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January 16, 2012


By Jake Bryson Dancel
Fellow CBEAns, I know that a lot of you were awakened in my preceding article posted last Monday (January 9). It was a realization to all of us that proves that our right will never be suppressed. But then again, my previous article has a missing part. And it is

THE CONCLUSION Last Tuesday, the issue was put into an end. I, together with the advisers of the different organizations, and of course, the SC were summoned by the beloved mother of our college, the dean. A meeting was held to resolve all the concerns and put into end the controversy of the new college t-shirt. In the meeting, our SC president, Ms. Ricci Krizzane Benemerito, explained to us why the shirt was priced that way. And we found out that the real cost of the t-shirt is P200 and the P50 mark-up was intended to finance the beautification of the open-area at the back of the SC office. There have been a lot of opinions raised by our cherished mentors but it is improper for me to disclose it in public since it was a closed-door meeting. A closed-door meeting is where you enter with a problem and go out with a solution.

THE SOLUTION It has been agreed upon that the initial price of college t-shirt of two hundred and fifty pesos (P250) WILL BE DECREASED INTO TWO HUNDRED PESOS P200.00. Furthermore, the new college t-shirt design will not be revised in 3-5 years time to lessen the burden of purchasing another new designed college T-shirt. This is also to invoke the uniformity of the students in their Tuesday attire. Our dear mentors also pledged to pay for the SUPPOSED TO BE FREE t-shirts that the Student Council gave them. They told us that they already have a lot of t-shirts and added that more shirts would seem useless since they would only be able to wear the numerous shirts in rare occasions. Para na rin bumaba ang bayad ng damit niyo by P3.50 (35 teachers x P200/shirt/teacher = P7000; P7000/1950 orders = P3.59), says one of them. But the fifty-peso surplus, to those who already paid, will NOT YET be reimbursed and will still be held by the SC as something like a TAX-CREDIT.

January 16, 2012

How will this work? The P50 will remain in the funds of SC while doing the resolution for the beautification project. But this is again, subject to ratification. If, unfortunately, the resolution will not be approved by the proper authorities, the P50 will be deducted from the fines of the students who already made payment for the t-shirts. Should the fine and other financial obligations of a student who already paid be equal to Zero (0), reimbursement will occur. But then again, as mentioned earlier, only IF THE RESOLUTION for the Beautification project will either be UNDONE OR UNAPPROVED.

THE AUTHORS NOTE In my previous article, I made a elucidation that I do not want any conflict to happen. I do not owe any apology to anyone. I just did what I think was favorable to the majority backed by the Pareto Optimum principle in Welfare Economics. Other than profit, I cannot think another term that would best describe the method SC used to procure their funds although its intention was to finance a tangible project. To buy goods and sell it at a higher price is obtaining profit. But, if it is beyond the knowledge of your colleagues, we may even call it as fraudulence. The SC admitted that there have been defects in their project and stood to be corrected. But let us not blame them for their imperfections because we all have our own. Instead, let us help them by courageously voicing-out our concerns. I do not believe in the saying that, To be a good leader, you must become a good follower. But let me correct this BASED FROM MY EXPERIENCE, TO BECOME A GOOD LEADER, YOU MUST BECOME A GOOD LISTENER TO YOUR FOLLOWERS. The Eagle soared high, and landed victoriously on top. There may be times that we fail to achieve our goals, but we must not stop doing our preeminence. Take a deep breath and fly higher. As long as you know that are in the right place, stand firm and you can make things right. We can make things happen if we seek Justice, through Brilliance and Determination. AGBIAG KA! TAGA-CBEA! -JBD
TO THE ENTIRE STUDENTRY, wag kayong magbulag-bulagan. Nothing is impossible with Justice, Brilliance and Determination. Be vigilant. I will be leaving our college in due time and I contemplate that CBEA would become far better than what CBEA was when I was here. With the help of our mentors, we can soar high. AGTAYAB KA, AGILA! - An excerpt from the THE NEW COLLEGE TSHIRT, (is it worth your money), posted last January 9, 2012