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3130 Montrose Ave. Unit 110 La Crescenta, Ca 91214 T 818-923-8108 F none hl15d31c2@westpost.

net Work URL HEE CHUL LEE PROFILE A highly talented and accomplished Engineering professional with an extensive ba ckground in RF modules design experience.

SUMMARY Project Manager and Senior Electrical Engineer Consultant with 15+ years of comb ined RF communications and electronics experience in commercial applications, in cluding 12+ years in engineering leadership, technical management, business stra tegies, and project management. Experienced with complex electrical and mechanic al systems and subsystems design, modification, integration, proposal and new bu siness development, market analysis, requirements development, technical analysi s, and certifications. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PRINCIPAL RF ENGINEER, KMW USA, INC.; FULLERTON, CA 2007 - PRESENT Designing and Prototyping a RF Transceivers for DPD, LNA modules, Power measurin g modules, Smart bias -tee modules and Power supply units for Alkatel Lucent and Samsung RRH(Radio Remote Head) systems. And Team Management and R&D Department SAP Management. 1) Engineering Job Activities *- Customers Specification Reviewing and Follow Up (Alkatel Lucent, Samsung Ect.) *. RF Related Specifications *. DC Power Related Specifications *- Budgeting (RF Units and PSU Unit by Excel) *. RF Gain Budgeting (DPD TX, Feedback Path, RX Path Including LNA, TX and RX Lo cal * Oscillators Level and Phase Noise Budgeting) *. DC Power Supply Power Budgeting *. Power Consumption Calculation for Each RRH Modules *. Parts Heat Disimpassion Calculation *- Circuits Simulation (AWR, Etc.) *. Device Matching Network Optimization at Multilayer PC Board *. TX, RX Path Gain Simulation *- Circuits Design and BOM Generation for Parts Purchasing (OrCAD Capture) *- PC Board Layout by Internal Team Engineers *. Allegro (16R3) *- PC Board Fabrication and Prototype Assembly (Outsourcing) *- Documents Generation for Manufacturing *- Power Supply EMC Evaluation (RE, CE, Immunity, Etc.) and Surge Evaluation up to 20KA, 8/20usec. 2) Managing a ERP system for R&D Department (SAP) *- Parts Code Generation Management *- Project Processing Management *- R & D Expense Management CHIEF RF ENGINEER, NIT CORP, ;CANOGA PARK, CA 2006 - 2007

Designing and Prototyping a Multi Frequency RF Oscillators Modules 1) Engineering Job Activities *- RF Gain Budgeting (by Excel) *- Circuits Simulation (AWR, Etc.) *- Circuits Design and BOM Generation (OrCAD Capture) *- PC Board Layout *- PC Board Fabrication and Prototype Assembly (Outsourcing) 2) R&D Project Managing RF CIRCUITS DESIGN ENGINEER, MAXUS TECNOLOGIES USA, INC.; TORRANCE, CA*2004 - 20 06 Designed In-building Repeaters *- In-building Repeaters (800, 1900MHz band) *- Mobile Cellular Boosters CHIEF RF CIRCUITS DESIGN ENGINEER, MAXUS TECNOLOGIES, INC.; SEOUL KOREA 1996 - 2 004 * RF Microwave Modules for CDMA Repeaters * Designed Ku-band In Motion Mobile Satellite Antenna System - Patch array antenna panel - Tracking system * Designed PLL Oscillator Modules up to 3GHz * Designed FSK Wireless Modem for CDMA Repeater NMS * Designed GMSK Long Distance Wireless Modem * Designed CDMA / GSM Repeater System * Designed Low/High Power Amplifiers up to 2GHz * Designed LNA up to 2GHz * Management and Sales R&D ENGINEER, SEOUL INCOME CO,. LTD.; SEOUL KOREA 1994 - 1996 * Designed the VHF/UHF Handheld 2way Radios for Fire department * Designed the VHF/UHF Lang Mobile Radios * Designed the VHF/UHF Base Station Radios R&D ENGINEER, HERTZ ELECTRONICS CO,.LTD.; SEOUL KOREA 1984 - 1994 R&D Engineer and Team Manager * Designed the VHF/UHF Handheld 2way Radios * Designed the VHF/UHF Lang Mobile Radios **Designed the VHF/UHF Base Station Radios EDUCATION B.S. in Management and Information System (MIS) Hanyang University in Seoul Sout h Korea - 2006 Associate Degree Electronics Communication Young-jin College in Taegu Korea - 19 82