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CARMELA B. FELTZ 808 Iowa Avenue Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas 66027 915-342-0621 cf15a0b64@westpost.

net DAYCARE DIRECTOR, YOUTH COUNSELOR Highly adaptable, talented Professional excelling in high-caliber operations an d administrative management, seamlessly directing such functions as staff manage ment, regulatory compliance, training & development, and customer service. Safety-conscious program administrator accountably ensuring the fulfillment of all requirements through continual training and motivational leadership as a res ults-getter committed to high-quality performance. Resolute problem solver capably remedying wide-ranging issues, personally addre ssing issues as necessary to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Fluent in English and German. Operations Management Training & Development Safety Management Curriculum Man agement Event Management Problem Resolution Administrative Leadership Staff Manageme nt Quality Improvements Program Management, Evaluation Report Generation Team Bu ilding PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CHILD AND YOUTH SERVICES (CYS), Ft Bliss, Texas 2009-2011 An Army wide child and youth services program providing child care, youth sports , and after school activities for military children ranging from 6 weeks to 18 y ears old. Assistant Child Development Director Generate staff work schedules, checking in daily to ensure full compliance from a 90-person team managing care for 300+ children. Visit all classrooms to person ally observe teachers and students. Orchestrate payroll processing, invoice paym ent, and facility inventory management. Inspect building to address and avoid fi re safety violations. Train staff during initial orientations as well as ongoing monthly sessions. Act as a substitute teacher as necessary. Select Highlights: Conferred with parents and other concerned stakeholders to effectively remedy a ny emerging problems and concerns. Established classroom limits, currently employing a 4:1 ratio for pre-toddlers, 7:1 for toddlers, 3:1 for infants, and 10:1 for preschoolers. Training and Curriculum Specialist (2009-2011) Instructed lead classroom teachers on their assigned curriculums as mandated by military requirements as well as hands-on training and practice in CPR/First Aid . Verified the receipt of current background checks on all employees. Oversaw 90 personnel. Select Highlights: Verified compliance with established curriculums and military rules through fir sthand classroom observation. Promoted to Assistant Director in March 2010. Carmela B. Feltz Page 2

Administrative Asst./Asst. Dir., USAG, Hohenfels, Germany (2005-2008) Directed youth sports registration for baseball, softball, football, soccer, ten nis, and cheerleading. Arranged competitive tournaments with military installati ons throughout Europe. Select Highlights: Oversaw comprehensive planning for and hosted the IMCOMEurope Baseball Champion ship tournaments, from making hotel accommodations to drafting the game schedule . Served as a coach when necessary for the cheerleading squad, soccer team and ba seball players. Orchestrated payment of all game officials, additionally managing such logistic s as team transportation. Awarded multiple honors from the BSB Command as well as several COINS of Achiev ement from such top-ranked military officials as a 4-star General. U.S. ARMY, Ft. Hood, Texas 2000-2005 Volunteer Work Family Readiness Group Leader (FRG) Delivered highly responsive support, including such services as counseling, dayc are assistance, and PTSD education to ~100 families of an Army troop. Advised re latives of pending deployments and base-wide training sessions. Liaised between family members and military officials and other governmental departments. Completed training in casualty notification and emergency support to serve as a vital resource during instances requiring the communication of sensitive inform ation. EDUCATION Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology Argosy University, Phoenix Arizona Bachelor of Science in Psychology University of Maryland, Hohenfels, Germany PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Red Cross-Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor Child Development Advisor (CDA) ECERS-R Training TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint AWARDS Scroll of Appreciation (3) Customer Service Excellence CYS Volunteer of the Quarter