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Felicia Parker 35 West Saxony Drive New Castle, DE 19720 Home: 302-328-5353 Cell: 302-345-3467 Email: fpf9351e@westpost.

net Career Summary: A challenging position, utilizing abilities developed through my years of experience, with the opportunity for profe ssional growth based on performance. Experience: First Bank of Delaware

Credit Analyst /Fraud Analyst 11/09 - 02/11 * Review and decision applications for Subprime loans * Ability to make sound independent decisions * Excellent customer service * Maintain compliance with government regulations and bank policies (i.e., Reg. B, Reg. Z and FCRA) * Accurately follows procedures and processing guidelines * Review documents for suspicious characteristics * Knowledge to identify a fraudulent application * Assisted in identifying a fraud ring saving the bank $20,600 for October 2010 * Maintained confidentiality * Maintained and complied records for various reports * Sent emails, faxes and made copies of various reports * Wrote the departmental guidelines * Review Police reports/investigate fraud claims * Keep abreast of developments in the field through reading and seminars * Hired and trained new hires * Traveled to the Partner company to train their new hires * Ability to interface well with all levels of co-workers and management Verification & Fax Processing Supervisor 4/08-11/09 * Wrote reviews for and managed a group of 6 Representatives * Made recommendations to improve the verification efficiency and accuracy * Quality checked work and coached when needed * Monitored and kept attendance records * Dealt with Human Resource issues * Utilized technology for all day activities (phone system, account management s ystems and email system) * Interviewed candidates Credit Analyst 3/07-4/08 * Review and decision applications for Subprime customers * Maintain compliance with government regulations and bank policies * Understanding the balance between the bank and the customers interest * Completed special projects as needed * Gathered information from all relevant and necessary sources to provide accura te analysis The Bank of New York Credit Analyst I * 3/99 to 3/07 * Review and decision applications for direct and indirect loans. Underwrite Equ ity loans and lines of credit. Portfolio of approximately $3.3. Billion. * Analyze and verify credit bureau information, financial documents (including t ax returns) and real estate appraisals. * Maintain compliance with government regulations and bank policies and consiste

ntly receive favorable results on lender reviews. * Service 350 branches for loan by phone and direct mail solicitations. * Recommendations for approvals up to $4MM. * Review applications for possible referral to the bank's Credit Option program. * Provide a high level of customer service to customers, branch personnel and ve ndors. * Review fraud checks through our Anti-Money Laundering department. * Ability to make sound independent decisions.

Skills and Competences * Ability to multi-task in a face paced and changing environment * Excellent communication skills, written and oral * Competent problem solving skills * Ability to work independently * Ability to remain organized * Ability to maintain confidential customer and bank information in a responsibl e and secure manner * Knowledge of Excel and Microsoft Word * Bankers Edge training (compliance regulations) * Lexis Nexis (Accurint) * VisNetic (Mailflow)

References Available on Request