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2989 Robar St Las Vegas Nevada 89121 Phone (832) 405-5538 E-mail sw1b2be26@westpost.

net Scott Weiss Summary of qualifications Qualifications * +25 years management of technical department and personnel, making schedules, planning and conducting scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, budgets, forecast s, meeting deadlines. * Strong understanding of video compression techniques, Analog and digital video , Satellite and RF transmission, Modulation schemes (Analog, QPSK, QAM), Encoding techniques, Baseband video signal analysis experience, Digital video analysis, Satellite Video delivery Uplink and Downlink * Proficient in HPQC test case writing, testing, test tracking and test report d ocumentation of edge devices and system platform testing. * Wide-ranging experience, using professional concepts and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways * 18+ years of related technical experience in Cable TV * 11+ years experience with MPEG-2/4 encoding/decoding and analog/digital cable * 10+ years experience in design, implementation, documentation and troubleshoot ing of complex video distribution networks. * 15+ years experience of broadcast, satellite, cable and IPTV standards includi ng MPEG, DVB, SCTE, SMPTE, ITU, IETF, ATSC, ETSI, etc. * 12+ years Ad insertion splicing, cue tone, DPI, HCM and Splice commands. Famil iar with DEM Uplink ad insertion equipment * 15+ years experience with TV delivery systems (Cable, Broadcast and Satellite) including NTSC, PAL, and HD systems and digital distribution systems * 15 + years of design, implementation, documentation and troubleshooting of com plex distribution networks, optical links and link budgets * 10+ years of Linux OS experience in an embedded environment. * 10+ years of IP networking experience TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Multicast, DHCP, IGMP, r outing, etc. * Self starter, capable of working in fast paced matrix environment * Desired travel up to 100%, would like to remain located in Las Vegas Work History June 2011 to Present (Available 12/31/11) TEK Systems Downingtown, PA Test Engineer contractor for Comcast * Responsible for writing test cases from Test Requirement Document (TRD), enter ing tests in test plan, gathering data, completing tests in test lab, writing te st reports. * Performed testing for mDTA and DTA tests to test to fully test MPM encryption * Performed complete testing for CET (Category Epoch Transition) for DAC 3.1.17 and DAC 4.3, -- Wrote 1,540 test cases against 68 STB (set top box) types, 777 t ests every day for 20 days June 2007 to March 18, 2011 Tech USA Las Vegas Nevada Field Engineer contractor for Motorola * Responsible for the engineering design, installation, testing, maintenance, up grade of various Motorola Video cable equipment. To include, OM, SEM, APEX, DAC, NC,RADD to include: Upgrade,replacement, re-configurations and equipment additi ons. * Performed many NAS To DAC, DAC to DAC, DAC splits for Motorola * Specialized in SEM and APEX configuration for VOD and SVOD systems

* Performed, Fiber optic system testing and evaluation for Motorola. * Performed CMTS AS-Built diagrams and documentation for Cable Modem growth/spli ts * Transferred to Uplink Satellite division. Trained on Modular Systems BNC and D CII systems. Upgraded many DEM DPI insertion systems. * Added Loaner BNC system to Globecast to enable dual illumination * Performed DEM upgrade / replacement singlehandedly * Resolved Master timing Issue of Uplink equipment * Upgraded to HBO from DCII system to BNC Linux platform April 2006 to June 2007 LLV Communicat ions Henderson Nevada Headend Manager * Responsible for the engineering design, installation, testing and daily mainte nance of the Lake Las Vegas hybrid fiber/coax cable network and FTTH systems. D esigned and engineered complete headend for Lake Las Vegas * Removed Motorola Nas-Rack system and installed SA RNCS system with both FTTH a nd HFC system feed. * Solitary headend maintainer for this multi functional site. FTTH and Hybrid s ystems co-exist with SA headend. Alcatel OLT and ONT system integration using p roprietary management software and small 3rd party billing system. * Resolved Cable Card and Separable security issues with this FTTH and HFC syste m. November 1995 to 16 February 2006 Cox Communications Las V egas Nevada MTC (Master Telecommunications Center) Manager * Responsible for the engineering design, installation, testing and daily mainte nance of the Las Vegas hybrid fiber/coax cable network. Manage 31 engineers/tec hnicians in the maintenance of the network for analog and digital video as well as high speed cable modem and voice over IP telephone service. * Responsible for all DNCS configurations, setting and the reaction of various s et-tops to the downstream data channel, Configuration and signal distribution of downstream. * Responsible for project management in the launching of new product launches an d services. Management of Voice over IP and Digital video simulcast design, ins tallation, activation and maintenance. Project management of the launch of new facilities (Hubs) for the distribution of analog and digital services. * Responsible for design and maintenance of fiber optic transport of video and d ata throughout the Las Vegas network * Responsible for the reception of satellite video signals, RF combining, modula tion and fiber optic distribution of these signals * Maintain specialized and individualized voice, data and video service to Las V egas High Capacity customers, Hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas area. * Provide forecast budget proposals for Capital projects. Prepare BOM for propo sed transport design for all projects. * Responsible for the tracking and expenditure of budgeted capital funds in exce ss of 20 million dollars for the implementation and activation of each project. * Installed and Maintained Microwave CARS band transmitters and receivers as a s upervisor. Ensured quality point-to-point transmission and reception to 16 remo te sites from main headend facility. April 1977 to November 1995 United States Air Force Maintenance Superintendent * Responsible for the mission readiness of 24 fighter aircraft. Ensured that al l avionic, engine propulsion and airframe equipment operational and maintained f or all aircraft * Avionics Flight Chief - Responsible for the management of Avionics personnel. Responsible for the repair and maintenance of associated equipment * Avionics Navigation and Communications systems technician. Repaired RADAR, UH

F, VHF, FM and AM communications and navigation equipment to component level. Education 1987 Community College of Air Force Aust in TX Associate of Applied Science in Avionics * Aircraft Avionics communications and Navigations systems, Radar endorsement NCTI Certification/Training * Fiber optic Installation and Activation, August 1996 * Fiber testing and maintenance, February 1997 Scientific Atlanta Certification/Training * DBDS headend Maintenance, September 1999 * Advanced DBDS troubleshooting, November 1999 * DNCS Administration Certification, February 2000 * Broadband Headend Maintenance Certification Program, March 2000 Cisco Certification/Training * Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, February 2000 * Building Cisco Multilayer Switching Networks, August 2000 * Cisco Campus ATM Solutions, December 2000 Linux/Unix Certification/Training * GL250 Linux System Administration Additional professional attributes Proficient in all Microsoft Office software: Microsoft Project, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Access software. Proficient in HPQC, Clarity, Sharepoint, Rally Excellent written and verbal skills Familiar with many data protocols, ATM, SONET, Voice over IP, Video over IP References Available upon request