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Where the Red Fern Grows WebQuest

Before we finish reading Where the Red Fern Grows, you will conduct Internet research to acquire knowledge about some important background. I have provided some websites to start your research, but you may have to use other websites to find more information. Once you have gathered the information, SAVE this paper, because you wont actually write the essay until later. I will inform you of the WebQuest due date later, and then you will write the essay, and turn it in WITH THIS RUBRIC. If you lose the rubric, you will not be graded on the assignment. WEBQUEST RUBRIC RESEARCH: Research was conducted in a thorough manner. Many details were recorded neatly. ______/20 THE ESSAY Essay stays focused on topic, is well developed, and has clear evidence of research (examples), and ties research together with ideas/examples from the book. ______/5 Appropriate tone, connects to reader, and shows personality _______/ 5 SENTENCE FLUENCY: Sentences are purposeful, vary in length and structure, and flow well together _______/ 5 ORGANIZATION: Compelling introduction, Effective conclusion, Transitions used _______/5 WORD CHOICE: Descriptive language, figurative language, challenging vocabulary, content vocabulary _______/ 5 CONVENTIONS: Punctuation, Capitalization, Complete sentences, Appropriate English usage, Spelling, Standard English ________/5





Websites: Use the Google search engine to find more! Research: 1. Describe Wilson Rawlss childhood. Where did he grow up? What kind of education did he receive?

2. What book inspired Wilson Rawls to become a writer? Who is the author? 3. Why did he burn his manuscripts? 4. Find 4 other facts about Wilson Rawls: ________________________________________ _________________________________________ ________________________________________ _________________________________________ 5. Describe the commemorative statue for Wilson Rawls. Where is it located, and why was it created?

6. Where did the Redbone Coonhound originate? How did the Redbone Coonhound get its name? 7. How is the Bluetick Coonhound different? Are there more differences than just appearance? 8. What are some health issues for this breed of dog? 9. What are redbone coonhounds used for


Find 4 facts about the Redbone Coonhound: ________________________________ ________________________________

_____________________________________ _____________________________________

11. Find the Ozark Plateau on the map. What cities are nearest to it? 12. How many states do the Ozark Mountains cover? List them.


What are some things you can do in the Ozark Mountain area?

14. How are the a) Population, b) Demographics, c) Geography, and d) Agriculture different than where you live (in Westfield, IN)??

15. Find 4 facts about the Ozark Mountains: ________________________________________ _________________________________________ ________________________________________ _________________________________________ 16. What happened economically in the 1930s? What effects did this have on the American people?

17. Who were the two presidents during this decade? What were each of them known for?

18. Find 4 facts about 1930s America: ________________________________________ _________________________________________

________________________________________ _________________________________________

Type an essay using standard essay formatting. When finished, you will staple your essay to the back of this research packet and turn it in. Chose one of the following three essay prompts: 1. Describe how life was different for people who lived in rural areas (like Billys family) versus people who lived in cities in the 1930s. Briefly describe the rural life of Billys family their financial circumstances, what kind of work they did, and what opportunities they had. Briefly describe what city life was like in the 1930s. How was life better for people who lived in rural areas in the 1930s? How was life worse for people who lived in rural areas? Use examples from the book and your research to support your points. 2. Compare and contrast the author, Wilson Rawls, and the main character, Billy Colman. Describe the ways in which Billy is similar to the author, Wilson Rawls. Describe the ways in which Billy and the author are different. Use examples from the book and your research to support your points. 3. Describe why Billy would choose a Redbone Coonhound as his preferred dog. Use examples from your research. Describe the redbone coonhound. Describe the personalities of Old Dan and Little Ann. Explain why this type of dog made a good pet for Billy. Use examples from the book and your research to support your points.