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NOTE : The correct answers are marked in BLUE colour Q # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 QUESTION In a short description, the data warehouse is a collection

of data that is primarily used for Data Marts have specific business related purposes. The database designed for queries on transactional data is known as This is a quantifiable value such amount of sales, budget or revenue. The center of Star schema consists of one or more The process of pulling data from various hetrogeneous source systems is known as Change data capture is a part of which is used to store data and perform data cleansing,merging before loading into Datawarehousing The two types of loading available in DWH are OPTION 1 Organizational Decision Making May be true ODS Dimension Fact tables Loading Incremental Extraction OPTION 2 Tranaction Processing FALSE OLTP Database Dimension tables Transforming Full Extraction OPTION 3 Temporary Data Storage TRUE OLAP Datamart Indexes Cleansing Online Extraction OPTION 4 Query Optimization Only at some times OLCP Fact Views Refreshing Offline Extraction OPTION 5 Application Testing I don't know DSS Datawareho use Synonyms Extraction None

8 9

ODS Full Load

OLTP Direct Load

Staging Incremental Load

ODS&OLTP Option 1 & Option 3

None Option 1, Option 2 & Option 3

10 11 12

13 14 15 16 17 18

The process of converting and summarizing operational data into a consistent, business oriented format The latest informatica suite is compatible of Is both Informatica PowerCenter and PowerMart are same Flat file lookup is one newly added feature in Informatica PowerCenter 7.1version How many important client components available in Informatica Which component is used for New server registration in informatica Which Component of informatica is used to configure connection details which tool is used for users,user groups and priviledges Where is the actual business rules will be implemented Is it possible to generate a table in relational database using informatica Which Component of informatica is used to see the performance of the workflow while running

Transformation 8 Bit Depends upon the User Depends upon the User

Extraction 16 Bit NO

Loading 32 Bit YES

None 64 Bit Only at some times Only at some times No client tools

Option 1, Option 2 & Option 3 128 Bit I don't know

NO 5 Designer Mapping Designer Workflow Monitor Designer Source qualifier Workflow Manager Transformation Developer No Mapping Designer 3 Workflow Manager

I don't know 0 Repository Manager 2&3 Workflow Manager 2&3 Workflow Designer sometimes Workflow Manager Repository Manager Repository Manager Mapping Designer May be possible Repository Manager

YES I don't know Repository administrati on console Worklet Designer None Warehouse Designer None Worklet Designer

19 20

Yes Workflow Monitor

21 22 23

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

The Repository Manager connects to the repository database through the Repository Server. In the Informatica Repository, where is the meta data getting stored? How the repository server communicates with the repository database The Repository Server can manage a repository residing on a database on a different machine on the network Using the repository manager, the entire repository can be backed up in the format of How the repository server create and update the repository tables When you connecting to the repository, you need to mention the What is the default repository server connection timeout limit For executing a workflow, the PowerCenter server uses the The primary PowerCenter server process is known as what are the servers available in informatica

Depends upon the User Synonyms Through native drivers

FALSE Dimension tables Third party softwares

TRUE Indexes

Only at some times Database tables Logical Paths

I don't know I don't know I don't know

LAN Drivers Depends upon the User Text file Through repository agent process Your local machine's IP 60 Secs Designer Workflow Manager Informatica Server Only at some times Binary File Through PSTN Lines Your Mobile no 120 Secs

FALSE Zip File Through native drivers Your Project Name 30 Secs DLM Process Load Manager Workflow Server

TRUE XML File Through LAN Drivers Host name and Port no 15 Secs DTM Process Workflow Monitor Informatica repository Server

I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know

DLF Process I don't know Designer Option 1 & Option 3 I don't know Option 1 & Option 2

32 33

34 35

36 37 38 39 40

41 42

Is it necessary to run the Informatica server before accessing Repository You can create and maintain folders in the If you want to use the same object in several projects, you need to put it in a shared folder How many permission types are available for folders Which privilege do you need to execute all tasks across all folders in the repository, and can perform any tasks For comparing two folders, what is the mandatory permission a user should have. Which option is need to be checked for creating shortcuts for folders pmcmd is a program that you can use to communicate with How many modes are available for using pmcmd While using pmcmd in command line mode, each command must include the connection information of the What is the return code for a successful pmcmd command

Yes Repository Manager Depends upon the User 1

No Designer

May be true Workflow Manager TRUE 5

Sometimes Workflow Monitor Only at some times 7

None Repository Server I don't know 9


Administrator Read Create Shortcuts Designer 5

Read Write Allow shortcut PowerCenter Server 4

Write Execute shortcuts Workflow Manager 3

Super User Super User None Workflow Monitor 2

Execute Administrator Option 1 & Option 2 Repository Manager 0

PowerCenter Server 1

Repository Manager 0

Workflow Manager 3

Workflow Monitor 5

Designer 7


44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

execution What is the pmcmd command for instructing the server to execute the subsequent commands in the wait mode. In which mode of pmcmd, the username, password and server information are required for each command which mode is used for handling the sessions and workflows What will be returned if the username and password are incorrect in a command which mode allows writing scripts for scheduling the workflows Which window in desginer is used to access the repositories. How many tools are available in desginer is it possible to create source and target definition manually what are the types of sources available in informatica Minimum number of transformations required for a simple valid mapping which tool is used to create a reusable transformation How many types of


usefolder Commandline mode Commandline mode Zero Return Codes Commandline mode Workspace 3 Yes Flatfiles 4 Mapplet Desinger 18




Interactive mode Interactive mode 0 Interactive mode Output 4 No Cobol and XML sources 3 Mapping Designer 12

User Mode User Mode 2 User Mode Navigation 2 sometimes Homogeneous& Heterogeneous 2 Transformation Developer 3

Server mode Server mode Non Zero return Codes Server mode Mapping desginer 6 Rarely 2&3 5 Task Developer 2

Wait Mode Wait Mode 1 Wait Mode None 5 None None None Workflow Developer 4

55 56 57 58


60 61 62 63 64

Transformations available in Informatica is it possible to use a transformation created in one mapping in any other mappings Is it possible to join two flat files using source qualifier Can the source qualifier is used to filter cobol source How many ports are available in Expression Transformation Salary of all employees in an employee table need to be added with the commission.which transformation is used ? Which transformations can be used for proceesing the records holding deptno 10 in an employee table Which Transformation is used to load the rejected records Which Transformation is used to handle cobol sources What is the transformation used to convert the rows in to columns Select a transformation used to load the changed records in target table

Yes No No 3

No Yes Yes 2 Expression transformation only Filter Transformation only Filter Transformation Filter Transformation Filter Transformation Filter Transformation

Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes 1

Rarely Rarely Rarely 4 Option 1 & Option 2 Option 2 & Option 3 Option 2 & Option 3 Expression Transformati on Expression Transformati on Expression Transformati on

Frequently Frequently Frequently None

Source Qualifier

Update strategy only Router Transformation only Router Transformation Router Transformation Normalizer Transformation Normalizer Transformation


Source Qualifier Source Qualifier Source Qualifier Source Qualifier Source Qualifier

1,2&3 1,2&3 Normalizer Transformat ion Router Transformati on Update Strategy


66 67

68 69

What is the session property enabled when update strategy is used in a mapping What are the transformation used to merge data from multiple sources without removing the duplicates which Transformation is used to join flat file and oracle source Last 3 performer in a department need to loaded in a target table. Which transformation can be used? What is the transformation used to load the distinct records in a table If a sorter transformation is used before Aggregator transformation.Will the performance degrades. If incremental aggregation option is checked in session properties will the new cache is created during every run The following is the valid call for a lookup transformation from Expression transformation

DD_INSERT Joiner Transformation Joiner Transformation Aggregator Transformation Aggregator Transformation

DD_DELETE Union Transformation Union Transformation Expression transformation Expression transformation


Data Driven Option 1 & Option 2 Option 1 & Option 2

DD_REJECT Option 2 & Option 3 Option 2 & Option 3

Source Qualifier Source Qualifier Rank Transformation Rank Transformation

Update Strategy None Sorter Transformat Update ion Strategy







71 72

No LKP.lookup_transfo rmation_name(arg ument, argument, ...)

Yes : Lookup.lookup_tr ansformation_na me(argument, argument, ... )

Sometimes . LKP.lookup_trans formation_name( argument, argument, ... )

None Rarely : None LKP.lookup _transforma tion_name( argument, argument,

...) How to over ride the default order by clause in lookup query Add required ORDER BY clause and add -- (double highphen at the end of lookup query override Yes Yes Workflow Manager Yes 1 Depends upon the User Mapping Fails the parent if the current task fails YES Add required ORDER BY clause in lookup query override Add required ORDER BY clause and add // (double slashes) at the end of lookup query override Rarely Rarely Repository Manager Rarely 5 YES Properties Fails the current and parent tasks Depends on the Dont add lookup condition only add lookup query override Sometimes Sometimes Designer Sometimes 7 Only at some times Metadata extensions Fails only current task Only at None

73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 Can sequence generator be used in Mapplet desginer is it possible to change the sequence generator properties Before you run a workflow, the informatica server needs to be registered with Is it possible to create a worklet inside a worklet How many internal tools available with Workflow manager to help you develop a workflow Using session properties, can we able to override parameters established in the mapping ? In which tab of session the connection details of source and targets are configured What the option "Fail parent if this task fails' will do in session properties Can we have unlimited sessions in No No Workflow Monitor No 3 NO Components Fails current task when the parent fails NO

None None Web Interface None 9 I don't know None None I don't know

83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92

93 94

a workflow as we need If a task is invalid, the workflow becomes invalid Can a command task can be reused which task is used for running a session based on success of another session Is it possible to send an email after completion of a workflow in workflow manager When you create a workflow, the Workflow Designer creates which task by default How many types of Workflow variables are available ? Is it possible to run the workflow from particular task Can the session be recovered? Can we able to start and stop a workflow from workflow monitor The Workflow Monitor displays workflows that have run Which option should be enabled in session properties to see the performance of each transformation which informatica client tool is used to know the run time and status of a workflow

YES Depends on the privielges Decision Decision START 0 Yes Yes YES Never Collect performance data Repository Manager

NO NO email email Command 1 No No NO Once

privielges Depends on the privielges YES event wait event wait Assignment 2 Rarely Rarely Depends on the privielges Twice

some times Only at some times Only at some times command command Email 3 Sometimes Sometimes Only at some times Thrice Collect performance Workflow Monitor

I don't know I don't know None None Event 4 None None I don't know I don't know

Collect data Designer

performance data Workflow Manager

None None

95 96 97


99 10 0 10 1 10 2 10 3

A worklet is an object that represents a set of When the Informatica Server executes a worklet, it expands the worklet. When a mapplet is changed, all instances of the mapplet and all shortcuts to the mapplet Like a reusable transformation, any change made to the mapplet is inherited by all instances of the mapplet. Which component is responsible for reading the parameter file and expanding the flow variable values for the workflow When the Designer validates a mapping variable in a reusable transformation, it treats the variable as To debug a mapping, you need to configure and run the Debugger from The place where debugger pauses and allows you to view and edit transformation output data is known as In general, how many different types of log files are created by PowerCenter Server

Mappings YES will inherit the changes

Tables NO will start running

Synonyms Depends on the privielges will NOT inherit the changes Depends on the privielges

Tasks Only at some times will be closed Only at some times DTM process manager Integer Datatype Repository Manager Break Sessions 4

Web reports I don't know I don't know



I don't know

Session Thread

Mapping Thread

Load manager

I don't know

Varchar Datatype Designer

CLOB Datatype Workflow Manager

Date Datatype Workflow Monitor

I don't know I don't know

Break Views 1

Break Points 2

Break Windows 3

I don't know I don't know

10 4 10 5 10 6 10 7 10 8 10 9 11 0 11 1 11 2

With the error tracing level enabled, the Informatica Server logs each row that passes into the mapping By default, the PowerCenter Server does not save multiple logs for a single workflow. When the Server runs in recovery mode, it continues to commit data from the point of the last successful commit As a important requirement for data recovery, the source data needs to be To help you determine which column caused the row to be rejected, the server adds this components to reject files When you configure partitioning for a mapping, which partition type distributes data evenly among all partitions. By default, the PowerCenter Server sets the number of partitions to A block of memory for temporary storage of data likely to be used again is known as If the data doesnt fit in the memory cache, the server stores

Normal TRUE

Terse FALSE Depends upon the user Delimted Row & Column Indicator

Verbose init Only at some times

Verbose data Depends upon the User

I don't know I don't know

Only at some times Sorted

TRUE Fixed Width Mapping Parameters

FALSE Junk characters Mapping Variables Pass Through 4 Threads Cache Files

I don't know I don't know

Key Ranges

I don't know

Hash 1 Session Variables

Key Range 2 Cache Parameters

Round Robin 3 Tables Tables

I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know

11 3 11 4 11 5 11 6 11 7 11 8 11 9 12 0

the overflow values in Versioning is a concept where you can configure the repository to store multiple versions of objects When you checks out an object in the workspace, the repository obtains a Whenever you're checking in an object, the repository version number is If we export a mapping, session or workflow will create A deployment group is a versioning object that allows you to group versioned objects for deploying The first step in performance tuning is to identify the When we finetune session performance, we can use By executing the read query directly against the source database, what can be identified

Only at some times Write Intent lock Decreased DAT File Different Repository Session Log Test session option Source bottlenecks

Depends upon the user Read Intent lock Increased REP File

TRUE Executive Lock Not changed XML File Different Application Performance Bottleneck Test Log option Mapping bottlenecks

FALSE Request for closing Reset to 0 Cache File

I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know

Same Repository Workflow Log Test load option Target bottlenecks

Different OS Cache File Test Monitor option Parameter bottlenecks

I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know