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NORMAN SCOTT BENDEL 6870 Washington Street, Northeast Fridley, Minnesota 55432 763.571.7123 763.923.8480 nbendel2@comcast.

net PRODUCTION MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE Highly capable, goal-oriented, and seasoned professional with more than 10 years of extensive experience in managing production within the food processing indus try. Demonstrate adeptness in supervising the packaging and production departmen ts, with well-honed skills in utilizing personnel and resources in the best possible way to maximize production. Possess strong background and thorough understandin g of the dynamics of the overall production process, with proven track record of maintaining consistent high productivity operations with minimum downtime and h igh rate of employee satisfaction. Well-respected leader, with strong problem solving and organizational sk ills, capable of monitoring and ensuring safety and quality standards of multipl e departments and coming up with immediate solutions to address production chall enges or lapses. Excellent trainer, accustomed to providing orientation to employees on c ompany standards and policies on product quality and safety measures as well as in coaching and motivating them toward achievement of company goals. Equipped with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to work effectively with diverse groups of people, managing unions and administerin g necessary discipline and rewards to employees with fairness, respect, and prof essionalism. Versatile and flexible, quick to adapt to new challenges while maintaini ng a positive attitude and delivering peak performance at all times. Proficient in various computer operations, including Word, Excel, and Kr onos (time cards). CAREER OVERVIEW LEADERSHIP/SUPERVISION: Oversee and provide expert supervision to production and packaging opera tors as well as employees in the Sanitation, Maintenance, and the Shipping depar tments. Supervise both Baker and Teamsters union employees. Train and coach employees, administering appropriate discipline, motivat ion, and rewards to encourage productivity while holding them accountable for th eir performance. Enforce company policies and procedures and conduct regular communicatio n meetings. Manage and resolve employee conflicts accordingly. Ensure all associates adhere to production and processing standards. RESOURCE UTILIZATION Handle the maintenance of labor and production records, checking time ca rds to ensure correct pay is given for everyone and making necessary adjustments

; approve vacation time for employees as requested, process is not compromised or disrupted. Plan and organize which machines are needed ay, making appropriate changes as necessary as well roduction and packaging employees needed to operate STREAMLINING -

making certain that company to run production the next d as determine the number of p the machines.

Ensure that production downtime is minimized while production flow is at its maximum, analyzing problems and recommending solutions to improve productio n efficiency and product quality; plan and direct shift operations to ensure smo oth transitions and proper turnover from one shift to the next. Employ good manufacturing practices, performing production and product q uality checking and make changes as necessary, including reporting and putting o n hold finished products that did not meet guidelines. Ensure all production, quality, and maintenance are in working order. Monitor the packaging area to ensure the quality of products as well as track machine run speeds, performance, downtime, materials, printing, and date c odes meet company standards. Monitor and drive scrap and spoilage to a minimum. SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE Conduct safety training to employees to ensure compliance with company s afety programs, policies, and procedures, including aerial lift safety, bloodbor ne pathogens, confined space, electrical safety, fall protection, fire safety, h earing safety, heat stress, industrial ergonomics, ladder safety, lockout/tagout , personal protective equipment, slips trips and falls, severe weather, and many others. Perform inspection to ensure that sanitary conditions are within companys s tandards. CAREER HISTORY DAKOTA GROWERS PASTA ~ New Hope, MN Production Supervisor 2000Present Set-Up Operator 19962000 The Creamette Company ~ New Hope, MN Extruder/Dryer Operator 19891996 EDUCATION Associate of Arts Degree: 1994 North Hennepin Community College ~ Brooklyn Park, MN Employers Association, Inc.: Supervision 1-Fundamentals of Leadership: 2000 ~ Diplomacy Intake: 2005 Self-Defeating Habits of Otherwise Brilliant People: 2005