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Career Profile A Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) with over 20 years exper ience in the pharmaceutical,

healthcare, food and chemicals sectors. As a seaso ned sourcing strategist and contract negotiator specialized in raw materials (AP I, Excipients and packaging components), buying products through contract manuf acturing as well as managing inventory and international logistics. Qualifications Highlights * Strong ethical values, motivated, and focused on the bottom line. * Excellent world class metric reporting in purchasing and supply chain. * Six Sigma Green Belt in 2009 and practicing lean manufacturing tools. * Able to solve problems as member of various cross-functional teams involved in maintaining high service levels and developing new products. * Adept at achieving superior performance from staff through training and positi ve motivation. * Currently working on MRP-II Materials Management Modules. * Extensive global procurement experience with finished goods through contract m anufacturing, raw and packaging materials suppliers from Asia including China, I ndia and Far East, European, North American as well as Australia and New Zealand sources. * Extensive experience in developing and maintaining relationships with the supp liers globally. * Negotiated annual material / services contracts worth $5-15million at the nati onal level and contributed to increased profitability. * Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and internet communication. Professional Experience and Accomplishments Valeant Pharmaceuticals Head of Site Procurement (04/2007 - To Date) (Formerly Biovail Corporation - A multi-national specialty pharmaceutical compan y that develops and markets prescription and nonprescription pharmaceutical prod ucts that make a meaningful difference in patients' lives. Valeant is focused on the neurology and dermatology therapeutic areas primarily in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Australia) * Reporting to the Director of Materials Management and supervising a team of 5 buyers and directly responsible for sourcing and purchasing APIs $100.0 Million annually. * Identifying and developing alternate sources for excipients * Representing the purchasing function at a senior management level as a member of Operational Leadership Team, Supply and S&OP cross functional meetings. * Chairing monthly Materials Review Board cross functional meeting. * Negotiating supply contracts for APIs, critical excipients and major packaging components. * Working on Vendor Qualification Program for evolving strategic relationships. * Working on bottles and closures size rationalization program to reduce the num ber of bottle sizes from 25 to 8 and number of label sizes from 13 to 8. * Participating as member of Exception Reports, Change Control, New Product Deve lopment, New Products Registration cross functional committees. * Introducing pre-shipment/pre-drawn sampling of packaging components to reduce cycle times and increase efficiencies. * Developed and Implemented Supplier Performance Management System for assigning rating for performance recognition and improvement. * Saved $1.2 Million in 2007 by substituting disposable Tyvek suits with washabl e uniforms, material salvaging and better price negotiation. For 2008 delivered $1.8 million savings including shop, safety and lab supplies cost reduction and lab coat usage reduction. In the year 2009 achieved $4.0 million mainly from API

alternate sourcing and through waste management contract and alternate contract packaging service provider. In 2010 negotiated API prices which saved $4.2 mill ion as PPV. * Authored World Class Manufacturing Policies including Purchasing Policy, Inven tory Policy and Materials Review Board Policy. * Authored Standard Terms and Conditions (T&C) for Inventory and Supplies Purcha se, for Equipment, Parts and Maintenance Services, Logistics Services buying. * Developed RFQs/RFPs and negotiated for Shop and MRO Supplies, Logistics servic es including Customs Brokerage, Cafeteria Services and Waste Management services . * Negotiated contracts for VMI shop, safety and lab supplies from Acklands Grain ger and Fisher Scientific, Stericycle for Waste Management Services, Cafeteria S ervices. * Reduced Inventory levels by $14.0 Million which is 67% reduction in volume wit h increased customer service levels. * Participated in evaluation and recommendation of Engineering Asset Management System as member of technical committee. * Revamped Miscellaneous Purchases area for over 2000 articles in Safety Health and Environment, Shop and Office Supplies by implementing the global requisition ing (GRS) module in MRP II and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for MRO and OS ite ms under implementation. VMI for shop, safety, lab and supplies completed in two phases. Mediplan Global Health Inc. Head of Supply Chain (08/2005 - 03/2007) (Winnipeg based pharmaceutical retail and wholesale company with distribution ce ntres in Minnedosa, MB, Malta and London, UK and pursuing aggressive growth stra tegy) * Reported to the President and supervised 5 direct reports - 3 buyers, 2 wareho use supervisors. * Saved over $3.0Million on global procurement of finished pharmaceutical produc ts. * Developed an Indian contract manufacturing source for supply of pharmaceutical products for the South and Central American, as well as Caribbean markets. * Developed new supply sources ensuring finished quality products at the best pr ices. * Managed global procurement of around $49.0 Million dollars for 2000 products. * Managed stock levels ensuring continued availability of stock in all distribut ion centers. * Managed Global Logistics of the inbound as well as outbound shipments. H. A. Kidd and Company Ltd., (08/ 1999 - 08/2005) Head of Purchasing & Logistics

(Toronto based Consumer Goods Packaging and Distribution Company with distributi on centers in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton) * Reported to the President and the General Manager and supervising one staff me mber after reducing total staff strength from four. * Contributed as functional specialist in the initial system implementation and debugging of purchasing and inventory management modules and now working on full y integrated on line enterprise system - Winsol at the national level. * Contributed to build-up of the bill of materials and costs of all the packagin g materials and labor components in the system. * Contributed from materials availability side to achieve an order fill rate of

98.8% that won the company 'Vendor of the Year Award' from Wal-Mart in 2004. * Reduced on hand inventory for one product line from $2.0m to $1.7m. * Implemented inbound as well as outbound shipments routing guides to achieve be st service at the optimal freight cost. * Managed purchasing of raw as well as packaging materials of over 4,000 items i n three different categories from Asian, European, and North American sources. * Reviewed landed cost of the materials ensuring accuracy of freight cost and cu stoms duty. * Attended to classification matters and obtaining national customs ruling where required avoiding Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). Pakland Chemicals Ltd., Executive Manager - Services (03/ 1996 - 04/ 1999) (A large chemical manufacturer with multi-plant facilities and distribution) * Reported to the Corporate Director of operations and supervised a six-member t eam. * Negotiated services contracts at the national level for leasing office premise s and motor vehicles, maintenance of building, equipment, furniture, maintenance of communication, security systems and traveling services etc. Smith & Nephew, Senior Manager Materials (11/ 1991 - 03/ 1996) (A UK based multinational pharmaceutical company manufacturing specializing in O rthopedics, wound management and Endoscopy products and the NIVEA brand of toile try products) * Reported to the Managing Director and supervised a team of eight staff members . * Joined as the Materials Manager and was promoted to the Senior Manager Materia ls role. * Bought API directly, Excipients and Packaging Materials through buyers. * Developed, and implemented procurement and inventory management systems. * Reorganized materials management and virtually eliminated stock outs for produ ction and sales. * Set inventory polices and replenishment plans by applying supply chain concept s and best practices to meet the corporate operational and financial goals. * Assumed responsibility for printing tasks like marketing promotional materials and company annual report and saved $173K. * Introduced a purchase order follow-up system to ensure on time delivery resolv ing supply issues of raw and packaging materials. * Managed and measured supplier performance and relationships based on quality, timely delivery, price and service level. * Provided project management and facilitation expertise to execute new product introductions, packaging and graphics changes, and discontinuations. * Participated regular sales and operations planning meetings with production ma nagement, suppliers, and sales and marketing management to communicate improved sales forecasts and synchronize materials supplies with the production needs. Abbott Laboratories, Planning and Procurement Manager (10/1985 - 7/1990) (Formerly Boots Pharmaceuticals acquired by Knoll Pharmaceutical of BASF Group G ermany and now Abbott Laboratories - manufacturer of research-based pharmaceut icals) * Reported to the Director of Supply Chain and supervised a team of six staff me mbers. * Joined as Imports Manager and was promoted to Manager of Planning and Procurem

ent role. * Bought API directly, Excipients and Packaging materials through buyers. * Successfully led the integration of the purchasing function when the Boots Pha rmaceutical Company acquired Farley's food business from Glaxo. * Developed substitute-packaging materials to improve quality and reduced cost b y $500K (i.e. changed the tablets packing from foil strips to blisters). * Developed alternate supply source for aluminum foil from the European to a Far Eastern source resulting in materials cost savings of $300K. * Managed the ordering process of raw/packaging materials and negotiated freight charges. * Negotiated annual purchasing contracts at the national level for 200 'A' class inventory items valuing $15.0 million. * Evaluated supplier performance based on quality, timely delivery, price and s ervice. * Reduced the number of inventory items through standardization of product packa ging like roll-on-caps, cartons and boxes saving $235K. * Determined minimum and maximum stock levels for inventory items through ABC cl assification based on annual consumption value. * Determined reorder levels and quantities of all inventory items based on buyin g lead-time. * Planned phase in-out for new and discontinued products and replacement materia ls. * Performed materials requirement planning based on demand forecast, stock on ha nd, production and material supply lead times. Education and Training 1990 - 1991 Master of Science (MSc) Degree in International Marketing - University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. on British Council scholarship. 1982 - 1984 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS) - Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. 1978 - 1981 Bachelor of Science BSc (Honours) in Medical Sciences - University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. Membership and Accreditation July 1999 Member of Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). Dec. 2001 Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Confidential Page 1 of 4 2011