Trainer US NAVY Security Forc e Protection 2004-present,Trainer OC spray, straight baton, collapsible baton, h andcuffing techniques, riot crowd control 1998-present,US NAVY Range Safety Offi cer and Line Coach. 2005-present US NAVY Weapons M9, Shotgun, Rifle M16, M14 2005-present,M60 Medium Machine Gun, Glock Armorer Course & Instructor Work Shop 1994 present ,Beretta Armorer 1987-

present, Certified Smith & Wesson Armorer 1984-present,Certified Firearms Instru ctor, Patrol Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Simunition . present Certified Be retta Armorer 1984-present,Colt Factory Armorer Specialized all AR15 & M16 weapo ns 2006-present,Urban Assault rifle tactics Instructor Smith & Wesson (Colt AR15 ) Series 1989-presentCritical Incident Management Training:, incident Command Un ified Command Training ICS 100,200.300,700 Initial Response to terrorism, Coast Guard Search and Rescue Workshop (SAR) 1984 NRA Training Counselor Train the Tra iner present,NRA Personal Protection Instructor present NRA Master Chief Range S afety Officer present Simunition Instructor Armed Tactics,CT State Police Bomb & Explosive Recognition,NRA Police Firearms Instructor Pistol & Shotgun present, US Marshalls Clandestine Laboratory Investigation & building Entry Radar / Las er Tracking Device Trainer, American Innovations Inc,End User Models XD-2i and X D3i explosives detectors present PROFESSIONAL RATINGS, AWARDS, AND RECOGNITIONS During my 27+ years as a Law Enforcement Officer I have received numerous Letter s of Acknowledgement from the Public and Department for outstanding Police work. Earned (4) Commendations for outstanding Police work, Life Saving Commendation, Patrol Police Officer of the year during Hurricane Gloria,Op Sail 2000 Commenda tion Ribbon for outstanding leadership and supervision,Distinguished Expert Ribb on for Firearms Instructor, Shotgun Instructor. Special Citation of Commendation Ct. States Attorneys Office solving a Burglary through forensic crime scene evi dence processing casepreparation.Positions Patrol,Sergeant,Sergeant Vice Intelli gence & Narcotics Unit, Street Crime Unit, Training Coordinator Instructor,Lieut enant,Watch Commander, Special events coordinator planner Unified Command . During my approximate 4+ years with Hui O Ka Koa Security Services LLC, I have r eceived a certificate of Commendation for my work performance in setting up the infrastructure and operations of the Contract Armory. The training of approximat ely 100 Security Officers. Received Certificates of designation as Armorer, Read y Issue Officer, Navy Range Safety Officer, Line Coach, Training Officer/SAMI Ar ms Ammunition & Explosives,AA&E Screening Officer,AA&E Accountability Officer, H azardous Waste Coordinator. Continue to train new Officers and strive to conduct the safest and best training for the Company and Navy using state of the art tr aining techniques & standards OTHER INFORMATION NWTF-National Wild Turkey Federation Organize non-profit events CT. State Secret ary 5 years current (President) JAKES State Coordinator ( Juniors Acquiring Knowledge Ethics and Sportsmanship) youths age 5-17 (9) Years NWTF Local Chapter and (Present President) (8) years CT. New London Windham County League of Sportsman (President)(8) years International Law Enforcement Association (30) years Conservation Education Firearms Safety Instructor (Volunteer)(25) years Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Shooting Sports, since childhood Save Ocean Beach ( Non-profit support organization) Volunteer CO-Chairman(6) yea rs LAMBS ( Lawrence Memorial Hospital Benefit Society) Volunteer (8) years Bozrah Rod & Gun Club current President and Board Of Directors member for (22 ) years PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES: Marie Ann Gravell, 41 Waller Street New London, CT. 06320 Cell: 860-235-6987 Steve Ricard 31 Fitch Ave New London, CT 06320

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1. Appointment Preference: Full Time 2.Salary: Negotiable 3.Willing to travela 3-5 Days 4. UNITED STATES CITIZEN 5. Federal Government Secret Security Clearance 6. Qualified Typist: Yes 8. Geo Preference: Southeastern, CT

William R Lacey Jr 231 Vauxhall St New London, CT 06320-3823 USA