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VIET NGUYEN 5754 McKenzie Drive, Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156 224.858.4103 vnguye@hotmail.


QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE Highly analytical, motivated, and determined professional powered with broad-bas ed experience in information technology, adult education, along with strategic b usiness management and operations. Show competency in addressing complex issues and business challenges to effect dramatic improvements in operational efficienc y, productivity, and business processes toward successful attainment of organiza tional goals. Well-versed in leading and training team members while maintaining high ethical and quality standards, professional demeanor, and a cooperative at titude. Possess a keen eye for detail and extremely capable to multitask in fier cely competitive and fast-paced environment with dedication to superior service and operational excellence.

CORE STRENGTHS Continuous Process and Performance Improvement Strategic Business Development Leadership, Training, and Team Building Technical Support and Troubleshooting Time Management and Prioritization Outstanding Customer and Student Relations Organized with Strong Analytical Abilities Problem Resolution and Decision Making Articulate Oral and Written Communication Superior Interpersonal and Presentation Skills


Directed and coordinated daily operational aspects of the Student Services Depar tment toward fulfillment of organizational missions and goals. Regularly convene d with other the departments to decide on future developments for the university . Interacted with students to discuss Code of Conduct violations, as well as to address and resolve their concerns/situations in a timely manner. Communicated w ith outside vendors to discuss possible services they would provide to the schoo l. Notable Achievements: Improved operational processes and leveraged workload balance by restruc turing the team Designed multiple Excel tools for the team and developed their ability t o send e-mails AIU ONLINE ~ HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL: 20032010 Senior Director of Student Services Sep 2005Sep 2010

Applied dynamic leadership talents in daily activities of Student Services, Prio r Learning Assessment, and Analytics teams. Planned and coordinated meetings wit h team of managers as well as with other departments deciding on current issues and/or future developments for the university. Counseled students on admissions eligibility, enrollment requirements, school policies, and ADA accommodation. R eviewed daily data reports, which included phone reports, retention, and number of degree audits completed. Evaluated drop trends and success percentages of cla sses. Notable Achievements: Played a vital role in restructuring the Student Services team for four consecutive times to improve processes Formulated multiple Excel tools for the team and enhanced their ability to send e-mails, calculate Satisfactory Academic Progress and audit their studen ts for degree completion Oversaw the Analytics team tasked to prepare reports and tools using VBA , which was utilized by the Student Services Team that optimized efficiency and serviced more students as compared to the prior years Earned distinction for elevating the retention of students year-over-yea r starting in 2006 Inherited the Prior Learning Assessment Team during tenure as Dean of St udent Affairs in 2008 Rose from rank and promoted to Senior Director of Student Services throu gh demonstration of exemplary performance, dedication, and efficiency Honored and received two leadership awards in 2008 and 2009 by displayin g exceptional management skills Achieved the award that is only given to 6 people in the university Augmented corporate profitability through implementation of significant improvements Dean of Students Feb 2005Sep 2005 Assistant Dean of Students Jul 2004Feb 2005 Supervised day-to-day operational activities of the Bachelors team within Student S ervices. Conversed with students who requested to have their situation escalated when their advisor was not able to satisfy the questions or concerns. Assumed f ull responsibility in reviewing the request made by students who wanted to withd raw. Notable Achievements: Served as a liaison between the team and students on areas including eva luation of college credits, issues with students and what resolution the school could offer, or where to find certain information Provided expert advice to students on the information they needed to inc lude in their Experiential Learning Portfolio in order to have them reviewed for possible credit during tenure as subject matter expert (SME) Rendered high level of assistance to the Dean of Students responsible fo r managing the Continuing Students Team within Student Services Student Advisor May 2003Jul 2004 Displayed keen expertise in managing a cohort of students in the Bachelor of Bus iness Administration. Instrumental in calling students for non-attendance, retur ning their calls, and/or for academic success; reviewing their transcripts, cert ification, and jobs of employment for possible transfer credit; followed up with various departments on tasks that needed to be completed for the student. Notable Achievements: Expertly managed 250 student load to a 1500 load for 1 term due to emplo

yee attrition and successfully supported 600% more students by exemplifying outs tanding leadership and team building abilities Commended for working 27 days straight to answer questions and service t he students

PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE PROGRAMMER ~ IBM Global Services ~ Chicago, IL Jan 1998Aug 2001

EDUCATION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Concentration in Strategic Management ~ DePaul University, Chicago, IL: Jan 2000 Jun 2002 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE ~ Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL: Jan 1996May 1998 ASSOCIATE OF ARTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE ~ Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL: Jan 1992Dec 1995


TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY CVue, Blackboard, C, Java, ABAP, COBOL, Assembly, VBA, Microsoft Office Suite