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Monthly Review: F.6 Summer Issue Lesson 1-2 P.15 Sample 1 Supplement
Use Contrast to raise (X) e.g. When talking about earning money (Y), the super-rich are truly professionals. But when it comes to social responsibility (X), they seldom get it done. Y = X =

P.15 Sample 2 Supplement

In the wake of (sth) to raise (X) e.g. In the wake of Bill Gates donation of all his personal legacy to a charitable fund (Y), people start to question whether the super-rich should bear much more social responsibility (X). Y = X =

P.17 Sample 1 Supplement

Use When asked / Before answering to raise (X) e.g. Before answering whether tutorial schools are effective means of education (X), ask yourself what education means (Y). X = Y =


Additional Notes A. Good Starters 1. Sb. tells us However, () (P.9) 2. It is not uncommon to see () (P.13) 3. It is often heard that () (P.13) 4. When talking about When it comes to () (P.15) 5. In the wake of () (P.15) 6. Before answering / When asked () (P.17) B. Arguments 1. How to write general & specific examples (P.19) 2. How to write rebuttals (P.20-21) C. Conclusion 1. Despite the fact that / Although / There is no denying that but () 2. After all, () 3. Otherwise, () D. (Prep + wh-) as elaborators The govt should devise a new housing policy, in which () interests of different classes can be looked after. by which () flats can be sold at affordable prices. from which () low income groups can be benefited.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5 4 (P.19) (P.20-21) (P.28-35)

Lesson 3 P.82
Informal Procedures GeneralitySpecifics There are some informal procedures say extensive multipurpose visits. Candidates are arranged to have relaxed chats, lunch or dinner and recreational activity such as a walk with the interviewers so that employers can get a wellrounded assessment of the candidate. Copy the sense only

Practice 1 Target Audience: Young People Introduction Definition + Preview What is fair trade? Fair trade means In this article, we will explore cases of unfair trade and how we can get around them. Conclusion Designated Ending + Appeal If you want to know more about Fair Trade, do click wwwRemember, your action could mean a decent living to lots of people.

Practice 2 Target Audience: Your Schoolmates Introduction Background + Preview This year, we visited mainland China for Project Fan which is an educational exchange programme. In this article, details of the project will be outlined. Conclusion Summary + Appeal The above illustrates the details of the project. We hope that the exchange will go on every year, which definitely need your participation.

Practice 3 Target Audience: Public / Members of APS Introduction Controversy + Preview There has been some controversy over culling. In this article, the pros and cons of culling will be focused. Conclusion Summary + Evaluation The above are the adv. and disadv. of culling. All in all, culling is not necessarily a wrong thing provided it is wholeheartedly for the benefit of the environment.

Practice 4 Target Audience: Your Schoolmates Introduction Purpose + Preview The purpose of this article is to tell our schoolmates how to use the Internet wisely. In this article, the pros and cons of the Internet and the dos and donts of using it will be focused. Conclusion Summary + Designated Ending The above tells you how to use the Internet wisely. Surely, there are always more you want to know. Therefore, you are cordially invited to join the IT Society.

classify information under right headings 15mins Data File 20mins

Sample Answer
Young people need to prepare themselves when they begin looking for jobs. In this article, the job selection procedures used and questions asked will be focused, which hopefully shall be useful guidelines for the new jobseekers. There are two types of written procedures namely extended writing tasks and multiple choices. First, extended writing tasks involve writing a longer piece of work in Chinese or in English, the task should always be something that they might have to do in the company. This is a very practical assessment of candidates writing ability and can test whether the candidate can handle the job language wise. Second, multiple-choice tests require candidates to choose an answer from several options given. The advantage is easy to mark and able to find out the personalities of candidates. Apart from written procedures, there are also oral ones which include multiple-candidate interviews, role-plays and individual interviews. For multiplecandidate interview, it involves two to four candidates being interviewed at one time by two or more interviewer. It lasts about 1-2 hours, can by conducted in Cantonese, English or Putonghua. This helps save time for interviewers, allows easy comparison of candidates and job applicants can be assessed on their oral language abilities. For role-play, it involves 2-4 candidates getting together and performing tasks. This also helps save time for interviewers and is good for observing candidates problemsolving and decision-making skills and allows observation of personal interaction. For individual interview, it involves one candidate alone in a room answering questions of the interviewer. It is the best way to go as the interviewer can focus one candidate in depth, ask follow-up questions and assess job applicants oral language ability. Finally, there are also some informal procedures say extensive multipurpose visits. The candidate is invited to spend several full days with the companys staff to have relaxed chats, lunch and dinner, recreational activities. Employer can get and excellent picture of the whole candidate, his/her personality, social skills, education, professional skills, goals can all be assessed.

Regarding the questions to be asked by the interviewers, the most common topics of questions involve experience, work habits and personality. There are two forms of questions namely closed questions and open questions. The former one, on the face, requires either yes or no answer. In order to answer it well, the candidates should elaborate the question by giving more information than a simple yes or no. The answer should be informative, interesting and polite open questions. For open questions, they encourage candidates to give information and tend to begin with word like what, why and how. When answering such questions, make sure that what one says is relevant to the question and should avoid exaggerating answers. Wherever possible, make sure the answer is related to the contents of the curriculum vitae. The above illustrates the major job selection procedures and questions asked. No matter which selection procedure will be used by employers, new job seekers have to prepare themselves in order to get the job.

Lesson 4 P.49
Practice 3 (6) frogs (7) genome (8) successful (9) damaged Test-points (6) Adj Noun-s (7) Direct copy (8) successful attempt (adj) + (n) collocation (9) Direct copy

Practice 4 (1) rise (2) had (3)appealed (4) leading (5) legendary (6) happy (7) whatever (8) the Test-points (1) Adj. + N collocation (rapid + rise) (2) had (sth) (done) (past) had had (sth) (done) (past perfect) (3) restricted by to (4) restricted by to (5) legend (n.) legendary (adj.) (6) Direct copy (7) however + adj. whatever + noun (8) Direct copy

Practice 4 (1) decision (2) work (3) According (4) amount (5) absence (6) protection (7) failure (8) implementation (9) told (10) to put Test-points (1) Verb Noun (2) Transformation (3) Generalization (4) Generalization (5) Adj Noun (6) Verb Noun (7) Verb Noun (8) Verb Noun (9) Transformation (10) Phrasal Verb

Practice 6 (1) presented nicely (2) good at (3) making them (4) wrecked (5) south (6) Christianity (7) Japanese cooking (8) Spanish (9) warriors (10) stronghold Test-points (1)beautiful presentation (adj + n) is presented nicely (v + adv) (2)Transformation (amazing ability good at) (3)Transformation (mould them into making them) (4)Noun Verb (5)Collocation south + coast (6)Generalization (7)Generalization (8)Noun Adj (9)Contraction Direct copy (10)

Practice 7 (1) a lack of (2) environment / surroundings (3) negative experience (4) prevent (5) ultimate test (6) entertain us (7) growth Test-points (1)Verb Noun (2)Generalization (3)Generalization (4)Restricted by creeping into (5) Direct copy (6)Passive voice Active voice (7)Verb Noun

Practice 8 (1) once alive (2) recognize (3) happen (4) be grounded (5) reflection (6) vengeance (7) fascination (8) trust (9) imaginative (10) end (11) unthinkable (12) nineteenth century Test-points (1) Transformation (2)Adj Verb (3)Direct copy (4)Noun Verb (5)Verb Noun (6)Adj Noun (7)Direct copy (8)Verb Noun (9)Noun Adj (10) Transformation Direct copy (11) (12) Generalization

Practice 3 (1) fresh (2) foreign (3) making them (4) centuries (5) south (6) Asia (7) concept Test-points (1) Direct copy (2) Transformation (3)Transformation (mould them into making them) (4) Generalization (5)Collocation south + coast (6)Direct copy (7) Transformation

Practice 4 (1) returned (2) recognize (3) happen (4) supernatural (5) reflection (6) rapidly (7) fascination (8) trust (9) imagination (10) died (11) warfare (12) nineteenth century Test-points (1) Adj Verb (2) Adj Verb

(3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12)

Direct copy Direct Copy Verb Noun Adj Adv Direct copy Verb Noun Noun Adj Transformation Direct Copy Generalization

10mins P.68-76 ()