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net Management / Operational Analysis / Human Resources Quality Assurance ~ Customer Service ~ Training & Development Executive Summary: Results-driven Operations Professional eager to offer cross-f unctional leadership, management, and communications talents toward supporting a n employer in achieving key performance objectives. Particularly astute at coll aborating with internal organizations, ensuring the highest level of customer se rvice and satisfaction as well as building and retaining client loyalty through strategic plans. Key Transferable Skill Sets Strategic/Feasibility Plans * High Level Analyses * Customer Retention and Loyal ty Focused * Business Acumen Financial Management * Efficiency Strategies * Organizational Leadership Princip les & Initiatives Data Gathering and Analysis * Time Management Effectiveness * Budget Control Customer Service Programs * Competitive Intelligence Assessments Qualifications Profile Strong analytical background with the ability to work independently on multiple projects with specialized experience in project oversight, information managemen t, operational efficiency practices, safety compliance and hazard awareness, con flict management and effective communication techniques, research and data analy sis, strategic planning, organization development and change management. Effective at building business lines through consistent revenue streams, establi shing strong relationships with external business partners and securing customer loyalty high within the organization. P & L responsibility for businesses in high volume revenue and extensive staff. . Successful at cultivating account loyalty within key accounts through business d evelopment strategies. Possess strong organizational and analytical skills and highly adaptable in quic kly changing business environments. Operational Core Skills Manage key accounts, with high level of accuracy and integrity as well as monito r account activity to ensure regulatory compliance and loss mitigation. Manage business facets including high level analyses related to departmental bud gets and financial analyses. Demonstrate dynamic leadership qualities and strong communication skills in succ essfully steering planning meetings and delivering comprehensive strategies. Capable of in-depth research and data analysis with the purpose of improving cus tomer edification and comprehension of different products and services. Proven ability to adapt strong process knowledge and technical skills to diverse organization needs. Technology savvy and proficient in numerous software applications and platforms. Academic Training - Masters Degree - Human Resources Management, Chapman University - Bachelor of Arts Degree - Organization Leadership, Chapman University

Select Professional Contributions Led a six person section consisting of one civilian and five active duty personn el who performed an array of duties in 10 different program areas. Ensured 135 active duty security forces members, 17 civilian employees, 75 Augme ntation personnel and 35 Contract Gate Guard employees were trained in accordanc e with regulatory guidelines.

Expertly trained Security Forces personnel to fill 45 Air Base Defense wartime U nit Type Codes. All deployed personnel were ready to perform wartime mission. Authored two comprehensive Annual Training Plans; incorporated Phase I Orientati on Training, Ancillary Training, Combat Skills Training, Specialty Training, Aug mentation Program Training, Contract Gate Guard Training, and Weapons Qualificat ion Training with timelines for completion. Developed an in-depth Mission Essential Task List Training Plan; identified loca l training requirements to ensure the security/protection of all mission essenti al assets. Expertly managed the Wing Augmentation Program. The Augmentation Program was rec ognized by Inspectors during the Wing Anti-Terrorism Program Vulnerability Asses sment as the " best seen to date". Superbly managed the Contractor Gate Guard Training Program. The training progra m was Benchmarked by Air Force Security Forces Center personnel during a Staff A ssistance Visit. Displayed initiative by being the first to design a training section in Air Mobi lity Command to comply with training requirements in new Air Force Training Inst ruction. Ensured all personnel scheduled to deploy downrange received Combat Skills train ing prior to attendance at a Regional Training Center. Exemplary Unit Flight Line Driving Program Manager. The flight line driving trai ning program was consistently recognized as the number 1 program in the wing. Professional Summary Chief, Security Forces Training 627th Security Forces Squadron, Joint Base Lewis McChord 2009-2011 Security Forces Training Instructor 62nd Security Forces Squadron, McChord AFB 2004-2009 Classification and Staffing Assistant 62nd Mission Support Squadron, McChord AFB 2003-2004 Human Resources Manager Intern Clover Park Technical College 2003-2003 Administrator Bethel School District 2000-2003 Primary Job Functions: Strategic Planning, Creation of Client Management Program s, High Level Analyses, Procurement and Purchasing, Feasibility and Viability Pl ans, Management of Complex Cross Functional Teams, Client Cultivation and Retent ion Programs, Both Short Term and Long Term Financial Planning and Management In itiatives for Business Solvency, Valuation and Competitive Intelligence Assessme nts, Project Management and Adherence, Human Capital Training Programs, Customer Needs Analyses.