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Academic Consulting

Humber College International Development Institute

Proposal for Consulting Services RFP # 2011-005P

Submitted by RED Academic Consulting:

Shannon Weber, President Brent Peltola, Vice-President Andrea Burgers, Consultant Vincent Hamel, Consultant Andrew Jardine, Consultant

February 4, 2011 Total Price of Submission: $17,500.00 + HST

451 Laurel Gate Drive, Waterloo, ON N2T 2S5

Tel: 519-589-4435

Fax: 519-589-4436

Executive Summary

RED Academic Consulting has been providing academic and service development services to post- secondary institutions in Canada since 2001 and has helped more than twenty universities and colleges develop innovative academic and student service programs. For our work together, Shannon Weber will be the lead consultant with assistance of Brent Peltola, Vice-President of RED Academic Consulting.

Based on our extensive experience in the development of academic programs and services, we have ease of access to the most up-to-date research and best practices regarding developing a sustainable institute. This high level of familiarity means that we can focus on highlighting the most relevant information for your decision makers and quickly turn this into results.

Assessment and planning services offered in this proposal include:

Literature and best practices reviews

Internal and external stakeholder research

Strategic planning

RED Academic Consulting has led top rated post-secondary institutions through strategic analysis and planning exercises. With every project, the emphasis on innovation and sustainability led to successful implementation of new programs that thrive today and into the future.

We shall deliver a customized analysis for the Humber College International Development Institute (IDI) through an oral briefing and detailed, written report of our findings. This work shall be completed within 18 business days of the awarding of this contract and will cost a total of $17,500.00 exclusive of HST.

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A. Background

RED Academic Consulting has been providing consulting services to post-secondary institutions in Canada and the United States for nearly a decade. Our specialty is in assisting institutional partners with developing and improving academic programs and student service delivery. We have worked on projects from feasibility to early inception to final implementation. Some of our clients have also engaged us in recurring evaluation and training exercises following implementation. Our proven methods focus our research on exciting and innovative opportunities that add depth and value to the program offerings of post-secondary institutions. This record of success continues to drive RED Academic Consulting to offer clear and thoughtful solutions to the challenges facing universities and colleges today.

Since becoming a full-time consultant in 2001, Shannon Weber (see Exhibit 1 for resume) has offered assistance to a number of successful projects in the post-secondary realm. A highly skilled and experienced facilitator and project manager, Shannon has earned a reputation for listening to her clients’ special circumstances, and responding with options for solutions that make sense based on an individual institution’s goals.

Shannon is a passionate, results-driven leader with experience in academic programming, student services, strategic planning, and governance. Shannon has fifteen years of experience with post- secondary academic and student service program delivery. In addition to her numerous consulting experiences, Shannon has been invited to speak at conferences hosted by the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto, the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) and the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE).

Shannon holds a M.Ed. in Theory and Policy Studies, Higher Education Program, from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto and a M.B.A. in Policy and Strategic Management from Wilfrid Laurier University. Shannon is currently a faculty member at OISE, and since 2005 has taught a number of subjects in their Higher Education area.

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B. Scope of Work

RED Academic Consulting is very pleased to be able to provide the following services:

1. Literature and Best Practices Review

Literature developed by thought leaders in the area of sustainable educational institutes will be

reviewed for commonly held best practices. A document detailing best practices for sustainable

institutes will be developed and delivered. Organizations and thought leaders whose practices will be

reviewed include, but are not limited to: McGill University, University of Ottawa and the Canadian

Bureau for International Education.

2. Internal Stakeholder Interviews

We will assess the Institute’s progress and future potential through the experiences of current

students, staff and faculty. To be successful with this phase, we will require assistance from IDI in

providing student contact information to conduct a survey and in arranging 45-minute interviews with

key staff and faculty members over a two day span. These will be conducted at Humber College.

3. External Stakeholder Interviews

We will assess the Institute’s progress and future potential through the experiences and

recommendations of alumni and current and potential partners such as government organizations and

development agencies. To be successful with this phase, we will require assistance from IDI in

providing alumni contact information to conduct a survey and in identifying current partners. We will

conduct 45-minute interviews with these stakeholders over a two day span. The logistics for

conducting these interviews will be our responsibility and will be held at our offices.

4. Strategic Framework Development

A detailed strategic analysis of the IDI will be completed and will include:

Environmental & Competitive Analysis

Management Perspectives

Organizational and Resource Analysis

Key Implementation Recommendations

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C. Deliverables

The assessment of Humber’s College International Development Institute will result in two deliverables, described below.


Oral Briefing

Details of the findings will be presented to Humber College’s authorities via an oral briefing. Based

on our past experience, we expect the briefing to last about 30 minutes, excluding the question and

discussion period.


Detailed Written Report

A detailed written report will be prepared and shared with Humber College’s authorities. The final

report will be presented to the client no less than 2 business days before the oral briefing in order

to allow the client to prepare questions and comments.

Based on our experience, we expect that the report will be 20 to 30 pages in length, excluding exhibits.

A projected Table of Content for the final report is presented below:

Executive Summary


Review of Literature – Summary & Analysis

Stakeholders Interviews – Summary & Analysis

Detailed Strategic Plan




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D. Offer Submission

I, Shannon Weber, having examined Document #2011-005P, do hereby submit an offer to enter into an agreement with Humber College, to provide Consulting Services to assess Humber College’s International Development Institute, in accordance with the Document.

1. Quotation of Submission

The vendor, RED Academic Consulting, submits that they have thoroughly reviewed the Document and

hereby accept and agree to all provisions and conditions stated therein and have included fully for all

requirements in the Pricing.

2. References

Professional references for RED Academic Consulting whereby the firm provided consulting services for

projects in a similar capacity include:

1. McGill University: 2006 to Present

RED Academic Consulting worked with McGill University in 2006, helping them implement

significant strategic changes to their Institute for the Studies of International Development.

RED also provided assistance in the practical execution, use and performance measures of

these new strategies. Annually, RED Academic Consulting provides research services to McGill,

as well as coaching for departmental staff.

Contact: Philip Oxhorn, Director, Institute for the Studies of International Development


2. University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Studies: 2005

RED Academic Consulting worked with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science

and Engineering to lead a strategic planning process that would form the basis for the new

Institute for Aerospace Studies in 2006. This process included involvement of a variety of

internal and external stakeholders and resulted in the development of world-renown curricula

that has attracted award-winning faculty around the globe.

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Contact: David Zingg, Director, Institute for Aerospace Studies


3. Niagara College: 2002

With one of the largest international education programs in the Ontario college system, RED

Academic Consulting worked with Niagara College in 2002 to actively pursue the

internationalization of their institution. RED provided a feasibility study and assessment of the

opportunities for Niagara College in this area. The key recommendations from this study were

implemented allowing Niagara College to evolve into one of the largest such programs in

Canadian colleges today.

Contact: Jos Nolle, Director of International Development


3. Contact Information

Contact information for Red Academic Consulting is as follows:


Regular Hours Service (7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

After Hours Service (5:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.)


Shannon Weber (President, Senior Project Lead)/ Brent Peltola (Vice President, Project Member)

Shannon Weber

Phone Number:

Work: 519-589-4435/ Work: 519-589-4432

Cell: 519-504-2232

Cellular Number:




Email Address:

4. Goods and Services (G.S.T) Tax Information

The following can be used for RED Academic Consulting billing information.

G.S.T Number:

42344 8756

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Time of Completion

RED Consulting agrees to have the services completed in accordance with this document within 18

business days after written order for commencement of the work by Humber College.

6. Pricing

Professional fees are as follows:



No. of Days Effort

Daily Rate

Total Price


Literature & Best Practices Review





Analysis of Literature & Best Practices Review





Surveys & Interviews - Preparation





Surveys & Interviews – Execution





Analysis of Survey & Interview Results





Strategic Framework Development





Prepare Final Report & Oral Briefing





Oral Briefing





Total Price (Exclusive of HST)


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7. Declaration

This Vendor Submission is made entirely in accordance with the Document. By my signature hereunder, it is deemed that I have read and agreed to all terms and conditions in the same manner as had such terms and conditions appeared above my signature, and that I have the authority to bind the Vendor. The Bidder must declare to Humber as part of its Bid any situation that may be a conflict of interest or a potential or perceived conflict of interest between the Bidder and Humber, the signature hereunder declares there is no conflict of interest. This bid submission is all in accordance with Humber Standard Terms and conditions established in 2008 and can be found at: or a hard copy can be obtained by request to


451 Laurel Gate Drive, Waterloo, ON, N2T 2S5


FAX: 519-589-4436 EMAIL ADDRESS:



Shannon Weber


President, RED Academic Consulting




Brent Peltola


Vice-President, RED Academic Consulting



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Exhibit One: Resume for Shannon Weber


A passionate, results-driven leader with experience in student services, curricula development, strategic planning, governance, and program development. Nearly fifteen years of experience with post-secondary academic and student service program delivery.

Key strengths and competencies:

Leadership & Mentorship

Student Services Development

Teaching in a Post-Secondary Setting

Strategic Planning Policy & Governance

Academic & Curricula Development


Founder and President, RED Academic Consulting Waterloo, Ontario (September 2001 – Present)

Founded leading Canadian post-secondary consulting organization

Direct new business development and client management

Develop numerous research projects related to best practices in post-secondary education

Successfully led consulting projects at more than 20 campuses

Forged strong relationships with external government and business partners

Participated in national conferences for post-secondary organizations and NGOs

Lecturer, University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Toronto, Ontario (September 2005 – Present)

Prepare for and instruct one course per semester in the field of Higher Education

Mentor student interested in pursuing a career in post-secondary education

Collaborate with fellow faculty with researching best practices in post-secondary education


Wilfrid Laurier University (Completed December 2010) Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Policy & Strategy Concentration

University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (Completed April 2004) Masters of Education (M.Ed.), Higher Education

University of Waterloo (Completed April 2001) Hons. Bachelor of Arts (Co-op), Economics & Human Resource Management

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