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TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT 1) What is group? What is group climate? What are the indicators of group development? 2) What are system goals? What are the approaches to system development? 3) What is training system? How does an organization develop consistent learning environment for participant? Discuss Trainers language of resistance. 4) Discuss the dilemmas involved in institutional development. What is a training center? 5) Discuss dynamics of developing training systems 6) What is self assessment exercise? What are self awareness questionnaires? 7) a) Discuss Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Oriented Behavior (FIRO B) b) How do you set goals for subordinates? 8) What is Coaching, Counseling and mentoring. How does an organization empower people through delegation? ENTREPRENEURSHIP & GOOD GOVERNANCE 1) What is corporate governance? Discuss the issues and theoretical barriers of corporate governance. 2) Discuss corporate governance mechanisms and various reports formulated for good corporate governance. 3) What are OECD principles? Do OECD principles help to regulate corporate companies? 4) Discuss the guide lines formulated by Indian committees for corporate companies. What is CII? 5) Discuss various corporate governance models. 6) What is corporate social responsibility? Discuss social responsibility tools. 7) What are ethics? What are professional ethics? How are ethics different from social responsibility?

8) What is an ethical industry? Discuss the present business scenario in relation with corporate social responsibility.

SAPM 1) Define Bond? Explain briefly about Bond pricing theorems? 2) Evaluate Convexity and Duration? 3) Illustrate Interest rate and Its rate? 4) Describe Industry analysis and its Life cycle? 5) Explain Technical analysis and its assumptions? 6) Determine Active and Passive Management? 7) Briefly describe about futures and Index Futures? 8) Describe Interest rate Futures and Options? SM 1) Explain the strategies for computing in globalizing market of internal economic also explain planning system for implementation. 2) What are Organization values and their impact on strategy resources allocation has vital part of strategy? 3) Explain Turnaround strategy? 4) Explain strategy for Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures? 5) Define Diversification strategy and explain different types of diversification strategy? 6) Explain strategy evaluation and stabilizing strategy control merging performance, operated mergers? 7) What is the role of strategy by using quantitative and qualitative bench marking to evaluate performance? 8) Explain problems in merging performance and guidelines for performance control , strategy audit, evaluation and feedback in the India and international context?

RM 1) Classify the retail formats with a diagram? 2) Explain briefly the concept of Lifecycle in retailing? 3) Write about conflict theory? 4) Write briefly the evolution of Retail Formats in India? 5) Explain Retailing in India? 6) Discuss drivers of retail change in India-Discuss? 7) What are the various challenges to Retail Development in India?

MC 1) What is Brand Planning? And explain Global advertising agencies and Global markets? 2) Explain the following concept a) Brand Life Cycle b) Brand associations. 3) Define Positioning? Explain in detail the pitfalls for Brand Positioning? 4) What is Brand extension? How should a company manage it? 5) Define Brand equity? Explain various Pricing Decisions for Brands? 6) Explain in detail - a) Cost to serve customer b) Service quality and Branding c) Retailing impact on branding. 7) Define Commodity? Explain briefly the Branding of Commodities? 8) Explain a) Brand Elements b) Brand aesthetics

c) Brand Responses

MOT 1) Define Technological Forecasting and explain various techniques for Forecasting? 2) Explain about the inputs and outputs of Forecasting system? And briefly explained the current status of technological Forecasting? 3) What is Transfer of Technology? And explain various modes of Technology Transfer? 4) Write down various Methods for Pricing of Technology Transfer and Negotiation for Pricing? 5) What is Commercialization and discuss various approaches for commercialization decisions? 6) What is an Industry design? Explain the product Architecture and design for manufacturing? 7) Explain the process of new product development? 8) Explain in detail Program Planning and control?

CMA 1) Define Budget and Budgetary control? Write the objectives, advantages and limitation budgetary control? 2) How can you classify Budget and briefly explain about functions in Budget? 3) Write the difference between Cost audit and management audit? 4) Define Standard Costing and write the advantages and disadvantages? 5) Write the advantages and types of variance analysis and formulate Overhead variance? 6) Write the meaning, need of inter firm comparison scheme and write ratios which are essential to Inter firm comparison scheme? 7) Write the differences between Standard Costing and Marginal Costing?

8) What do you know about Zero based Budget and Master Budget?

MIR 1) What is Industrial Disputes Act 1948? Explain in detail? 2) Explain changes in management relations in the Post-liberalized India? 3) What is social dialogue? And explain reform process? 4) Explain role of Government and industrial relations? 5) What are the levels of Bargaining and its agreements? 6) What is Employee participation and quality of work life (QWL)? 7) Meaning nature and scope of Industrial Disputes. 8) Explain types and levels of Tripartism? FIMS 1) What is SEBI? And its regulations of secondary and primary market? 2) Explain Government securities market and Treasury Bills? 3) What is Stock Broking and Credit Rating? 4) Explain Housing Finance? And advantages and disadvantages of Housing Finance? 5) Clearly explain about Underwriters? 6) What is debentures and Explain debenture trustees? 7) What are the challenges faced by Investment Bankers? 8) What is Hire purchase? And explain Hire purchase and Consumer Credits?


1) Write the Global issues and challenges facing by Logistics and Supply Chain Management? 2) Explain briefly about Cycle Inventory? 3) A) Explain the role of Transportation in Supply Chain. B) Write the modes of transportation. C) Write the Design options for a Transportation Network. 4) A) Define sourcing and write the steps involve in sourcing B) Differentiate in sourcing and out sourcing. 5) A) Explain the role of IT in supply chain. B) Write the characteristics of Information for supply chain decisions. C) Explain about supply chain Macro process. 6) A) Describe supply chain co-ordination and Bullwhip effect and their impact on supply chain performance. B) What is the Impact of lack of co-ordination on the performance of a Supply chain? 7) A) Discuss the role of Global purchasing in the supply chain. B) Write the activities involved in purchasing department. C) Write the advantages of Global purchasing. 8) A) Define Globalization. B) Illustrate Global logistics and supply chain management.

R&S 1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Testing? 2) Explain about Drug testing and graphology? 3) Illustrate following concepts a) Computer based testing b) Background check policy.

c) Reference check. 4) Explain about Test validation and Test categories. 5) Define ability Test. 6) Briefly describe about Personality measurement Test and Mechanical ability Test? 7) Explain the effects of practices and coaching on mental ability. 8) Compulsory Case Study Dinesh a Machine operator, worked as a mechanist for Ganesh the supervisor. Ganesh told Dinesh to pick up some trash that had fallen from Dineshs work area , and Dinesh replied. When you drop it, you pick it up. Dinesh became angry and abusive, calling Ganesh a number of names in a loud voice and refusing to pick up the trash. All employees in the department heard Dineshs comments. Ganesh has been with the company for five years, and in this department for six months.Ganesh had spoken to him twice about excessive alcoholism, but otherwise his record was good. He was known to have quick temper. This outburst by Dinesh hurt Ganesh badly. Ganesh told Dinesh to come to the office and suspended him for one day for in subordination and abusive language to a supervisor. The discipline was within company policy, and similar behaviors had been punished in other departments. After Dinesh left Ganeshs office, Ganesh phoned the HR manager, reported what he had done and said that he was sending a copy of the suspension order for Diness file. Questions: (a) How would you rate Dineshs Behavior? What method of appraisal would you use? Why? (b) Do you assess any training needs of employees? If yes, what inputs should be embodied in the training programme?