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Mohammad Hiary

Personal Data Name: Date of Birth: Nationality: Marital Status: Contact Information: Mohamamd Ahmad Al Hiary October 27th 1987 Jordanian single 053555940 00962779356268

Phone: E-mail:

Goals and Aspirations To seek a career that involves a high level of human interaction. To play an active role in improving the social status of our community. To seek a career that involves a high degree of creativity and innovation. To seek a career that allows me to learn and to improve my skills. To have a chance to work in a friendly environment, where I can share my experience and interact with new evolving technologies. Educational Background Bachelors of Computer engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Jordan February 2010, GPA 3.44 Jordanian General Certificate of Secondary Education 93.0 % Certification CCNA CCNA security CCSP (Cisco security professional) Route Exam

Other Relevant Courses Networks( very good cisco knowledge)

Assembly & Microprocessors Networks Programming Using JAVA Pic microcontrollers Wireless Communications Data Base,Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms
Computer Skills and Experiences

Royal Scientific Society.


Where I gained experience in networks and computer maintenance.

CCNA course theoretical part at the royal scientific society, experimental part at Princess Sumaya University for technology with engineer ASHRAF SABHA., java and c++.

Cisco TAC (Amman Jordan) -Started 12 may 2010. -Customer support engineer level 2. -working in Security and VPN team. -ASA and PIX firewalls. -Firewall service Module (FWSM). -IOS firewall. -excellent VPN experience on ASAs and IOS routers (IPSEC, SSL, DMVPN,GRE over IPSEC). -Intrusion prevention system (AIP-SSM, IDSM, IPS appliance, IOS IPS). -CSC module -Excellent routing knowledge. -Excellent switching module. -good Cisco MARS experience -still working on TAC. Technical skills: Very good knowledge in OS: MS Windows 9x, windows 2000, and win XP. Office Automation: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Access and MS Outlook. Working in the Maintenance of Hardware problems. Installation and administration of O.S Windows (98, pro, server 2000, 2003 and advanced server) Supporting of networking, troubleshooting and configurations of TCP/IP

Projects that I worked on

SMS Fire Alarm System

This is the name of my graduation project and the aim of this project is to provide a fire alarm system which uses wirless communication and a program to send a message through the internet. We show in this project how PIC microcontrollers can be used to watch and control systems,how to send data using wireless devices,how to use to write an interactive application that uses and .interact with web pages


Good English Fluent Arabic Interests:

Computer and Internet browsing in search for new technologies Music of all origins

Note: References are available upon requests.